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    Check out seiiseiiseii2000 on ebay. He often rotates out the art he does depending on how well they sale, but if you ask him for something specific he will definitely print it for you. I bought the full "type arcade" art set (he has other versions of street fighter plus tons of other art sets for the vewlix) for my vewlix. It was $30 including shipping. Here are a few pics of my vewlix:
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    EDIT: I made a singular script that takes care of both locking/unlocking. This way there's only one file to maintain instead of two. Introducing, DDR A.S.S. (DDR All-Song Switcher) EDIT: revised version here (click me!) Version 1.0.1 August 8, 2020 FIX: files are being flagged by anti-virus ("false positive"); changed to named files with file extensions (reference post). This is "out-of-scope" from the DDR Update Pack Project because the DDR Update Pack Project is designed to preserve the "locks" on songs and revive/replicate the "events" that are supposed to unlock those songs. But since there are "constant requests" I wrote this only for the said purpose. This will not be published as part of the project since it goes in an "opposite direction" from the idea of the DDR Update Pack, so I am posting it here instead. AGAIN: THIS WILL WORK ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY WITH THE DDR A20 UPDATE PACK!!!!! AGAIN: THIS WILL WORK ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY WITH THE DDR A20 UPDATE PACK!!!!! AGAIN: THIS WILL WORK ONLY ONLY ONLY ONLY WITH THE DDR A20 UPDATE PACK!!!!! AGAIN:...
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    I released DARE / Gorillaz in our DDR A20 Discord just now. [Hidden Content]
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    Linux support comes to TP GUI. Very nice. Maybe incoming Terminator Salvation Arcade huh ?
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    Nice work I tested out that Demul Initial D Card Input today too and worked fine here and loaded up saved card etc Had a teamviewer session with Moksi couple days ago too and got Super Chase working fine there on his pc now too so happy days New FFB Arcade Plugin Release [Hidden Content]
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    Do you mean Multi on the real hardware or with TP ? On the real hardware you can add it to the Multi and launch it with the following game.bat batch file : game.bat (Virtua Tennis 4) : @echo off start /wait /min mxWritePrerenderedFrames.exe -s 0 start /wait VT4_RING_r.exe
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    New Version of FFB Arcade Plugin. Now Version 2.2c [Hidden Content]
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    Good times, i wish we had it right now. Time to play EXTREME.
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    Windows Defender will just randomly delete my launcher.exe from Bemanitools weeks after I tell it to ignore it, it's dumb with false positives.
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    I will shoot another video when it is daytime. I scattered the room a lot. If you like music, i can share the link. lol
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    Pour ceux qui veulent tester voilà le dump prêt à l'emploi de ID ZERO pour Teknoparrot qui fonctionne parfaitement bien en full screen POUR WINDOWS 10 UNIQUEMENT NE FONCTIONNE PAS AVEC WINDOWS 7 [Hidden Content] Il faut le placer sur C Pour lancer le jeu il faut utiliser dans TP le chemin suivant : C: \ SEGA NU 2 - Étape initiale de la cascade zéro \ SDDF_1.31.00 \ app \ package \ start.bat IMPORTANT : Avoir installé / node-v12.18.2-x64.msi [Hidden Content] Renseigner votre adresse IPv4 dans les options teknoparrot du jeu Et pour finir copier/coller dans le dossier SegaTools\minime de TEKNOPARROT tous les fichiers de minime-v011.zip [Hidden Content] Le jeu fonctionne parfaitement bien chez moi avec Teknoparrot au volant G29 avec le FFB La touche Echap du clavier fonctionne très bien pour quitter le jeu proprement comme tous les autres jeux TP
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    Does anyone know where to put Controller.vdf file to use it as default ? I have found Controller.vdf in pakchunk0-WindowsNoEditor.pak To extract *.PAK files : (Download : pak_2.bms ) You have to use pak_2.bms script above with Quickbms_4GB_files.exe to extract PAK files : (Quickbms download page : [Hidden Content] )
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    mirror (mainly for gvr/rawtrills): [Hidden Content] (this link will surely not last long)
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    Samurai Shodown / Samurai Spirits (2019) (on TTX3 via NESICAxLive2) Game link (14,42 GB) : The game works fine with iDmacX64, put JConfig in Samurai_Spirits_2019\Game\Onion\Binaries\Win64\ subfolder. It seems there are 2 DLC charas in this version. Pics posted with the courtesy of caesarkof from ppxclub : NOTE:- NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) if not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
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    It crashes after stage 1 and no sound also you can see my updated list on page 760 near the bottom
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    It will require a fast cpu 16 gb ram windows 10 since the arcade hardware ran on Windows 8 embedded. Nvidia Gtx 970 to run at 60 fps. Google ALLS Sega hardware
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    Like Winnig Eleven Arcade, Terminator Salvation Arcade, Kung-Fu Panda arcade at Linux based games but "Life is Nesicaxlive games, Nesicaxlives games is life". lol. Like TaitoTypeX 69 games. Best of the best arcade systems and games for long life without covid-19 virus.
