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    surement des jeux qui vont bientôt être disponible et certaine personne veulent prendre de l'avance ^^ moi j ai refait un peu mon site car voila j'ai vue que certaines personnes mettent les lien de la page de jeux en favoris et pas l'adresse de mon site et pour moi c'est tout simplement un manque de respect et si je vois que ca continue c'est simple soit je mets mon site en prive ou que j'arrête car vous ne le voyez pas mais je passe un temps énorme sur mon site , je viens de le refaire et de corriger plus de 30 bugs qu'on ne voyait pas si on ne sais pas ce que je voulais faire comme par exemple avant quand vous alliez sur teknoparrot et par exemple batman quand vous appuyez sur return ca vous remettez sur la page teknoparrot mais tout en haut et pas dans la section raw thrills,et d'autres bugs comme par exemple plusieurs taille d ouverture de fenêtre au lieu de la même taille. La je viens de mettre les jeux Sammy Atomiswave en chd qui fonctionne directement avec les emulateur dreamcast comme redream ou reicast pour ne cite qu'eux.. allez passer une bonne fin de journée a vous tous quand même...
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    i told you dongle already cracked. main problem is SQL Configuration. without SQL Configuration game run as like PC base Game not like arcade version
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    it's not a switch emulator thread.
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    only uploading this due to archival purposes, i have 0 clue if this can help recover broken HDDs for this game HDD Dump (80 GBs once uncompressed): [Hidden Content] USB Key Dump (Taiko 12 to 12.5 update USB) (2 GBs): [Hidden Content] MagicGate Memory Card dongle dump (For Taiko 14): [Hidden Content] decryption/extraction of the .img files is appreciated (but not necessary) make sure to archive these before it's gone!
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    PC games are console for home entertainment Arcade games are commercial purposes. And is usually coin operated. Basically NASCAR is a PC base game like Carbon, Need for Speed ... Global VR turned arcade adaptation into these games ... As we know GVR Arcade Carbon & Need for Speed Arcade working without SQL Server that's why we cant use Front-End menu because SQL not Configured both games. same problem in GVR Arcade NASCAR
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    I've never posted anything or any site with viruses! I tested the nintendo switch firmware 12.0.3 in Ryujinx with Crusin Blast allz good! @king91six [Hidden Content] 12.0.3 Ryujinx Emulator: [Hidden Content] Ryujinx LDN2 LAN Mode Build LAN/Online play: [Hidden Content] Prod/Keys/Titles 12.0.3: [Hidden Content] Firmware Version 12.0.3: [Hidden Content] Game Compatibility List: [Hidden Content] Cruisin Blast NSP or XCI Game Download plus updates: [Hidden Content] Hella fun game! Boomslangz FFB magic on this would be BLISS anyone get a wheel working with it yet?
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    Street Fighter V Type Arcade is updated to Ver. 3.20 since June 16: implementation of rematch bonus function (a limited time offer from June 16th to 30th) compliant with CS version Ver. 06.022 rebalancing of some characters alterations to V-Shift's offensive/defensive capabilities improvements to infrequently used V-Triggers and V-Skills
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    For those following this procedure: if you all followed #4, then it means you're not using butterfly. I just wanted to be clear with this because there have been cases of people reaching out to me privately, thinking that there's something wrong with butterfly. Apparently, you guys are using a modified ea3-config.xml that points to the URL of a 3rd party online server. I'm not saying that it's wrong nor am I forcing you how you want to run your data/game, but I just want to make sure that you are aware of what you are actually doing and not just blindly following instructions.
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    then why don't you contribute and add them?
