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    the english translation for WMMT5,all 60 chapters in one archive.Enjoy) [Hidden Content]
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    i have fixed the translation files,now all of the losing text(proper) is included.enjoy [Hidden Content]
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    TeknoParrot 1.41d out now! WMMT5 car saving + modding and more! Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41d Patreon Release: - Force Feedback stability fixes. - Chase HQ2 and Wacky Races force feedback now working. - Initial D6 and Initial D7 force feedback now working for more wheels. No need for old TeknoFfb. NOTE: Set Force Feedback level to 10 from test menu. NOTE: Friction and Sine are not finished yet, will be done for 1.42. - WMMT5 crashes fixed. - WMMT5 car HP is now saved, each car has own save in TeknoParrot_Cars folder. NOTE: Color is also saved for the car, so changing color does not work. NOTE: To make your custom car, copy and rename any car file example: to NOTE: If exists, this is always loaded instead of the selected car save. NOTE: Feel free to edit the file and experiment making custom cars like Namco Taxi :-) NOTE: HAVE FUN AND MAKE COOL CARS ;))))
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    Awwww, you didn't think I'd ever forget my good friends at Emuline did you? Hope you like it
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    Petit retour d'utilisation de la version 1.41D Conditions d'utilisations identiques avec volant Logitech Driving Force GT et X360ce Le retour de force est opérationnel sur : Wacky Races Chase HQ 2 ID6 ( grosse amélioration, le volant ne donne plus d'à-coups comme dans les versions précédentes, comme préconisé par Reaver il faut paramétrer la valeur du retour de force à 10 ) ID7 ( Idem) SR3 (incomplet) SRC Et pour WMMT5 la sauvegarde du véhicule est fonctionnelle
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    looks like i don't have success with the files from poem_l,poem_m and text_s folders.i did exactly the same as the rest of the textures,which are showed correctly,but i sill got the text in cuscenes in japanese....if you guys want,i can upload the big text during the story,for the cutscenes i have to investigate more. anyway,here's the link for the big text in the story,enjoy:) [Hidden Content]
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    SOARS' blogspot archived all of the chapters from 1-60 including the English translation for losing quotes. [Hidden Content] (Maximum Tune 5's story mode are pretty much identical to 4's)
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    WMMT5 (TeknoParrot) Horsepower & Bodykit editing
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    while the pooterman does not create the icon I ended up doing this one until he made a new one ... Icone finalized ... if helping the forum was a pleasure for me, I thank you ...
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    Nota: Il s'agit d'un loader de Sega Europa-R, RingWide, RingEdge, RingEdge 2 (et accessoirement de Taito Type X/X2, même s'il existe déjà des loader pour ça à commencer par celui de romhack et celui de ArcadePC dit "All Rh"). Il ne s'agit PAS d'un émulateur (tout au plus, il y a une émulation de certaines commandes d'entrées/sorties). Il ne s'agit pas d'un support officiel de ce chargeur, ni d'un thread à la gloire de Reaver, il s'agit juste d'un topic qui informe de ce qui est disponible et d'une entre aide sur comment lancer les jeux. Le crédit revient aux auteurs respectifs (1cc / Teknogod Dev / All RH / etc.). En aucun cas emuline ne prendra parti pour les uns ou les autres, seul l’amusement avec les jeux sur PC nous intéresse, toute tentative de conflit sera systématiquement supprimée pour le bien être du forum et non par simple censure. Merci de votre compréhension. This is not an official support of this loader, nor a thread to the glory of Reaver, it is just a topic that informs of what is available and a between help on how start the games. The credit belongs to the respective authors (1cc staff / Teknogod Dev / All RH / etc.). In no case emuline will take part for one or the other, only the fun with the games on PC interests us, any attempt of conflict will be systematically suppressed for the well being of the forum and not by mere censorship. Thank you for your understanding. -- Post original -- site officiel: [Hidden Content] forum officiel: [Hidden Content] En premier lieu pensez à mettre à jour vos fichiers systèmes: [Hidden Content] in One Runtimes (pack propre, sans install de saloperie, se supprime tout seul et vous pouvez décoché les features qui ne vous intéresses pas comme Java par exemple. Notez que pour certains jeux comme MarioKartDX vous aurez aussi besoin de l'installation du SDK de direct X. Le end user runtimes étant déjà intégré dans le pack mais si vous ne voulez pas mettre ce pack alors mettez le runtimes vous même: - DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010): [Hidden Content] (normalement présent dans le pack de sereby) - DirectX SDK (June 2010): [Hidden Content] ) je viens de voir qu'il y avait un nouvel loader sur le marcher (depuis au moins 6 jours) Il "chargerait" le système Sega RingEdge 1 (en même temps, ce