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    v1.01 DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD or TORRENT FILE Mirror: here DOWNLOAD (main files here) Street Fighter V Type Arcade IO emulator v1.1 - Save Patch fixed Special Thanks Goes To... FlYBIT - Jconfig Developer Source: 2CC Street Fighter V Costume Mod or +18 Street Fighter V Type Arcade Costumes and Colors enabled by RubenDB Street Fighter V Tape Arcade MARQUEE 6536x4597 150dpi .tif By dex77 TIPS: For Resolution : Create shortcut, with -resx=1920 -resy=1080 on target file For win7 : Download the 64-bit version of XInput1_4.dll and throw it to the same level of StreetFighterV.exe Japanese Characters Fix : Add this to the file C:\Users\"Username"\StreetFighterV\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\Engine.ini Go at the end and add these lines: [Internationalization] Culture=ja NOTE: - NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own)
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    OK I’m not around my arcade at the moment I’m actually visiting my mom so I probably will try to upload my config and help further tomorrow sometime
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    Short answer: use the DDR A20 Update Pack. It has all that you need. Long answer: It has been mentioned in this thread that the "2020 patch" is a fan-made "patch." You can use it at your own risk. In essence, this "2020 patch" is based off the 2019090300 data dump. By "selectable skin" do you mean the "Fast/Slow, Judgment, Combo" images (assets)? I decided to share it as a separate post and didn't include it in the official project. But yes it will generally work. Other features like "removed/new" songs are available only in the official project (DDR A20 Update Pack). If you use the DDR A20 Update Pack, it will overwrite any same files that you already have. Also the DDR A20 Update Pack already includes whatever is useful from the 2019 and the 2020 patches/dumps. Everything is actually explained in the README.txt of the Update Pack. I carefully and specifically listed which files from the 2019/2020 are used/included in the DDR A20 Update Pack. Also join our Discord Chat Group; link has been provided above/previous few pages.
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    Are you starting the game initially with the gun trigger? If you start the game with the P1 mapped button, you control the camera not the gun.
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    There is now. I was doing it on my phone and the link didn't copy across. I have added it but you posted quicker than I could. Apologies for that. Here it is again [Hidden Content]
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    Unfortunatelly not that much. I don't see why this would happen because of DemulShooter. It looks like the gun is controlling some king of camera angle setting instead of the aiming...maybe a wrong setting in the ini file ?
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    I don't know then. It could be corruption in the game. or maybe your AMD card is not quite the same as the game expects.
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    Yeah I had to search the site and someone else said this, it worked. It's weird that the game says do not touch the wheel but you actually have to touch it, but whatever gets the game to work I am happy.
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    It works with PadCount=2 or 3 or 4 if you have the controls. I use it with two players on my setup, works really well.
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    Works here, go to Tab Other 3 and check "Do not minimize each window on the desktop".
