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    Released first : Emuline (not 1CC) by Mr X. Il a mis du temps à venir mais mieux vaut tard que jamais (et tout le monde n'as pas une connexion incroyable pour l'upload)... Voici Tekken 7 FT sur Namco System ES3. Dump jouable avec TP ou Jconfig Patch anglais ICI. Il existe aussi FT Round2 et Round3, pas la peine de demander ca viendra quand ca viendra c'est tout. Utiliser Megadownloader 1.7 pour décoder le lien (tout poste pour demander comment faire sera supprimé, on va pas répéter tout le temps la même chose). ---- It has been slow to come but better late than never (and not everyone has an incredible connection for upload)... Here is Tekken 7 FT on Namco ES3 System. Working dump with TP ou Jconfig English Patch ICI. There is also FT Round2 and Round3, no need to ask it will come when it will come that's all. Use Megadownloader 1.7 to decode the link (any post to ask how to do will be deleted, we will not repeat the same thing all the time). ----
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    Initial D Zero Version 1.3 for the sega nu The archive comes with the dump, segatools and the server for score saving. The server needs nodejs installed and on first run the server will need Visual C++ build tools and python installed to do it's thing Read the readme on how to setup the dump with segatools Download: (use megadownloader) mega://enc2?gQyGlXvqcbb2BXw92n3QrqvbFbP9pGj88Wyuxh0PaBiCehiIb_GtZ0qkPa5dW-LzLb-VAu2HcGObov1Frp-tGQ Note: if this is anything like the other initial d games then it's nvidia only until someone fixes the shaders for AMD/IntelHD
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    Let's Go Jungle Special [Hidden Content] Credit to Arcade Punks
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    Don't Miss Tekken 7 Fated Retribution (Namco System ES3) Special Thanks always Goes to Fly Bit Source = 1cc
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    Hey guys, Here's another dump I came across for Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade released by Bandai Namco in 2014. It looks like a raw dump, not sure if it runs on PC architecture or requires a loader but apparently is going to be supported by Teknoparrot soon.
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    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing emulated !!! post #1 Special Thanks Goes To... FlyBIT - Jconfig developer simple_peon - for parsing the code in memory Atrfate - by unlocking the game to start the race !!! WOW !!! Source: 1cc
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    Tekken 7 Fated Retribution (Namco System ES3) Download Special Thanks always Goes To FlyBit and Community of 1cc and 7zxkv for upload ekken7 backup
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    Hi guys, Thanks to 7zxkv, Tekken 7 Fated Retribution Arcade has been dumped and working. I know a lot of people have been having issues launching this, if at all, so below is a short tutorial on how to get it running with JConfig in Windows & Teknoparrot. Bear in mind that this is a very early release so it may not be fully working yet and still has some display glitches. JCONFIG: 1. Firstly, obtain the dump from the official thread (credit to member/moderator 7zkjv): 2. Download Jconfig setting emulator from here (credits to FlyBit, 1cc Community and Spiderzsoft for providing): [Hidden Content] 3. Extract the Tekken7.7z file with 7zip extraction software obtainable here: [Hidden Content] 4. Go to directory X:\Tekken 7 Fated Retribution\Tekken7\ and you will see the TekkenGame directory 5. Extract the JConfig setup directory (Tekken7_2018_10_08) and inside you will see the similarly-named TekkenGame directory - copy the whole folder and merge/replace in above game folder 6. Now go into X:\Tekken 7 Fated Retribution\Tekken7\Tekken7\TekkenGame\Binaries\Win64\ and run the JConfigTK7.exe Ensure a joypad is plugged in now - I recommend the Xbox 360 controller. Map buttons on the right by double-clicking on each button and pressing a key to assign (see below sample) + hit OK to save then X to exit Note: I cannot get it to run full-screen and load DX Window Mode has to be selected to work but this doesn't fill the screen for me and changing custom resolutions does nothing (My display is 4K 3840x2160) 7. To start the game, run the TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe file and the game will load - starts with a buffering page, then loading screen appears and you will hear "Good morning...." if the game loads correctly! To exit press