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    i found this light gun game today and is cool enjoy ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ Download [Hidden Content]
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    Storm Racer G FFB Plugin test version "A" Teknoparrot exclusive force feedback! Please place files into SRG "bin" folder and update to latest teknoparrot to use Let me know any issues or necessary improvements required on this games FFB. [Hidden Content]
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    Storm Racer G FFB Plugin test version "C" Teknoparrot exclusive force feedback! Please place files into SRG "bin" folder and update to latest teknoparrot to use "B" Improvements - Added Minimum Constant Strength setting. 100 is default and recommended value but if you want to raise constant effect strength then lower value! "C" Improvements ***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to modification of constant effect values, users will need to update to latest "C" version for FFB to work correctly with latest teknoparrot! - Slight modification to constant effect values recieved - Added optional checkbox to enable shake effects while racing (boosting,braking etc) - Added optional checkbox to enable shake effects in menu (inserting coins, selecting tracks/car) - Added optional checkbox to enable ground effects (driving on grass, rough terrain and rumble strips) - Added optional choice to enable spring effect always or just when NOT racing or off - Slider added to modify spring effect strength - Sliders added to modify shake effect (strength and sine periods) - Slider added to modify grass ground effect (strength and sine periods) - Slider added to modify rough terrain effect (strength and sine periods) - Slider added to modify rumble strip effect (strength and sine periods) (Rumble users won't have to touch sine period settings, but strength setting will work) Let me know any issues or necessary improvements required on this games FFB. [Hidden Content]
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    Storm Racer G FFB Plugin test version "B" Teknoparrot exclusive force feedback! Please place files into SRG "bin" folder and update to latest teknoparrot to use - Added Minimum Constant Strength setting. 100 is default and recommended value but if you want to raise constant effect strength then lower value! Let me know any issues or necessary improvements required on this games FFB. [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] Removed crosshairs (for Lightguns). Place the modified file in the DeathLive_Data folder. (make a copy of your original file first)
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    Time Crisis 5 is a arcade game by Bandai Namco released in 2015. It uses the Unreal Engine and runs on Namco System ES3 Game dumped by Lee Use Mouse to play. Xbox controller is compatible but there's no input for aiming Jconfig here: Time Crisis 5 100% emulated! NOTE: Copy the emulator to the RSLauncher.exe file directory and run it. NATIVE KEYS: - Shift + H = Crosshair - Ctrl + W = x, y coordinates - Ctrl + Q = Quit - F11 = Window Mode NOTE2: - To play with Lightguns put in value: 4 - less sensitive - To calibrate, in some cases, increase the deadzone in jconfig To remove the double shot of the mouse, disable these two lines below: \ TC5 \ Engine \ Config \ BaseInput.ini ; Bindings = (Name = "LeftMouseButton", Command = "Fire") ; Bindings = (Name = "RightMouseButton", Command = "AltFire") Traduction fr : NOTE:- NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) if not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
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    Latest updates require re-calibrating wheel and pedals in test menu is all on SRG
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    Arcade Racing Legends About: [youtube][Hidden Content]] CDI Download: This works on emulators and Dreamcast consoles. Enjoy!
