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    Hello everyone, i'm proud to announce the launch of Singe 2.0 designed by Scott Duensing. For history, Singe 2 is the successor of Singe, a dll for Daphne allowing to adapt/create laserdisc games. Singe 2 is no longer dependant of Daphne. It is a standalone program (for Windows 32/64, Mac, Linux) and many games are already available. In this thread i will mostly talk about my own releases for Singe, but you can find many more on the official website : [Hidden Content] Singe 2.0 Features : - any resolution/format for games (Daphne/singe was limited to m2v and was experimental at 1080p) - adaptable overlay (Daphne Singe was limited) - No maximum lenght limitation (was 65536 frames) - Better controls (all buttons of the pad usable) - Many more... GAMES : You can find the links for the games on the Singe website. For my own games i provide you this link (i suggest you use it since it's updated as soon as i make modifications/corrections) : [Hidden Content] For now here is the list : - Cliffhanger : 1080p Adaptation of the Classic. Cliffhanger includes 2 "missing link" extra levels based on the Lupin/Cagliostro movie. - Dragon's Lair II enhanced : No need to explain. Dl2 includes the new enhanced rom allowing a better gameplay with the special objects. This is the native 4/3 version. - Fire & Ice : fan game based on the Ralph Bashki movie - Timegal HD : HD (upscaled) version of the Taito classic. This is the native 4/3 version. - Titan A.E : fan game based on the Don Bluth movie. For all those games, you will find an Assets directory, including pictures (logo, cover,...) for you favorite launcher Also, two new games will be released before december. Those are challenging games with new kind of moves. More about this later... In order to launch the games, you just need to click the corresponding bat file. When you're inside the main controls are : 1 or Start : Start the game 9 or Right Thumb : Options menu Left Control or Button A : Action Left Alt or Button B : Action 2 (used as feet in Cliffhanger) Arrows or pad : Move Esc or Start+Select : Exit When you're in the attract mode you can push the action button for more detailed controls. 4/3 VERSIONS : For Cliffhanger, Fire and Ice & Titan A.E i also made 4/3 versions (if your screen is not 16/9). Here is the link : [Hidden Content] You just need to put the file in the Movie directory (replacing the 16/9 movie). If you need a specific resolution for your system (lower resolution for example), just ask and i'll consider it. TUTORIAL : With Singe 2.0 you can create your own FMV game. It's not difficult and does not require any programming skills. For this you will find a complete tutorial pdf in the link, along with a "Blank" directory wich contains all you need. So, i hope you enjoy all of this and don't hesitate to ask questions. I will do my best to answer quickly.
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    Hello, A new release link : link = [Hidden Content] key = wAqjgNQzbltmfU8bfWoG-f6TG8YvPifAr8veBUW8SGg version = 2.02 release = 2015/02/31 Bye !
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    ---------------------- > RE UP P4UU 2.02 < ---------------------- Encrypted Mega Link : mega://enc2?l2v_a8b_GQwDAaGrsAdU4K4FdxqPstuExqHSN5gc0ibri7nKCvniQM0lM5awJkscphRzC9NQnf0FjgAk7k2NzQ @buck116 @bonky0013 @maabus
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    HI Everyone, This is an updated thread of the same topic found here. We weren't able to contact the OP so we just decided to make one that we can maintain/update! Reasons for the creation of this thread: The original thread provides a link to DDR Ace (DDR A) which is data dump 20190422. Technically, that is not DDR A20 although it contains some A20 data already pre-loaded. We are unable to contact the OP of the original/old thread in order to ask him/her to update the link to the data dump. A long way has gone in terms of methods/procedures for setting up the game, DDR A20. Of course we give due credit to the people behind the original thread because they exerted efforts doing trial-and-error to make things work! However at this point, the procedures are already well-established and newcomers are having difficulties in looking for the proper procedures/steps/fixes, since the original thread had bits and pieces of information all over the place (which again, is because at that point, people were still doing trial-and-error). At this point we can already reorganize the information in a way that can easily be found/read, hence, the creation of this thread. Table of contents: Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) Tools Third-Party Stuff Discord Server: [Hidden Content] Topic for old release here.
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    [Hidden Content] here are more restore discs that were not included in my other mega disc upload . It’s gvr, raw thrills, and random. Ts 1.02 is earliest terminator salvation discs I could find. Most raw thrills discs in this upload are also early releases missing from my other. More will be added if/when I acquire them. Get it while link is up .
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    Far out there is some ungrateful people here. Why did devs add native lightgun support? Because the previous way was far from perfect and required use of a third party app to basically use If you dont like updates then DONT UPDATE We work for free and do this as a passion project and dont need jerks giving us a hard time for improving the project which this indeed did I think it's a fantastic addition and loving having native support all from the one application
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    Time Crisis 5 is a arcade game by Bandai Namco released in 2015. It uses the Unreal Engine and runs on Namco System ES3 Game dumped by Lee Use Mouse to play. Xbox controller is compatible but there's no input for aiming Jconfig here: Time Crisis 5 100% emulated! NOTE: Copy the emulator to the RSLauncher.exe file directory and run it. NATIVE KEYS: - Shift + H = Crosshair - Ctrl + W = x, y coordinates - Ctrl + Q = Quit - F11 = Window Mode NOTE2: - To play with Lightguns put in value: 4 - less sensitive - To calibrate, in some cases, increase the deadzone in jconfig To remove the double shot of the mouse, disable these two lines below: \ TC5 \ Engine \ Config \ BaseInput.ini ; Bindings = (Name = "LeftMouseButton", Command = "Fire") ; Bindings = (Name = "RightMouseButton", Command = "AltFire") Traduction fr : NOTE:- NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) if not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
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    Okay. 6 weeks of processing and new version being uploaded now. Will update first post when uploaded. I redid the 60fps versions on highest quality interpolation settings in ffmpeg. Enjoy!
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    DDR A20 2020 version ONLY on this THREAD for old release, use this current thread.