Systems¨me est un pc) Pour le moment pas d'info si ce n'est qu'il est sous le régime Patreon, il y a juste une rapide vidéo de présentation sur youtube -> TeknoParrot Emulator par TeknoGods A voir donc.... ++ Ma config xpadder avec activation du rumble (que pour les jeux de courses) config xpadder only racing game: Fonctionne sur n'importe quelle version du loader: Teknoparrot rumble xpadder v 15/01/2017:(Merci a 7zxkv) lien. Mon fichier xinputmapping 1.04 a 1.06: [Hidden Content] Mes sauvegarde de jeux : Sinon voila mon pack de sauvegarde pour tous les jeux(comprend la carte et j'ai changer le niveaux de difficulté© en easy pour id6 et SDR paramétre aim trak + sous titre français) TeknoParrot save all game and card LOADER public and Patreon: Change log: --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41 Release: - All patron changes - Added WMMT5 icon by POOTERMAN - Added missing Cab3IP and Cab4IP from SRC. - Fixed SRC networking. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.40b Patreon Release: - Fixed a crash when using DirectInput in any game. - Fixed a crash on splash screen when playing WMMT5. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.40a Patreon Release: - DualAxis now works properly with DirectInput. - Other DirectInput code improvements. - Mario Button added to Mario Kart DX. - Sega Racing Classic 1-4 gears now work properly. - Custom incremental - + gearshift for Sega Racing Classic. - Sega Racing Classic no longer shows "File" menu in fullscreen or windowed mode. - Support even wider range of JVS buttons in JVS Emulator. - 64bit TeknoParrot! - Support for Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5. NOTE: - Full JVS support including 6 position gearshift, perspective switch button and interuption switch button. - Custom + - Gearshift option added for users without 6 gears. - Saving is not yet supported. - Local play with 1-4 systems works fine. LAN NOTE: - Only one terminal emulator instance can exist on your network! Untick TerminalEmulator from TeknoParrot GameSettings on other PCs! - TeknoParrotOnline coming soon! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.35 Hotfix Release: - Fixed Shining Force Cross Raid error. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.35 Release: - All patron changes - ID6, ID7 attract mode should no longer crash. All game specific ghost etc. data now redirected to UserData folder in game directory! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.34b Patreon Release: - Added many icons by POOTERMAN - Updated SharpDX libs (DirectInput, XInput etc.) to help with the idiotic input issues. - Added option to ID6 and ID7 to use old card code. Just disable "EnableNewCardCode" from options in the TeknoParrotUi. NOTE: This does require you to manually run picodaemon once again. Will be made automatic for public release! - Experimental FFB code for ID6 and ID7. Have fun tinkering with it! How to use: follow instructions on the [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.34a Patreon Release: - Added ID7.png by POOTERMAN - Added ShiningForceCrossRaid.png by POOTERMAN - Shining Force Cross Raid 1.00 Supported! NOTE: - Windowed mode does not work currently. - Works only on NVIDIA (due to shaders) - Cards work, place our generated card files iccard.bin / iccard.txt to drive root for example C:\ or on USB stick! NOT GAME DIR! - To enter card press F2 - Touch screen works, just use mouse or if you have touch screen, use that. - Multiplayer links but no modes are unlocked, feel free to hax! - If you have black textures, download shader pack from wiki. Thanks to ShaderGOD for fixing them. Didn't want to be credited. Cards and shader fixes can be found at: [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.34 Release: - Added new code by sto0z that make his super popular control adjustment even more adjustable! - TeknoParrot Online now available for everyone, look at earlier changelogs to understand how it works! - New card system now available for public too! Do not use modified game files or the cards will corrupt! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.33a Patreon Release: - Steam Online works as usual also for Initial D6AA 1.2. - New card code extensively tested, also now cards are not encrypted for maximum modding support! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.33 Release: - Mario Kart DX STRPCB error resolved permanently. - Fixed a critical developer bug in Mario Kart DX that caused the game never to run on some systems. (Causing STRPCB as a side effect) - Initial D6 / D7 no longer let's you create more cards than 1, which seem to be the issue when cards corrupt. NOTE: - If you now get corrupted card, please send it to the dev team. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.32 Release: - Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing Arcade works again! (no network) - Initial D6AA 1.2 supported. - DirectInput issues should be fixed and DirectInputOverride.txt should no longer be necessery. - If you have issues with XBOX controllers, please use XInput. NOTE: Also Oculus Rift can conflict with XBOX controllers when using Direct Input! - Mario Kart DX 1.0 public support - Mario Kart DX TEST button now works by pressing it once instead of holding. - Parrot UI now detects if it is already running and terminates the stuck processes for you if you wish. - Steam Online only for Patreon builds for now until is stable. