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  1. Thank for your file. Good idea "DefaultInput.ini" for first version
  2. Thank you for your response. The game work with the modified offset 84E650 and the first MAGIDEIO.dll first NG become OK with Orion 400 beta SDK It's with Jconfig that my game crash. I look the dmp file from %appdata% and contact you for feedback
  3. I already download "Magicians Dead TTX4.zip" file. It's the same archive renamed in zip (7z archive). (I do FC /L on 2 files) Thanks a lot PS : "Magicians Dead TTX4.zip" is already tested and have same problem
  4. The process is auto killing on task manager. I can wait but nothing appear... But if I uncheck RFID Emulation and SV patch. The game run with no controls
  5. OK, don't work for me... I do this : - Extract "MaDead.7z" on my PC - Extract "MagiciansDead_2020_02_22.rar" on "BppGame\Binaries\Win64" folder and overwrite "MAGIDEIO.dll" - Extract "JConfig 1.7" from " iDmacXv1.7_2019_12_20.rar " (only "JConfig.exe") - Put your options on Jconfig and save : - "monitor_input.bin" and "monitor_misc.bin" generated - Extract "1 - Magicians Dead Slightly English.rar" on on "BppGame\Binaries\Win64" folder and overwrite "BppGame-Win64-Shipping.exe" launch "BppGame-Win64-Shipping.exe" And nothing....
  6. Thank Onkel and EmuAI, I configure like your options. the sv folder appear, but "original exe", "patched exe" and "english exe" crash. No screen, the process is killed. Only patched exe and first version MAGIDEOI work for me... You use the dll from jconfig. This is " MagiciansDead_2020_02_22.rar " or other ?
  7. Hello, I use " MagiciansDead_2020_02_22.rar " and Jconfig 1.7. JConfig : - Nesys Emulation only - The other options crash "BppGame-Win64-Shipping.exe" process... (sv patch, RFID...) The game work but i havn't control (except "exit button") At boot screen : - USBIO : NG - RFID : NG With the first patch MAGIDEIO.DLL : - USBIO : OK - RFID : OK Have-you an idea ? PS : For those who have leap motion, is it functional ? PS2 : test with patched and non patched "BppGame-Win64-Shipping.exe" :
  8. For proper install with Jconfig 1.7 (from scratch) : - Extract dariusburst-emuline - Copy from "Jconfig-Idmacx_1.7updated.rar" \ "iDmacXv1.7_2019_04_10.rar " : Jconfig.exe iDmacX [NESiCAXL-FastIO]\x86\iDmacDrv32.dll - Copy from "Jconfig-Idmacx_1.7updated.rar" \ "iDmacXv1.7_2019_04_10.rar " Misc \ DariusBurst.rar\ : DSOUND.dll init.ini - Copy from "Jconfig-Idmacx_1.7updated.rar" \ "iDmacXv1.7_2019_04_10.rar " Misc \ GAME KEYS.rar\ : txac.key in GameFiles\ folder Configure "init.ini" with your language line 12. the line 6 must to be equal 0 (no JVS) Configure your JCONFIG as @Solo Work for me ! Screen 2 is no flipped and no credits bug. for unlock a and unlock b, use password in "readme.txt" in "DariusBurst.rar" in test mode Thank you all ! regard
  9. @Still Source : [Hidden Content] @djexpert Thank you for the save. But, what are the 2 passwords for test mode please ? regards
  10. @SOLO, Can you upload your sv folder please ? Thank you
  11. Thank you, With JVS = 0 (line 6) the screen is not reverse : 2720 768 60 0 0 0 < not JVS / no keys works with jconfig. 0 0 0 1 0 0 < 0 or 2 = not reverse screen. reverse in english !!! But, with the line 6 to 0, the control not work with idmac32 + jconfig 1.6. Tested on 2 PC, I don't understand Any Idea ?
  12. Hi, SOLO I posted on 1cc. Thank for your response. The game work fine whith Jconfig (i've read readme lol), but the second sceen is reverse. How have you flip the screen ? test mode ? patch ? Thank you