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  1. Wait. Ain't TP and WSL 2 different things anyway? Can you even run games on WSL properly? Because last time I tried it can barely run a Desktop Environment (XFCE, but with some glitches).
  2. I would love the English Patch as well. Thanks!
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I meant not the game itself, rather the emulation of it in Teknoparrot. Reaver did tease the whole linux loader thing here - [Hidden Content] - so I'm wondering there are some later news that I'm missing on.
  4. It should be in Options folder. Also check your segatools.ini : ; Insert the path to the game Option directory here (contains Axxx directories) option=(YOUR_OPTION_FOLDER_PATH) ensure that the your option folder is stated where the (YOUR_OPTION_FOLDER_PATH) is in segatools.ini
  5. Try upgrading to Paradise, then run the unlocker to unlock the songs. 945 songs should be there once unlocked with full options folders (excluding the A9XX ones). This is my options folder
  6. I'm currently testing the game on an HD3000 laptop, but I got these problems. Running minime results in "Cannot find module 'on-finished" (1st image). Running chuniApp directly results in "This app can't run on your PC" (2nd image). Running start.bat results in "Failed to launch executable: 800700c1" (3rd image). Is this due to me trying to run it on HD3000, or is it something else? Because it sounds like the exe have some issues. But I even tried the exact same exe from the original dump as well as from the exe in my main laptop (which runs the game perfectly) and it still gives the errors.
  7. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    That's fake. I know 3 PS4 emulators which are actually somewhat working (as in actually loads something, not that anything is playable) - GPCS4, Spine, and Orbital. Btw, anyone know what's the status for Namco N2, especially for WMMT3 and the like?
  8. Do state your GPU, since there's a good chance your GPU is not DX11 compatible which I believe is needed for this.
  9. Intel will actually work (although I think it won't work if you have HD3000 or lower, yet to test it on that). UHD 630 does work with Chunithm (Thanks to optimus, the game ran on UHD 630 for me before I switch it to nvidia. The performance isn't that great though, with FPS drops all around). Unsure about AMD.
  10. MAME & clones 0.229

    I remember Tekken Tag 1 and Soul Calibur works on MAME (But it does use PS1 based arcade board so it looks worse than PS2/DC counterpart).
  11. You can use Brokenithm iOS. Either a trip down Google or looking up my link several replies up should help you find it It is less than ideal to play using it though.
  12. And this is another mirror [Hidden Content] Also contains all options released up to this point, as well as the full Crystal and Paradise files and tools needed to run it. This will get updated as more options and related files Crystal onwards were released.
  13. It's for Paradise I think.
  14. It doesn't work for me. I used to use ImDisk and it doesn't work. Following your suggestion and installing PowerISO only gives me this message : This file format is invalid or unsupported. EDIT : Nevermind, I should open it, not mounting it.
  15. I think it's just the game not supporting resolutions below 768p. Even I want to run the game at 576p (although it's for performance reasons, running it on HD3000 isn't exactly helping tbh), and I got the same issue.