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.31 Patreon Release: - Fixed issue of crash when double clicking a lobby in TeknoParrot Online - Fixed DirectInputOverride.txt to not read the empty fields. - Added warning if GUID was not parsed correctly from DirectInputOverride.txt - Fixed an issue where loading a save would cause random crashes on Mario Kart DX. - Fixed a bug where TeknoParrot Online would stay open in background even after closing. - Fixed a bug where TeknoParrot Ui would crash after exiting a game. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.30 Patreon Release: - Mario Kart DX 1.00 supported including: offline saving, 2-4 player local multiplayer and 2-4 player online steam multiplayer! NOTE: Calibrate your wheel and pedals to get rid off control issues! NOTE: If you get STRPCB error, this is not actual STRPCB issue but game bug related. Will be resolved soon! NOTE: If you get blue graphics issue, try to change resolution and hz settings. Also reboot. Do not run ParrotUi as admin! NOTE: If you get Direct3D error, install Directx SDK from here: [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------- - Initial D7 multiplayer (Steam Online and DirectIP) --------------------------------------------- - Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct saves no longer saved in D:\ but in game dir. - Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing works again (no multiplayer) - King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A getting stuck fixed. - Initial D6 and D7 card corruption fixes. --------------------------------------------- - DirectInput override, if your DI device does not work for some reason. You can add GUID(s) to file called DirectInputOverride.txt and it will only use those! - Use included exe called: ListDirectInputGuids.exe to see GUIDs and Descriptions! Just put GUID per line on the txt file and nothing else. --------------------------------------------- - Steam online for: Initial D6, Initial D7 and Mario Kart Deluxe 1.00. Features: * NAT punchtrough, no need to open any ports or use Hamachi / Evolve etc. * Fully seamless, no need to set any IP, cabinet id or anything! * Join our Steam group to find players: [Hidden Content] How to use: * Install Steam from [Hidden Content] and register account. * Run ParrotUi * Set your buttons, game dir and other settings for the game you wish to play. * Save your settings * Close ParrotUi * Run TeknoParrot Online * Either simply create or join a game * Enjoy!!!! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.21 Release: - Fixed a bug where cards would corrupt. - Added missing AMD Fixes for ID6 and ID7. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 Release: - All TEST changes. - Ford Racing Brake is now fixed - Battle Gear 4 Full screen mode fixed. Please pick 2 pedals in game or controls won't work! - Initial D6 and Initial D7 now auto read card if it exists. Cards are now saved in the game directory. - DirectX8 games now run windowed. - Melty Blood and Sega Sonic All-Stars Racing temporary disabled, will be enabled soon! - Sega Golden Gun now works again. - Gun sensitivity works again. - Various JVS emulation improvements. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 12 Release: - Improved code that checks for other emulators to prevent crashes. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 11 Release: - Fixed crash on start. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 10 Release: - Initial D6 and D7 card loading fixed, cards now save in the game folder. - Samurai Spirits Sen launch issue fixed, windowed mode does not work yet! - ParrotUi now checks for the game folder for other emulators to prevent errors with users. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST 6 Release: - ID6 / ID7 crash fixed. - Unbinding buttons now possible with right click. - DirectInput no longer crashes stuff. - Various DirectInput improvements. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.20 TEST Release: - Many many internal things we forgot to add here. Sorry! - New games supported from Taito Type X series: * Battle Gear 4 Tuned * Blaz Blue Calaminity Trigger * Blaz Blue Continuum Shift * Blaz Blue Continuum Shift II * Chaos Breaker * Chase HQ2 * Giga Wing Generations * King of Fighters 98 Unlimited Match * King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A * King of Fighters Sky Stage * King of Fighters XII * King of Fighters XIII * Power Instinct 5 * Raiden III * Raiden IV * Samurai Spirits Sen * Senko No Ronde Duo * Shigami 3 * Spica Adventure * Street Fighter IV * Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition * Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Export * Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ver. 2012 * Taisen Hot Gimmick 5 * Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct * Trouble Witches * Virtua R-Limit * Wacky Races - Steam integration, now all your friends can see what game you are playing with TeknoParrot. - I/O emu: New I/Os emulated in the JVS emulator. - I/O emu: JVS Emulator now supports Taito specific commands and other strange Taito only things. - I/O emu: com0com is no longer necessary, all