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    Info: [Hidden Content] Manual Dump (via newsgroup): Here. Mirror:
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    i said something is fishy fishy because that is so doubtful... POOTERMAN make icon and you make hs-frontend well thanks for icon and frontend work... But... i confirmed about 2 arcade games... hope it will be out soon House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn Click Here NasCar GVR Click Here Click Here
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    You should always check my DeviantArt page for icons in my gallery [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R playable !!! Lets go island playable For Further Information Check 1st Page The Post #1 ---- For LGI: Change the resolution in the file: data / Fraw / fwDataDB / fwDataDB_Application.txt and change the first 4 lines otherwise you will have the pointer shift. EXAMPLE: 1280/720 = change by what you want int, WindowWidth,,, 1280 int, WindowHeight,,, 720 int, RenderWidth,,, 1280 int, RenderHeight,,, 720 int, FrontendWidth,,, 1024 int, FrontendHeight,,, 600
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    I don't think it is and I fully support them. Where the hell else can you play Dirty Drivin, SW battle Pod, H2Overdrive, Luigis Mansion Arcade, Transformers, etc. other than arcades or places like Dave and Busters?? It's only 5 bucks a month and You would easily spend more than that in 1 trip playing these games elsewhere. So yeah...I have no problem at all with 5 measly dollars a month to support them.
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    Blazing Angels Global VR Arcade (Boot only) Need to fix Control I\O Restore Image Iso [Hidden Content] Note: Game Boot only... Test Menu working and Save any thing OK... hope some one fix io controllers
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    Merry Christmas ! Here is a little gift for you. This is the HD version of the hit title Cliff Hanger which is a mix of 2 Lupin the third movies (Cagliostro and Mamo). The remake was made from the BRD versions of theses movie and i added some (long) treatments to have the best possible image. This version was made with Singe (as the Daphne rom of Cliffhanger blocks the resolution to 480p). So i remade it from scratch, and took the frame from a playthrough on arcade to ensure they're perfectly placed. The links will give you 2 versions: - 16/9 (which is the original size of both movies) so i recommend this one. The format is 720p - 4/3 (which is the side of the arcade version, and cropped). The format is 960p For both versions, i removed the tiny black bars top and below. You won't miss them I may release a 480p version soon for the Daphne users (with the rom of the game). There's a 1080p version too but actually daphne is not able to handle it in opengl, so i delayed it (things may change in the future). INSTALLATION: The files are ready to use, so just download the links and unrar, then launch using the bat file corresponding to your screen resolution (there is a choice of 2 bat for 16/9) CONTROLS: hit CTRL during the intro (let me remind you that in Cliff Hanger there are 2 action buttons : HAND and FEET). GAMEPLAY: The game won't tell you exactly what to do (this is by design). If you see ACTION on screen then you've got to decide if it's HAND or FEET. If you see STICK, then you need to find the direction. If you're lost there are hints (see below). MENU: in the menu (key 9), you can change a few things. I advise you not to change the difficulty (the game is difficult), but you can choose your starting level and scene, and turn on/off hints, hang scene (you will ) and revive scene. Stay tuned, i've got other surprises coming soon ! Have fun and, once again, Merry Christmas ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE (please download again) - If you choose easy mode in the options, you will see arrows and hand/feet instead of regular gameplay. - Adapted the moves to the latest rom of cliff (thanks to an anonymous user of this forum for replaying the whole game perfectly) - Reencoded video files, correcting a few encoding problems - Corrected 2 moves in level 8 Here are the links : 16/9 (recommended) : [Hidden Content] 4/3 : [Hidden Content] Links to my other releases : Fire and Ice Titan A.E
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    !!! WARNING !!! READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY SINCE THEY HAVE CHANGED!!! Finally Domefix V5 is ready with 3 improvements over v2! FixDomeSW-v5.7z #1. Free Play is not warped anymore and fits on screen #2. The score on the top left of the screen is not warped anymore #3. The points during gameplay are not curved anymore (see QUICK KILL and GREAT below) Without v5 for reference, "Free Play" is warped and does not fit on screen Without v5 for reference, "Score" is warped