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    How to setup SpiceCompanion Getting the app setup Make sure you have SpiceCompanion downloaded onto your phone, or tablet. You can download the IOS (ported from android) version here. You need to side load this, and I wont go into how to do that. Or, you can get the IOS version off of the appstore from here. but, this version is slightly older than the android port. For android, you can get it off of the playstore here. Once you have the app downloaded, open Spicecfg and go to the "Options" tab. Scroll down till you see something along the lines of "API TCP Port" and "API Password" After that, click into the box to the right of -api. set the port you want to use for it, and you will need to remember this later. Personally I set this to 1337, as that's what worked for me. Then, click om the box below that and type your password in that box, you will need to remember this later. After that's done, you can close SpiceCFG and open the "SpiceCompanion" app your your device. If your on android, there should be a plus button in the bottom right, click on that. If your on IOS, then there should be a plus button in the top left, and click on that. After you clicked on the plus button, a menu should pop up asking for your password, port, hostname and name. Your "hostname" is your pcs local ip. to find this, go into command prompt and type "ipconfig" You should see something that says "IPv4 Address" then a bunch of numbers. put those numbers in the "hostname" section. put the port that you set earlier into the "port" section, and the password into the "password" section. After that, you can name it what ever you want by pressing the "name" section and typing that in. After that's done, click "Save". You can now start up your game, and click on the server you added. Setting up Cards You can add a card by going to the "Cards" tab after your connected to the server. Then, press on the plus sign to add a card. The "Card Number" should be in SpiceCFG in the "Keypads" tab. Write the numbers\letters you have on spiceCFG into the "Card Number" box, and name it what ever you want. Then click done/save, and click on it again. You can now go to the "Keypad" section and insert your card by pressing the "Insert Card" button.
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    Clean dump is available here btw: [Hidden Content]
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    Thanks karis to you and Scott Duensing for the great work and patience.
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    Yeah i know. But 16/9 is not always perfection. Cliff and F&I are natively 16/9 (but the original Cliff game was released in 4/3 with cropping, so i restored it). The other games are not. When i do a game from a source i always keep the same ratio. DL games were meant to be 4/3, each 16/9 version is an alteration which removes important parts of the drawings (sometime it's even Dirk's head). TG never existed in 16/9.
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    From the pad, you can hit Start + Select to exit. I will update my thread
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    Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ) back to Table of Contents (Note: this post is continuously updated as we encounter common issues and questions) Q01: Where do I get a copy of the game? A: The latest data dump, as of this writing, is 2020-02-03 that became available in early September 2020 and you may download it from here. This is the "latest-and-greatest" as well as the "cleanest" data download as of this writing. As such, please do not download any older data dump like the "20190903" or the "20200203" that was made available earlier than early September 2020. There is no more reason nor benefit to do so. Q02: Okay I already downloaded it. How do I install this? A: Watch this video and use it as your guide for setting it up. Q03: I'm a bit confused still. Can you give me a summary of steps? A: Sure. Register the DLLs (FAQ Q05) Optional/if applicable: download the two (2) file fixes in case you downloaded the game via MEGA link instead of torrent (FAQ Q06) Make sure you downloaded ea3-config.xml and place a copy inside your "prop" folder (FAQ Q08) Configure your settings via SpiceTools Configuration (FAQ Q09) Start/run butterfly (download a copy in the "Tools" section of this thread) Start/run the game using the Windows Batch file (.bat) provided (refer to FAQ Q07) Q04: The background is plain black in the Music Selection screen. What's wrong? A: You need to "register some DLL files" that are responsible for "playing" the background video during the Music Selection screen. There is an old video guide for setting up an older version of the data dump (this was for 2019-09-03). Follow the procedure ONLY from 3:21 to 4:31. Here is the said old video guide (credits to @kanor as this is his video originally). Q05: I already registered the DLLs but the background is STILL plain black in the Music Selection screen. I'm running the game in Gold Cab Mode. A: The actual video file that serves as the background is not part of the data dump (simply because the data dump is from a White/Blue Cab, not Gold Cab). Here is a link where you can download it. Once downloaded, place the video files (there are 2 of them) in "contents/data/mdb_apx/movie/background" folder (suggested by @g3nsvrv). Q06: Speaking of Gold Cab...after playing a game, at around the end of the session, the game crashes. What's up with this? A: The data dump was made available via torrent AND a MEGA link. This issue seems to be happening only to those who downloaded the game via the MEGA link. We have identified the cause; there are two (2) files that seem to be corrupted (maybe a bad upload). Here is a link where you can download the proper files that should fix the issue (look in contents/data/arc/bm2d). Once downloaded, place the files (there are 2 of them as well) in "contents/data/arc/bm2d" folder (suggested by @g3nsvrv). Q07: My game is not starting/crashing. I looked at the logs and I don't understand what's causing the crash. A: There are two (2) possible reasons: The most typical error is related to "permission" in your game folders. Read the log from the bottom, going up, and look for lines that start with the letter "W" (which means Warning) or "F" (which means Failed). If you see any "Warning" messages related to "copy" or "read" then it means you have a "permissions" problem. To solve for this, simply uncheck/remove the "Read-Only" attribute of your entire game folder (right-click on your game folder, select Properties, and then uncheck/remove "Read-Only"). Here are some sample log screenshots, highlighting the error lines that indicate "permissions" issues, and a screenshot of how to clear the "Read-Only" permission. The other is, if you are totally new to this and setting this up for the very first time...the required folders were not created (see 2nd screenshot above with the yellow highlights) - credits to @g3nsvrv for this input (related solved issue by @ashs09750). You either have to create them manually which is a pain, so here is a Windows Batch script (.bat) that you can use. When you click on the link, go inside the "contents" folder and you'll see a file named "gamestart-16_ddra20_20200203.bat" which you can download. Once downloaded, you may rename it to a shorter filename if you wish. It will not affect the functionality of that file. To keep things simple, start the game following the steps in FAQ Q3 above. Q08: It seems that the file ea3-config.xml is missing from this data dump! Where did it go? A: I have re-created it and you can download it here ; located inside the "prop" folder. Just rename it to ea3-config.xml upon download and put it inside the "prop" folder of your copy of the game. Q09: Where are the DLL files like gamemdx.dll, arkmdxp3.dll, arkmdxp4.dll, and the like? I can't launch the game without them! A: They are called "modules" and they are located in the "modules" folder of your game. If you are using SpiceTools as your launcher, in the "Options" tab of SpiceTools Configuration you can actually specify the folder that contains all