JVS I/O traffic is now emulated without virtual com ports. No addional software needed! - I/O emu: Namco specific commands JVS commands working! Tested working I/O emulation on various ES3 game dumps. No problems! - I/O emu: Brake now work on Ford Racing - I/O emu: Now special E0/D0 issues are handled properly. - I/O emu: Various fixes for JVS errors. - I/O emu: Comm modem state emulated now properly for all Namco/Taito/Sega titles. - I/O emu: Induvidual button settings for each game, xml based. Easy to add new profiles and test emulation. - Ring Core: Sram is now saved per game, fixing issues with non-saving test menus, various highscore savings and more. - Ring Core: Initial D6/D7 cards are now emulated directly in the executable, rendering the need of picodaemon obsolete. This also gets rid of all errors and makes saving instant. NOTE: Old saves are no longer compatible. - Ring Core: Initial D7 is now supported, no multiplayer. - ParrotUI: Refactored UI - ParrotUI: All config.ini settings are induvidual per game and can be set from the loader. Removing confusion what is for which game. - ParrotUI: Windowed mode for all games now built in the emulator. - ParrotUI: DirectInput multiple devices support, you can use as many devices as you want example: 10 keyboards, 20 joypads and 50 wheels! - ParrotUI: Removed tons of old garbage code, fixed insane amount of bugs that caused various problems. - ParrotUI: Separate commandline executable is no more. - ParrotUI: Separate executable for game directory settings is no more. - ParrotUI: You can set game directory from Game Settings in the UI. - ParrotUI: Probably tons of more which I forgot. - ParrotUI: Now you can run games directly from the commandline with game running or just i/o emulation mode. Parameters: To select game profile, use: --profile=. Example: --profile=sr3.xml Parameters: To run in the test mode (if supported), use: --test Parameters: To run game with only I/O emulation (running parrotloader.exe yourself via script for example), use: --emuonly EXAMPLES: Parameters: To run game directly from command line: ParrotUi.exe --profile=sr3.xml Parameters: To run game directly from command line to test menu: ParrotUi.exe --profile=sr3.xml --test Parameters: To run game I/O emulation only (still needs TeknoParrot.dll injected): ParrotUi.exe --profile=sr3.xml --emuonly SIMPLE! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06c Patreon Release: - ID6 and ID7 card files are now separate. NOTE: Make sure you use ID6 dir picodaemon for ID6 and ID7 dir picodaemon for ID7!!!! Do not use scripts that are currently around as they just use ID6 dir for both. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06b Patreon Release: - AMD Fixes for ID6 and ID7 are now integrated in the TeknoParrot. To enable AMD fixes you need to add "EnableAmdFix=true" under [General] <-------------------------------------------> Example config.ini for Initial D6/D7 settings: <-------------------------------------------> [General] DongleRegion=JAPAN PcbRegion=JAPAN FreePlay=1 EnableAmdFix=true --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06a Patreon Release: - Experimental ID7 support, cards work but no multiplayer. - Activation process now has more information finally printed out instead of error code number. - Re-Activation of serial is required as there is small change in the code. - Sega Racing Classic multiplayer support up to 4 players! JEEZ! <-------------------------------------------> Example config.ini for Sega Racing Classic LAN settings: <-------------------------------------------> [General] DongleRegion=JAPAN PcbRegion=JAPAN FreePlay=1 [Network] Dhcp=1 Ip= Mask= Gateway= Dns1= Dns2= BroadcastIP= Cab1IP= Cab2IP= Cab3IP= Cab4IP= --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.06 Public Build: - Card reader emulation works again. --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.05 Public Build: - ID6 Pair Play! Read 1.04a notes for instructions. - Easier mode for loaders with Ultimate ASI Loader! ([Hidden Content]- ... r/releases) How to use: * Instead of using ParrotLoader, you can now drag and drop "Extra_For_Loaders" content to game dir. NOTE: Copy winmmbase.dll only with ID6 as it's needed for cards, other games are fine with dinput8.dll alone! * Note that this does not work yet for Mouse games but will be fixed soon! * This way you can just use DumbJvsCmd to init the JVS emulation * After this run the game exe directly, even the card reader picodaemon.exe will work! --------------------------------------------- Changes in TeknoParrot 1.04a Patreon Release: - Pair Play now works in Initial D6AA. NOTE: You may also use Hamachi, Evolve, Tunngle or other VPN to play with your friends. Just remember to use their IP addresses and gateway etc. not your local! NOTE: DO NOT USE IDLOGGER OR NETWORK DOES NOT WORK!!!! Hopefully this will be fixed soon in idlogger. <---------------How-to----------------------> 1. Go to TEST MENU, set cabinets ID to A1 and other A2. 2. If you want to use cards you can do that, remember to enable card readers and start picodaemon! 