ESC and if the game crashes (in full-screen mode for example) press ALT + CTRL + DEL and select SIGN OUT then SIGN IN again (this is the only safe way I know of to close the game when crashed) That's it! If anyone works out how to make it run full-screen or in Windowed Mode that covers the entire screen please share your settings as I cannot achieve this yet! I hope this will help others out. Thanks to all of the above members/providers for this great game and loader. That's it! If anyone works out how to make it run full-screen or in Windowed Mode that covers the entire screen please share your settings as I cannot achieve this yet! TEKNOPARROT: 1. Firstly, obtain the dump from the official thread (credit to member/moderator 7zkjv) and extract with 7zip extraction software (see above for details): 2. Open up Teknoparrot and ensure you're running the latest version (v1.0.0.233 is the latest at time of writing this 3. Click on Add Game from top-left options menu and point to the EXE at X:\Tekken 7 Fated Retribution\Tekken7\Tekken7\TekkenGame\Binaries\Win64\TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe 4. Click on Controller Settings and map controller keys (NOTE: Start/Coin needs to be on keyboard) and remember to click on SAVE SETTINGS before exiting - sample below NOTE: I have to say, currently, Teknoparrot stands heads and shoulders above other loaders as it loads this game PERFECTLY in FULL SCREEN effortlessly! I hope this will help others out. Thanks to all of the above members/providers for this great game and loader.
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    Time to get my crayons out again I guess 'eh guys!
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    Hahaha :D Im sorry about this. :D Mediafire link: [Hidden Content] (Uploading)
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    New Version of FFB Arcade Plugin. Now Version 1.2 [Hidden Content]
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    Enjoy ladies & gentlemen [Hidden Content]
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    Hey guys, It took a combined effort from a lot of people to get this working and involves a fair amount of tweaking so I thought I'll put together a quick tutorial for those having issues. Note: This currently works only on Nvidia video cards with AMD fix to come - I tested on my Nvidia GTX 1080Ti OC. Please note that all of this was made possible by the following people: Harry99710 for the game dump and initial guide. Kobe46 for a step-by-step guide and edited config files. Cbeluz40, Spiderzsoft, Windows10xp8 & Petje for input and feedback. OK, grab a coffee and some cookies here we go... Step 1: Download MegaDownloader app from here: [Hidden Content] and install it or extract files to your desktop. Step 2: Download the latest game dump from the official thread below. 3. Launch the MegaDownloader app, copy the link address and click on Add URL, browse to where you want to save it and click on Start (leave all login settings default) 4. Once downloaded, extract the "SDDF_1.31.00" folder to the root of your C:\ drive so it should look like this: C:\SDDF_1.31.00 (Do not use the installed segatools and minime server files found in the downloaded package as I couldn't get them to work no matter what) 5. Download the PLUGINS.ZIP package from here: [Hidden Content] 6. Go to C:\SDDF_1.31.00 and create a new folder named "appdata" so it should look like this: C:\SDDF_1.31.00\appdata 7. Extract contents of the minime.7z package to the root of your C drive so that it will look like: C:\minime 8. Extract contents found inside the idz directory located in the segatools.zip file (the one found in step 5) to C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ Look for a file called segatools.ini and edit as follows: [vfs] ; Insert the path to the game AMFS directory here (contains ICF1 and ICF2) amfs=C:\SDDF_1.31.00\amfs ; Create an empty directory somewhere and insert the path here. ; This directory may be shared between multiple SEGA games. ; NOTE: This has nothing to do with Windows %APPDATA%. appdata=C:\SDDF_1.31.00\appdata [dns] ; Insert the hostname or IP address of the server you wish to use here. ; Note that, localhost etc are specifically rejected. default= [This is your IP address - open a CMD Dos Prompt and type ipconfig and look for your IPv4 Address] [ds] ; Region code on the emulated AMEX board DS EEPROM. ; 1: Japan ; 4: Export (some UI elements in English) ; ; NOTE: Changing this setting causes a factory reset. region=4 [netenv] ; Simulate an ideal LAN environment. This may