the "modules." Like this: Alternatively, you may copy the modules onto the main folder of your game ("contents"), however I like to keep as much files "untouched" as possible so what I personally do is I just specify the location of the modules via SpiceTools Configuration. The screenshot above also serves as a general guide for configuring your settings via the SpiceTools Configuration tool. Alternatively, advanced users typically add these "options" by manually typing them onto a Windows Batch Script file (the "Parameter" column in the screenshot above are the "switches" that you can use to type in). Q10: When I'm scrolling/navigating through the song selection wheel, the wheel seems to move very fast! Is there a fix? A: Based on actual experience helping others out, the common observation is that they are using high-end video cards and/or they also have video card enhancements turned on (V-Sync, Tesselation, etc.). DDR A20 runs natively on HD 720p so 60fps is already considered "very good" graphics for the game. So in addition to disabling video card enhancements, see if you can "downscale" your videocard's FPS to just 60 fps. Q11: The song seems laggy/arrows are jittery during gameplay. Is there something wrong with my download/game? A: Same as the above; high-end video card and/or using video card enhancements (turn them off). Or you have too many background programs running (turn them off as well). Q12: I want to switch to "Gold Cab Mode;" how do I do this? A: As of this writing, the latest release of SpiceTools (October 13, 2020) has a built-in "Patches" tab where users can simply toggle some checkboxes for enabling/disabling some non-standard behavior of the game. This is the most convenient method so far that doesn't involve having to manually perform some hackery (hackery is still involved but SpiceTools just makes it convenient). Q13: When playing the game on "Gold Cab Mode," the game seems to be totally off-sync! What do I do? A: You have to adjust it. Member @kanor has written about this in detail, here. Q14: I want to enable Dark Background, and/or enable Fast/Slow, and/or remove the horizontal lines, and/or change my Dancing Characters. How to do this? A: In the official arcade version, these are "e-Amusement" options which users configure through the e-Amusement's website (you have to register for a free account and log in to change these settings). Since we are unofficially playing the game, we are making use of an "emulated e-Amusement" server, called butterfly. You may watch this old video as your guide, starting 1:15. Alternatively if you prefer written instructions, you may refer to this. Q15: What is the Bemanipatcher? Do I need to use it? A: Bemanipatcher is one of the first convenient methods around (as opposed to manual hackery i.e. hex editing), before other "tools" like the new "Patches" tab of SpiceTools...or ddrhax...were made available. Bemanipatcher has been recently updated to also support the latest data dump (2020-02-03). Here is the link. You basically drag-and-drop your gamemdx.dll file, apply the "mods/patches" you want, and your gamemdx.dll will now be modified accordingly. Put it back to your game folder and start the game. Another justification for the use of Bemanipatcher is when you are playing on other online servers. Since you don't have direct access/control to the database of such servers, you won't be able to directly modify some settings as easily as you can with butterfly. Your only alternative, therefore, would be "hex edits" (a.k.a. "mods/patches") by patching your gamemdx.dll file through Bemanipatcher, or the similar new feature that is now built-in with SpiceTools. One other justification perhaps is when you're using a dedicated arcade cabinet for playing since arcade cabinets typically don't come with keyboards and mouse that are easily accessible. Some cab owners build their own startup scripts so that there is no more need for additional human intervention (e.g. using mouse and keyboard), so patching the gamemdx.dll file in advance and loading it to the dedicated cab setup is sometimes the approach taken in this case. And this makes Bemanipatcher a convenient tool in the said situation. Q16: What is ddrhax? A: Sometime before SpiceTools got updated recently (October 13, 2020) to include the new "Patches" tab/feature, the convenient method of applying the "mods/patches" was through a file called ddrhax. It's a DLL file (so the file is formally called ddrhax.dll) that you load via the "Options" tab of SpiceTools Configuration and you edit a text file to suit your preferred patches. Now that SpiceTools' Configuration Tool already has the "Patches" tab built-in, ddrhax may no longer be needed - although there is one "option/feature" available in ddrhax that is not yet natively implemented in SpiceTools which is the "Force DDR Selection" option. In this regard, you may still load ddrhax.dll only for that purpose. For enabling/disabling all other mods, use the "Patches" tab. And then for "e-Amusement options" I recommend enabling/disabling them via butterfly as mentioned in the previous question and answer. Q17: So there's Bemanipatcher...there's SpiceTools with their new "Patches" feature...ddrhax (???)...and butterfly. It's so confusing! A: Practically speaking, the available "mods" or "patches" that you can find in the "Patches" tab of SpiceTools are also present/available in Bemanipatcher. Some of these "mods/patches" are natively available in butterfly too (as per the previous question and answer). You don't need to perform the same patches on various tools; just choose one. Also sometimes you will notice that some "mods/patches" are available in only one of them, so use accordingly and as needed. To give a short illustration, here are the similarities of the tools. Q18: Looks like everything is covered by SpiceTools and Bemanipatcher. What is the use of butterfly, then? A: While it seems that they are all doing the same thing, they are essentially not the same. SpiceTools (as well as Bemanitools): this acts as the "launcher" of the game. Bemanipatcher: this tool is dedicated to only "mods/patches." Just recently, SpiceTools was able to integrate the same functionality. butterfly: this is an "e-Amusement emulator." It does what it says - it emulates an e-Amusement service so that it appears that the game is "online and connected to e-Amusement." The accompanying database that it generates (butterfly.sqlite) is the database of all your scores, progress, settings, etc. in the game. You are REQUIRED to run butterfly EACH TIME, if you want to play the game as if it were in the official arcades (related solved issue by @ArcVile). Visit the butterfly wiki to know how to use and set it up. Q19: Do I have to separately click/launch butterfly, and then my launcher of choice (SpiceTools/Bemanitools)? Can't I just make a .bat file? A: We actually have our own creations which we will be posting in the "3rd-party Tools" portion of this thread (though they haven't been updated yet). In the meantime, yes! Definitely, you can make your own .bat (Windows Batch) file. Q20: I am an expert and I want to manually perform the hex edits. A: Here is a compiled spreadsheet of hex edits available. Likewise you may visit the source code of Bemanipatcher where you can also see the list of hex edits. You may use them as your reference. Q21: Oh, so butterfly is just one of those servers just like Arcana, Enigma, and the like? A: Well, yes and no. The beauty of butterfly is its ability to be run either online (yes, just like Arcana or Enigma or such) or offline (locally). Plus, the original author of butterfly has made his work open source, so people can actually see what's happening "under the hood" as well as use it for their own builds or even contribute/improve the code! And the fact that it can be run locally means that you, as the user, have better control over the server. This is a good thing for scenarios when you want to host a local game with your friends (e.g. they come over to your place to play). Not all servers are open source and allow local/personal usage, so these are "plus points" for butterfly! Credits to @skogaby for this awesome creation! Q22: Will I be able to keep my scores and progress from [Arcana/Enigma/server xyz] when I use butterfly/vice-versa? A: Each server stores data in their respective database, so the answer will be no. Note: the game itself doesn't hold/keep data on your scores and progress that's why you need to run a server along with the game. Old "solutions" like EaLocalServer.exe, or main.exe, or turning on -ea or -eamaint options in SpiceTools, are not fully-featured server emulators (unlike butterfly/Arcana/Enigma and the like). They can make the semblance of being Online but there is no database management feature that goes with these, as opposed to fully-featured servers like butterfly. This therefore explains why using any of these will only start the game in Maintenance Mode and/or Local Mode and will not save your scores/progress. Q23: I played using [Arcana/Enigma/Server xyz] and after each game my scores don't save. Is this an ongoing problem? A: This is out of the scope of this thread, but what we do know is that if you're playing a song that isn't listed in that server's database, then the score wouldn't be saved (responded by @tw3nz0r; related solved problem by @SoggyRice). Q24: So this "latest butterfly version 1.3.1" is made by @skogaby himself? A: The current version (1.3.1) of butterfly is an "unofficial build," built by yours truly (@topet2k12001). I call my personal builds "unofficial" only for the sake of distinction from the builds made by the original author himself, but I do use the official source code of butterfly for my builds. I also implemented a few allowable modifications in my builds and I also consult with the original author himself from time to time. You may view the source code made by the original author himself through his GitHub, here. You may view the source code of my builds through my GitHub, here. This is also where I officially publish my personal builds of butterfly. Q25: So I'm using the latest SpiceTools (Oct. 13, 2020 build). I can't seem to properly start up Player 2! Back then I just had to turn on/off the NumLock button. What's up with this? A: The latest SpiceTools Configuration now separately implements the "Keypad Button" bindings. Moving forward we have to separately map the keypad buttons for Player 1 and Player 2. TIP: since I use the number pad of the keyboard for Player 2 "arrows/panels" when playing, I mapped the "P2 Keypad Buttons" to the row of keys just below the actual row of number keys (see screenshot below). Q26: I have Java 8 installed on my computer and it got updated recently to version xxx (as of this writing, Java 8 Update 271). Since then, butterfly 1.3.1 seems to be crashing. A: This is an issue related to Java updates for those who are using Java 8 on their computers, not butterfly. Quick solution: uninstall Java completely (all versions that you have), restart your computer, reinstall the Java version in question (as of this writing it's Java 8 Update 271), restart your computer again, and finally run butterfly 1.3.1. I have personally tested this and butterfly 1.3.1 is working fine on my end. Q27: Windows Defender (or my anti-virus) is flagging your work as a virus. A: I can't do anything about it. That's just how your anti-virus works. Either you have to "trust" my work by adding it to the "Exceptions" list of your anti-virus, or don't use my work if you have doubts. You may also inspect my work for malicious code since it's open source; just visit my GitHub if you want to inspect it. Or, you can make your own build of butterfly since the official/original source code is also open source (that's how I made my own builds too anyway). Q28: I start butterfly...it shows the intro screen, and then the initialization screen with lots of text, and then it suddently exits! Help! A: First, we need to start butterfly in a way that it won't close/exit so that we can capture any error message/s, if any. Start a new command line (CMD) In CMD, navigate to your "contents" directory Run butterfly by typing butterfly.exe (or whatever filename it is) This way, when butterfly itself exits with an error, the CMD window stays open and you can capture the entire error message. One typical error encountered by users is something like this screenshot (credits to @axel093 as he actually encountered this): As I have illustrated, sometimes other programs (screen recording programs are the usual suspect) or having a web server running can cause Port 80 to be utilized, so butterfly will "complain" about it. Free up Port 80 (either by exiting/uninstalling/stopping the program causing it) so that butterfly can run properly. Q29: I play the game on a dedicated arcade cabinet. I tried everything; I followed all steps using SpiceTools but the game keeps on crashing! A: Based on feedback by actual dedicated cab owners, Bemanitools works better. Just today (October 27, 2020) I helped member @Swissychief with his issue. He runs a dedicated cabinet. We followed all set-up procedures. The only time that the game started up properly without any crash is when I advised him to try using Bemanitools. Consider this option if you are playing the game on a dedicated cabinet. back to Table of Contents (Note: this post is continuously updated as we encounter common issues and questions)
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    Nota: Il s'agit d'un loader de Sega Nu, Europa-R, RingWide, RingEdge, RingEdge 2, Namco ES3X, Namco N2, Sega Lingbergh, eX-Board (et accessoirement de Taito Type X/X2/X3/Nesica, même s'il existe déjà des loader pour ça à commencer par celui de romhack et celui de ArcadePC dit "All Rh"). Il ne s'agit PAS d'un émulateur (tout au plus, il y a une émulation de certaines commandes d'entrées/sorties). Il ne s'agit pas d'un support officiel de ce chargeur, ni d'un thread à la gloire de Reaver, il s'agit juste d'un topic qui informe de ce qui est disponible et d'une entre aide sur comment lancer les jeux. Le crédit revient aux auteurs respectifs (1cc / Teknogod Dev / All RH / etc.). En aucun cas emuline ne prendra parti pour les uns ou les autres, seul l’amusement avec les jeux sur PC nous intéresse, toute tentative de conflit sera systématiquement supprimée pour le bien être du forum et non par simple censure. Merci de votre compréhension. This is not an official support of this loader, nor a thread to the glory of Reaver, it is just a topic that informs of what is available and a between help on how start the games. The credit belongs to the respective authors (1cc staff / Teknogod Dev / All RH / etc.). In no case emuline will take part for one or the other, only the fun with the games on PC interests us, any attempt of conflict will be systematically suppressed for the well being of the forum and not by mere censorship. Thank you for your understanding. -- Post original -- site officiel: [Hidden Content] patreon and infos: [Hidden Content] sources: [Hidden Content] forum officiel: [Hidden Content] Wiki, tuto, fix: [Hidden Content] En premier lieu pensez à mettre à jour vos fichiers systèmes: [Hidden Content] in One Runtimes (pack propre, sans install de saloperie, se supprime tout seul et vous pouvez décoché les features qui ne vous intéresses pas comme Java par exemple. Notez que pour certains jeux comme MarioKartDX vous aurez aussi besoin de l'installation du SDK de direct X. Le end user runtimes étant déjà intégré dans le pack mais si vous ne voulez pas mettre ce pack alors mettez le runtimes vous même: - DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010): [Hidden Content] (normalement présent dans le pack de sereby) - DirectX SDK (June 2010): [Hidden Content] ) Configuration des pads via Xpadder: Config xpadder avec activation du rumble (que pour les jeux de courses) config xpadder only racing game: Fonctionne sur n'importe quelle version du loader: Teknoparrot rumble racing.zip xpadder (Merci a 7zxkv): v2020: lien v2019: lien. v2018: lien. v2017: lien. Fichier perso xinputmapping 1.04 a 1.06: [Hidden Content] Sauvegarde perso des jeux: Pack de sauvegarde pour tous les jeux (comprend la carte et j'ai changer le niveaux de difficulté en easy pour id6 et SDR paramétré aim trak + sous titre français): TeknoParrot save all game and