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    Hello everybody This is my little lasergame-style game I created, based on Puss in Boots. As his emulator the daphne singe, 2 versions 4: 3 and 16: 9 are available daownload emulator singe 4: 3 [Hidden Content] download emulator singe 16:9 [Hidden Content] Download Puss in Boots [Hidden Content] just insert the gatto folder in the singe folder and the 2 bat files in the main emulator folder. The 2 bat files are named ITA and ENG, based on which you launch you will have the English or Italian language. F9 to enter the configuration menu and choose your settings
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    Couldnt agree more mate, 5 dollars would get you 5 turns in the arcade
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    [Hidden Content] ERm a big boost now: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Well done!!! Thanks! GDrive Link: [Hidden Content]
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    Bon voila je me suis permis d'uploader les jeux qui fonctionnent bien chez moi avec les pack de fix graphique pour ma carte nvidia , il y a quelques jeux que je n'ai pas pu tester car je suis pas patron (jeux suivant : Dirty Drivin , Initial D Zero , Luigi's Mansion Arcade , Rambo , Sega Race TV , Snocross) Si vous voulez télécharger sans problème utiliser jdownloader 2 , car malheurusement j ai uploader ces jeux sur mon compte uptobox au cas ou moi je devrais les re-télécharger. Afterburner Climax : [Hidden Content] Arcade Love with Pengo : [Hidden Content] Arcana Heart 3 - Love Max Six Stars!!!!!! : [Hidden Content] Arcana Heart for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Blazblue - Central Fiction : [Hidden Content] BlazBlue Calamity Trigger : [Hidden Content] Blazblue Chronophantasma : [Hidden Content] Blazblue Continuum Shift I : [Hidden Content] Blazblue Continuum Shift II : [Hidden Content] Chaos Breaker : [Hidden Content] Chaos Code : [Hidden Content] Chase H.Q. 2 : [Hidden Content] Daemon Bride : [Hidden Content] Daruis Brust Another Chronicle 1.05 : [Hidden Content] Daytona 3 : [Hidden Content] Dead or Alive 5 (include update 1 and 2): [Hidden Content] Dirty Drivin : [Hidden Content] Do Not Fall Run For Your Drink : [Hidden Content] Elevator Action for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] En-Eins Perfektewelt : [Hidden Content] Fast and Furious : [Hidden Content] Fast and Furious Superbikes : [Hidden Content] Fast and Furious Supercars : [Hidden Content] Fighting Climax : [Hidden Content] fordracing : [Hidden Content] Ghost Squad Evolution : [Hidden Content] Giga Wing Generations : [Hidden Content] GTI Club 3 : [Hidden Content] Guilty Gear Xrd - Sign : [Hidden Content] Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus : [Hidden Content] Guitar Hero Arcade EDITION : [Hidden Content] Homura : [Hidden Content] House of the Dead 4 : [Hidden Content] Hyper Street Fighter II - The Anniversary Edition for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Initial D 4 : [Hidden Content] Initial D 4 Export : [Hidden Content] Initial D 8 : [Hidden Content] Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA : [Hidden Content] Initial D arcade Stage 7 AA : [Hidden Content] Initial D Zero : [Hidden Content] Justice League - Heroes United : [Hidden Content] K.O. Drive : [Hidden Content] King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A : [Hidden Content] King of Fighters XII, The : [Hidden Content] King of Fighters XIII, The : [Hidden Content] Luigi's Mansion Arcade : [Hidden Content] Magical Beat : [Hidden Content] Maimai Green : [Hidden Content] Mario Kart DX (patch FR) : [Hidden Content] Melty Blood AA CC : [Hidden Content] Nitro plus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel : [Hidden Content] Outrun 2 SP SDX : [Hidden Content] Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena : [Hidden Content] Persona 4 The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold : [Hidden Content] Pokken Tournament : [Hidden Content] Puzzle Bobble for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Race Driver - GRID : [Hidden Content] Raiden III for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Raiden IV : [Hidden Content] Rambo : [Hidden Content] Rastan Saga for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Samurai Shodown - Edge of Destiny : [Hidden Content] School of Ragnarok : [Hidden Content] Sega Dream Raiders : [Hidden Content] Sega Golden Gun : [Hidden Content] Sega Lets Go Island : [Hidden Content] Sega Lets Go Island 3D : [Hidden Content] Sega Race TV : [Hidden Content] Sega Racing Classic : [Hidden Content] Sega Rally 3 : [Hidden Content] Sega Sonic All Star Racing Arcade : [Hidden Content] Senko no Ronde DUO for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Shikigami No Shiro III : [Hidden Content] Sonic Storm aka Mach Storm : [Hidden Content] Strania The Stella Machina : [Hidden Content] Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for