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  1. [Arcade PC] Batman Arcade (Raw Thrills)

    can anyone please upload this with google drive for download i reached my quota
  2. That would be a good idea we need tutorials for all games and how to get them working properly
  3. So is it a waste of money being a patron to tp ?
  4. Well I’m gonna get that graphics card and see if that doesn’t solve my problem
  5. I got two of them and the game doesn’t run on neither one I’m gonna get a new graphics card because the Gtx 750 ti isn’t running it but I was told it should so I’m at a lost with this I’m waiting for someone with my or similar specs to get it running
  6. Thx for this info I’m gonna invest in these specs now I got two i5 CPU’s that can’t run this game 🤦🏾‍♂️
  7. I have no idea I’m sure something is not being said no game has been this hard to get running that so many others are playing especially when the pc specs are compatible with the game and on a clean install it shouldn’t be this damn hard to get runnng
  8. Ok I’ve been gone for a few weeks since my pc power supply went out and I ordered a new intel i5 pc the same as my last one and had to reinstall windows 10 ver 1809 and added the all in one drivers so I got happy because of a fresh install I figured that would profixed my issues with the black screen but sadly I’m still having the same problem I’ve seen videos of guys playing this game with my same gpu 750ti on YouTube so I was told that wasn’t the issue now I’m completely lost on this one guys is their any drivers anyone could maybe think of that this game needs my cpu to have in order for it to run I’m so determined to get this game running its the only game I haven’t got running yet 😭😭😭
  9. I got this setup on my cabinet earlier this summer passed its a new addition
  10. I don’t have a second tekken folder before I get to the .exe it has everything but that folder and i freshly unpacked this from the mega and google drive links it’s only “win64/rekkengame64shipping?exe”
  11. I can’t get pass the black screen I updated to the latest nividia drivers I used the nividia fix file and put them in the nvcontainer folder I used j config and teknoparrot I’ve even adjusted the usergameconfig file and lowered some setting in case the graphics was too high and nothing works. i thought it might be the version of windows I used put if you got it working then that proves my theory wrong with windows update so now I’m thinking it might be a gpu issue since I haven’t heard of anyone getting it to run on a gtx 750 ti which I use in my setup I just can’t figure it out I’m a noob at these things but I try hard to figure stuff out ...what do you think about this ?
  12. So you got tekken 7 running with the new windows 10 update 1909 without any problems at all? what gpu are you running if this is the case 🤔
  13. trust me you not the only one i got every game working i wanted and more except this game lots of ppl got it working but for some odd reason it don't work for alot of the other's like us i hope a fix comes soon for this i really want this in my arcade and not the ps4 or pc versions even though i already have them both but this will complete my tekken 7 trio but the actual arcade version would add icing on the cake
  14. Yeah it has more characters and I think another game mode I'm not certain but more characters for sure
  15. Not sure he PC version this has the timer and credits showing PC version doesn't take credits