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    Merry Christmas To play, rename the linked zip file "dfkbl.zip" and run! [Hidden Content]
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    It was time consuming but It looks better now !! PS: no need to ask: I won't share (I will never share any game file). This is just to show it's doable and more than that it's easy to do (but it takes nearly 10 hours...). So if you are a huge Cave fan: just do it yourself for yourself, otherwise wait until Cavedwellers april release.
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    Lots of programs and files needed for some arcade systems like sega NU2 and also for this game. You should switch to windows 10. I had hesitated a lot before switching from windows 7 to windows 10. But today I don't do not regret my choice on the contrary. If I had stayed on Windows 7 there are some great games that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy
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    VOICI mon icon personnel cotton rock n'roll en 512x512 parfaite merci pour ce jeu fantastique!!!!!!!!
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    Site de ViRùS-M@N sega NU section
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    Edit the file arcadesettings.txt and set option motionenable=0 Then edit file input.xml and set the option <integer name="UseForceFeedbackWheel" value="0"/> (the default is 1)
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    I dont have it either, some dude in china has it from his friend but has not shared it [Hidden Content]
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    sometimes we are pretty EGOISTIC and want more and more games :D and we don not value the work from the devs. Many of these games in TP couldn't have played in arcades
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    we had a link on 8kun but its dead and well i cant create invites so....
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    Very interesting thanks for the video I wish he’d show some gameplay as well with the explanation which inputs to use (is it working with a lightgun?) in the end he wrote in translation “it shouldn’t be far away” so maybe I’m over optimistic here but hopefully before 2021 ends p.s that annoying offline message reappear here as well I wish i had a patch to remove it from all the games with aime card