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    Super Alpine Racer emulated! Special Thanks!!! [ williecoyote ] - For making the JC logo. [ CiTrON ] and [ Pandemonium ] - For doing all the tests DOWNLOAD special thanks to FlyBit (JConfig developer)
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    surement des jeux qui vont bientôt être disponible et certaine personne veulent prendre de l'avance ^^ moi j ai refait un peu mon site car voila j'ai vue que certaines personnes mettent les lien de la page de jeux en favoris et pas l'adresse de mon site et pour moi c'est tout simplement un manque de respect et si je vois que ca continue c'est simple soit je mets mon site en prive ou que j'arrête car vous ne le voyez pas mais je passe un temps énorme sur mon site , je viens de le refaire et de corriger plus de 30 bugs qu'on ne voyait pas si on ne sais pas ce que je voulais faire comme par exemple avant quand vous alliez sur teknoparrot et par exemple batman quand vous appuyez sur return ca vous remettez sur la page teknoparrot mais tout en haut et pas dans la section raw thrills,et d'autres bugs comme par exemple plusieurs taille d ouverture de fenêtre au lieu de la même taille. La je viens de mettre les jeux Sammy Atomiswave en chd qui fonctionne directement avec les emulateur dreamcast comme redream ou reicast pour ne cite qu'eux.. allez passer une bonne fin de journée a vous tous quand même...
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    here's another one from nohero this time GigaWing Generations on TeknoParrot rotated and bezeled thanks to cbeluz for the bezel [Hidden Content] password = nohero Again, please read the instructions. and enjoy hard work from nohero
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    [Hidden Content] this is from nohero and its a fix for rotate and play Alpine Racer with built in bezel. password is nohero As always read the instructions from the man himself ^^ Enjoy the hard work from nohero
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    JConfig - X Games Snowboarder Download Snow Boarder emulated! Special Thanks!!! [ williecoyote ] - For making the JC logo. [ Pandemonium ] and [ CiTrON ] - For doing all the tests FlyBit (JConfig developer)
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    Time Crisis 5 is a arcade game by Bandai Namco released in 2015. It uses the Unreal Engine and runs on Namco System ES3 Game dumped by Lee Use Mouse to play. Xbox controller is compatible but there's no input for aiming Jconfig here: Time Crisis 5 100% emulated! NOTE: Copy the emulator to the RSLauncher.exe file directory and run it. NATIVE KEYS: - Shift + H = Crosshair - Ctrl + W = x, y coordinates - Ctrl + Q = Quit - F11 = Window Mode NOTE2: - To play with Lightguns put in value: 4 - less sensitive - To calibrate, in some cases, increase the deadzone in jconfig To remove the double shot of the mouse, disable these two lines below: \ TC5 \ Engine \ Config \ BaseInput.ini ; Bindings = (Name = "LeftMouseButton", Command = "Fire") ; Bindings = (Name = "RightMouseButton", Command = "AltFire") Traduction fr : NOTE:- NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) if not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
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    in a few days big updates are coming in the new APM3 emulator
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    More Info www Note: Game not playable yet. Original Game exe is encrypted by HASP HL Protection Game Folder Download (mirror here) (mirror here) Patched exe Download Jconfig Download
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    i think no more RH loader come out. djexpert didn't come from long time we lost spindizzi and Djexpert. both were precious Dev Tool on emuline. As an Emuline member, we will never forget you in the history of Arcade
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    New version Omnimix is here if you really wanted it. to launch it you need to add this line into your .bat-file if you using spicetools. -k mempatch-hook.dll bm2dx.dll --mempatch iidx_omnimix_28.txt If everything done correctly the game id will change from JBA to JBX in startup screen upd: music_omni.zip now with HCN mods included Make sure that original omnimix is running fine then apply this file
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    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - All Access Patch [Hidden Content] - PGA TC Dongle [Hidden Content] - SQL Server For Team Challenge Mirror: PGA Games [Hidden Content] PGA_Team_Challange_All access Patch CD.iso = [Hidden Content]
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    added in #1 - Fast & Furious Super Cars updated! .Support for new version 1.13 - Super Alpine Racer emulated! - Snow Boarder emulated!
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    8 stages! and 6 characters to choose from on cotton rnr and 53! Characters to choose from on blazblue cross tag can’t wait for those 2 to be supported by tp💪🎮
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    i told you dongle already cracked. main problem is SQL Configuration. without SQL Configuration game run as like PC base Game not like arcade version
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    it's not a switch emulator thread.
