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    From what others said it turned out you don't actually need autohotkey. Just extract the two files and put them in the same directory as racing.exe. Instead of running racing.exe run Storm Racer G.exe instead. You should see the menus get navigated and turn off msaa for you. Then add coins start and play.
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    i my site it s ok , the msaa already off just need to start the Storm Racer G.bat for playing , no need also Teknoparrot
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    New FFB Arcade Plugin release. [Hidden Content]
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    Arcade Racing Legends About: [youtube][Hidden Content]] CDI Download: This works on emulators and Dreamcast consoles. Enjoy!
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    bonjour, Après différents échecs d'installation de King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match avec le loader All RH (testé 3 rars/dumps différents) Je l'ai porté sur Teknoparrot (sur les 3 rars, 1 marchait sous Teknoparrot) De ce fait j'ai inclus un lien qui donne le jeu (valide) + les fichiers JSON,XML et PNG ainsi qu'un document texte avec les démarches à suivre je remercie en passant l'originale upolader du jeu et le créateur de l'icone Dernière chose j'aurai aimé rajouté un bezel (le bezel NesicaXlive fourni dans RH Loader) mais je ne savais pas comment faire sous teknoparrot Si quelqu'un connait la réponse... Liens: [Hidden Content] ou [Hidden Content] of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match for NesicaxLive.rar Enjoy
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    @eathearty1 Here is a mirror : [Hidden Content] For information, as its name suggests, multiup is a multi-upload service so there is multiple links from different hosting websites. Just use JDownloader to copy multiup url and you'll have automatically all active links. So I was able to download it without any registration (except Emuline registration but I was already registered ^^). Mega links are cool but dies fast and have bandwidth limitation since chinese owned it... I miss the good old "DOT COM" (I mean Kim) Mega ^^ @Drunkymaster, n'hésite pas à ajouter le lien à ton premier message.
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    Same for MK but not as strong as SR3... I think it IS depanding of thé global forces... Needs to be decreased ...👍
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    Don't know what to tell you it works for everyone else. Nothing I can really do. You can try a fresh download of the game fresh Jconfig and put the files back only suggestion I would have.
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    @mastershakelock NESiCAxLive Version 2.57 DOWNLOAD source Special Thanks to @dex77 for this amazing edition
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    @eathearty1 thanks for help, but I don't have any unblock option, files doesn't seems to be blocked after searching about it on the net.
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    PC GAME ds4 and serious sam 4, so if you play this game you think the controllers fuked right? i use DS4 using my ps4 controller , what you do is this; START WITH YOUR CONTROLLER OFF, THEN CONNECT YOUR CONTROLLER via USB INTO PC, LET DS4 START UP NATURALLY TO XBOX Ctlr , NOW PLAY SERIOUS SAM 4 , NOW IT SHOULDN'T BE FUKED, THE API IN THIS GAME IS FUKED what it wants is actually d-input. i have just tried the x360e app, i have also tried what they recommended which is to use steam and set up your controller in settings of steam NOPE DOESN'T WORK. USE MY METHOD its the easiest way. this game came out last year and yet its acting like its doom on xp or some shit . anyway i learned it if you have a problem like i did. basically all iv been doing is using my usb whilst playing this game but starting from my controller being 'off' for a start
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    @Trymado Un petite contribution pour Hyperspin, mon (très basique) thème pour Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone. Je me suis servis du thème Project Diva de Trymado donc merci à lui, j'ai remplacé le fond et les autres images, je continue d'utiliser la vidéo ProjectDiva.avi pour l'instant (renommée en ProjectDivaFutureTone.avi), je ferai peut-être una autre vidéo également. A little (and modest) contribution for Hyperspin, my Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Future Tone (really basic) theme. I used Trymado's Project DIVA theme, so thnaks for that, I changed background and artworks, I still use ProjectDiva.avi this far (renamed ProjectDivaFutureTone.avi), maybe I'll do another video too. Here is link : Theme Edit: Je viens de réaliser que mon thème fonctionne bien avec la vidéo de Project DIVA Arcade mais celle-ci est 4/3, vu que j'ai fais une vidéo pour Arcade Future Tone, j'ai modifié le thème pour que le cadre corresponde à une vidéo 16/9. Voici les liens (soyez avertis, la vidéo fait 43.4Mo): I just realized my theme is working fine using Project DIVA Arcade videosnap but this one is 4/3! Since I made a videosnap for Arcade Future Tone now, I edited theme for video overlay to works properly with a 16/9 video, here are links(be warned video is about 43.4Mo): Theme - Video Une petite capture d'écran: Here's a screenshot:
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    Thanks for reply. Then it may be something related to JConfig that will be fixed in future releases.
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    Or if you prefer use my script and have MSAA turned off for you everytime automatically. Here are the instructions and here it is. Auto MSAA.7z
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    Hello folks, I thought it was time to bring some more nostalgia from the 80’ (since it’s never enough...LOL)… I did this remastering quite long time ago with the intention to achieve the closest result to the arcade version and to share it one day through a proper channel, as a purist I was a bit disappointed about the original Singe release since the team who did the port (I guess for legal reasons) has done various changes stylistically weird such as the UI elements, options screen, slate and ending roll/credits so I decided to improve their work by editing the whole thing and remastering the video track as well, I believe the result achieved it’s pretty much neat, I don’t know how many people out there are interested in these kind of “obsolete” games but I’m pretty sure that for some of us Timegal it’s still considered a milestone of the laserdisc age, so here it is for the community and in its all arcade glory, enjoy! LINK: [Hidden Content] KEY: !PMoJRiM3NvVrxTXtK8aJRcJTW5tI5mX2Cl_N8mJJbgQ *** In the main folder are also included 3 uncompressed HD .tiff, it’s the CD layout I made and ready to be printed if someone wants to archive it on a physical support. To run the game just double click the .bat file and go. There’s two .bat versions; - AC (No Scanlines) if you intend to play it on a real JAMMA cabinet. - PC (With Scanlines) for desktop play. That’s it, if you are already familiar with Daphne and Singe then you should know all the rest. Res: 800x600. Folder size: 2.18 Gb. (Much bigger than the original release size since the video quality has been raised quite a bit) KEYS: Arrows = Directions Space = Action Key 9 = Option screen Key 5 = Credits Key 1 = Start 1P Key 2 = Start 2P Esc = Quit Game PEACE!!
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    I created a mirror link, there are not many links of this game. If anyone need this dump, you can download again. [Hidden Content]