interfere with head-to-head play. ; SEGA games are somewhat picky about their LAN environment, so leaving this ; setting enabled is recommended. enable=1 [keychip] ; The /24 LAN subnet that the emulated keychip will tell the game to expect. ; If you disable netenv then you must set this to your LAN's IP subnet, and ; that subnet must start with 192.168. subnet= [Refer to your own subnet details - try this as default, if not change to] [gpio] ; Emulated Nu DIP switch for Distribution Server setting. ; ; If multiple machines are present on the same LAN then set this to 1 on ; exactly one machine and set this to 0 on all others. dipsw1=1 [io3] ; Input API selection for JVS input emulator. ; Set "xinput" to use a gamepad and "dinput" to use a steering wheel. mode=xinput ; Automatically reset the simulated shifter to Neutral when XInput Start is ; pressed (e.g. when navigating menus between races). autoNeutral=1 [dinput] ; Name of the DirectInput wheel to use (or any text that occurs in its name) ; Example: TMX ; ; If this is left blank then the first DirectInput device will be used. deviceName= ; Name of the positional shifter to use (or any subset thereof). ; Leave blank if you do not have a positional shifter; a positional shifter ; will be simulated using the configured Shift Down and Shift Up buttons ; in this case. ; ; Can be the same device as the wheel. ; ; Example: T500 shifterName= ; Pedal mappings. Valid axis names are: ; ; X, Y, Z, RX, RY, RZ, U, V ; ; (U and V are old names for Slider 1 and Slider 2). ; The examples below are valid for a Thrustmaster TMX. brakeAxis=RZ accelAxis=Y ; DirectInput button numbers to map to menu inputs. Note that buttons are ; numbered from 1; some software numbers buttons from 0. start=3 viewChg=10 ; Button mappings for the simulated six-speed shifter. shiftDn=1 shiftUp=2 ; Button mappings for the positional shifter, if present. gear1=1 gear2=2 gear3=3 gear4=4 gear5=5 gear6=6 Save the segatools.ini file and exit - you are now ready to launch the game. 9. Right-click on the SDDF_1.31.00 & minime folders one-by-one and under attributes - untick Read-only and hit Apply then OK 10. Install all the Plugin Retridistributables found in the PLUGINS.ZIP package, e.g. vc_redist.x64.exe, vs_community.exe, Node-v12.13.0-x64.msi and opt to install all drivers 11. Go into the minime folder and right-lick on start.bat and choose Run as Administrator - if correct you should see the below - leave this open in the background do not close: app:switchboard HOST_EXT: (Service host name sent to clients) +0ms app:switchboard HOST_INT: (Bind address) +2ms app:switchboard Using default host names, change them from the .env file if necessary. +0ms Startup OK 12. Go into the following directory C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ and look for the inject.exe file, right-click and choose Properties > Compatibility and tick Run this program as Administrator > OK 13. Go to the start.bat file found in the same location as the above C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ and right-click then Run as administrator You will see a series of windows popup with security warnings to accept - choose yes to all and let it run in the background 14. The first run never works for me, after everything loads, you will see a black screen that many are experiencing - close all the windows including minime server 15. Go back to the inject.exe file mentioned in Step 12 and this time do the same and untick Run as Administrator 16. Download the full-screen patch (you may need it later) courtesy of user Windows10xp8: [Hidden Content] Copy the EXE to C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\ 17. Now, hook up a USB Controller - I am use a XBOX 360 (Xinput0) joypad and make sure it is turned and detected by Windows 18. Go back to C:\minime\ and run the virtual server again by running start.bat as Administrator (FOR ME, THE GAME STILL RAN FINE WITHOUT THIS STEP SO IT MAY NOT BE NEEDED) 19. Finally, run C:\SDDF_1.31.00\app\package\start.bat as normal no need for Administrator rights and it should load - wait for all the calibration and then press ALT+ENTER for full-screen mode & ESC to exit If you cannot exit (like for me in many cases), press ALT+CTRL+DEL and manually end the Direct3D Window to close I know there are nearly 20 steps to get this working but I wanted to break each one down to ensure everything is not missed. This was such a headache for many users including myself. User Kobe46 has been instrumental in this tutorial and he also has a guide found here if you still need it - distributed by permission: [Hidden Content] I hope it worked for everyone! SKY2310 EDIT:.....if you are getting the loading error many people experiencing...do the following... 1) Make sure you follow steps 12-15 carefully and the files in the PLUGINS.ZIP file NOT the ones found in the original dump. 2) If you have a virtual DVD clone drive software, disable it by going into DEVICE MANAGER > DVD DISC DRIVES and right-click disable. HERE ARE MY FILES IN CASE YOU WANT TO REFER: [Hidden Content]