3. Once your settings are saved and each player has separate id you need to edit config.ini <-------------------------------------------> Cab1IP is A1 cabinets IP. Cab2IP is A2 cabinets IP. BroadcastIP is the connections broadcast ip. Windowed mode also now enable for NVIDIA users, so the minimap doesn't break. <-------------------------------------------> Example config.ini with LAN settings: <-------------------------------------------> [General] DongleRegion=JAPAN PcbRegion=JAPAN FreePlay=1 Windowed=true [Network] Dhcp=1 Ip= Mask= Gateway= Dns1= Dns2= BroadcastIP= Cab1IP= Cab2IP= --------------------------------------------- Lien dump: """""""""""" Virtua_Tennis_4_RingEdge: """""""""""" Melty_Blood_AA_CC_RingWide: """""""""""" Sega_Racing_Classic_RingWide: """""""""""" let's go island._(RingWide): """""""""""" Sega Sonic All Star Racing_(RingWide): """""""""""" Initial D arcade stage 6 AA: (Ringedge) """""""""""" SDR:Sega Dream Raiders(Ringwide) """""""""""" Sega Golden Gun (Ringwide) """""""""""" Ford Racing:(merci a Fabio14789 pour le lien) """""""""""" Sega Rally 3:(Europa-R) """""""""""" Chaos Code:(Ringwide) """""""""""" Operation G.H.O.S.T (Ringwide) """"""""""""""" Initial D arcade Stage 7 AAX (RINGEDGE) """"""""""""""" Mario Kart GP DX (Namco System ES3 A) """"""""""""""" Shining Force Cross Raid (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Initial D Arcade Stage 8 Infinity (RingEdge) """"""""""""""" Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 (Namco System ES3) """"""""""""""" Sonic Storm aka Mach Storm (Namco System ES3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dernière chose: Un miroir est disponible ici: [Hidden Content] Les liens ipfs sont à télécharger avec IDM, Jdownloader, Free Download Manager, etc. D'autres jeux sont également téléchargeables là: [Hidden Content] (et d'autres fichiers sont également disponibles ici) Dumps Lingbergh décryptés (si un jour futur Teknoparot permet de lancer les jeux): [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] (mirror) PS: Merci à tous ceux qui ont contribué pour ces merveilleux liens. Et merci a POOTERMAN pour ces merveilleuses images
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    Update du Resolution Patcher WMMT5 v1.0.0.2 Added a check for Update 5 exe (so people will stop trying to patch 1.0 WMMT5) [Hidden Content]
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    Non pas de réglages particuliers A chaque nouvelle version de Reaver je teste l'ensemble des jeux pour vérifier les améliorations. Le DFGT fonctionne maintenant avec le retour de force sans le message d'erreur "Friction" au lancement des jeux. La prise en charge du FFB sur WMMT5 est vraiment top Pour SR3, il manque toujours quelques effets, ils seront sans doute ajoutés par la suite En revanche un point que j'ai constaté; il faut relancer le loader Teknoparrot à chaque changement de jeux, sans quoi le retour de force est fonctionnel au premier jeu, mais ne l'est plus si changement de jeu, sans relancer le loader
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    Mon retour sur la nouvelle version de Teknoparrot, en utilisation identique aux versions précédentes : - Le retour de force est maintenant fonctionnel sans avoir à utilisé x360ce avec mon volant Logitech Driving Force GT - Le retour de force est fonctionnel sous WMMT5
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    Wangan Maximum Tune 5 Nvidia control panel settings! Game looks amazing now love it! Use Nezarns Resolution patch@[Hidden Content] Set your graphics card control panel up! (Pics below of my settings yours may be different!) but most settings are the same across most systems. Patch does not acknowledge being patched you will know it did by the BAK file it makes. (and when you see the game!) Run as Admin! Run the game through a local network or hook your phone up let it through the modem dont unplug it just disable internet off your phone once you get past the loading the game and pick a car and start racing. On my computer if I try to unplug a phone it will pop out of full screen into a window! (But you can just disable the usb tether on the phonel) Make sure Terminal Emulator is checked in Teknoparrot game settings. Calibrate your monitors make a HUGE difference if you have never done this before you won't belive the results! Use Tattoohanz full 60 chapters English translations located on the first page of this thread. MarioKart GPDX or WMMT5 does not like Aero use a basic theme. I get default full screen on both games without aero. With aero they pop to a window everytime! My resolution is 1920x1080p Windows 7 Gigabyte 1050 GTX Click on pic to enlarge image! HD ScreenShots
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    Quoting myself... Solved. Upgraded graphics card to a NVIDIA GTX 1050 (2G DDR5) which made all the difference. If your rig won't reach 60fps constantly the game will run slow (not choppy but slow) because every frame is rendered. No frames are dropped. So for example if the machine averages 50 FPS -> an ingame second will last for 6/5 seconds. My CPU is bored but Daytona wants a good graphics card. I'm happy with the GTX1050. Adequate performance, not too loud, needs "only" 75 watts max. Wouldn't want an overheating loud card in my Sega race cab... 10 thumbsup to Howard! Lots of thumbs up for everyone being helpful in this thread! And a well deserved thousand thumbs up for the gods of racing: SEGA. Here's a pic of the project cab. Quite a bastard isn't it?
