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  1. So you managed to upload the old cars into the new version?
  2. You people are impatient lol. Here is 1.27 with all the cars. Keep in mind this is the unmodified disk. [Hidden Content]
  3. Thanks I have image made now but need to get it uploaded.
  4. Good free iso creator software? I tried poweriso but free version only allows 700mb files.
  5. It's important to note that in later version of "fast and furious supercars" they removed the other 4 cars (not just in "supercars" which originally only had 6 anyway). I'm not sure what version they removed them though. The changelog isn't complete unfortunately as it stops at v1.14 but clearly there are more after that because I have one and the latest version they sent me is 2.06. Somewhere between 1.27 and 2.06 the cars and branding were removed
  6. I can share mine but it might take a while. I have to make an ISO and then I only have 1mb internet connection so it'll take a really long time to upload.
  7. The old versions of the game have it. I'm running 1.27 and all 10 cars are in it
  8. If the version has 10 cars (9 unlocked and 1 with a lock on it) then you unlock the last car by creating a profile and earning enough money by winning races (5 million I think unlocks it).
  9. I have to assume that one will since it's actually older than the original disk mine came with (1.27) and that still has all the cars.
  10. I couldn't try out the version you had uploaded because "Please note that files are modified and will not properly work on a REAL Raw Thrills cabinet." so I wasn't really sure what version it was exactly. I could only use the version of 3.59 iso that was sent to me previously and apparently that's just "supercars" not "fast and furious supercars". That's why I ordered the 2.09 fast and furious superCars restore disk because according the the raw thrills website that was the latest version that was still fast and furious and after that it was just supercars. Do you happen to know the latest version they released before losing the license and pulling all the cars and branding?
  11. So I got the disk for 2.09 in tonight... Only 6 cars 😔. Looks like I'm going back to the original 1.27 unless someone has a newer version with the cars still in it?
  12. I bit the bullet and ordered the fast and furious supercars 2.06 from raw thrills along with big Buck HD 8.5. Once it gets here I can make an image and get it uploaded. I see some mentions of raw thrills dongle dumps online such as dirty driving. Can anyone give me some info on those or point me in their direction?
  13. That kind of sucks because it looks like there are some new high score tables (and maybe some other things I haven't noticed yet) in the new version that would be cool to have. I think most of my guests would probably prefer to have more cars to choose from though. I was so confused why the raw thrills website had the newest version at 2.06 yet I kept seeing much higher releases like 3.59. it makes sense now there were two versions of super Cars and both show up on the raw thrills website. Does anyone have version 2.06 of the fast and furious super Cars they could upload? Would it be helpful for me to upload the disk image for fast and furious super Cars 1.27 or do people that need that stuff already have everything they need?
  14. I just recently updated my machine to version 3.59 ( thanks Athlonazu385) and noticed this as well. The old version I was running 1.27 had 9 cars to start and 1 car that had a lock on it and unlocked after earning enough money. This new version appears to have 6 cars and no unlockables? Has anyone unlocked the last cars or have they been removed from the game?
  15. [Dumps] Namco System 357 et 369

    I could also use a tekken 6 br file. I have a unit with a bad drive :-(.