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    Bon allez comme aujourd'hui c'est mon anniversaire , je vais vous faire un petit cadeau en avance et vous donner la beta 2 avec une journée d'avance. Mod fr Vers B2 : [Hidden Content] Dans cette version , les textes sont avancé à 80% déjà mais voila comme je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps pour moi jouer , la je vais avoir besoin de vous , vous allez être en quelque sortent les beta testeur de la traduction FR. C'était ce que je devais faire au tout début lol , mais n'ayez pas peur ce que je vais vous demandé ce n'est pas compliquer du tout. Je m'explique , je traduit mais comme je ne joue pas je ne vois pas si mes textes sont bien placer ou s'ils n'ont pas de caractères bizarre donc si jamais vous trouvez ce genre du bug il vous faudra tout simplement faire un grabe écran et le poster sur ce topic comme cela moi ou nucleaireland corrigeront de suite ce bug pour la prochaine version. regardez deux beugs différent que nous cherchons a fixer: pour que la traduction soit parfaite aider nous.. ps: j'ai passer 6 à 8h par jours pendant environ 2 semaines pour faire le maxi de traduction , et j'espère que vous serez content de cette traduction , et je ne vous dit même pas le travail effectuer par nucleaireland sur les graphisme. pensez au petit merci ^^
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    Ok guys for SRG FFB Test "B" For new minimum constant strength setting it at 100 is the recommended setting however if you want stronger effects then lower value to whatever u want Bear in mind that setting a value such as 70 will mean anything above 70% strength will send through as 100% constant effect strength. Have fun
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    @MadMax4Q2 No need to reinstall, make sure you are using version 2.4.2 though for cool need Singe joystick [mouse] feature For Singe 2 games you have to do a little work, but just another folder in your ROMS directory as with all other Singe games: See details here: [Hidden Content] If you are replacing the existing timegal, just rename the old timegal ROM folder and drop the new one in its place. Multiple versions: Use 'timegalv2' in hypseus_singetwo_data repo above. If you want to run both, completely possible, you will need to alter the LUA singe files on new timegalv2 to reflect new directory name: Search for all instances of singe/timegal in .singe files in the new v2 folder and change to reflect directory like this: dofile("singe/timegalv2/framework.singe") dofile("singe/timegalv2/globals.singe") dofile("singe/timegalv2/main.singe") dofile("singe/timegalv2/map.singe") dofile("singe/timegalv2/hscore.singe") dofile("singe/timegalv2/service.singe") dofile("singe/timegalv2/toolbox.singe") In v2 folder rename main singe/frame files to reflect game name changes: mv timegal.singe timegalv2.singe mv timegal.txt tiemgalv2.txt For instance I have 'timegal.daphne' and 'timegalv2.daphne' folders, but had to alter the LUA singe files as above - works perfectly.
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    Here is image for Taito Type X 3 arcade hardware. Hardware need will be Type x 3 model with 660gtx Video, I5 CPU, 8GB RAM. ONLY FOR ORIGINAL ARCADE HARDWARE NOT FOR PC USE, NOT FOR MODIFY TTX3 JUST ORIGINAL ARCADE HARDWARE. FASTIO - must must have fastio card, NO JVS SUPPORT AT ALL Nesica card read for NXL game to work. 500 GB SSD WILL BE NEED Arcade Cabinet HORIZONTAL ONLY Arcade image is set for 1280x720 play. This game should work on 1080p or higher. Most game are set for 1280x720. See note inside archive for more info. This image have many many game. All game work with arcade control or computer mouse for shooter game. All game test from arcade virgin team, all game work on hardware specify. If you see any bug then report here. Car game can play with joystick. Mario cart work perfectly and can play with joystick perfect! 2 player test on some game and work OK if support. No test on all game 2 player maybe some not work 2 player. ALERT~~ I am not person to create this. I just share image my friend give. [Hidden Content] TTX GAMES TTX2 GAMES CONTNUED Chaos Breaker Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2 Deathsmiles II Super StreetFighter IV Arcade Edition GigaWing Generations Super StreetFighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 Goketsuji Ichizoku Matsuri Senzo Kuyou Tottemo E Mahjong Gundam Spirits Of Zeon Trouble Witches AC - Amalgam no Joutachi Homura Ultra StreetFighter IV King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Vampire Savior - The Lord of Vampire King of Fighters Sky Stage Wacky Races Raiden III Yatagarasu Raiden IV Shikigami no Shiro III TTX3 GAMES Spica Adventure TTX Fighting EX Layer Taisen Hot Gimmick 5 King of Fighters XIV Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct Million Arthur Arcana Blood Trouble Witches Samurai Spirits Valve Limit R SNK Tag Team Frenzy AC Street Fighter V Type Arcade TTX2 GAMES 3D Cosplay Mahjong RINGEDGE GAMES Akai Katana Shin Blade Arcus from Shining Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match Blade Strangers Arcana Heart Caladrius AC Arcana Heart 3 - LOVE MAX SIX STARS!!!!!! Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Battle Fantasia;Battle Fantasia Fighting Climax BlazBlue CalamityTrigger Fighting Climax Ignition BlazBlue Central Fiction Gamen Love Plus Pengo! BlazBlue ContinuumShift Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 BlazBlue ContinuumShift II Guilty Gear Xrd Sign BlazBlue ChronoPhantasma Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R Chase HQ 2 Koihime;Koihime Chaos Breaker Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Chaos Code - New Sign of Catastrophe Phantom Breaker Another Code Crimzon Clover Sonic Sega All Stars Racing Daemon Bride - Additional Gain Transformers Human Alliance Darius burst Another Chronicle Under Defeat HD+ Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late Dark Awake - The King Has No Name Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late[st] Do Not Fall - Run for Your Drink Virtua Tennis 4 Elevator Action En-Eins Perfektewelt Exception ES3 GAMES Gaia Attack 4 Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Goketsuji Ichizoku - Matsuri Senzo Kuyo Pokken Tournament Haunted Museum Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Haunted Museum 2 Homura Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition Ikaruga King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match King of Fighters XII King of Fighters XIII King of Fighters XIII Climax King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A Magical Beat Music GunGun! 2 Nitroplus Blasterz Persona 4 - The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Persona 4 - The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Psychic Force 2012 Puzzle Bobble Raiden III Raiden IV Rastan Saga Rumble Fish 2 Samurai Spirits Sen Senko no Ronde DUO SkullGirls Space Invaders Spica Adventure Strania - The Stella Machina Street Fighter Zero 3 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future Street Fighter IV
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    Update V7 - 2020-04-14 - I had another go at Thayer's Quest and there is a new 4K (1440p) version included in this. I used MadVR and captured the output. Resulting in something very decent in my opinion considering the LaserDisc capture is quite bad. If anyone has a lossless copy of the LD I would love to have another go at this. Still currently this is the best out there with Daphne at this point. I split the VOB into two parts as Daphne will not work with a video over 2GB. This allows a 1440P version with a reasonable quality MPEG2. - Since I had good results with Thayer's quest I ran Cobra Command through MADVR and am calling this an HQ version which is also included. Daphne does not allow an upscaled version of this game but in my opinion this version looks better. Again, if someone has a better LD capture I would be happy to have another go but cant do a lot with Daphne. Maybe someone can make a Singe 2 version? - This version utilizes the bezel project and works similar I guess to Rocketlauncher (although I did not look at it or the code) if you want this option. I have an outstanding issue with the ALT key pausing/unpausing the game when using Bezels and not sure how to fix that right now. Its because Daphne is running in a window. If anyone wants to help fix let me know. Link V6 to V7 Update Zip: [Hidden Content] Full ISO: [Hidden Content] 4K Cobra Command processed video (not for Daphne. For demo purposes (has a little ringing)): [Hidden Content]
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    This. The custom firmware won't work for me so I use the 32 key dll. Just put the chuniio.dll from the 32 key full io folder though, not the chunihook. You don't need the chunihook and it breaks the game for some reason. In fact, here is the chuniio.dll file you need. Replace the one in your bin file or back that one up first if you ever want to go back to what you were using. 32 key is much more accurate at higher levels tho. chuniio.dll
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    Thanks for the info eathearty1. Will be removing this
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    I hope you have no problems because this current patch, every time I put it in my game, it closes.