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    Any news on wmmt6 resolution patch for tp?(1080p/4k) anyone here has it and can kindly share it with us? TIA
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    the dump already exists but, it is private and commercialized maybe in a year or two lol let's wait for some robin hood leak it to us
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    I guess it needs adding the new crc and it’ll be playable on tp so not much waiting after it’ll be released
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    Luigi's Mansion Arcade Emulated Nu 1.1!!! DOWNLOAD - First playable version, SRAM and E2PROM saving correctly! Special thanks!!, [ A special friend!!! ] To the whole 1cc community!!! thanks FlyBit (JConfig developer)
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    THE IDOLM@STER Ver.A Namco System 256, 2005 dump of HDD contents Around 4-5 years ago, someone on /1cc/ ask for dump of this game, and I was sure I had it, but I only found extracted OST on my computer and uploaded it Just recently I was going through some old drives from cold storage, and by some miracle, I found the full dump on a backup drive!! I hope original poster find this Note: Very large file (37.27GB), recommend use MEGAsync [Hidden Content]
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    Ongeki Summer (from 2ccc imageboard) / Red / Red+ As always, Ongeki series runs on an ALLS HX SEGA ALLS HX specs: Intel Core i5-6500 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4 GB) 8 GB DDR4-2133 Realtek ALC888 Windows 10 IoT LTSB 2016 (v1607) You might want a good PC/laptop to run it source: cosmicboii on 1cc discord chan (thanks)
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    HI Everyone, This is an updated thread of the same topic found here. We weren't able to contact the OP so we just decided to make one that we can maintain/update! Reasons for the creation of this thread: The original thread provides a link to DDR Ace (DDR A) which is data dump 20190422. Technically, that is not DDR A20 although it contains some A20 data already pre-loaded. We are unable to contact the OP of the original/old thread in order to ask him/her to update the link to the data dump. A long way has gone in terms of methods/procedures for setting up the game, DDR A20. Of course we give due credit to the people behind the original thread because they exerted efforts doing trial-and-error to make things work! However at this point, the procedures are already well-established and newcomers are having difficulties in looking for the proper procedures/steps/fixes, since the original thread had bits and pieces of information all over the place (which again, is because at that point, people were still doing trial-and-error). At this point we can already reorganize the information in a way that can easily be found/read, hence, the creation of this thread. NEW!!! This thread is now updated to support both DDR A20 and DDR A20 PLUS! Thanks Admins! Topic for old release here. Images credits to Nicolas of Zenius-i-vanisher (thread here) Mirror dumps: Dance Dance Revolution A20/+ ============================================================================================== Hello, In a world where all of this hard work is purely voluntary (i.e. "I have a life, I have a family, I have a job too"), only kind words are what one would consider "fruits of labor" and hearing/reading them feels so rewarding. Butterfly (our fork) has gone a long way. What initially started out as an individual project (a.k.a. "topet's butterfly"), eventually became a small group's project. On that note, this small group of individuals do not look at, nor weigh, their contributions in the quantitative sense. The fact of the matter is, there is mutual dependency in the contributions that went into (our fork of) butterfly in its current state, such that a missing piece/contribution by any single one in this group couldn't have made butterfly "whole" all by himself. In this sense, our contributions are weighted qualitatively and hence, as I personally see it, all are equal and therefore all individuals in this small group have equal stake for decisions involving this fork of butterfly. These are the people who have helped make butterfly what it is today: @tw3nz0r @bman @Towlesy27 @Sirk @One Eternal Ash @kanor And of course, @skogaby who is the original author of butterfly. I've only had a chance to talk to him a few times and learn a thing or two. But that simple act is what enabled and fueled me to embark on this journey. This decision to (hopefully, momentarily) stop openly supporting the use of butterfly with DDR Arcade (Ripped) Data is a very painful decision, at least for me personally, because - and again, this is in no way undermining the group that made it for what it is today - the fact remains that it started as an individual person's project. As such I would almost say that this is my "baby" project. And as "small" of a project as it may be in the eyes of the more technically inclined, I unfortunately was "technically handicapped" throughout this entire journey, so whatever "little achievement" you can see (from the eyes of a technical person) is actually a milestone and a source of pride for me. I am not about to be hypocritical about all of this because at the end of the day we know what "THIS" is. Do know that I personally took it with a heavy heart to make this decision. But I think, for the preservation of the greater good who will and should benefit in the long run, I believe that this decision has to be made. Out of my love for the work that has been done, and out of consideration for the many others who try their best to help with the sustainability of making this game available, I am going to release a "final goodbye" public build (hopefully, goodbye only for now). This build is enough to last you up to any 2020-dated package, and will cease to fully function when the 2021-dated packages are leaked to the public (or when you use our butterfly fork on any 2021-dated builds). In the meantime, you may use other 3rd-party online servers which provide the essentials for enjoying the game (score saving/tracking, score rivalry, force-unlocking of all songs, etc.). It is unfortunate that we had to (again, hopefully momentarily) stop making public builds since our fork of butterfly, although primarily envisioned for offline use, offers a very rich level of support and experience for DDR that goes the extra mile, in fact way beyond the essentials. Nonetheless, I have huge respect for all the maintainers/owners of the 3rd-party online servers. Putting up a server to function online where there a lot of users is in fact a stressful thing to do (on top of the fact this is purely voluntary plus volunteering material and non-material resources to maintain it). I am amazed at not only your work, but also your dedication for doing this. I am a patron of some of these 3rd-party servers too. I personally hope that things will eventually turn out for the better because I am still very excited in helping others as you have seen me do. Let us hope for the best and make this a learning lesson as we move forward.