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    Ongeki Summer (from 2ccc imageboard) / Red / Red+ As always, Ongeki series runs on an ALLS HX SEGA ALLS HX specs: Intel Core i5-6500 Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4 GB) 8 GB DDR4-2133 Realtek ALC888 Windows 10 IoT LTSB 2016 (v1607) You might want a good PC/laptop to run it source: cosmicboii on 1cc discord chan (thanks)
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    I've taken the time to download all the Microsoft Xbox, and sega dreamcast prototypes that just went public. so here they are. Microsoft Xbox Prototypes Sega Dreamcast Prototypes
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    It works with CRTGeomMOD: you can resize the game as you want (any ratio, resolution and orientaion) with or without CRT effect and bezel... I will post a ready to use config soon
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    [Hidden Content] supercars 3.69 faf sdaemon. Only 6 cars again but updated and should still have faf Info
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    p1.png and p2.png there's files for it Put it in TeknoParrot \ TeknoParrot Loads more here [Hidden Content] Try 128 or 64 px versions
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    [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] - PGA III Dongle mirror: PGA Games PGA_TOUR_Champ_3_Game_2.2.2.0_050-0054-01_D1.iso = [Hidden Content] PGA_TOUR_Champ_3_Game_2.2.2.0_050-0054-01_D2.iso = [Hidden Content] PGA_TOUR_Champ_3_SRD_050-0024-01.iso = [Hidden Content]
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    Here's a 1080p patch I slapped together using dgVooDoo if anyone cares. Just drop the files into your main game directory and execute the game with sdaemon.exe [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] press 0 to normal screen press 9 to 90 degree rotation press 8 to 180 degree rotation press Esc to kill script Note: You can change hot keys in ahk also add game run, kill command there. i got this method from RH Loader coding.
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    let me make it easy with ahk. give me 2 min
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    Fast & Furious Super Cars updated! - Support for new version 1.13 Special Thanks!!! [ Pandemonium ] and [ CiTrON ] - For doing all the tests DOWNLOAD special thanks to FlyBit (JConfig developer)
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    Here is some mods again. This mod adds Hell Charge Note versions of 13 songs that mostly got beefy amount of Charge Notes (LN). There might be some balance issues, like some chart can become too difficult or too easy, I don't care. It's nothing but dumb fun. Download (157mb) How to install: Unpack "data" folder form the zip-archive, put it into game folder and accept the changes (this will replace your original music_data.bin, so make sure you backup this file) IMPORTANT NOTE. This mod designed for original Bistrover 0830 version. Omnimix is not supported. Songs added: HEROIC VERSE: LASER CRUSTER (IGNITE REMIX) Everlasting Message 深淵に捧ぐレクイエム TRIUMPH BEAT PRISONER ピアノ協奏曲第1番”蠍火” (BlackY Remix) Megalara Garuda BISTROVER: ディスコルディア -65C 水鏡の異界 魔法のかくれんぼ BIGソムタム SOLID STATE SQUAD -RISEN RELIC REMIX-
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    You can dl the game from here, and when Jconfig is out (hopefully along with Sdaemon.exe), simply copy it to the game folder where the Sdaeon.exe is and overwrite the .exe with the new one..
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    I have the JConfig for this game but... I don't have permission to publish wait for FlyBit
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    We are also greedy bastards, we have tons of games to play already lol.
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    @CiTrONthis is absolutely identical of thé original i hope one day you can share it 😊great work
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    extracted+unlocked+removed song fixed version [Hidden Content] edit: added to 1 (mirrored)
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    Cotton is now working. i used Aleste xml as a template. I've also attached the xml files that I'm using. cotton.7z
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    only uploading this due to archival purposes, i have 0 clue if this can help recover broken HDDs for this game HDD Dump (80 GBs once uncompressed): [Hidden Content] USB Key Dump (Taiko 12 to 12.5 update USB) (2 GBs): [Hidden Content] MagicGate Memory Card dongle dump (For Taiko 14): [Hidden Content] decryption/extraction of the .img files is appreciated (but not necessary) make sure to archive these before it's gone!