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    Try the thread below Sega Lindberh dumps: [Hidden Content] That has lots of Lindbergh dumps including segartv.7z Plus i think it is the link - it has some extra spaces? mega: // fenc2? 6Z9ynFQVRpoVWDPS7yF2hynEG_kB-UkkVpYDVhLG6BxN0nyUAXNoSeyO3MkXGAQz? dUIlxTRT should be mega://fenc2?6Z9ynFQVRpoVWDPS7yF2hynEG_kB-UkkVpYDVhLG6BxN0nyUAXNoSeyO3MkXGAQz? dUIlxTRT
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    Yeah I'm learning not to just copy games from old computers and not expect problems on new computers. Because I ended up reinstalling the game and using default setting on jconfig and I got fullscreen now. It looks a little stretched but it's not bad.
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    good to all, the link is down, could be re-uploaded, thanks
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    Oh i'm updating the DDR A20 Update Pack as well, function-wise. It will be featuring the ability for users to make their selections based on their preferences. Stay tuned!
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    Give this a go and let me know if better I had issue causing crash happening etc so you were right, but you will still require those versions i said above *removed file, read post below*
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    Hello dex77! are You going to release this stuff for SFV and Samurai Showdown 2019 ?
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    Ce post est destiné à proposer pour la communauté, des icônes, logos, thèmes pour les frontends (Hyperspin/Launchobox,ect..) pour Teknoparrot. Chacun est libre de proposer sa création, la seul limite reste celle de votre imagination Vous pouvez également faire vos demandes pour des jeux non disponibles encore sur Teknoparrot. Quelques liens disponibles pour les icônes de jeux: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This post is intended to propose for the community, icons, logos, themes for the frontends (Hyperspin / Launchobox, ect ..) for Teknoparrot. Everyone is free to propose their creation, the only limit is that of your imagination ^__^ You can also make your requests for games not yet available on Teknoparrot. Some links available for game icons: Deviantart de Pooterman (vous trouverez énormement d’icônes multi-plateforme) (you will find a lot of cross-platform icons) Serveur de Trymado (l'intégralité des jeux Teknoparrot et ceux à venir y sont avec les noms utilisés par le programme, vous avez juste à copier coller) (all Teknoparrot games and those to come are with the names used by the program, you just have to copy and paste)
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    Who wants this? ...T7FR AC kit ready to print for cabinets... marquee hi-res 5k move strips hi-res 15k, 10k, 4k
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    1. Change dest from J to U. 2. Change services to [Hidden Content]. 3. Run maint. 4. Flip e-Amusement switch to off in Network Settings. 5. ??? 6. Profit!
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    I found some interesting stuff inside the game's files. I was able to install the game through a virtual machine. It boots to the loading screen, and then blacks in and out and back to the loading screen. It probably needs a dongle or I/O board to load the game correctly, so until there is a dongle, the game is uncracked. It runs on SLAX Linux OS, so it will be hard to crack this one. Using another OS to boot the VM from I can get into the game's files. A lot of sounds were borrowed from Big Buck Hunter such as shotgun and bell sounds. Music is nothing special; only 2 music tracks to listen to. A lot of character speech, SpongeBob, Patrick, etc. is taken from old episodes of Spongebob (most of it is from Season 1). There's also some new recordings with only Spongebob used in Attract Mode and throughout the game. That's all. Spongebob Bowling and Nicktoons Nitro are the only 2 games that Chicago Gaming has worked on with Play Mechanix and Raw Thrills.
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    Hi friend,I make torrent in here,I will upload 7x24 hours。 Street Fighter V Acade.torrent
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    @Dante82 yes some resluts in you link (liberto forum) are really amazing. @Trouby Ok that's enough, I will play also! So this how looks your awesome settings in 4K on Youtube : This how looks CRT-Geom MOD Deluxe in 4K Yours is so awesome guy!! it makes me dream so much!! Please teach me how you managed to get a so nice result?? PS: for sure none of them looks like a real CRT screen,... but your one is so close!! when i watched your videos i really thought my screen turned into a real CRT screen!! And also your setting is so amazing that we have more scanlines than pixels : I remember, many real arcade monitors were doing such scanlines in the middle of the pixels (my grandmother did had a monitor like that!). So close to the perfection !!