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    Just tested hotd4 with the latest tp 654 and the new disable fog option marked but sadly it still has the same issue as before a couple of minutes after the beginning on the part with the glass walls from both sides a small square is shown at bottom left and the screen all foggy and blurry for a few seconds then back to normal
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    Il faut croire D'ailleurs PoPo comme porto : ma boisson préféré et 69 ben ....
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    let me ask about it. hope He will allow me to share cracked exe + missing gvr dll files
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    when i have the game i put the game , i dont change the exe , only change the exe when i need for play but now i dont change , i know it s better
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    I have to play it on Switch due to the crashing but I want to use my steering wheel on PC. I would still be able to because there's an app called Hidplus you can use Pc controllers on Switch but this is the only racing game I've seen in the last 15 years that uses face buttons to accelerate and brake and I don't think there's anyway to change it. My gas and brake on my wheel are R2 and L2. At least I was able to use the unlock save on Switch. Time to race as a f'n Triceretops.
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    you need to dump the DONGLE to make the game RUN :( no dongle , no game and fix the controls
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    Test this game during 20 hours, really good arcade feelings woot ! I unlocked all the features, all cars, all upgrade... The only thing I want to test later : play with my wheel, I don't know if the game is good and enjoyable with this controller... Here some videos from my gameplay on Yuzu EA 2073, some reshade test and Arcade 4:3 monitor Test for my mamecab, all with a solid 60 fps all unlock save video : some Reshade test : Arcade Test : Reshade, monitor 4:3, , scanline and curvature for mamecab :
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    Originally this game is low res and 4:3 scale but on the monitors today it looks less sharp and detailed i saw people use gl/res patch but the game hud is partial I’m looking for a long time for something complete but haven’t found yet maybe someone here has it and will share
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    @DarkVoid666 encoding presents: Cliff Hanger 4k: [Hidden Content] Windows Template: [Hidden Content]
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    You always say to read the thread as I told you before and I have already read it, in addition to the previous one and in this one, until page 19 it is pure spam, yours in total there are approximately 160 messages..
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    The answer is incorrect though and I replied to it to provide the correct one.
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    If anyone has a TTX4 SF5 with a newer version, it's easy to dump. Boot the drive, then hot swap the data connector only to a pc and just copy the data off. The TTX4 will reboot after a few seconds but they don't power cycle like the TTX3 units did so the drive stays powered. Just copy the game img file. Every other TTX4 is not bitlocker and you can use the decrypt tool that is used for TTX3 games.