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    Nouvelle version - J'ai, comme la derniere fois, ajoutés des options WIP. [Hidden Content]
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    I installed the A20 torrent data in my Cab and it looks to be booting and playing correctly. I noticed two pairs of DECO*27 songs have the same cover jacket images, though. I used arcutil to extract the jacket_thumbnails and the images in the files I have are definitely repeated. "妄想感傷代償連盟" (Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei) in A20 mkdr_tn.dds "ライアーダンス" (Liar Dance) in A20 liar_tn.dds "毒占欲" (Dokusenyoku) in A20 doku_tn.dds "妄想税" (Mousou Zei) in A mous_tn.dds Does anyone know what might be causing this or if the data is meant to be this way...? Images attached. [edit: removed images]
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    I read some message post on discord. New version to release will be work jvs work fastio this mode will be swap option. New version will be easy video driver swap easy to explorer open easy to control panel and more. New version will be TTX3 & PC use no more onlyTTX3. New version NO card read need for any game. More new option add. 1080p will be size. I ask when release and no time given. New version much more game. New version will be 1TB SSD
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    Bonjour a tous Version 1.31.00 Voici le patch du 07-03-21 Mod fr Initial D Stage Zéro bêta A10 ATTENTION patch trop lourd pour en une partie il est a télécharger en 4 parties Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part1 972 méga [Hidden Content] Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part2 972 méga [Hidden Content] Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part3 972 méga [Hidden Content] Mod fr IDzero beta A10.part4 934 méga [Hidden Content] vidéo bêta A10 Décompresser avec Winrar dans le dossier du jeu :\SDDF_1.31.00\app N'oublier pas de faire une sauvegarde de vos originaux Merci de votre retour si erreur comme orthographe,graphique , etc..... Voici deux autres mods. La version anglaise ma bien aidé et le mod Touhou Project je vous le traduirait avec l'accord de son créateur Version 2.11.00 Voici le patch Mod fr Vers B2 a placer (copier coller) dans le fichier package du jeu Bon jeu a tous et toutes Patch en une partie Mod fr Vers B2 : [Hidden Content] Merci a Virus Man pour son aide " un travail de titan" dans la traduction et sa mise a disposition du patch sur son site Le prochain patch sera disponible le week-end prochain si pas de problème
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    HAPPY HOLIDAYS official site [Hidden Content] (mirror: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]) (old release v1.30 here)
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    I created the AHK script to exit with ESC and Reload with Middle Click (since Right Click is used): ;*******JUST CHANGE THE PATH TO "DeathLive.exe" ACCORDING TO YOUR SETTING Run, L:\Lightgun\Death Live 1.0.2\DeathLive.exe MButton::r Escape:: Process,Close,DeathLive.exe Run,taskkill /im "DeathLive.exe" /F ExitApp return
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    [Hidden Content] Around 7:26 mr freeze level I belive.Im not 100% sure thats it buts its the only u-turn I seen in the whole 1-6 levels played on arcade. Yep looks like only where the green uturn signals are in the game. Only one I seen was on that level I seen several videos not once I seen anyone do any uturns whenever they wanted too.
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    @JerryRatYou do not need partitions E: and F: for V4, V5, V6 and V7 since the included crack uses Bemanitools. Only Gitadoratools requires those partitions.
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    I was drunk last night surfing weird websites in a incognito edge mode, I ended up on a Chinese forum and managed to get on their ftp by using default admin user and pass. I don't remember how I found the site since I was drunk, so I grabbed the files that was available this should be their translated names from Chinese, download of them took 18 hours. D1GP Arcade (TTX2): [Hidden Content] (D1GPA (VMs).7z (uptobox.com)) Block king Ball Shooter (激投伝説ブロックキング / Geki tō Densetsu Burokku Kingu) [a.k.a. Legendary Cannon]) (TTX+): [Hidden Content] (BKBS (VMs).7z (uptobox.com)) (Work with Jconfig, check thread)
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    Well to be honest I didn't know anything about the game. Neither about the background nor about the gameplay. In this case I aggre. Such content I don't want on my cab and support it.
