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  1. Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Games) | Arcade PC

    I followed the instructions for KOF 98 to make sure the loadermode is set to 2 and also to check the box for KOF 98 loadermode=2. I have chosen both. Then I was able to open up the test mode and change my desired settings. However, after I save my settings by choosing save and exit, I choose exit with closes Game Loader All RH. I then load the game and I find out the settings have not saved as previously selected. I know this because if I set the timer to infinity, the game shows 60 seconds. I also turned on blood but there is none. I have also tried put it back on to Loader 3+6 and 6 but this makes no difference. Please advice. On i7 3770K Nvidia GTX 980. Haven't seen an answer to this question yet.
  2. Tuto Game Loader All Rh (PDF Fr/En)

    ok. I see what happened. At first I change the 0 to 1 but it didn't properly load it in English. I did some messing around with the en ini from version 195. Got most of the text in English. Went to the Applications Data folder nd removed the language.ini file. Now all of it is in proper English text. Sorry didn't not mean to be ignorant, it didn't seem to want to work initially when I changed the values according to the PDF.
  3. Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Games) | Arcade PC

    Whitewolf, you an delete my post in the tutorial about the English version of All RH Loader. I found the necessary English ini files and have successfully opened it in English. Had to figure what ini files needed to be where and when. Got it now.
  4. Tuto Game Loader All Rh (PDF Fr/En)

    I read the tutorial, thanks for the English version. Does there happen to be an English version of the Game Loader AH and Game Loader Config? I can't seem to find the link after looking through the posts. I tried the link in the PDF and another thread but the file opens up with it weird chracters. I am assuming because I do not have the Japanese character set installed on my machine. Not that I can read Japanese font anyway. There are also many buttons that have ERROR. Not sure if I have the right file or not. The version of it is Sorry if this is a dumb ore repeated question.
  5. Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Games) | Arcade PC

    Thank you for responding WildWolf. I knwo it probably buggs you all the time. I meant to harm or fown in asking. I was not aware of the previous topic as I didn't research or scan enough on the forum. I'll try to be more observant in the future and perform better research. I hope to avoid being an idiot in the future. lol Thank you again for your time and effort to making things work for everyone, much appreciated!
  6. Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Games) | Arcade PC

    I have a question in regards to Homura, a Nesica dump. I have made the controls work, the game loads. But when it loads, the game runs in turbo speed and is completely and impossibly unplayable. Is there a trick or anyway to run this title in normal speed?
  7. Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Games) | Arcade PC

    N/M. Found it on here from WildWolf's post: [Hidden Content]
  8. Nesicaxlive Arcade Pc Dumps (Taito Games) | Arcade PC

    Does anyone have an updated link for iDmacXv1.2.rar? The links that goes to discordapp doesn't open. Thanks.