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    A Freeware Ringedge2 Multi That is multi frontend. works on original Ringedge board with multi games. dont need any security keyship etc.... Current Features and Benefits - Works with any Ringedge2 system ( no matter what the original game was. ) - No need for card readers - No need for keychip. - Only need a single drive - Will work with off the shelf retail HDD/SSD - Autoboot ( the system can autoboot directly into a game bypassing the menu. ) - Supports 480p/720p - Menu themes - Game videos Magnet Link Torrent File (in torrent: only Ringedge2 OS with drivers) Available Games: Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator[SDCP] Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN[SBZX] Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R [SBYM] Koihime [SDBF] Melty Blood AACC [SBZN] Phantom Breaker Another Code [SBZD] Under Defeat HD+ [SBZE] Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late [SBXZ] Under Night In-Birth Exe-Late[st] [SDCM] Blade Arcus from Shining [SDAF] Blade Strangers [SDEF] Caladrius AC [SBZJ] Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate [SBZY] Fighting Climax [SBZR] Fighting Climax Ignition [SDCS] Gamen Love ~Plus Pengo!~ [SBYN] Star Horse 3 Torrent File Missing Games: Code of Joker (2013) The World of Three Kingdoms (2014) Game Center Love With Pengo! Code of Joker NOTE: Just like TX2 multi. This multi will NOT include any games. You will be responsible for finding and adding your own games to the multi. With that said, I'm sure someone will create a torrent with all the games pre-setup... Source RE Multi NIKO MULT RE-1 C DRIVE PATC [Hidden Content] Source TTX2 Multi
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    L'ancien topic avait été supprimé, j'ignore la raison donc je reposte. Battle Gear (2.03 GBR) Fix pour les videos d'intros (par Ducon2016): Battle Gear 4 Professional : - Just go to Battle Gear 4 and under game settings live added option for Professional. - Please note for Battle Gear 4: If switching between Normal and Professional mode now the game will Open and close after couple seconds during first initial boot. It will only do this first time you enable and launch. Battle Gear Tuned (2.07jp / 2.08?): Fix pour les videos d'intro (par Ducon2016): Anciennes infos:
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    Merci pour l'astuce par contre sur ton fichier config le language=0 ^^
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    Here is a zip containing the clear logos for all the playable games so far, for use in your frontend launcher. [Hidden Content]
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    To Expand on what R.R.Z. said. Working Games: Aleste - apm_x86.dll needed in root folder. Does not ask for apm.dll if missing. apm.dll not needed DOA 6 - must have apm.dll in root folder. Will get apm.dll can't be found error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed Goonya Fighter - must have apm.dll in game folder. Will get cant load apm.dll error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed GG Strive -must have apm.dll in \WindowsNoEditor\RED\Binaries\Win64\ folder. Will get apm.dll can't be found error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed Pengo! Online - must have apm.dll in root folder. Will get apm.dll can't be found error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed Puyo Puyo e-sports Arcade v1.01 - must have apm.dll in root folder. Will get failed to run process in TeknoParrot. apm_x86.dll not needed Rolling Gunner - must have apm_x86.dll in root folder. Will get apm_x86 can't be found error if missing. apm.dll not needed. Tapping Skill Test - must have apm.dll in root folder. Will get apm.dll can't be found error if missing. apm_x86.dll not needed. Copy Pengo Online xml in TP game profile folder to add to TP Umihara Kawase - apm_x86.dll needed in root folder. Does not ask for apm.dll if missing. apm.dll not needed Virtua Fighter e-sports - must have apm.dll in runtime\media folder. Will get failed to run process in TeknoParrot. apm_x86.dll not needed Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - must have apm.dll in runtime\media\vf5fs folder. Will get failed to run process in TeknoParrot. apm_x86.dll not needed Non working games. Tested by running exe without TeknoParrot. Can't fully verify since games do not work. Otshu DX - Loads developer title and gives C++ runtime error if apm.dll in root folder. Loads developer title and freezes if apm_x86.dll is in root folder or no .dll file is in root folder. Under Night Rebirth - must have apm_x86.dll in root folder. Will get apm_x86 can't be found error if missing. apm.dll not needed. Crashes to desktop
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    WMMT5DX+ FFB Plugin link [Hidden Content]
