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  1. As rockohoward said, reshade is your friend.
  2. Sdaemon.exe is for the first dump that came up with few cars, Sdaemon.exe 1.13 is for dump v1.13.
  3. JConfig - X Games Snowboarder Download Snow Boarder emulated! Special Thanks!!! [ williecoyote ] - For making the JC logo. [ Pandemonium ] and [ CiTrON ] - For doing all the tests FlyBit (JConfig developer)
  4. Decrypted exe [Hidden Content]
  5. But with ce .IoI you get it before tp and jconfig, and you don't have to wait haha
  6. [Arcade PC] Storm Rider (Wahlap)

    Link is dead. Could you upload again? thanks
  7. Yes, but you also have to configure the coins and start buttons on the main screen.
  8. It's still under development and private at the moment.
  9. Work in progress on Jconfig.
  10. The videos that Citron showed are true, and for everyone to see the progress of the test version.
  11. the black screen was fixed otherwise the intro would not appear the game doesn't go back to the desktop, it goes back to the main screen of the game itself no crashes