card id6.zip LOADER public and Patreon: Fichiers obsolètes: Avant toute chose, sachez qu'un miroir de toutes les versions est disponible sur ce lien et ici. First of all, be aware that a mirror of all versions is available on this link and here. La dernière version est soit disponible sur le miroir soit sur le site officiel. Change log: voir post 2. --------------------------------------------- - Liens du type mega://enc2 & mega://fenc2 sont téléchargeables uniquement avec mega downloader 1.7, jDownloader etc. - Liens IPFS téléchargeables avec IDM, Jdownloader, Free Download Manager (non ouvert H24) | IPFS is not round the clock - Les fichiers bin (Lindbergh notamment) se décompressent avec PowerIso (une demande = post supprimé + avertissement) | Bin files are extractable with PowerIso (all related requests will be deleted + warning): check here Penser également à regarder si les jeux utilisent les fichiers présents ici (parfois indispensables). Voici les jeux exclusifs que TP gèrent (donc hors Nesica, TTX, exBoard, etc, émulés/hackés également ailleurs): Dumps: """""""""""" Virtua_Tennis_4 (RingEdge): """""""""""" Melty_Blood_AA_CC + Update (RingWide): """""""""""" Sega_Racing_Classic (RingWide): """""""""""" let's go island (RingWide): """""""""""" Sega Sonic All Star Racing (RingWide): """""""""""" Initial D arcade stage 6 AA (RingEdge): """""""""""" SDR:Sega Dream Raiders (RingWide): """""""""""" Sega Golden Gun (RingWide): """""""""""" Ford Racing (Sega Pc Based like Sega Ring) """""""""""" Sega Rally 3 (Europa-R): """""""""""" Chaos Code (RingWide): """""""""""" Operation G.H.O.S.T (RingWide) : """"""""""""""" Initial D arcade Stage 7 AAX (RingEdge) : """"""""""""""" Mario Kart GP DX (Namco System ES3 A) : """"""""""""""" Shining Force Cross Raid + Update (RingEdge) : """"""""""""""" Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity (RingEdge) : """"""""""""""" Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (Namco System ES3) : """"""""""""""" Sonic Storm aka Mach Storm (Namco System ES3) : """"""""""""""" Outrun 2 SP SDX (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" Afterburner Climax (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" Transformers + Final (RingEdge 2) : """"""""""""""" Initial D 4 Export + Jap (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" Let's go island 3D (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R & v1.11 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Pokken Tournement (Namco ES3B) """"""""""""""" School of Ragnarok (Taito Type X3) """"""""""""""" Initial D 5 Arcade Stage (Sega Lingbergh Yellow) : """"""""""""""" GTI Club 3 (Konami Pc Based) : """"""""""""""" Daytona 3 (Sega PC Based) : """"""""""""""" Virtua fighter 5 ver. B export & C & R & Final Showdown (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" House of the Dead 4 (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Virtua Tennis 3 (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz (RingWide) """"""""""""""" Puyo Puyo Quest (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Shining Force Cross Elysion (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" MaiMai GreeN (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Under Defeat HD+ v1.1 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Arcade Love with Pengo & v1.1 (RingWide + RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Race Driver: GRID (Europa-R) """"""""""""""" Sega Race TV (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Let's Go Jungle / Let's Go Jungle Special (Sega Lindbergh Yellow) """"""""""""""" Project Diva Arcade (Sega RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Counter Strike Neo (Namco N2) """"""""""""""" Too Spicy (Sega Lindbergh Red) """"""""""""""" Groove Coaster 2 (Taito TTX0/Nesica?) """"""""""""""" Rambo (Sega Lindbergh Red Ex) """"""""""""""" Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate + Update & v2.6 (2.06) including all dlc (Sega RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Fighting Climax + Update & v1.30 (Sega RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Snocross (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" Guilty Gear Xrd : Sign + Update & v1.11 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" K.O. Drive (Sega RingWide) """"""""""""""" Final Fantasy THEATRYTHM (TTX3) """"""""""""""" Luigi's Mansion Arcade (Sega Nu 1.1) """"""""""""""" Tekken 7 Fated Retribution + Tekken 7 Vanilla (Namco System ES3) """"""""""""""" Star Wars: Battle Pod (Namco System ES3) """"""""""""""" Dirty Drivin (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" Ghost squad Evo (Sega Lindbergh Red) """"""""""""""" Caladrius.AC v1.0 (Sega RingEdge 2 via ALL.Net) """"""""""""""" H2Overdrive (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" Border Break Scramble (Sega RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Shining Force Cross Exlesia (Sega RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Yugioh 5DS Duel Terminal 6 (Konami) """"""""""""""" Batman (Raw Thrills) """"""""""""""" O.N.G.E.K.I v1.0 & v1.5 aka Plus (Sega) """"""""""""""" Let's go safari (Sega) """"""""""""""" Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 + Update & v2.10 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Gaelco Games """"""""""""""" Police Trainer 2 (Team Play) """"""""""""""" Star Trek Voyager: The Arcade Game (Team Play) """"""""""""""" Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late[st] v3.30 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late v2.3 (2.03) (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Fighting Climax Ignition v2.32 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Blade Arcus from shining v2.10 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Blade Stranger v1.3.2 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Melty Blood v1.07b (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Koihime Enbu RaiRai v2.13 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" Phantom Breaker v1.10 (RingEdge 2) """"""""""""""" R-Tuned: Ultimate Street Racing (Lindbergh) """"""""""""""" Primeval Hunt (Sega Lindbergh Red) """"""""""""""" Street Fighter V: Type Arcade (TTX4) -------------------------- Autres dumps (déjà fonctionnels de manière autonomes): Justice League Heroes United => topic ici Fast and Furious => topic ici Fast and Furious Drift => topic ici Fast and Furious SuperBikes => topic ici Fast and Furious SuperCars => topic ici Superbikes 2 => topic ici GHA => topic ici Initial D Arcade Stage Zero => topic ici (old topic) Une centralisation de tous les patchs de cette page utilisés dans les jeux jouables avec TP est disponible ici. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dernière chose: - TP Blacklist Patcher : TPBlacklistPatcher.7z. Removes the "other emulator" blacklist from TP allowing it to be used without disturbing any Jconfig files Jconfig versions that come with a replacement game exe should have the adjacent dll renamed if there are any issues Works on TTX, NxL and all other games (it's recommended to use Jconfig for those anyway). - Coin enabler patch by Spindizzi : topic - Des patchs supplémentaires (HD etc) peuvent être disponibles sur la page de GL AllRH. - Des patchs et loaders sont aussi disponibles ici (IdMacX + Jconfig + JVSemu + Nesica Unlocker + R2 Unlocker + SpiceTools + BemaniTools). - Un miroir des jeux est disponible ici (non ouvert H24): [Hidden Content] Les liens ipfs sont à télécharger avec IDM, Jdownloader, Free Download Manager, etc. Autres miroirs: - D'autres jeux en miroir sont également téléchargeables ici: VirusMan Mirror et [Hidden Content] - ArcadePunks en propose également sur cette page (new first) (old releases). - Dumps Lingbergh décryptés (le jour ou Teknoparot permet de lancer les jeux): PS: Merci à tous ceux qui ont contribué pour ces merveilleux liens. Et merci a POOTERMAN (miroir) et Trymado pour ces merveilleuses images - Game genre folder icons: here - Another version I made is available here - As for the sytem icons they are a customised version here - Mirror here
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    I'm glad it is working. Thank you for letting me know not to update.
