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    I stumbled upon this free MOTU game and thought it would be worth sharing ... [Hidden Content] He-Man and She-Ra beat 'em up developed with the OpenBOR engine that allows you to control He-Man, Man-at-Arms, Orko, and the rest of the gang to fight against the terrible forces of evil led by Skeletor. You can choose between several characters, all of whom can participate in the game simultaneously. Each character has their own attacks and special abilities. Have fun!
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    Et voila encore une traduction réaliser pas la Team mod.fr , et en plus réaliser très vite ( en deux semaine) , quand @nucleairelandm a montré qu'on pouvait le traduire je ne savais pas qu'on l'aurait traduit aussi vite lol.Je n'ai pas fait grand chose sur cette traduction car malheureusement @nucleairelandva beaucoup plus vite que moi , ce qui est normal car il a plus l'expérience que moi mais personnellement moi je m'amuse a découvrir des choses , et de plus le mode instruction je l'ai quand même refait 3 fois car oui je suis un peu perfectionniste et je chipote pour un rien lol. De plus vous avez de la chance car comme @nucleairelandtouche un peu a tout avec cette version traduction , il y a pas mal de chose inutiles sur la présentation du jeu qui ont disparue pour que ca soit plus propre bien sur... Alors bon jeux a vous tous...
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    Can’t wait for snowboarder(devonly)to be added to tp list a 4k native game! with beautiful and realistic graphics i used to play this game a lot I wish it had a bit more stages though 1 thing is impossible to emulate the wind effect❄️🙂❄️
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    Voici le patch fr Mod Fr rolling gunner.zip (uptobox.com) copier coller dans la racine du jeu n'oublier pas de fais une save de votre jeu pour profiter du patch fr il vous faut activer eng dans le fichier txt config qui se trouve dans la racine du jeu comme ceci ;言語設定 0:JPN 1:ENG LANGUAGE=1 Les deux versions du jeu sont full fr Merci a mon complice de traduction @ViRuS-MaN
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    Hello, In a world where all of this hard work is purely voluntary (i.e. "I have a life, I have a family, I have a job too"), only kind words are what one would consider "fruits of labor" and hearing/reading them feels so rewarding. Butterfly (our fork) has gone a long way. What initially started out as an individual project (a.k.a. "topet's butterfly"), eventually became a small group's project. On that note, this small group of individuals do not look at, nor weigh, their contributions in the quantitative sense. The fact of the matter is, there is mutual dependency in the contributions that went into (our fork of) butterfly in its current state, such that a missing piece/contribution by any single one in this group couldn't have made butterfly "whole" all by himself. In this sense, our contributions are weighted qualitatively and hence, as I personally see it, all are equal and therefore all individuals in this small group have equal stake for decisions involving this fork of butterfly. These are the people who have helped make butterfly what it is today: @tw3nz0r @bman @Towlesy27 @Sirk @One Eternal Ash @kanor And of course, @skogaby who is the original author of butterfly. I've only had a chance to talk to him a few times and learn a thing or two. But that simple act is what enabled and fueled me to embark on this journey. This decision to (hopefully, momentarily) stop openly supporting the use of butterfly with DDR Arcade (Ripped) Data is a very painful decision, at least for me personally, because - and again, this is in no way undermining the group that made it for what it is today - the fact remains that it started as an individual person's project. As such I would almost say that this is my "baby" project. And as "small" of a project as it may be in the eyes of the more technically inclined, I unfortunately was "technically handicapped" throughout this entire journey, so whatever "little achievement" you can see (from the eyes of a technical person) is actually a milestone and a source of pride for me. I am not about to be hypocritical about all of this because at the end of the day we know what "THIS" is. Do know that I personally took it with a heavy heart to make this decision. But I think, for the preservation of the greater good who will and should benefit in the long run, I believe that this decision has to be made. Out of my love for the work that has been done, and out of consideration for the many others who try their best to help with the sustainability of making this game available, I am going to release a "final goodbye" public build (hopefully, goodbye only for now). This build is enough to last you up to any 2020-dated package, and will cease to fully function when the 2021-dated packages are leaked to the public (or when you use our butterfly fork on any 2021-dated builds). In the meantime, you may use other 3rd-party online servers which provide the essentials for enjoying the game (score saving/tracking, score rivalry, force-unlocking of all songs, etc.). It is unfortunate that we had to (again, hopefully momentarily) stop making public builds since our fork of butterfly, although primarily envisioned for offline use, offers a very rich level of support and experience for DDR that goes the extra mile, in fact way beyond the essentials. Nonetheless, I have huge respect for all the maintainers/owners of the 3rd-party online servers. Putting up a server to function online where there a lot of users is in fact a stressful thing to do (on top of the fact this is purely voluntary plus volunteering material and non-material resources to maintain it). I am amazed at not only your work, but also your dedication for doing this. I am a patron of some of these 3rd-party servers too. I personally hope that things will eventually turn out for the better because I am still very excited in helping others as you have seen me do. Let us hope for the best and make this a learning lesson as we move forward.
