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  1. I already tried :/ no luck unfortunately - even tried running it on stock intel graphics with the same issues
  2. Daytona on Windows 10 Problem :( ......!! I have been running Daytona on windows 7 perfectly (no speed problems, no gfx problems) and now i updated to Windows 10 to be able to run Outrun 2 as well (works perfectly on win10 in TeknoParrot but not on Win7) Now i am experiencing Speed drop where one second on the timer of daytona is about 4 seconds, and everything moves extremely slow including menus on Daytona USA, i also get GFX glitches both in game and in menus. All drivers for my Nvidia GTX650 is installed and checks out. PLEASE--- PLEASE Someone help me figure out how to get Daytona running smoothly on my Windows 10 :/