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    In the last times the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve photos and videos has become popular, and several applications have appeared that allow it to be done easily and effectively. It works like this: An AI is trained with an image or video database to be able to recognize patterns and reconstruct images by filling in the information gaps with consistent information that would be logical to fill those gaps. This allows to do things like to resize a lot an image adding details that aren't present in the original image. Here is an example of this: The original image of Gandalf is the left one, with about 300 px of height... I used Gigapixel AI to resize it to 1440 px of height. As you can see, the detail gain in clothing, face and beard hairs is incredible, adding a non-existent detail in the original. You can do this too with cartoons, CGI and videogame graphics (in fact, the famous DLSS of the RTX graphic cards it's exactly the same), and with videos too. There are too applications like DAIN that uses an AI to interpolate the fps of any video, so you can do a 60 fp video from a 30fps one. That said, why not to use this kind of technics to enhance some laserdisc games? That's exactly what i have done. This works extremely well with cartoons/anime, so the logical choose was the Don Bluth's trilogy (Dragon's Lair 1 & 2 and Space Ace). I used some programs like Video Enhace AI to upscaling from 720p versions to 1080p with a noticeable improvement in image quality (AI processing removes all compression defects, image noise and adds new detail to textures). I did versions on 16:9 and 4:3 formats for use with Daphne emulator, with original english audio and adding spanish audio from Fx Interactive spanish Pc versions of the games. Too bad Daphne only uses mpeg2 codecs. With more modern ones like H.264 o H.265 i can do the same to UHD and 60fps with very impressive results. Some screenshots and videos of my remastered versions as examples: Dragon's Lair 1080p 16:9: Dragon's Lair 1080p 4:3: Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 16:9: Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 4:3: Space Ace 1080p 16:9: Space Ace 1080p 4:3: And now, here are the download links: - Dragon's Lair 1080p 16:9: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Optional spanish audio: [Hidden Content] - Dragon's Lair 1080p 4:3 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 16:9 (spanish audio only): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Optional english audio: [Hidden Content] - Dragon's Lair 2: Timewarp 1080p 4:3 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - Space Ace 1080p 16:9 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - Space Ace 1080p 4:3 (english and spanish audio included): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] There is a little problem with the file SPA05.VOB.m2v of Space Ace 1080p 4:3 version, so i reuploaded a corrected version of it. You can download it in this link: [Hidden Content] If you want to use a gamepad to play the games, copy the next dapinput.ini over the previous file of the same name existent in the Daphne folder: dapinput.ini Button assignment: - RB & LB credits for 1 and 2 player respectively - Start for player 1 start. - Back for exit - Button 1/Sword -> A button - Button 2 -> X button - Button 3 -> B button - Y for Pause the game.
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    Works with Tp just overwrite the old version regarding jconfig I don’t know
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    Good News concerning the Latest Teknoparrot update 0.0147. AfterBurner Crash and input issues fixed Game works like a charm Tested on three different Computers. Tested using Direct Input Calibration is a must in Test Menu X , Y Axis and Throttle exis should be mapped to Analog. Calibration should be done for the X , Y , and Throttle Successfully or otherwise the game controls will stop responding in the middle of Gameplay. Use the original ABC Executable and not the Vanilla.( Hint: if you dont know which Exe is the original, before gameplay starts , when the aircraft is getting ready to roll , you will see " Press start to Skip" message above . This Cliche will not appear in the Vanilla modified exe. Enjoy.
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    Hey guys, It took a combined effort from a lot of people to get this working and involves a fair amount of tweaking so I thought I'll put together a quick tutorial for those having issues. Note: This currently works only on Nvidia video cards with AMD fix to come - I tested on my Nvidia GTX 1080Ti OC. Please note that all of this was made possible by the following people: Harry99710 for the game dump and initial guide. Kobe46 for a step-by-step guide and edited config files. Cbeluz40, Spiderzsoft, Windows10xp8 & Petje for input and feedback. OK, grab a coffee and some cookies here we go... Step 1: Download MegaDownloader app from here: [Hidden Content] and install it or extract files to your desktop. Step 2: Download the latest game dump from the official thread below. 3. Launch the MegaDownloader app, copy the link address and click on Add URL, browse to where you want to save it and click on Start (leave all login settings default) 4. Once downloaded, extract the "SDDF_1.31.00" folder to the root of your C:\ drive so it should look like this: C:\SDDF_1.31.00 (Do not use the installed segatools and minime server files found in the downloaded package as I couldn't get them to work no matter what) 5. Download the PLUGINS.ZIP package from here: [Hidden Content] 6. Go to C:\SDDF_1.31.00 and create a new folder named "appdata" so it should look like this: C:\SDDF_1.31.00\appdata 7. Extract contents of the minime.7z package to the root of your C drive so that it will look like: C:\minime 8. Extract contents found inside the idz directory located in the segatools.zip file (the one found in step 5) to C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ Look for a file called segatools.ini and edit as follows: [vfs] ; Insert the path to the game AMFS directory here (contains ICF1 and ICF2) amfs=C:\SDDF_1.31.00\amfs ; Create an empty directory somewhere and insert the path here. ; This directory may be shared between multiple SEGA games. ; NOTE: This has nothing to do with Windows %APPDATA%. appdata=C:\SDDF_1.31.00\appdata [dns] ; Insert the hostname or IP address of the server you wish to use here. ; Note that, localhost etc are specifically rejected. default= [This is your IP address - open a CMD Dos Prompt and type ipconfig and look for your IPv4 Address] [ds] ; Region code on the emulated AMEX board DS EEPROM. ; 1: Japan ; 4: Export (some UI elements in English) ; ; NOTE: Changing this setting causes a factory reset. region=4 [netenv] ; Simulate an ideal LAN environment. This may interfere with head-to-head play. ; SEGA games are somewhat picky about their LAN environment, so leaving this ; setting enabled is recommended. enable=1 [keychip] ; The /24 LAN subnet that the emulated keychip will tell the game to expect. ; If you disable netenv then you must set this to your LAN's IP subnet, and ; that subnet must start with 192.168. subnet= [Refer to your own subnet details - try this as default, if not change to] [gpio] ; Emulated Nu DIP switch for Distribution Server setting. ; ; If multiple machines are present on the same LAN then set this to 1 on ; exactly one machine and set this to 0 on all others. dipsw1=1 [io3] ; Input API selection for JVS input emulator. ; Set "xinput" to use a gamepad and "dinput" to use a steering wheel. mode=xinput ; Automatically reset the simulated shifter to Neutral when XInput Start is ; pressed (e.g. when navigating menus between races). autoNeutral=1 [dinput] ; Name of the DirectInput wheel to use (or any text that occurs in its name) ; Example: TMX ; ; If this is left blank then the first DirectInput device will be used. deviceName= ; Name of the positional shifter to use (or any subset thereof). ; Leave blank if you do not have a positional shifter; a positional shifter ; will be simulated using the configured Shift Down and Shift Up buttons ; in this case. ; ; Can be the same device as the wheel. ; ; Example: T500 shifterName= ; Pedal mappings. Valid axis names are: ; ; X, Y, Z, RX, RY, RZ, U, V ; ; (U and V are old names for Slider 1 and Slider 2). ; The examples below are valid for a Thrustmaster TMX. brakeAxis=RZ accelAxis=Y ; DirectInput button numbers to map to menu inputs. Note that buttons are ; numbered from 1; some software numbers buttons from 0. start=3 viewChg=10 ; Button mappings for the simulated six-speed shifter. shiftDn=1 shiftUp=2 ; Button mappings for the positional shifter, if present. gear1=1 gear2=2 gear3=3 gear4=4 gear5=5 gear6=6 Save the segatools.ini file and exit - you are now ready to launch the game. 9. Right-click on the SDDF_1.31.00 & minime folders one-by-one and under attributes - untick Read-only and hit Apply then OK 10. Install all the Plugin Retridistributables found in the PLUGINS.ZIP package, e.g. vc_redist.x64.exe, vs_community.exe, Node-v12.13.0-x64.msi and opt to install all drivers 11. Go into the minime folder and right-lick on start.bat and choose Run as Administrator - if correct you should see the below - leave this open in the background do not close: app:switchboard HOST_EXT: (Service host name sent to clients) +0ms app:switchboard HOST_INT: (Bind address) +2ms app:switchboard Using default host names, change them from the .env file if necessary. +0ms Startup OK 12. Go into the following directory C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ and look for the inject.exe file, right-click and choose Properties > Compatibility and tick Run this program as Administrator > OK 13. Go to the start.bat file found in the same location as the above C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ and right-click then Run as administrator You will see a series of windows popup with security warnings to accept - choose yes to all and let it run in the background 14. The first run never works for me, after everything loads, you will see a black screen that many are experiencing - close all the windows including minime server 15. Go back to the inject.exe file mentioned in Step 12 and this time do the same and untick Run as Administrator 16. Download the full-screen patch (you may need it later) courtesy of user Windows10xp8: [Hidden Content] Copy the EXE to C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ 17. Now, hook up a USB Controller - I am use a XBOX 360 (Xinput0) joypad and make sure it is turned and detected by Windows 18. Go back to C:\minime\ and run the virtual server again by running start.bat as Administrator (FOR ME, THE GAME STILL RAN FINE WITHOUT THIS STEP SO IT MAY NOT BE NEEDED) 19. Finally, run C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\start.bat as normal no need for Administrator rights and it should load - wait for all the calibration and then press ALT+ENTER for full-screen mode & ESC to exit If you cannot exit (like for me in many cases), press ALT+CTRL+DEL and manually end the Direct3D Window to close I know there are nearly 20 steps to get this working but I wanted to break each one down to ensure everything is not missed. This was such a headache for many users including myself. User Kobe46 has been instrumental in this tutorial and he also has a guide found here if you still need it - distributed by permission: [Hidden Content] I hope it worked for everyone! SKY2310 EDIT:.....if you are getting the loading error many people experiencing...do the following... 1) Make sure you follow steps 12-15 carefully and the files in the PLUGINS.ZIP file NOT the ones found in the original dump. 2) If you have a virtual DVD clone drive software, disable it by going into DEVICE MANAGER > DVD DISC DRIVES and right-click disable. HERE ARE MY FILES IN CASE YOU WANT TO REFER: [Hidden Content]
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    PC game, not cracked. No relevance to Teknoparrot.
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    Is anyone able to reup this? I wasn't able to grab it in time.
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    there's already a link to previous versions in the first post.
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    It's useless to quote him, he left us for sure, avatar changed, no infos in his account page and impossible to send him private messages.
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    Great to hear that @ArcVile. Enjoy! Yes you do have to run butterfly everytime before you run the game.:) I used to have a "setup wizard" where all the steps are already included in a single click and it was used during the previous data dumps. I'm just caught up with other things so I wasn't able to update it. Give me some time and I'll publish it.
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    @topet2k12001 I think I figured it out. My guess is that prior to clicking .bat file or spice to start the game, I need to click the butterfly file. I did this and finally got it working with my card and saving records and everything. I'm not sure what happened prior, because right after downloading and doing all the steps according to the video, everything worked. Perhaps it messes something up when turning off the computer, so my guess is that I need to turn on butterfly anytime before starting the game. I assumed after turning on butterfly, I don't have to turn it on anymore for the future. Either way. I finally got it working well. Thank you so much for the support!
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    Thanks for your reply, but MameHooker don't recognized the Guns at all (already in contact with Howard Castro the Creator of MameHooker try to help me..) I will give a try to ouputblaster, this is a new software i'm not familiar with. i will update if outputblaster recognize the guns. thanks !