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    Mon retour d'expérience sur l'utilisation du retour de force sur la dernière version de Teknoparrot sur volant LOGITECH Driving Force GT L'utilisation du retour de force génère un message d'erreur au démarrage de SR3, SRC, ID6 et ID7 si Teknoparrot est configuré sur Dinput, dans la liste des périphériques le volant est bien visible, mais génère le message d'erreur sur le retour de force "friction" Pour résoudre le problème, il suffit d'utiliser X360ce et configurer Teknoparrot en Xinput pour que le retour de force soit fonctionnel
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    [Hidden Content] Added support for .crd format cards! Added Default Shades and Accessories for ID7 Male & Female avatar changer. Fixed Level Name on ID7 card. Unlock level X for ID7 card. Added Game Point & Mileage editor for ID6 & ID7. Added Pride Point editor for ID6. Added Single Pride Point & Tag Pride Point editor for ID7.
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    Merci Bruce ! je me suis aussi servi au passage !
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    Pour les sauvegardes des voitures sous WMMT5, c'est simple, un fichier de sauvegarde est crée par voiture sélectionnée Une fois le fichier crée il suffit pour le modifier d'utiliser un éditeur hexadécimal et de modifier certaines valeurs pour customiser la voiture (il n'y a rien de sorcier c'est simpliste) La manipulation est identique pour les options de la sauvegarde du véhicule. Comme dans la vidéo j'ai juste eu à modifier la valeur 01 de la sauvegarde par la valeur 10, et maintenant mon véhicule est à sa puissance maximale D'autres modifications sont disponibles sur Discord, des tableaux ont été réalisés par HIDE#1638 (un grand merci au passage)
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    Oui c'est vrai qu'en dehors des streams de reaver je n'ai trouvé nul part des vidéos de mach storm sur le net via Teknoparrot. Ca serait sympa si quelqu'un pouvait nous montrer un peu de gameplay de mach storm
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    2009 720p HD Wangan Midnight Full Movie with English Subs! Keepvid
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    Interesting, asking the obvious, I'm assuming you using the "DaytonaLaunch3.3(patched).rar" files on the first page? Your Daytona.exe is patched as per the instructions in the above file? And your launching the game using DaytonaLaunch.exe file?
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    I'm using the latest fixed translation set plus big text add on and works perfectly
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    Yes me too i use this and patch the exe for 1920*1080 i put put same setting of you i can not change only the antialiasing setting which is not available but with all these settings and exe patched in HD the game is really beautiful
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    pour info , Changes in TeknoParrot 1.41e Patreon Release: - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5 Experimental Force Feedback. NOTE: Adjust the Spring value if you wheel does not autocenter. - Fixed WMMT5 Gas and Break pedals to be properly sensitive, please recalibrate your game. - Fixed some force feedback effects. - Added WhiteScreenFix for people who are getting the whitescreen freeze on beginning. - Fixed a bug in the method of getting haptic ids, this caused some people to not have force feedback at all.