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    Hey everyone, A friend of mine sent me this link which he obtained from somewhere for Dirty Drivin' which is an arcade racing game released by Raw Thrills in 2011. News from Teknoparrot says this is going to be supported by the launcher as Patreon-only soon so perhaps keep it close to your chest for now. Currently not supported by any launchers/loaders but soon by Teknoparrot. The alternative link I just uploaded: [hide][Hidden Content]] Enjoy. Not my dump and I do not know who to credit so this will be TBC. I hope I didn't violate any forum rules for sharing but feel free to remove if I did.
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    For - Dirty drivin thread here - SW BP here use the corresponding threads thx
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    @7zxkv STAR WARS BATTLE POD [Hidden Content] @NoKey Use Plz rslauncher.exe. Sounds Works great. xinput Works fine as well. Any with DD? I Will upload to GD as well
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    Alright that took much longer than expected. So I created a tutorial for the installation process that I ran through. From beginning to the end on my laptop and it ran right away. Please see the attached file. its too hard to copy it onto HTML on here =s Enjoy. I will be taking a break, since I put in a lot in the document. I made it at least I believe easy to read, it is pretty thorough. Initial D Zero.docx
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    (x) by pooter - Ajout de Xpadder 2019 en page 1 pour ceux qui veulent.
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    Initial D Arcade Stage Zero (Sega Nu) [Hidden Content]
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    well :D we had the PC version i would love better see STAR WARS BATTLE IPOD , TIME CRISIS 5 and POINT BLANK X
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    [Hidden Content] here u go my friend ... just put in the tp root folder and set it to run as admin ... and i only tested it on win 10 .. it does a proper auto hide taskbar and the game will start in fullscreen (1080p) and on esc u will exit the game and the taskbar will be restored as usual
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    @sagaopc As Safire mentioned, once you stop, you're ability to play the Patreon games stops. Along with early access to a few titles, part of your donations go to fund bounties which allows for new games to be added/fixed, which keeps the project flywheel going and helps get us more arcade goodness. [Hidden Content] Careful though, there's a group here that gets a little triggered when the word "Patreon" is mentioned. They don't believe money helps projects and try to drive away devs who don't selflessly donate their own money and time to provide the community with everything they want. Quite strange...
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    I got it working. I will likely be making a tutorial later this week. Since the information that is both on SOWS and here, have missing/incorrect directions. I myself have been having issues with the card data stuff. But in regards to getting the Minime server and SEGATOOLS running. I will help everyone out via a video tutorial. Give me some time but I will try to pump out a video by the end of this week.
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    Salut et merci mais ces pas plutot su sega Nu2 car sega nu1 il n'y a pas de initial d zero.... voir ici: [Hidden Content] et au cas ou j'ai mi mon lien :(pour ceux qu'il veulent pas mega) [Hidden Content]
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    \Tekken7\TekkenGame\Config\DefaultGameUserSettings.ini ResolutionSizeX=1280 ResolutionSizeY=720
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    After redownloading the Tekken 7 dump, it now works in TP perfectly. The I found out what the issue was. There was some problem with the game because I had the jconfig files overwritten in the original untouched dump. But after re-downloading the game, it now works fine in TP!.
