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    You should always check my DeviantArt page for icons in my gallery [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R playable !!! Lets go island playable For Further Information Check 1st Page The Post #1 ---- For LGI: Change the resolution in the file: data / Fraw / fwDataDB / fwDataDB_Application.txt and change the first 4 lines otherwise you will have the pointer shift. EXAMPLE: 1280/720 = change by what you want int, WindowWidth,,, 1280 int, WindowHeight,,, 720 int, RenderWidth,,, 1280 int, RenderHeight,,, 720 int, FrontendWidth,,, 1024 int, FrontendHeight,,, 600
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    I don't think it is and I fully support them. Where the hell else can you play Dirty Drivin, SW battle Pod, H2Overdrive, Luigis Mansion Arcade, Transformers, etc. other than arcades or places like Dave and Busters?? It's only 5 bucks a month and You would easily spend more than that in 1 trip playing these games elsewhere. So yeah...I have no problem at all with 5 measly dollars a month to support them.
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    Couldnt agree more mate, 5 dollars would get you 5 turns in the arcade
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    [Hidden Content] ERm a big boost now: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    I think your the one who should check your facts, 1 the only "loader" is game loader, Jconfig, and TP and spicetools are emulators they emulate io and thus make games run In the last Year alone, Spicetools has fixed ~10 games you can easily see this in there dev notes And in total this emulator emulates the io of nearly every konmai made music arcade game + some none music games like quiz acadmay id esitmate the number of games it runs to be ~40-50 Jconfig, has fixed now a majority of the sega ttiles as our amlib support gets better, we have also emulated io for other systems yet to be released, but shown off running various titles, Also, The funny thing is if you noticed jconfigs idmac, hasnt had to be updated it supports games out of the box, because the emulation side of things on the fast io board is prefect So your FF music game, Darius burst 1.05 1.16 all of these work out of the box and soon our amlib will be like this aswell where every game is just work We have also fixed and released non-vmprotected exes of various games since a certain emu dev is super insecure bout that patreon money . Then we get to game totals, lets see jconfigs idmac, loads 53 Nesica games, (+tech all the alternative versions of these games ) All idmac games, SOR, Darius brust 1.05 1.16, All the deluxe light gun games Gaia attack, Hm1, Hm2, Ev action death parade, All the taito racing games, BG4 tuned, BG4 , Wackey races, Chase hq, Random games, like death smiles 2, then you get all of the original Typex games theres ~30 of those, 11 for the typex and 19 or so for the x2, everything form Raiden 3 to SSED So if we are counting thast already well over 100 games supported This isnt even counting any of the recent ring games, Raw thrills games, or the sega europeon r games that we have also fixed, or even silly games such as gti sports fesita, or the ford racing game , or the wmnt games or any other namco es3 game and this is before you take into account other goodies, alongside the emulation like R2 unlocker, and nesica unlocker, that remove nag messages, and unlock all network content. So facts are other emulators exist, that are free, and support just as many games
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    Might want to check your facts there as TP came out with support for like 15-20 games last year - more than any other loader, most are non-Patreon and some were that way out of the gate, like the RawThrills ones. My god, they support literally 80 games now and like 5 are Patreon. So 95% is free and you don't need to pay a cent or need to be online or anything. Jesus, every week, we have to have this same stupid argument with one side that has no facts or logic and is all furious for some reason...and the other side that has to correct that. Such a waste of time.... Speaking of, here's another one that's about to drop:
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    U have to be online all the time to use TP (The Paywall) Patreon (Why do I want my cab to be online!!! I dont.) TP don't even release games but like once a year now too! It's not about the 5 measly dollars. Funny too, How I just got banned from teknogods after this comment Oh well Jconfig kicks the lhamas ass! Your 5 dollars a month goes for his STUPID ass Diamond on his front buck teeth! Oh did not see you there! LMFAO
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    Here the dome fixed files ! Done with the latest fix V5 [Hidden Content] before after
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    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All Star Carnival song and character unlocker. Includes fixes etc. But now has all songs and characters unlocked. [Hidden Content] Place in: \game_Data\Managed And overwrite.
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    For those with error 0919 who do not want to disable their DVD drive just for this, here is the fix: patch amdaemon.exe, offset 0x22553A, replace 0x74 by 0xEB. You can now play the game with a DVD drive enabled.
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    Bonjour, J'ai décidé de releaser mes scans d'artset cps-1 (cps2 pour plus tard ) D'autre suivront pour compléter la collection des Cps-1 Bon download et n'hésitez pas à poster vos artset si vous en avez 1941 - Counter Attack Instruction Cards [Hidden Content] Area 88 Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Cadillacs & Dinosaurs Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Capcom World 2 Instruction Cards [Hidden Content] Captain Commando Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Dai makaimura and one for Ghouls'n'Ghost Instruction Cards [Hidden Content] Carrier Air Wing / U.S. Navy Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Tenchi wo Kurau Instruction Cards Bientôt Final Fight Instruction Cards x2 + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Knights of the Round Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Magic Sword Instruction Cards [Hidden Content] Chiki Chiki Boys 1 instruction [Hidden Content] Rockman The power battle Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Senjo no ookami Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Nemo Instruction Cards [Hidden Content] Pang! 3 Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] The Punisher Instruction Space [Hidden Content] Quiz Tonosama no Yabou 2 Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Muscle Bomber Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Street Fighter II CE Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Street fighter II Turbo Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Street Fighter II WW Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content] Strider Hiryu Instruction Cards + Instruction space [Hidden Content]
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    How to run games in full/activated mode on Xenia By default Xenia runs ALL XBLA/digital games in demo/trial mode. To run games in full/activated mode you need to change license_mask = 0 to -1 or 1 (depending on the game.) in xenia.config.toml. It will be in Documents\Xenia by default. If portable.txt is present it will be in the same directory as xenia.exe. Source: [Hidden Content] Example Video only one I could find: DX12 version There are 2 versions Vulcan and DirectX 12 versions Video above is using DX12 version for best FPS! This emulator has the Devolver game developer involved now and should see major improvements in 2020 and future. Xenia Website: [Hidden Content]
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    Regarding Patreon users , there are around 450, total 2200USD monthly...if somebody thinks TP people are making lot of money, are really stupid. TP people are helping US to enjoy with many arcade games where would be impossible yo play at home. Last one, anybody knows how many bucks a simple arcade worth It?? 20k? 30k?...once per year TP people could buy one to dump... I Hope when anybody ask It has some doubts make or non make Patreon...think about. Alea jacta est. @arcade_power try this: [Hidden Content]
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    Oui mais Ghost Squad n'est pas disponible contrairement à ce qui est annoncé comme ci-dessous: [PATREON] Ghost Squad Evo is now playable as soon as we have JVS profile in TeknoParrotUI.
