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    Core I5 4690K @ 3.5Ghz
    Gigabyte windforce GTX 960
    8GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM
    Samsung 850 evo 250GB SSD
    WD Black 2TB HDD
    ^20W Seasonic S12-II PSU

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  1. [Tool] Wangan Terminal Style Card Editor

    Hi there Im not sure if anyone is intrested but I made a card editor which makes it easier to mod wmmt5's .car files. It also has online servers where you can chat and view announcements and I am planning to implemenet more features such as car sharing and team chats etc The download link is here: [Hidden Content] Thanks
  2. [Patchs] Initial D 7 Renderer.ini And Exe

    As soon as I stop checking this thread it blows up 😂. 4:3 wouldnt be very practical as I imagine it would cut off the hud and fov would be quite narrow so no point on that. If anyone wants 16:10 can do that
  3. [Patchs] Initial D 7 Renderer.ini And Exe

    They should be somewhere on emuline.
  4. [Patchs] Initial D 7 Renderer.ini And Exe

    Are you patreon and using NVIDIA GPU?
  5. [Patchs] Initial D 7 Renderer.ini And Exe

    I just used id7, decrypted exe and patreon build of teknoparrot
  6. I found out how to change resolution on id7 exes so did just that and uploaded them here. Tested with 21:9 monitor and working flawlessly. If you would like a custom resolution PM me on discord (derole123#2960) and I might add it to the list of resolutions. Only done 3 for now (1920x1080, 2560x1080 and 5760x1080) but might do more. Download: [Hidden Content] Hope you enjoy :D
  7. It never ran on linux. Need for speed underground always ran on windows XP embedded.
  8. Need For Speed Underground Arcade Install Problem

    I've spent the last 20 mins burning disks for drivers and game files as i dont have wired internet in my room and windows xp has no wifi drivers with it Also windows xp installed fine. Looking good at the minute. I will tell you if it works. Edit: The video driver install exited because a module was missing, the chipset driver exited becaues of missing PCI drivers and the audio driver install failed because of missing files. :(
  9. Hi. Im trying to install windows xp embedded from the NFS Recovery CD but for some reason it keeps freezing on the loading screen. I made a video of it: Thanks.
  10. It still crashes after a race. I can't figure out why it does that.
  11. Hi guys. I was messing with the patched version of need for speed underground when I managed to get the frontend from the PC version to work with the arcade version. This seems to let you choose a car without the SQL server installed. I also made a youtube video of it: video Put the folders in the root of your C:\ drive and run the undergroundgvr.exe file in the undergroundgvr folder and it should start. For some weird reason only the circut mode in quick race and the customize car options work. Here's the link to download it: [Hidden Content] Managed to get this working. Here is method on how to do it. 1) Obtain NFSU recovery disks 2) Follow steps and install NFSU 3) Univershell2 will NOT work yet. Press the Q key to quit 4) Open task manager 5) Get a USB stick (If your USB works without drivers) or a CD and load video and sound drivers (Most of these drivers do not work with XP embedded. You will have to do some digging. I used version 90 of the nvidia drivers (If your card isnt compatible with such an old driver try the newer ones, If you have a 6000 series card or below you can use included nvidia driver setup in the start menu). I also used the realtek drivers for audio. Audio is the most important as neither univershell2 or the game will work properly without it. You will have to manually locate 2 files for the audio drivers, one is in C:\Windows\System32\drivers and the other just C:\Windows\System32 6) Restart the PC after all drivers are installed and univershell2 should start working. Use the S button to start and select and use NUM4 and NUM6 to select items. Once you get into the game NUM8 accelerates, NUM5 brakes, NUM4 and NUM6 is left and right, N is NOS, M is music and V is view. O accesses the test menu where you can use arrow keys and S to navigate.