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    Tu peux partager ton fichier .conf de dgvoodoo et egalement comment tu a smlis le jeu en fr. Merci
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    Initial D5 Export Runs fine on Teknoparrot 1.93 Does not run on version (at least for me) But the steering is very sensitive, and there are still audio glitches. Lindbergh support is still experimental. You can extract the .rar and the resulting .bin with 7zip. [Hidden Content] Ignore the errors about symbolic links, these can not be created on a Window$ 10 file system. I use "No to all", works fine for me. AMD GPU fixes thanks to @Nezarn [Hidden Content] Added information ! Two .bin files in a rar ? The second bins file name mentions where it needs to be extracted. initiald5.bin id5_data.bin So the files contained in id5_data.bin needs to be extracted into disk0/data thanks to @viperone2020 and @roman1990 to bring this vital step to my attention ! Executable file is, disk0/id5.elf You see a blue message box ? Press change view, to skip. It has to do with the card reader, which works fine. Enjoy [Hidden Content] I hope that this tutorial helps other people out. It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out. When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post. And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!! And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot". Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....
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    Read the conversation on the page to understand what is going on The solution is to set your DNS to and ?
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    Salut tout le monde. J'ai moi aussi eu ce problème de crash. Je l'ai résolu avec cette configuration : -Mise à jour du PhysX NVidia. -Pour la résolution, si écran vertical, je sélectionne 720 x 1280. Si écran horizontal, 1280 x 720. -60hz -Hight Résolution coché -DirectSound coché -Direct3D9 coché -J'utilise le clavier, soit DInput (crash si je sélectionne le pad xbox) -Mouse Active coché -Region usa -J'ai décoché "Save Patch" !!! Pour utiliser la manette XBOX 360, j'utilise une bonne vieille méthode efficace, JoyToKey. Tout fonctionne, un peu plus lent que l'original, mais je suis en phase de test. Merci donc à tout les membres pour leur partage 😊 EDIT: je me demandais si il était possible d'ajouter un viseur sur l'écran. Car c'est un peu du pif à la souris... Aussi, comment faire pour utiliser le mode multiple monitor ? Et enfin, comment relier un moteur sur le pc et le faire interagir avec le jeu (ouvertures et fermetures des portes) 😁
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    Here is what I did to get the slightly underrated Elevator Action Death Parade (I love it) working in Fullscreen with JConfig, playing with mouse on a 1366x768px monitor: 1) I unpacked the content of "Elevator Action Death Parade - ARCADE DUMP.rar" to the folder of my choice 2) Did the same with "EADP-jconfig.rar" (included with the dump), overwriting Game.exe as well 3) I configured JConfig as follows: Main settings: Further Settings: High Resolution: On Delay: On Reverse: Off Mouse Active: On Direct Sound Wrapper: On Create Thread for Joysticks: Off Sensitivity for DInput: 0 Direct3D9 Wrapper: On Joystick Type: DInput (Default) Mouse on Player2: Off DX Window Mode: Off POV Sends AxisXY: Off DX Hertz: 60 Individual Left Analog: Off Volume: 48 DX Resolution Width: 1366 Deadzone Sensivity: 0 DX Resolution Height: 768 Change Region: USA (Default) Window Position X: 0 Window Position Y: 0 Key & Buttons mapping: Only keyboard Save Patch: Off Window Width: 1366 Window Height: 768 4) Ready now for some proper (Elevator) action by clicking on Game.exe Note: I had to switch off the the "Save Patch" due to crashing problems (stuck loading in combination with a black screen right at the beginning). What still surprises me is that the game starts in Fullscreen on my PC by scratch; neither the infamous Direct 3D Error shows up, nor is there any need for the aforementioned Bugfix or another JConfig revision. At least it turns out to be true again that an Nvidia card doing its expected job doesn't hurt at all by any means. :-)
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    Goto Download Jconfig-Idmacx_1.6updated.7z Inside there is a file Guns_Games_Updated_2018_08_19.7z and inside this file is ElevatorAction_2018_08_19.rar extract to your elevator folder. Follow: [Hidden Content] is you have light gun Disable Direct3D9 Wrapper and DX Window Mode in Jconfig