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    go to TekkenGame\Content\Config and edit tekken.ini so it looks like this Ver = "1.06" ; INIファイルの項目が増えた時に変更 Language = "us" ; "jp"日本語 "kr"韓国語 "us"英語 "as" "cn" Region = "us" ; "jp"日本語 "kr"韓国語 "us"英語 "as" "cn" LoadVsyncOff = "off" NonWaitStageLoad = "off" for english version
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    Daruis brust AC EX 1.16 update Version this version not working on TP so please use jconfig 1.7 Speact Thanks goes to 1cc for fixing bugs Download
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    Im uploading three new arcade games. (sw, dd, idzero) If i dont fall asleep, I will share the alternative links in an hour. The time now is 01:00 am
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    For those experiencing issues getting Initial D Zero Arcade to run, feel free to see my simple TUTO here:
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    what, are you saying she has her tits out? 🙂
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    No i tried direct with .exe file but i tried few minutes ago with TP. Information: Controls not set. Keyboard gameplay hahaha. I press buttons random :D Also: No sound on game. Game have sound problem. Great gameplay. F. nice.
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    SW battle pod and Dirty Driving dumps are here: [Hidden Content]
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    yes done it.. if again problem not solve then use RH loader for your GPU set
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    I have both so here's what I'll say...the PC version feels more like a home console port but it does have a bigger and complete roster. It does have an Arcade mode. The Arcade version on the other hand, feels more arcade-like, e.g. the menus look different, there's a testing and debugging menu but lacks some characters and is a little buggy at the moment. Both are great, but I was building an arcade cabinet then, of course, I'll go for the ARCADE version.
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    Tekken 7 PC: Not Really Arcade Mode and 60gb god (more than GTA4 !!) Tekken 7 FT: Really Arcade and 15gb size QED Thanks
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    Support for all ring games, is planned at this current time, as we work on Amlib and other implemntations. Support for Linberg will almost never happen, we at jconfig dont believe in hacks. if we where to ever support it would be native linux only.
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    did you try the link on the id0 topic: mega://enc2?gQyGlXvqcbb2BXw92n3QrqvbFbP9pGj88Wyuxh0PaBiCehiIb_GtZ0qkPa5dW-LzLb-VAu2HcGObov1Frp-tGQ edit: not a mario kart link, its initial d zero
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    change res patch Tekken7\TekkenGame\Config\DefaultGameUserSettings.ini ResolutionSizeX=1024 ResolutionSizeY=768
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    340 updates -Added a cheat to Transformers. * Please enable "Cheat" on "Loader Setting 1" tab when using. ・ Supported Tekken 7 Fated Retribution. * The executable file name is “TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe”. * Please refer to “Loader Settings 1” tab for various settings. * When using JConfig, be sure to disable “Direct3D11 Wrapper”. ・ Fixed other problems. ・ Language.ini should be the default. ・ Please run Game Loader Installer.exe first. ・ If it doesn't work properly, throw this Loader into the trash and exit.
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    Hey, so if games like Rambo have sound problems and probably always will. Why not take it off patreon only? Lots of broken games are non-patreon.
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    Or just wait for someone to see the opportunity to patreon the hell out of it to make profit for the next six months to a year LOLS
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    Supermodel_x64_0.3a-WIP_SVN781.zip Supermodel_x86_0.3a-WIP_SVN781.zip
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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Namco System ES3) Jconfig Download Special Thanks always Goes To FlyBit and Emuline and 7zxkv for upload Tekken7 backup
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    [Hidden Content] --------------------------------- Last Updates/Derniers Mises a Jours: [Vulkan] Remove an obsolete comment about GLSL Merge pull request #1505 from Margen67/cleanup Remove (hopefully) last OpenGL leftovers & crunch [GPU] Separate dxbc and dxbctext shader compiler targets
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    use this Pre-configured files... just extract in game folder and run game.exe [Hidden Content]
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    Apart from this problem, the project is nearly finished. 7 levels. Around 450 moves. Still due in November but i've got a dayjob too