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  1. these sound way better, i hope for a tutorial on this stuff
  2. i really wish that he would fix alot of those games
  3. has anyone heard about this game coming to teknoparrot or jconfig?
  4. [Arcade PC] Need for Speed Carbon (Global VR)

    nice progress dude
  5. anyone knows how to change the resolution?
  6. i hope that whenever wmmt3 gets around being playable, 4 can also be playable in the future.
  7. NEW Alt Icons for Arcade Games..

    hope you do more
  8. did you do the same with the node_modules folders?
  9. yea i hope the same thing
  10. lol but now with their new update they have it's definitely secured [Hidden Content]
  11. thanks for this dude, hopefully everyone can be able to play this great arcade game now