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    Fixed 8306!!!! Thanks to @Boomslangnz and @Kobe46 I confirmed that ServerBoxD8_Nu_x64.exe was crashing on my machine. After looking into it, it was a dinput initialization issue!!! So to fix Error 8306, I had to put the x64 version of dinput8.dll from devreorder ([Hidden Content]) and hide the devices that I did not use.
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    i dont have any error work perfect in any Res + windowed and fullscreen ...
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    The hot news of the night is still coming by the spiderman. You need to sleep. lol @spiderzsoft
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    This is my link [Hidden Content]
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    For any Linux users out there, there are a lack of GUI frontends for firing up these games. Began playing with GTK, and created some basic launchers here: [Hidden Content] Version 2 - layout based around DaphneLoader by Matt Ownby. If there is sufficient interest, I may extend.
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    There is no need for extra programs to make the game run in fullscreen. Patch InitialD0_DX11_Nu.exe: Offset 0x35E205, 01 becomes 03. Offset 0xA3A05F, C8 00 becomes 00 10.
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    I've already posted that information months ago, but my post and my account was banned and deleted by admins. Great, I guess this was not interesting Sounds from three lindbergh games can already be fixed since a while and may be for more unreleased lindbergh games. Ask the developpers, they know how to do that Bad quality videos but only sound is interesting, not perfect but a little bit better ID4 [Hidden Content] ID5 [Hidden Content] Sega Race TV [Hidden Content]
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    Update Xenia Canary - 20/01/20 [Hidden Content]
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    Salut ^^ Cool que ça te fasse plaisir et au passage un grand merci à toi pour tout ce que tu faits pour la communauté. Ce soir ou demain je continu à uploader la suite Des que mon upload sera dispo J'ai voulu rapatrier les liens sur le premier poste mais apparemment je ne peut plus l'éditer :( Edit : bon ça marche pour le 1er post, je regroupe tout sur celui ci ^^ Pour ghost'n'goblins je t'enverrais un lien des 2 instructions cards jap Pour tes 2 jeux préférés.....c'est les miens aussi lool , je les possède en version jap Bonne soirée Ps : pour les fans de cave ^^ Deathsmiles Mega black label... scan fait quand le jeux était à la maison [Hidden Content]
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    Pinaise! Magnifique et merci du partage! C'est bien quand la communaute est active et positive comme ca :D Ghouls'n'Ghosts et Ghost'n'Goblins sont mes deux jeux arcade preferes :D
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    I agree with that statement also. You can never replicate the feeling and controls for some of these new bigger arcade games at home BUT more than likely these games will never see a proper home release on any console or PC so I'm extremely grateful for the chance to play these on my arcade cabinet at home.
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    hi guys has anyone got a xml for hyperspin containing all the tatio type x 1 2 3 etc games , also looking for a arcade pc xml. it also makes i t easyer to find the game you dont know of thankyou
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    Now I just feel stupid lol. Thanks dude. Being a rail shooter I didn't bother to really look at the controls as only a couple were needed.
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    thank you will try it 00 80 work for me thanks again for your help how did you find the hex values? is there a trick for it?
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    btw is ur antivirus on? some of the files will quarantine it. if ur antivirus is on.
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    You should set your Window user name as 'English'
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    awesome icons make icons for for future games - BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - Fighting EX Layer
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    what you set DX res ? try to change and test.... other wise use windowed Mode + Fullscreen Script
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    [Hidden Content] try this work for me.
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    Availables links: -------- Misc availables...or not: -------- OLD RUSSIAN servers (for reference only): - D'autres jeux peuvent êtres disponibles sur le sujet de Teknoparrot (voir en bas de page). - Other games may be available on the subject of Teknoparrot (at the bottom of the page).
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    Slow HDD, that's the only other option I can think of if its a hardware based problem.
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    Try to run in combination with gameloader all rh [Hidden Content] Put files in game folder Load Game Loader Installer.exe You get a "virus warning" Since when does a virus announce itself ? False positive ! Configure antivirus so these files folders are whitelisted ! A text file pops up Add Agree and save Try to load Game Loader Installer.exe again. Install Configure game resolution with Game Loader Config.exe Run game with Game Loader All RH.exe it will take a little time Here the game.exe for gameloader Let's Go Jungle lgj_final or lgj1920 [Hidden Content] This file is from the gameloader frontpage there are lots more !
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    Here's the link to the English DT 6 version (Japanese 12-13) [Hidden Content]
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    This plugin is awesome, great job Boomlangnz now games like Daytona championship usa,id8,Mario Kart just feel so good on my Direct drive wheel with Simucube, just don't have the overall strength set at 100% with this sort of wheel or it will try and pull your arms off.