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  1. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.21 Publique) | Arcade PC

    After I unrared the loader files, I went to Icons folder I could found icons from games: - Border Break - Mario Kart Deluxe - Storm Racer G - Transformers Human Alliance Is this a sign about what's comming next?
  2. I think you have to enter test menu and change it
  3. IDMACX new version (1.3rc1) [Hidden Content]
  4. The new MD5 let's you play on windows 10 but it won't show the apresentation video. When it goes black just insert coins to play. It works for me with the old loader on Windows 10 64 bits You have to create a BAT file with the following line: typex_loader game.exe
  5. Thank you very much. It simply worked. Nice job
  6. Thanks for the tip. This was the only game I couldn't run on Win 10 64bits I'll try it and give feedback.
  7. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    To insert coins use service button
  8. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    Well in my system the game don't need to go to C: root. My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 and I didn't change anything on the game (I don't know if that's possible) and it worked. Don't forget to delete those d3d....dll from the folder.
  9. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    I think that you might have copied the dll files from 64. You have to copy only the ones from 32 folder
  10. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    For Coins press "Service" button
  11. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    All I needed was the new decrypted one I've runned on Windows 10 64 Bits
  12. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    So I finnally got the game running. I had some help that I would like to share so maybe others may have the same questions. 1- Unpack the new decrypted version available. You will have a folder named "Contents" [Hidden Content] 2- Delete those 2 "D3d......dll" files from "contents" folder 3- Unpack, copy the file "jgt.dll" into your "contents" folder and replace it [Hidden Content] 4- From File, copy "spicecfg.exe" to your "contents" folder and also the all those 3 files inside "32" folder (from the zip) [Hidden Content] 5- Run spicecfg.exe to set your controls 6- Use spice.exe to run the game 7- Enjoy the game I hope it helps you
  13. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    Thanks 7zxkv. But I have all of those files and I can't get it running. I think it's missing a game.exe file
  14. [Arcade PC] Road Fighters All Decrypted (Konami)

    Hi The Loader Mega link from 1cc is offline. Can anyone upload the loader and share it please?
  15. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.21 Publique) | Arcade PC

    I was on holidays and I'm finally testing all games on v1.0.2 and all games run just fine except Sonic All Stars. The issue is that when the emulator starts this game goes fullscreen and then crashes. I'm using Windows 10 64 bits and 1920x1080 resolution. I've tried different resolutions but all went to the same result (crash). This is weard because it used to work just fine on 0.71 version. I've read over previous 20 pages on this topic and didn't found a solution or the same issue reported. Can someone help me?