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  1. any news on playability?
  2. hey can you make a video tutorial on this?
  3. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    kinda wish there was an video installation
  4. has anyone did an tutorial on this yet?
  5. so did someone get the undeground arcade menu to work properly?
  6. is there a youtube tutorial out there?
  7. any news on this is it playable?
  8. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    could someone reupload the Russian cloud link because it's down
  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.90) | Arcade PC

    xcore64 webiste isn't working is it dead?
  10. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade

    has anyone able to crack it yet?
  11. hey i am getting a problem with this loader and it keep saying that the database is bad and fix the xml and the xml it's fine, also the global settings is empty whenever i select the emulator, and when i select nesica as well. could you help?
  12. dude i would like to have the setup see if you can give out the download link, but if you can't share the setup could you tell me how do i set this up because it's a pain to do.
  13. Need For Speed Underground Arcade Install Problem

    how did you get the coins to work, controls to work, and the drivers installed?
  14. [Dumps] Namco System 357 et 369

    thanks, do you know the progress?