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    I'm gonne make the ENTIRE tutorial for Chunithm Paradise Lost (Updated) CrystalPlus is impossible to make work I only upload the working links. 1) Download all the folders and programs: a) The 3 game folders, SDBT 1.40.00. here: [Hidden Content], SDBT 1.45. here: [Hidden Content] and the SDBT 1.45. to 1.50.: [Hidden Content] b ) Segatools v.004 here: segatools-v004.zip c) The unlimited premium tickets patcher here: unlimited_premium_ticket.7z d) minime v0.16 here: [Hidden Content] e) NodeJS here: [Hidden Content] f) Option folders, to have more musics in-game. You will have to download the folders A001, A003, A005, A006, A008, A009, A010, A011, A012, A014, A015, A016, A017, A020, A021, A023 and A114 (Those I have, that's a lot, but they are optionnal but recommended to get more musics, characters, events...). Get them here: - A001, A003 and A005: [Hidden Content] - A010: [Hidden Content] - A006+A008, A009, A011, A012, A014, A015+A016, A017, A020, A021, A023, A114 (Working on Crystal) here: g) The unlocker, to unlock all the characters, events, name plates: [Hidden Content] h) The English patcher (Optionnal, if you want some texts in English instead of Japanese): Chunithm English Patch 1.50 upd.zip Segatools to launch the game itself, NodeJS to make the minime work, minime to stimulate a AllNet/AIME server. 2) Configurate the folders a) SDBT 1.40, 1.45 and 1.50 Ok, you have everything. Now, let's open those folders. 1) Unzip the 3 SDBT folders 2) Make a "Chunithm" folder where you want (on your desk by preference), open the SDBT 1.40.00 and move everything into that new folder. 3) Open your 1.45.00 folder and drag everything into your Chunithm folder. Replace and overwrite all. 4) Do the same thing with 1.45 to 1.50.00. Replace, overwrite all the folders. 5) Create an empty folder here, named "Appdata", or what you want. It will be usefull in the future. b ) option folders Great, now let's add all those option folders. 1) Unzip all your options folders (A011 etc..) 2) If necessary, rename the folders into their AXXX names 3) Drag the "option" folder into the "app" folder, if not done. 4) In the "option" folder, drag ALL the option folders into it. c) Minime Now, let's stimulate a server to make your game work. 1) Install NodeJS 2) Unzip your minime folder and place it in your Chunithm folder. 3) Open the folder and start the "start.bat". a sequence of installations will begin, follow the instructions on the windows cmd.exe. 4) When it's done and you see "Startup OK", close the minime. Don't move your folder from where it is. You will have to open your minime each time you start the game. d) Segatools Probably the harder in this tutorial. 1) Unzip your segatools folder 2) Go into the "chuni" folder and drag everything into the "bin" folder, in "app", in your Chunithm folder. 3) You can delete the rest of the segatools folder, the rest is useless. 4) Now, you will have to configurate your segatools. For this, go in "app", "bin" and open the "segatools.ini" with the notepad. 5) You maybe don't understand everything. Here are the instructions for the [vfs] section: - a) In the first lines, set the path to the amfs folder. It is in your Chunithm folder. - b ) Under, set the path to your "option" folder. - c) Under, set the path to your "Appdata" folder that you made earlier. 6) Instructions for the [dns] and [keychip] sections: - a) Set your IPv4 IP adress in "default=" - b ) Set your subnet adress in "subnet=". If you don't know what to set, set (What I did). 7) If you want, you can remove the windowed screen by replacing 1 by 0 in the [gfx] section. You did it! e) Unlocker, patcher, unlimited premium tickets and english patch Now, let's patch your game to have more things in-game. Unlocker: 1) Drag your "chunithm_patcher" into your Chunithm folder. 2) Execute this program with PowerShell, and wait that he finds all songs/chara/events/name plates 3) When you can, press "1" to unlock all. Patcher: 4) For the patcher, go here: [Hidden Content] . Someone gave me this link, huge kisses to him <3 5) Go in your "app", "bin" and drag the "chuniApp.exe" on the website. 6) You will have multiple things to tick. Click on: (See photo on the bottom) 7) Save your file and replace the actually one in the "bin". Unlimited premium tickets (World's end charts and MASTER charts) 8) Unzip your unlimited_premium_tickets file 9) Drag the "app" folder contained in your unlimited_premium_tickets file 10) It will automatically replace the "shop" and "ticket" files in app\data\A000. OPTIONNAL, English patch: 11) Unzip you english patcher folder 12) Do the same thing as you did with the unlimited_premium_tickets. It looks that everything is going to work! 3) Make the game work a) Lauch the game Let's launch the game! 1) start the minime with the "start.bat" in "minime_v016". Don't close it while playing. 