the Future : [Hidden Content] Street Fighter IV : [Hidden Content] Street Fighter Zero 3 for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition : [Hidden Content] Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Version 2012) : [Hidden Content] Taisen Hot Gimmick 5 : [Hidden Content] Tekken 7 Fated Retribution : [Hidden Content] Tekken 7 Fated Retribution - MOD FR 0.1 : [Hidden Content] Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct : [Hidden Content] Theatrhythm Final Fantasy All Star Carnival : [Hidden Content] Transformers - Human Alliance : [Hidden Content] Trouble Witches AC - Amalgam no Joutachi : [Hidden Content] Ultra Street Fighter 4 : [Hidden Content] Under Defeat HD+ : [Hidden Content] Valve Limit R : [Hidden Content] Vampire Savior - The Lord of Vampire for NesicaxLive : [Hidden Content] Virtua Fighter 5 Rev B : [Hidden Content] Virtua Fighter 5 Rev C : [Hidden Content] Virtua Tennis 3 : [Hidden Content] Virtua Tennis 4 : [Hidden Content] Wacky Race : [Hidden Content] Winter X Games Snocross : [Hidden Content] moi je recherche : King of Fighters XIII Climax , Aquaplazza , initial d : arcade stage 5 export .... Merci d avance et bonne fêtes de fin d'année....
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    Oh wow :D I think I did not initialize the Roll of the rotator matrix. Try that: FixDomeSW-v5.7z
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    341 341 updates ・ Caladrius AC is supported. * To change the resolution, select "LoaderMode = dg" (a minor bug will occur). * When using the cheat, please set from the "Loader setting 1" tab. ・ Set Language.ini as default. -First, execute Game Loader Installer.exe. -If it does not work properly, throw this Loader into the trash and exit.
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    Ghost Squad Evolution Caladrius AM Border Break Scramble If you guys are missing any more icons then let me know, but I'm pretty sure there all available now for use on the front page and in your emulator
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    I think your the one who should check your facts, 1 the only "loader" is game loader, Jconfig, and TP and spicetools are emulators they emulate io and thus make games run In the last Year alone, Spicetools has fixed ~10 games you can easily see this in there dev notes And in total this emulator emulates the io of nearly every konmai made music arcade game + some none music games like quiz acadmay id esitmate the number of games it runs to be ~40-50 Jconfig, has fixed now a majority of the sega ttiles as our amlib support gets better, we have also emulated io for other systems yet to be released, but shown off running various titles, Also, The funny thing is if you noticed jconfigs idmac, hasnt had to be updated it supports games out of the box, because the emulation side of things on the fast io board is prefect So your FF music game, Darius burst 1.05 1.16 all of these work out of the box and soon our amlib will be like this aswell where every game is just work We have also fixed and released non-vmprotected exes of various games since a certain emu dev is super insecure bout that patreon money . Then we get to game totals, lets see jconfigs idmac, loads 53 Nesica games, (+tech all the alternative versions of these games ) All idmac games, SOR, Darius brust 1.05 1.16, All the deluxe light gun games Gaia attack, Hm1, Hm2, Ev action death parade, All the taito racing games, BG4 tuned, BG4 , Wackey races, Chase hq, Random games, like death smiles 2, then you get all of the original Typex games theres ~30 of those, 11 for the typex and 19 or so for the x2, everything form Raiden 3 to SSED So if we are counting thast already well over 100 games supported This isnt even counting any of the recent ring games, Raw thrills games, or the sega europeon r games that we have also fixed, or even silly games such as gti sports fesita, or the ford racing game , or the wmnt games or any other namco es3 game and this is before you take into account other goodies, alongside the emulation like R2 unlocker, and nesica unlocker, that remove nag messages, and unlock all network content. So facts are other emulators exist, that are free, and support just as many games
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    FlyBitToday at 3:25 PM H2Overdrive Updated Current Version (v1.2) - Added Accel / Jump Far option (second jump mode): 1 - Default Above 1, on the ramps, the boat jumps constantly until it releases acceleration Note: To jump, release acceleration and press brake + nitro Download: [Hidden Content] Other Notes: Hit enter on your keyboard and use the number keys to set a passcode the directions on your controller to select a profile name you use nitro to enter in your name but the button seems like its stuck on a turbo mode so its hard to select one letter at a time. Once you do this and save your profile you can see the boats during selection.