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    I'm still trying to get force feedback working but it doesn't seem to work, I followed what people have suggested on here but still no good, I will keep trying. As for the shifting, yes I got it working, in xbox360ce change the following. X = 1st Gear A = 2nd Gear Y = 3rd Gear B = 4th Gear Since our G27 shifter is a 6 gear H pattern, it's up to you how you want to setup the gears: Example: 1 3 - 2 4 - - 1 3 - 2 4 1 - 3 2 - 4 FYI: When they released the Logitech G27, for some odd reason, they removed the Sequential (Up and Down shifting) feature that was in the previous G25 model. This was a great feature for games that require/uses Sequential shifting. Did you know the G25 shifter is 95% the same as the G27 shifter? Only difference is a mechanism that changes from H pattern to Sequential and two wires. I just recently purchased a cheap G25 shifter only from eBay and the only mod you need to do is swap the cables over. There is plenty of YouTube vids that show you how to take apart the shifter, and it's as simple as unplugging the cable, so the G27 cable goes into the G25 and that it. So now I'm rocking a G25 shifter on my G27 Steering wheel and now have the best of both worlds for shifing gears in racing games If you can find one and know how to use a screw driver, I really recommend this mod. Now as for the Km/h, yeah I tried getting into the test menu to see if there is a region setting on there, but can't get the test menu working yet so I will keep trying. UPDATE: Managed to get the TEST menu working, had to change the compatibility mode to Windows 8 (I'm on the latest Windows 10 build) for the C:\Sega\shell\Shell.exe and also need to install DESKEY (DS2) as per instructions on the first page, "T" is to enter and "Y" is to select. Didn't find any reference to SPEEDO, but I did find the localisation options which are the language selections, tried changing to other languages but the speedo didn't change.
  29. 1 point
    sorted reinstalled direct x 11 and all good so if anyone has issue with sound I would try that worked for me and got a new soundcard with 5.1 setup correct battle gear 4 works with full sound happy days
  30. 1 point
    Hello emuliners,i'm almost ready with the big text messages during the story of WMMT5,but i can't fix the cutscenes text.i've replaced the text already in the .nut files in poem_l,but when i play the chapter with cutscene,it still shows the japanese text.any ideas?....thx
  31. 1 point
    salut a tous et toutes la traduction fr de wangan5 avance les fichiers seront dispo demain matin voila ce que cela donne pour un début le stage 1 et 2
  32. 1 point
    Thanks mate, appreciate the kind comment. Makes it all worthwhile if people like 'em
  33. 1 point
  34. 1 point
    'lut, Oui, le ffb est pris en charge sur les volants, pas de soucis ++
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    what is time TeknoParrot 1.41d public version free download?
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    Hello again! Today I present to you Dance Evolution with english translation and crack, a kinect is required!! Download here: [Hidden Content] Also make sure to read the PDF, very difficult set up but it does work!
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    Viewing the icon on loader Teknoparrot v1.41c ... very good.
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    [Titre] Redout: Enhanced Edition [Lien Achat]: [Hidden Content] [Lien Video]:
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    Ive gotta say I enjoyed Mach storm even on a flat screen, hopefully we will get Star Wars at some point
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    Le support du FFB est amélioré, il est complet pour SRC, en revanche il est incomplet pour SR3. Cela apporte un réel plus, et de version en version le loader permet d'obtenir les sensations que l'ont peut avoir sur la borne originale Concernant MACH STORM, le jeu dans sa version actuelle est jouable mais dans des conditions non adapté à nos écrans, et l'intérêt du jeu est limité c'est un Ace Combat like mais les missions sont bien trop courtes, en arcade la borne avec son écran sphérique apporte un réel plus coté immersion, sur nos écran c'est loin d'être le cas
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    MAME .192 Arcade64 UIFX No-nag, High Scores, History, Info, ALL SNAPS and ARTWORK Hand Picked individualy tweaked roms colors, bezels and OpenGL Shaders! LCD 16:9 Edition. 15 gig .VHD file. Some .CHDs included! Other Extras! NFO included. Name the .VHD file F:\Drive. Parent roms are the tweaked roms. Use MEGA EXTENTION for your browser CHROME or FIREFOX for BIG file downloads. Account for 1 Month with 1 TB of Transfer is only 7 us Dollars! NFO: ÞÛßÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜßÛÝ ÛÝ ÞÛ Û² ²Û MAME Arcade UIFX x64 No Nag Version ..........: .192 Release Date .....: 11/18/2017 OS Type...........: Winblows Application Type..: Emulator Û²° °²Û ÛÛ²±°ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ Summary ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ°±²ÛÛ Alot of hours went into this release!!! Hand picked roms. Each game was configured and tweaked individually with OpenGL shaders. Mainly Lottes Shaders, all credit to him for making the incredible shaders! Arcade monitors are finally obsolete. The colors and scanlines are fantastic! The artwork and bezels are from the latest [Hidden Content] archive widescreen edition. Most of these games play, look and sound identical to there real counterparts. Mame extras included: Cab Artwork, Controller art, Icon Set and Snapshots! Dats included: Info.dat, History.dat, Puglys Cheats, Highscore.dat! Too Many game improvements in