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    PC games are console for home entertainment Arcade games are commercial purposes. And is usually coin operated. Basically NASCAR is a PC base game like Carbon, Need for Speed ... Global VR turned arcade adaptation into these games ... As we know GVR Arcade Carbon & Need for Speed Arcade working without SQL Server that's why we cant use Front-End menu because SQL not Configured both games. same problem in GVR Arcade NASCAR
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    I've never posted anything or any site with viruses! I tested the nintendo switch firmware 12.0.3 in Ryujinx with Crusin Blast allz good! @king91six [Hidden Content] 12.0.3 Ryujinx Emulator: [Hidden Content] Ryujinx LDN2 LAN Mode Build LAN/Online play: [Hidden Content] Prod/Keys/Titles 12.0.3: [Hidden Content] Firmware Version 12.0.3: [Hidden Content] Game Compatibility List: [Hidden Content] Cruisin Blast NSP or XCI Game Download plus updates: [Hidden Content] Hella fun game! Boomslangz FFB magic on this would be BLISS anyone get a wheel working with it yet?
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    TeknoParrot is working with cotton and uses the Aleste configs so the guy above basically premade the files that u would replace in the directories. and add the x86 in the root and ur good to go. =)
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    Hi I'm pleased to share here my work. The goal of this mod is to be able to play these old PC games on virtual pinball cabinets. I found quickly a way to display them correctly using ReShade and a special selfmade shader (CRTGeomMOD helped a lot!!) but I decided to improve the result even more. So now, using this single launcher, dgVoodoo2 and ReShade (included in this patch) these games will be launched in your desktop resolution (4K is available) and with a nearly perfect Pinball Cabinet camera View. If you have a multiscreens configuration, a backglass will be added and displayed (3:4 with grill or 16:9 depending on your 2nd screen ratio) and the DMD will be exported to the grill or the 3rd screen. (if you have a DMD device you can use DMDExt to export the DMD with its screen copy feature) The result is now very nice and in most case the setting is fully automatised (most often you have now nearly nothing to set) The MOD can be used with the original old CD games or/and the most recent GOG/Steam versions. The aprons of these games have been drawn especially for this mod. Big thanks to eMBee for his amazing work on them. The launcher can now force these games to use standard VPX keyboard keys (PinCabKey option) The launcher can now force a standard "Coin Mode" for the 4 ProPinball games Now it can be used in Desktop mode too just to improve the experience (without the launcher, just using the Reshade shader, it can be used also to improve the 1st/2nd view with PinballFX2/FX3) Here some screen captures with the version 2.0 / 3.0 : What's new with 3.0 version : - DMD display improved - Shader interface (ReShade UI) improved. - Timeshock DMD hide issues fixed - DMD management for desktop users improved - All games are now using the same preset file - Desktop mode improved (single and multi screens configurations) - Standard "coin mode" added for the 4 ProPinball games (Coin key is keyboard "5") - A 2nd view with DMD hidden is now available for The Web (select view 4 or more in game options, btw the view with DMD looks better) - The Web settings are now automatized too - The games are now launched directly (menu skipped) when not in desktop mode (except 1st launch) - ExeName option removed (game exe name should be the original expected one) - Steam launch command support removed (not needed) - No1200p option removed (not needed anymore) - Launcher and shader codes improved - Memory game code patch improved, many patches added - Many fixes and improvements What's new with 2.0 version : - The 2 Addiction Pinball games are now supported (old CD's and Steam versions) - A desktop mode is now available with nearly all the features included - New aprons for all 6 games (big thanks to eMBee who did an awesome job to draw them!) - Full standard VPX keyboard keys support for all these games - Brightness can be set for the table, the backglass and the DMD (in ReShade's UI) - Needed settings are now done by the launcher, you have nothing to do. - Many fixes and improvements: it should be now mostly working without having to do anything. - DMD is now displayed by the 3rd screen by default if available. - Timeshock menu operator is always fully unlocked. ... Here how it looks now from 2.0 version : And in live action : The patch is available in main download folder (link in first page) Big thanks to eMBee for drawing most of the aprons currently in use. Awesome job!! Thanks to Ducon2016 too for the original PixelTest code taken in the amazing "CRTGeomMOD" shader ReShade home : [Hidden Content] dgVoodoo2 home : [Hidden Content] dinputto8 used for AddictionPinball games by Elisha Riedlinger : [Hidden Content] Ogg Winmm.dll used for Timeshock : [Hidden Content]