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    Version 2.30.00 with offline dongle (at 40 seconds in video) We will see what time will bring
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    the game just disables cryptoserver emulation and nesys emulation, that red message indicates a network access problem
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    Sorry, but this is totally impossible because of the targets. They have coordinates on screen. Cropping for 16/9 would mean that some targets will be off the screen and so impossible to shoot.
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    I have a version here that doesn't need Reshade or Tecnoparrot. Link below. [Hidden Content]?
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    SDBT_1.50_FULL: [Hidden Content] password:Chunithm Paradise Lost segatools+ChunithmTools+omnimix included
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    Full SDVX Exceed Gear basic installation guide (In case anyone needs it) Full lastest game version torrent: [Hidden Content] First time setup: Before opening the game: Right click the volume icon > Sounds > Click on the Default Device > Properties > Advanced > 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz Open spicecfg.exe, set your buttons, go to “Cards” then click “Generate”. To play the game and save scores: Open the game with startgame.bat Press + on the numpad to insert your card To freeze premium timer, Valkyrie mode, etc.: Game folder > patcher > sdvx6.html Drag soundvoltex.dll to patch and replace the current one (If not working) Game folder > prop > ea3-conflict.xml Edit <spec __type="str">F</spec> replace F to G To unlock all songs & crew: Open Asphyxia > Plugins > SDVX Tick on whatever you like on the right side In-game button combo: On song selection menu. Hit two FX buttons to configure lane speed, early late display, Valkyrie mode, etc. Hit all 4 BT buttons to exit While playing. Hit 2 FX + Start to crash track and return to song selection, or Hold 2 FX + Start to instant restart Note: Upon first time launch, you might be asked to test your knob. Use google translate and do whatever the game says. The game supports 120hz but seems like most people are having trouble setting it up. At this point, the game should be running sound and smooth now. If any problems occur, search the entire thread to find your own solution.
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