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  1. Strip Fighter 5

    Link is dead...
  2. Star Fox:event Horizon Pc

    Is there a link? The one on the official website is dead
  3. Galaga Assault - Anything Known About Emulation ?

    That's awesome..... so I'm assuming it hasn't been dumped yet
  4. The King Of Fighters Anthology V3

    This was totally unexpected, extremely great work! Thank you !
  5. [Arcade PC] Come On Baby

    Awesome dude... My duaghter will love this game Thanks!
  6. Final Burn Arcade Full Set Roms

    What is the password to uncompress it?
  7. Hello world! Please excuse me as i don't speak French but i will start using a translator.... FIrst off i would like to thank Bruce for this adn the rest of the people that has helped out really great info however i still cannot get this damn game to run properly i don't get the message for the dongle i go straight to the main screen one i hit "X" it takes me to choose the map and then it kicks me out from there. Any new progress with the settings on this game or a missing file that we may be missing?