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  1. I cannot, for the life of me, get this game to recognize any form of input. I have tried a fresh install of TP, along with a freshly unzipped Transformers Human Alliance. With a fresh install, it will recognize the coin drop while mpeg sofdec is shown then after that, nothing. Furthermore, even with free play ticked in options, it doesn't recognize the setting. Windows 10 pro 1909, 16gb ram, i7 6700, GTX 1060 super 6 gb. I am ripping my hair out over this one. Oh yeah, I am using the TP that has been web updated. So, I am on the absolute latest of the latest. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know if I did a fresh install of w10, it would most likely resolve this issue, I am trying to avoid that even though I regularly backup my user folder, program data etc. I hate the whole long drawn out experience of freshly installing W10. Are there any registry entries this game makes? Perhaps its that simple (prolly not)
  2. Game Loader All Rh

    Thanks for such a fast reply, believe it or not, i just updated to 1903. However i have been having strange random issues with windows. I planned on reinstalling from scratch once i had everything working like i wanted it to....oh well, may as well get a fresh start. Oh and i made a mistake saying it was with 333, i am using 339.
  3. Game Loader All Rh

    Hi when i exit any game that i have Game Loader launching, I am left with a grey screen which forces me to log off windows. Im running w10, gtx 1060 Game Loader 302 and 333. I tried using 302 to see if it fixes my issues. It does not. Perhaps someone can guide me. The game I am currently Trying this on is KOF 13. Like i said it happens on all games i am trying to launch using Game Loader
  4. Magnet link not working? I removed the spaces but it never gives me the games