2) Go in "app", "bin" and launch the "start.bat"; if you have issues, run as adminisrator the "start.bat". 3) Once you see all the ip adress, lan etc.. verification, wait for the "AIME" and "LED" screen. Then press F1. If you don't see the " LED" screen and that ypu have a "ERROR 8114" message, press F1. b ) Parameters in-game Now, let's do some things here. To go up, "s" and "d". I don't know for QWERTY but I think it is the same thing as AZERTY. To go down, D. To select, it is "K" on AZERTY (and QWERTY I imagine) 1) Select ゲーム設定 (Game settings). 2) Select 配信サーバー設定 (Distribution server setting) 3) Set this setting to サーバー (Server) 4) Select 筐体グループ設定 (Cabinet group setting) 5) Set this setting to OFF 6) If desired, you can also set 音楽選択時間設定 (Music selection time setting) to 99 or whatever. 7) Select 終了 (Finish) 8) There will be a centered prompt notifying you that a restart is necessary to put your new settings into effect. Confirm both prompts. The game will now exit. 9) Re-start the game with "start.bat" in "bin". c) AIME card and controls If you did everything good, the game lauches! 1) When on the title screen, press a key in the middle of your keyboard. 2) When you see a screen with the "AiME card", release "enter" a few seconds. 3) I don't remember how to do here, so try Google Trad app and take a photo of the actual screens. 4) If you done, enter a name for your """card""". 5) The game says that you don't have credits. Then press 3. Normally you get 1 credit. Then press on the left side of your keyboard to enter in-game. 6) When the game recognizes your virtual AIME card, press on the left side of your keyboard. You will have 2-3 things to set like the courses (Set NORMAL for normal games), or tickets. d) Playing the MASTER charts, controls and profile 1) In ticket selection, select the one with 3 plays (or 6 plays). The game will say that you don't have tickets but press yes again and you have 3 plays + chara XP boost + master charts playable 2) Skip tutorial if you want, and THERE YA GO! Your controls in-game are SDFGHJKL (on QWERTY and AZERTY). Oh yes, and the AIR-Actions are Spacebar. Press for AIR-Action and Hold for AIR Release. 3) You will be able to customize some things when you end a session (remember the ticket selection, the number of tracks you can play in one session.) Like your main character, your presentation message or a background for your profile. If you unlocked all, you can set the one you want among hundreds. (Around 250) 4) You can still play after a session (After damaging a boss (duels) )! Just when on the "Continue?" screen, press on the left side (Yes). You will return at the ticket selection screen ; and play until extasy! You got 976 musics with all the option files. ORIGINAL - 230 ゲキマイ - 47 イロドリミドリ - 65 VARIETY - 139 東方Project - 102 niconico - 168 POPS & ANIME - 225 Oh, and, if you have a message in red letters when you are on title screen and you cannot enter an AIME card (by pressing ENTER) , it says that the servers are actually closed. Don't wory about that. The servers are opened about from 21:00 to 16:00 UTC+2 (Paris) If you want a controller, here: [Hidden Content] If you need more help,tell me
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    Someone asked if they could add a way to shake on their github a year ago and it was never answered, so I assume there's still no way to shake.
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    DJMAX TECHNIKA 2 - TECHNIKA 3 Pack Thanks to Kento! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Patch Upd: [Hidden Content]
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    Press Test menu key and select cab 1 in on PC and cab 2 in other PC.
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    la 25 avec windev mobile impossible de publier une appli sur playstore à cause de l'elevation du niveau API à 29
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    New spice tools: 05/11 - Gitadora XG3 support - Guitar motor support - Gitadora cabinet setting - DDR HD->SD light support - ESP8266/NodeMCU API support - Misc bug fixes
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    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival game icon
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    OK! Voila la solution ultime à tous ceux qui n'arrivent pas à régler leurs soucis sous Windows 10 !!!!!! !!! ULTIMATE SOLUTION !!! Adios!
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    Just read the read-me and read this thread, and then re-read them all, and again... all answers are here. This is for all people asking same again and again without reading....... JUST READ! or die! Yeah education is a key...