this release to list. Nfl Blitz 99 and Nfl Blitz 2000 Gold both look and play fantastic! Arcade64 was released with MOST of these shaders and not alot was mentioned about them. That might have changed by now I have not checked. I finished this project early December 2017. Û²° °²Û ÛÛ²±°ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ Installation ÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜÜ°±²ÛÛ No Install just run the Arcade64.exe. Hit tab in game for fine adjustments and Cheats, Info and Dip switches. Controls are setup for xbox360. If you need to change the controls hit tab in game goto input general then other controls then input player 1 or 2 start and coin 1 or 2. If you have real arcade controls use the options menu on the main interface. Goto options, default game options, controllers. * NOTE: All monitors are different these were tweaked on a calibrated benQ GL2760h 1920x1080 default resolution at 60hz refresh rate. 4k monitors will the best. If for some reason they dont look good to your eyes or monitor then experiment with the different shaders all included in this release. Use HLSL only with direct 3d. I used OPENGL only. You must have a pretty decent computer with a updated graphics card to use OpenGL settings. Alot of people say they like the direct 3d hlsl because of the massive amount of settings you can tweak, but that can take hours just to tweak one game and personally I have not seen any hlsl look anything close to opengl settings. The colors can be tweeked to your monitor by using the slider controls under tab (in game) slider. Gamma turned down or up will bring in the right colors!!! You can play with contrast and brightness too but I find gamma to be the secret to the right colors. Calibrating your monitor is also very important! * IMPORTANT NOTE: Directory structure must be F:\arcade64 or none of my settings or roms will show up! Theres no way around this unless you rename the path in every ini file in the ini folder to your path then change the directory of mame to your path. Also load the parent rom the first one in the list is the tweaked version, with artwork if available. This was released exclusive to EMULINE forum. How to mount a .VHD: Goto Computer management right click disk management on the right side of snapin window select attach VHD thats it! Then it will show up in your explorer or my computer like a regular hardrive be sure its named F:\. I think you can also use .7z to decompress it a usb drive then name F:\. (NOT TESTED!) Have Fun. Download: [Hidden Content]
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    are you using the update 5 with it?
  43. 1 point
    wow,nice find,i'll correct my files tomorrow,thank you. if i know about that much typing:)
  44. 1 point
    i've leave some of them untranslated ,because all of the youtube videos i have watched are mostly winnings,and google translation on those lines doesn't make any maybe someone who speaks japanese can help.
  45. 1 point
    i have many version of TEKNOPARROT and there is no conflict D: the problem is that you have to configure all of them :D
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    Use google to find the original resolution of the game and set a profile to that resolution in your graphics card control panel. I never used Teknoparrot for any of those games they worked fine without it. Also .ini files will usually show you what res it wants or you can try to change it there. Another thing is: I belive this is the link you were wanting: [Hidden Content]
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    Ces quoi un fix pour que WMMT5 ne crash plus a partir du stage 6/7/8 (car moi depuis que j'ai enlever le patch anglais j'ai plus de crash .).le seul fichier que j'ai mis ces "msgdb.lua" qui traduit le debut du test mode,tous ce qui est du tunnig et pneu ,pot d'echappement ,turbo etc.........ces deja pas mal et aucun crash. Je verrais plus tard ce fichier " translation 1-30"..............(au pire je m'en fou de l'histoire car conduire en lisant ces tres dur )lol on reste concentrer a la conduite. lol surtout des qu'on dépasse les 330km
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    J'ai découvert il y a peu comment passer certains jeux Dreamcast en écran large/widescreen. Assemblergames etant down depuis pas mal de temps, et esppiral ne proposant plus de code depuis un bon moment, j'ai tenté d'en trouver par moi même sans succès. J'ai par contre réussi a convertir quelques code du NTSC au PAL, j'ai de plus réussi aussi a créer 3 Bin Hack codes a partir des code codebreaker/action replay disponible. Malheureusement il ne fonctionnent pas a chaque fois en bin hack. Je n'ai plus les codes que j'avais récupérer avant la fermeture d'assemblergames, je propose donc quelques jeux prépatché: Blue Stinger Pal FR: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] -------------------------------------------------- Buggy Heat Pal M4: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] ------------------------------------------------- Crazy Taxi Pal: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] -------------------------------------------------- Crazy Taxi 2 Pal M4: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] -------------------------------------------------- Jet Set Radio Pal M4: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] -------------------------------------------------- Proppeler Arena: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] --------------------------------------------------- Shenmue II - NTSC FR [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] ---------------------------------------------------- ​Voila pour ceux que cela intéressera
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