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    si tu fait un copie colle car marche vu que tu a deja ce dossier donc ca doit pas etre la ton probleme
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    THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Arcade Ver. 大人気格闘ゲーム「THE KING OF FIGHTERS」シリーズの最新作「THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV」がNESiCAxLive2 Download: JConfig (Fighting EX version) [Hidden Content] iDmacX64 v1.1 [Hidden Content] 6 BUTTON FIX 1. In JConfig go to the "Settings" 2. Tick "Connect a 2nd Fast IO (Enable players 3 and 4)" 3. Map the "P3 BUTTON 5" and "P3 BUTTON 6" and click "OK" for save. NOTE: - NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) If not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
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    NO , HUMMER still does not work , it is a LINDBERG linux system, it will take time
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    I got full speed on Chase HQ2 with TP and full screen with DGVoodoo latest version. Someone said DGVoodoo breaks the game at the last level or something IDK cause I have not played the game that far yet. Have you set the game to 2 in the test menu? Turns network off iirc too many games to remember everything lol. I think on my cab I still got 527 of tp because it seemed to me that all games were working that I tested on that particular version.
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    Soooooooooooooo.......I was able to get the game to run following the video provided (THANK SO MUCH!!!), but Some of the song sit at the loading screen showing the album art. HELP PLZ!!
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    Hey guys, It took a combined effort from a lot of people to get this working and involves a fair amount of tweaking so I thought I'll put together a quick tutorial for those having issues. Note: This currently works only on Nvidia video cards with AMD fix to come - I tested on my Nvidia GTX 1080Ti OC. Please note that all of this was made possible by the following people: Harry99710 for the game dump and initial guide. Kobe46 for a step-by-step guide and edited config files. Cbeluz40, Spiderzsoft, Windows10xp8 & Petje for input and feedback. OK, grab a coffee and some cookies here we go... Step 1: Download MegaDownloader app from here: [Hidden Content] and install it or extract files to your desktop. Step 2: Download the latest game dump from the official thread below. 3. Launch the MegaDownloader app, copy the link address and click on Add URL, browse to where you want to save it and click on Start (leave all login settings default) 4. Once downloaded, extract the "SDDF_1.31.00" folder to the root of your C:\ drive so it should look like this: C:\SDDF_1.31.00 (Do not use the installed segatools and minime server files found in the downloaded package as I couldn't get them to work no matter what) 5. Download the PLUGINS.ZIP package from here: [Hidden Content] 6. Go to C:\SDDF_1.31.00 and create a new folder named "appdata" so it should look like this: C:\SDDF_1.31.00\appdata 7. Extract contents of the minime.7z package to the root of your C drive so that it will look like: C:\minime 8. Extract contents found inside the idz directory located in the segatools.zip file (the one found in step 5) to C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ Look for a file called segatools.ini and edit as follows: [vfs] ; Insert the path to the game AMFS directory here (contains ICF1 and ICF2) amfs=C:\SDDF_1.31.00\amfs ; Create an empty directory somewhere and insert the path here. ; This directory may be shared between multiple SEGA games. ; NOTE: This has nothing to do with Windows %APPDATA%. appdata=C:\SDDF_1.31.00\appdata [dns] ; Insert the hostname or IP address of the server you wish to use here. ; Note that, localhost etc are specifically rejected. default= [This is your IP address - open a CMD Dos Prompt and type ipconfig and look for your IPv4 Address] [ds] ; Region code on the emulated AMEX board DS EEPROM. ; 1: Japan ; 4: Export (some UI elements in English) ; ; NOTE: Changing this setting causes a factory reset. region=4 [netenv] ; Simulate an ideal LAN environment. This may interfere with head-to-head play. ; SEGA games are somewhat picky about their LAN environment, so leaving this ; setting enabled is recommended. enable=1 [keychip] ; The /24 LAN subnet that the emulated keychip will tell the game to expect. ; If you disable netenv then you must set this to your LAN's IP subnet, and ; that subnet must start with 192.168. subnet= [Refer to your own subnet details - try this as default, if not change to] [gpio] ; Emulated Nu DIP switch for Distribution Server setting. ; ; If multiple