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  1. Them remove requirement of having to select Teknoparrot dir
  2. Djexpert you use fixes that is released with jconfig for Teknoparrot and yet you refuse to support jconfig? All you need to do for the supported games is add a Button "Do not use Teknoparrot, use (Jconfig) just copy paste the code from OG.
  3. Jconfig supports this already, so No TP is required.
  4. Damn, I was right then, it wasn't me that was lying , had to add *Buggy* to my compiled post because it was working for me and not the two other.
  5. [Emu] Sega Model 3: Supermodel r775

    Seems like SVN 775 breaks a few games, LA MachineGun and so on works with Spindizzi build 761 but not 775.
  6. Rename Mohkerz to FarCry_r.exe, and use game loader instead of needing to have the game in W: Disk
  7. Wait for Argonlefou to fix it propetly it runs with two guns, really hard to setup up at the moment for it to work.
  8. Klite is in my thread, which I updated. if you cant find it grab it from K-Lite Website
  9. Updated the link, posted the wrong link
  10. Then it should not crash, important K-Lite is installed, try using gameloader as a wrapper.
  11. I just tried?, could shoot both guns? using Windows 10 X64, even showed Mohkerz, See Picture Below. You have to work with a service menu which is not accurate.
  12. Check my post 4 up?, use megadownload or jdownloader???
  13. Will create issues if you do, which are the other gun games?