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    Again all the credit goes to @DarkVoid666 for the encoding. This was a particularly tricky re-code due to the dire condition of the source material, but here is: Esh's Aurunmilla 4k: [Hidden Content] Windows Template: [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] Supported Versions: Click name to preview patches 2020-07-27 Force enable fast/slow Force background judgement Force darkest background Song Unlock Tutorial Skip Timer Freeze Unlock options Enable DDR SELECTION Premium Free Mute announcer Force DDR SELECTION theme everywhere Choose forced theme 2021-08-04 Force Gold Cab Force enable fast/slow Force background judgement Force darkest background Force black background Song Unlock Tutorial Skip Timer Freeze Unlock options Enable DDR SELECTION Premium Free Mute announcer Force DDR SELECTION theme everywhere Choose forced theme
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    I guess it was, it has been added to [Hidden Content]
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    Voici le patch fr ROLLING GUNNER Mod Fr rolling gunner.zip (uptobox.com) copier coller dans la racine du jeu n'oublier pas de fais une save de votre jeu pour profiter du patch fr il vous faut activer eng dans le fichier txt config qui se trouve dans la racine du jeu comme ceci ;言語設定 0:JPN 1:ENG LANGUAGE=1 Les deux versions du jeu sont full fr Merci a mon complice de traduction @ViRuS-MaN Poste 1 est mis a jour
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    can someone tell me what is the probleme with v5 ? So there a release torrent of 2021080400 is there anyone use it? i dont care if only my railgun is deleted or other , i want to make a proper 2021080400 so tell me , is the torrent is clean or if i need to make another aio or something else. thanks
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    Pack updaté pour corriger 2 ou 3 petites erreurs dont je me suis rendu compte, ça reste le même lien pour télécharger : [Hidden Content] Sinon je ne pense pas beaucoup mettre à jour vu que j'ai accompli tout ce que je voulais faire.
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    With a massive thanks to @DarkVoid666 for all the work, and @Nit3H8wk as technical adviser Super don Quix-ote 4k: [Hidden Content] Windows Template: [Hidden Content] There are two sets of .bat files within the Windows Template. The default will enable SDL2 bilinear scaling, the other will disable this feature.
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    There are a lot of posts of people not able to download from uptobox (Virusman's site) Here are instructions on how to download files from uptobox with minimal waiting. Normally you have to wait 2 hours between downloads, with Hola vpn you only have to wait 59 seconds. You need to use the Chrome browser. The free version of Hola does have a time limit as well, but i think you get 15 minutes the first time, then have to wait 59 seconds, then have to wait 20 minutes. The full time will reset after a little bit. Depending on the size of the game it might take a little while to all of the downloads, but it is better than having to wait a few days, or find other download links. 1. Click this link to go to the Hola VPN extension site. [Hidden Content] Click Add to Chrome button. Then click Add Extension. Close the Hola web page that pops up. You do not need to install the desktop client. 2. Click the puzzle piece in the top right corner of chrome. Click the pushpin next to Hola VPN to pin it to your extension tools. Now you will have a flame icon in your extensions. 3. When you get to uptobox's site and it says that the page is not allowed. Click the flame icon. Click the flag in the change country to. Then click stay free limited. 4. Choose the country you want to use. UK, France, Germany are good choices. 5. If uptobox does not change to the download screen. close the web page, and click on the link to the download again. Uptobox will now load the download page. 6. wait 59 seconds to begin download. then click download file. 7. once download starts... you see the download in the bottom left corner of Chrome, close uptobox website. Click on next link you want to download. When uptobox says you have to wait 1 hour, click the flag icon in the bottom right corner of chrome. . Click no to the is it working prompt. Uptobox will reload, and the wait time should be 59 seconds. You might have to do this a few times. If it still doesn't work use a different country. Once the download starts, close uptobox and do this step again. 8. When you are done downloading, click the flag icon like in step 7, and click stop vpn to stop the timer on hola vpn. Your downloads will still download without the vpn enabled. Sometimes when you click the download button it will reset back to the 59 seconds, and you will have to wait. It seems to happen more when you click on a different webpage while waiting. Screen shots Page is not allowed I started Hola VPN and now I can access Uptobox. It says I have to wait 7 minutes. I click no to is it working in the bottom right Now i have to wait 59 seconds I have 2 downloads running, and it says i have to wait an hour. I click the flag icon in the bottom right, click no to is it working Now I have to wait 59 seconds to start the 3rd and final download of Tekken.