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  1. [Arcade PC] Dance Dance Revolution A20 (Konami)

    wow playable already, it just came out not to long ago, but thanks dude.
  2. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    cant wait for sega race tv
  3. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    looks good now we just need the money for the dongle and someone to dump it
  4. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    Dude i really appreciate the help. Currently i have no knowledge of this, but i was really curious about this and you helped me out a bit. Hopefully i can get good at doing this. BTW your English is great keep it up dude
  5. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    yep but i am curious about how to do this for pc ports of arcade games, and can you teach me more about overlay test?
  6. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    thanks dude been trying to look for it
  7. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    do you have the github file?
  8. Arcade Adaptation for PC Games

    his github is down, does anyone have a link to the file?
  9. iirc isn't this the new version? [Hidden Content]
  10. awesome, thanks for sharing this
  11. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    geez you make the last part sound kinda sad
  12. so the only way to play this game is if you have similar specs to the arcade version?
  13. [Arcade PC] Fast & Furious SuperCars (Raw Thrills)

    thanks for the game
  14. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    frontend yet?