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    That is a Java update issue, not butterfly. Java 8 update 271 is very new, released a few days ago (I think October 20th, 2020). I noticed that too. I am running butterfly 1.3.1 fine without issue on Java 8 Update 271. Steps done: Uninstall all currently installed Java (including 271) Restart your computer Install (latest as of this writing) Java 8 update 271 Restart your computer again Run butterfly 1.3.1 Update: Added your question to FAQ
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    Yep, but the fun fact is this, i have a clean copy of the A20 and the problem persist with this 2 versions using spice tools
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    Ok I'm going to help you 1 - download segatools v004, minime v010 and the chunithm 1.30.00 folders. Is that done? 2 - Select ALL the files in the "chuni" folder, in segatools v004 and drag them INTO the folder "bin", in "app", in Chunithm 1.30.00 folder. 3 - You can delete the "idz" folder in segatools. 4 - Edit the segatools.ini as said in the guide (If you don't have it, here's the instructions: 5a. In the [vfs] section, set amfs= to the complete path to the amfs\ subdirectory in the download 5b. Create an empty directory somewhere on your filesystem and put the complete path to that directory in the appdata= setting of the [vfs] section (note, this isn't Windows APPDATA, this is SEGA APPDATA). 5c. In the [dns] section, set default= to your computer's hostname or LAN IP. Do not put here, the game specifically checks for and rejects loopback addresses. This setting controls the address of the network services server. 5 - After this done, drag your folder "minime -v010" info the "CHUNITHM AMAZON 1.30.00" 6 - if you don't have NodeJS download Node JS: [Hidden Content] ; it will make your minime work. 7 - Go into the minime folder and start the "start.bat". a sequence of installations will begin. 8 - When that's finished, close it and re open the "start.bat", if you see" Startup OK", that's good. 9 - To play the game you will have to not close the minime and let him opened. 10 - Go into the "bin" folder and start "start.ini". You must have a "bin" folder like this (photo 1). 11 - When the game started, wai and wait till you see a REd LED error. Press the keys SDFGHJKL at the same time (Your 4 fingers from your 2 hands) 12 - Then you will have a screen like this (Photo 2). Yo uwill have to set parameters. 13 - To select options, press SDFGHJKL in this order to stimulate a full drag on original controllers. 14 - Select "ゲーム設定 " 15 - Select 配信サーバー設定 16 - Set this setting to サーバー 17 - Select 筐体グループ設定 18 - Set this setting to OFF 19 - Select 終了 20 - Restart the game and wait, and skip the red led error. 21 - Press the keys 2 or 3 a few times to enter credits. Normally the game starts. Then when you see an "AIME" card, hold "enter" 22 - Your keys to control the game are SDFGHJKL. 23 - Enjoy If you have another questions, tell me
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    Download + All Tools ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- V.003 Download All.Net/AiMe server: minime-v010.zip Launcher: segatools-v004.zip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHUNITHM AMAZON Modder [Hidden Content] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Windows 7 patch 0x19B0AAE : 45 78 -> 5F 41 0x19B0AB7 : 43 61 6E 63 65 6C 51 75 65 72 79 -> 51 75 65 72 79 5F 41 00 00 00 00 Edit : It doesn't work with the touch io ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- open_maps_courses.7z unlimited_premium_ticket.7z unlimited_worldsend_ticket.7z Chunithm Force Unlocked.7z ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source - 2ccc Thanks to zExoR🐉 inform me Thanks to petje for guidance _____ END _____ Source 2ccc ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ OmniMix download patched
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    Run the game in the original resolution (1360x768).
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    Which Idmax dll are you referring to? Can you upload the one you use pls?
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    If you you did everything correctly and still it doesn’t work maybe its your hardware try to run it if possible on different pc and see if it works or wait for 2.01 update to be public and try running it again
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    Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars!!!!!! not Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
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    i'm actually using glarh. I know it is something with renaming the intro video, but it is not working. i had it working once a long time ago, but ended up having to reinstall everything and now i can't get it working.
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    Yeah I just hate to see all them youtube vids showing them tables off, and people asking for the tables, and they just get ignored, look what I got! So I like to share it here, cause theres alot of good people on this forum!
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    Salut fredobedo Tu vas trouver ton bonheur ici = [Hidden Content] (le site de Virus-Man) pour les dumps de jeux et image Bien cordialement. Flo
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    Have you tried blazblue cross tag? from the training mode i see it has a great graphics and playability unfortunately this is the only mode that works🙁
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    No, it is not. Must be you. Link in first post. (It was updated on Monday).
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    Guys, I am not a pirate or a warez guy, I am a creator. Anyone can do what they want with what I created so how about you contribute something for a change and get off your ass and do it? Why should people like I bother if all we get is cheap asshole complaints? If I get one more I will consider being done here and look for another outlet. Bunch of fucking idiots. Certainly won't bother again, that is for sure. I will just share with my friends. I believe that is how things are going now and I can see why. Signed. The Lizard King. PS: If your not on board go fuck yourself. Fucking snowflakes, I bet.
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    LizardKing, the 60fps versions are awesome. Love the smoothness. Thank you for the post.
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    Dragon's Lair 2 is working fine here, 4:3 and 16:9 versions... In the Space Ace case, that's normal... The arcade versions of Dragon's Lair 1 and Space Ace works this way. When you die, in the next life the game continues to the next scene. This was changed for the domestic versions of the games (Pc and consoles)
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    Thank you very much for your work to share this. I've managed to get them all to work. For those that didnt: Just make sure you mantain the folder structure, and put a copy of the small files (.txt, .png, .singe) in the emulators singe folder. The game folder structures is easy enough, for example for the American Laser Games... you need to have all of them in a folder named ALG, lets say on the D drive, so the structure looks like this: D:\ALG\"games folders" Ex: D -> ALG -> crimepatrol (inside this folder: all files that belong to this game) D -> ALG -> drugwars (inside this folder: all files that belong to this game) D -> ALG -> johnnyrock (inside this folder: all files that belong to this game) and so long... You can move this folder anywhere on your hard drive, as long as you point daphne to the full path of the frame and script files. In Daphne emulator folder (daphne_singe), you create a folder named singe (if it allready exists you can use that)... in that folder (singe) you create another folder named ALG... again, in the folder ALG you create, as above, the games folders, so that the directory looks like this (lets say that you have daphne emulator folder on D drive): D:\daphne_singe\singe\ALG\"games folders" In every folder from the singe -> ALG directory, you need to copy only the small files (.txt, .png, .singe) belonging to that game, leaving out the video, audio and dat files (m2v, ogg, dat). Ex: D -> daphne_singe -> singe -> ALG -> crimepatrol (inside this folder: only the small files (.txt, .png, .singe), no video, audio and dat files (m2v, ogg, dat)) D -> daphne_singe -> singe -> ALG -> drugwars (inside this folder: only the small files (.txt, .png, .singe), no video, audio and dat files (m2v, ogg, dat)) D -> daphne_singe -> singe -> ALG -> johnnyrock (inside this folder: only the small files (.txt, .png, .singe), no video, audio and dat files (m2v, ogg, dat)) and so long... Having done that, you need to modify de provided bat file, specifying the full path to daphne, frame file and script file. for example, for the game crimepatrol, we have the following bat: start "" "D:\daphne_singe\daphne.exe" singe vldp -fullscreen -framefile "D:\ALG\crimepatrol\crimepatrol.txt" -script "D:\ALG\crimepatrol\crimepatrol.singe" As you can see, you need the full path of the frame and script from the "D:\ALG\..." folder, not the one from the "D:\daphne_singe\singe\..." folder. Also, the .bat file can be moved wherever you want. This applies to all games provided here.
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    Dual / type GPU ? Laptop ? If two GPU prioritize dedicated GPU Most games do not run on Intel IGPU Tried correct shader fix ? Shaders fix: Rambo_NVIDIA_Shaderfix.rar Rambo_AMD_Shaderfix.7z
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