machines are present on the same LAN then set this to 1 on ; exactly one machine and set this to 0 on all others. dipsw1=1 [io3] ; Input API selection for JVS input emulator. ; Set "xinput" to use a gamepad and "dinput" to use a steering wheel. mode=xinput ; Automatically reset the simulated shifter to Neutral when XInput Start is ; pressed (e.g. when navigating menus between races). autoNeutral=1 [dinput] ; Name of the DirectInput wheel to use (or any text that occurs in its name) ; Example: TMX ; ; If this is left blank then the first DirectInput device will be used. deviceName= ; Name of the positional shifter to use (or any subset thereof). ; Leave blank if you do not have a positional shifter; a positional shifter ; will be simulated using the configured Shift Down and Shift Up buttons ; in this case. ; ; Can be the same device as the wheel. ; ; Example: T500 shifterName= ; Pedal mappings. Valid axis names are: ; ; X, Y, Z, RX, RY, RZ, U, V ; ; (U and V are old names for Slider 1 and Slider 2). ; The examples below are valid for a Thrustmaster TMX. brakeAxis=RZ accelAxis=Y ; DirectInput button numbers to map to menu inputs. Note that buttons are ; numbered from 1; some software numbers buttons from 0. start=3 viewChg=10 ; Button mappings for the simulated six-speed shifter. shiftDn=1 shiftUp=2 ; Button mappings for the positional shifter, if present. gear1=1 gear2=2 gear3=3 gear4=4 gear5=5 gear6=6 Save the segatools.ini file and exit - you are now ready to launch the game. 9. Right-click on the SDDF_1.31.00 & minime folders one-by-one and under attributes - untick Read-only and hit Apply then OK 10. Install all the Plugin Retridistributables found in the PLUGINS.ZIP package, e.g. vc_redist.x64.exe, vs_community.exe, Node-v12.13.0-x64.msi and opt to install all drivers 11. Go into the minime folder and right-lick on start.bat and choose Run as Administrator - if correct you should see the below - leave this open in the background do not close: app:switchboard HOST_EXT: (Service host name sent to clients) +0ms app:switchboard HOST_INT: (Bind address) +2ms app:switchboard Using default host names, change them from the .env file if necessary. +0ms Startup OK 12. Go into the following directory C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ and look for the inject.exe file, right-click and choose Properties > Compatibility and tick Run this program as Administrator > OK 13. Go to the start.bat file found in the same location as the above C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ and right-click then Run as administrator You will see a series of windows popup with security warnings to accept - choose yes to all and let it run in the background 14. The first run never works for me, after everything loads, you will see a black screen that many are experiencing - close all the windows including minime server 15. Go back to the inject.exe file mentioned in Step 12 and this time do the same and untick Run as Administrator 16. Download the full-screen patch (you may need it later) courtesy of user Windows10xp8: [Hidden Content] Copy the EXE to C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ 17. Now, hook up a USB Controller - I am use a XBOX 360 (Xinput0) joypad and make sure it is turned and detected by Windows 18. Go back to C:\minime\ and run the virtual server again by running start.bat as Administrator (FOR ME, THE GAME STILL RAN FINE WITHOUT THIS STEP SO IT MAY NOT BE NEEDED) 19. Finally, run C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\start.bat as normal no need for Administrator rights and it should load - wait for all the calibration and then press ALT+ENTER for full-screen mode & ESC to exit If you cannot exit (like for me in many cases), press ALT+CTRL+DEL and manually end the Direct3D Window to close I know there are nearly 20 steps to get this working but I wanted to break each one down to ensure everything is not missed. This was such a headache for many users including myself. User Kobe46 has been instrumental in this tutorial and he also has a guide found here if you still need it - distributed by permission: [Hidden Content] I hope it worked for everyone! SKY2310 EDIT:.....if you are getting the loading error many people experiencing...do the following... 1) Make sure you follow steps 12-15 carefully and the files in the PLUGINS.ZIP file NOT the ones found in the original dump. 2) If you have a virtual DVD clone drive software, disable it by going into DEVICE MANAGER > DVD DISC DRIVES and right-click disable. HERE ARE MY FILES IN CASE YOU WANT TO REFER: [Hidden Content]
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    Yes but a regular one. I know Scott is interested by Sinden Guns but i'm not sure he has done something abouth it.
