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  1. thank u very much i got it up and working it says the ddr 20th anniversay but it has the ddr A menus how would unlock the 20th artwork
  2. what files do u put from bemanitools when i add the ddr zip it states something about network error
  3. how do u even get it to boot lol im using spice tools
  4. so when i boot within 3.3.4 it plays though the song but then freezes mid way and crashes lol i remember there was a series of fix files i believe version 1fix, 2fix fix3 i believe one of those fixes fixed it for me the files were removed from the site before the reupload of the game
  5. issue still happens it crashes everything else works great
  6. anyone got the fix files for GHA?
  7. the size of this file HOLY lol
  8. can someone reupload please. Jconfig BugFix
  9. does this work with dual monitor?
  10. i cant seem to hear any sound from this game anymore anyone having this issue?
  11. i found that if u insert dinput8.dll from the guitar hero folder lol the mouse works in game for me atleast but the auto fire needs to be fixed i dont know much about that might be in the settings of the lua files or something i dont know but it works for me some what i use the keyboard A or button 1 to start the game someone wanna test this
  12. what are the settings for gameloader lol for this i couldnt locate them thanks in advance do i have to change anything or leave as default