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  1. thank you everything works above how would I setup the batch file in rocketlauncher
  2. would RH340 work with this I was able to get others to work with it but this one the options aren't avaliable
  3. thank u for the information now things are working a lot better on my end =) love ddr
  4. maybe see if ur nvida drivers are up to date it works on mines perfectly
  5. figured out when adding to rocketlauncher if u are using tekknoparrot u have to use the Tekken7FR.xml in parameters = I think Tekken7.xml is for usa version but I don't know much about that it works on my arcade now thanks again for all the help I think this is right lol
  6. how can we play this and thank u
  7. this is awesome new anyone know where to get the kids station ddr for psx lol
  8. teknoparrot works fine =)
  9. how do u setup transformers with RH
  10. Re-Rave Arcade?

    anyone have this Game i deleted by accident