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    Here the dome fixed files ! Done with the latest fix V5 [Hidden Content] before after
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    Please use this link to request icons, they take time to make so you're help and support would be appreciated: [Hidden Content] Thanks
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    Super, merci à toi, du coup je propose le fichier deja modifier pour ceux qui veulent pas trop mettre les mains dans le camboui [Hidden Content]
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    wow wow wow.... amazing Lost Land Adventure [Hidden Content]
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    Hey Lads, FYI, there are some secret boats in H2Overdrive you can play as. I haven't given these a try myself yet, but here's the info from GameFAQS: To play these boats, you must have all three boats of any category at Level 40. Once this is accomplished, you then have to highlight the middle boat of that category and push the View button a few times until the bonus boat appears. Note: These bonus boats are already at max level, so these do not require unlocking upgrades. Unlockable How to Unlock Big Buckaneer Level up all three easy boats to max, highlight Rogue Runner on the boat selection, and push the View button three times. Down the Hatch Level up all three medium boats to max, highlight Sea Devil on the boat selection, and push the View Button three times. The Flying Dutchman Level up all three hard boats to max, highlight Dead Wreckoner on the boat selection, and push the View button three times. As someone that missed out on this game in the arcade (I saw a cabinet one time out in the wild but never got a chance to give it a try) and the fact it's been my number 1 most wanted game in Teknnoparrot since, well forever, I'm pleased to say it's every bit as fun as I hoped it would be. As a 'spiritual successor' to the original Hydro Thunder it's great to see all the little nods to the original game in here, from the very familiar looking ship designs, to some of the levels that are thematically and visually obviously inspired by the ones form the first game. Great stuff.
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    Caladrius.AC.TeknoParrot.torrent Or Download
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    I don't think ffb plugin really fixes the sound, I got told by a few people it did but ive had times with no sound too sorry guys lol Anyway, just pushed fix for H2Overdrive so you should have working jump etc now if you hold boost, you should be able to press brake to jump now while travelling at speed
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    U have to be online all the time to use TP (The Paywall) Patreon (Why do I want my cab to be online!!! I dont.) TP don't even release games but like once a year now too! It's not about the 5 measly dollars. Funny too, How I just got banned from teknogods after this comment Oh well Jconfig kicks the lhamas ass! Your 5 dollars a month goes for his STUPID ass Diamond on his front buck teeth! Oh did not see you there! LMFAO
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    Salut , voici un hack que j'avais fait pour ma SNES MINI à la base car ca m’énervait de pas avoir de SSF2 avec les vitesses rapides Capcom a en plus programmé les 8 vitesses dans le jeu SSF2 sur SNES comme dans les versions turbo ou la version SSF2 Megadrive, mais il en a que activé 4 sur SNES , donc j'ai remplacé les 4 vitesses lentes par les 4 rapides J'ai aussi rajouté en SRAM la sauvegarde des HISCORES (ils sont sauvegardés que si pas de continu utilisé pour le faire, sinon on aurait pu exprès mourir plusieurs fois) , ainsi que le record en TIME CHALLENGE note : Sur snes dans SSF2 pour changer de vitesse c'est gauche/droite à l’écran start le lien du patch sur ROMHACKING.NET : [Hidden Content]
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    Jconfig H20 Download: [Hidden Content] untick everything click on xinput setup controls Run H20 EXE included with jconfig download DONE!
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    Very Nice indeed Trymado your welcome to post your work on the Hyperspin theme section!
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    CALADRIUS AC 1920x1080 HD 16:9 HS Animated Theme, Video, Wheel image: Download: [Hidden Content] Video was a bit large you can trim it if you want. I am finishing up animation now and will reupload the fixes in a few! Theme.xml Download: [Hidden Content] (Just overwrite the old theme.xml with this one for animation and centered logo fix!) Quicktip if you open the theme zipfile with WINRAR you can just drag it right in there after you delete the old one first. I will being doing Border Break Scramble Next will be done sometime tonight!
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    Torrent Links [Hidden Content].torrent [Hidden Content].torrent [Hidden Content].torrent [Hidden Content].torrent [Hidden Content].torrent