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  1. Game Loader All Rh

    Sorry, can someone explain to me why this message appears in the new versions and what do I need to do? Havent used the application for quite a while
  2. Anyone managed to run Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bubble? Tried loading all the ROM versions, none seemed to match. It only runs in version 0.7a. Even the decrypted file azumanga.bin does not run past the Naomi loading screen This happens only with the old video plugin only?
  3. Controls are not working. Just Esc key to exit game. How do I set up coin, start and command buttons? edit: got it. thanks Though game installed Directplay and whenever I launch it with Total Commander, it forcequits TC
  4. Power Instinct 5 work fine under Wine, even in-game. No way to launch it on Windows 10. Problem is controls are messed up. Cant enter proper buttons since Wine gives me Joystick axis inputs, even if there isnt anything plugged in. Coin and arrow buttons work, yet it is impossible to map command buttons. Control issues appear even on newer Windows games. Cant believe they havent addressed the control issue yet. Death Smiles 2 runs without glitches on Wine as well.
  5. I read that the Nesica version of 3S has heavy input lag and high level players in Japan do not bother with it. Even PS2 and OE versions are better Do PC dumps of Nesica games have the same input lag?
  6. nesica version is more cpu intensive. over 25% on my cpu. also I cant access dipswitches.i get a black screen. it worked once but they're in japanese
  7. Config.ini in Vampire Savior, Third Strike and SFAlpha 3 contains the options below [GRAPHICS] HDR=NONE AntiAlias=NONE AltAntiAlias=NONE DeferredLightingLight=APPROXIMATE_SPECULAR DeferredLightingHDR=INTEGER_LOG SLI=OFF Stereo=ON TextureDetail=HIGHEST TextureMipLimite=2 EffectVolume=HIGH What options does AntiAlias accept? Is there any difference if I increase it? Eg smoother graphics. Also HDR and SLI option?
  8. I have a problem with Senko no Ronde and other games like Strania. Game runs fine on demo screen. But when I press the Coin button game crashes. Though Service button works. Even if I disable gamepad and play with keyboard. Have no idea what causes this. Windows 10x64. Strania enters first stage but crashes soon afterwards if I press any keys
  9. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    Have Windows too. It is playable but with gfx errors. This is why I preferred Wine
  10. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    If I run the game in Wine under Linux, it plays without any graphical issues or artifacts. Problem is that Wine doesnt recognize the controls, except the exit button