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  1. Anyone know anything bout this full screen patch by Windows10xp8? Does it work? How does it work just windowed mode still or is it indeed exclusive full screen? IDZ Full screen patch by Windows10xp8 [Hidden Content]
  2. Have anyone fixed this issue yet with the black screen
  3. Can you share your RH files or walk us through it that might help us a lot
  4. I seen a video of someone using RH on tekken 7 last night I think it’s someone on this thread I gotta check
  5. True but it was fixed using a saved folder overwrite in the program files
  6. I have these specs as seen in my hardware description box on the left but I still get the black screen I stayed up all night tryna find a file or settings to fix this issue but I’m a noob so I’m probably out of my league with this lol
  7. i can’t get it to work either way teknoparrot or j config
  8. I’m using nividia and have that problem hopefully it will clear it up for me
  9. Ok I will once I get home I will let you know the results thx
  10. Can my pc run token 7 arcade dump I need to know before I waste anymore time tryna get this to run Hardware:i5 650 @3.20ghz-3.33ghz win 10 64bit current version 10gb ddr3 ram Nividia GTX750 ti
  11. Same issue I’m having but with my nividia Gtx 750 ti 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. It doesn’t matter to me how to get it working buddy I just want it working I can’t get it to work on teknoparrot either friend it says in the last line “failed to process “ in the cmd line once trying to boot I’m lost both ways lol
  13. That is the one I use I even added the j config files with it as well added the res and nividia fix files too still black screen