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  1. i could be wrong but the minime v1 doesn't have card reading support
  2. if you have a virtual drive remove that also
  3. try to run start.bat without admin
  4. try to install japanese locale to not get squares on version number region and language setting in control panel
  5. you right click the wifi icon and choose "open network and internet settings", then click "change connection properties" scroll down and you can find the ipv4.
  6. did you install chocolatey? and set your sega tools ini [dns] section to your ipv4?
  7. could you show a picture of the command line window on what it says?
  8. ok has everyone installed this? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]# also when you install node.js, install chocolatey as well when you get the option on the installer when installing chocolatey LET IT FINISH DOING IT's thing otherwise you might need to delete the chocolatey folder and install it again with this cmd line: (choco install visualstudio2017-workload-vctools)
  9. yea that ini file missed a lot of info and definitely screwed me up for a bit.
  10. got it to work finally!! but this game runs fine and well on a ryzen 2200g and a gtx 1060 with 8gb of ram (so no need for the big guns). thanks for everyone here for the help
  11. i did and i finally got the game working thanks
  12. well not really i just had to reinstall everything also including chocolatey