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    And this is another mirror [Hidden Content] Also contains all options released up to this point, as well as the full Crystal and Paradise files and tools needed to run it. This will get updated as more options and related files Crystal onwards were released.
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    J'ai fais un petit exe pour le fullscreen de SRG, fonctionne sur WIN7 pas testé sur win10 A lancer avant le jeu. [Hidden Content]
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    Initial D8 Arcade Stage Infinity (Sega RingEdge 2) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Runs fine on version These files are needed by Initial D8 Arcade Stage Infinity. Micro$oft .Net Framewok 4.7.2 [Hidden Content] DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. [Hidden Content] Micro$oft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows (x86 & x64) (X64) [Hidden Content] (X86) [Hidden Content] Thanks @spindizzi @Bruce @tattoohanz @trouby@Nezarn Initial D8 Arcade Stage Infinity 1.2+D update / unlock [Hidden Content] Decrypted .exe file. [Hidden Content] mega://enc2?aHXyeqsThccr66wlGn7I1Ba98EqSqSIP4Y4RcLEmx07G5312AOQ4Fn2nMFbZOU3KdOU-wNqK6B3UOHb8FHRvZw mega://enc2?ehdNlYl_5MT43RmxQztM1HtOC7Nwbzhk7LCFRFYSY3EqurF1KTLP0G_KBakck35LCgNCHkwoAg2353MbXI0ccg Resolution changer. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Just drag and drop the initiald.ini file of the resolution you want. Easy. [Hidden Content] Credit: Tatsumentaki Drag and drop ID8ResChange into your ID8 folder. Open the program and change resolution, If you have problems with this one, use the old changer above. I prefer it myself. AMD GPU fixes thanks to @Nezarn [Hidden Content] Optional. InitialD Arcade Stage Launcher/Card Editor 2.15 [Hidden Content] Usable in conjunction with Teknoparrot, till version 1.92 English translation pack. (partial translation) [Hidden Content] Tachometers guide. [Hidden Content] With Initial D8 Arcade Stage Infinity, TeknoParrot will open two DOS boxes, one to start the game. And one for picodeamon to generate a response key for the game. If you get a red error box which has Japanese text and the word IC in it, press change view to skip the error. Do not forget to set you network settings correctly in Teknoparrot. (per game). IP Address, DNS, Gateway , et cetera. Windows key+ R, cmd, ipconfig /all Start the game, enjoy. [Hidden Content] I hope that this tutorial helps other people out. It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out. When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post. And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!! And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot". Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....
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    Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:LYLRFBKV4372E5M7NW5DGP53TWKSNX5Q Link: [Hidden Content] Unlocker: [Hidden Content] English Patch+Unlocker: [Hidden Content] infos: [Hidden Content] 【ボンバーガール】シロンの使い方 スキルの仕様編 - YouTube
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    BlazBlue CentralFiction v2.01.00 Nesica2 (source) download [Hidden Content] NOTE: - NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) If not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
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    Salut à tous et toutes je reprend mes traductions a partir de la semaine prochaine merci pour les encouragements
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    @bojo5150 Dont know if this will do Below zip is arcade flyer for friction Friction Arcade.7z
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    "quick" question According to the manual the JVS I/O is emulated by DumbJVSManager.exe in a VM DumbJVSManager.exe was / is part of teknoparrot [Hidden Content] On this page is all the source code needed ? Could this be compiled / ported to / for linux, so there is no need to run a VM to run DumbJVSManager.exe ?