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    Ca y est ce projet plus qu'incertain est finalement sortie et est disponible (beaucoup l'ont déjà reçu), du coup si par hasard une copie de sauvegarde, pour ne pas user votre cartouche achetée une fortune sur le site officiel, était disponible c'est avec plaisir qu'on l'utiliserait à des fins purement de test et de préservation de notre collection perso, bien entendu comme chacun s'en doutera (loin de nous de jouer les tipiak, c'est pas la politique de la maison hein ^^). Play the Game - Paprium - Sega Megadrive - YouTube PS: on dira (tout comme pier solar) que le jeu n'est pas jouable en ému (à cause de ce qu'il inclut matériellement en plus) etc... attendez donc un petit peu 23/01/21 : Ajout du 1er dump, il n'inclus pas le jeu complet (qui demande une modif des émus) mais ca va venir prochainement... PAPRIUMcWATERME.zip
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    ver.1.3 ver.2.0 ver.2.1 ver.2.3 dumped but only ver.1.31 support by TeknoParrot yet if TP support 2.0 i will shared 2.0 and 2.1 dump
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    [Hidden Content] Quelques corrections sur les options WIP: [Hidden Content]
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    Here they are, let me know if this works for you ! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    As far as I'm concerned, I hope we can play Terminator salvation arcade, it's the game I'm waiting for the most.
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    Fuck those games, I just want Point Blank X dumped
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    It doesn't matter when the game is already playable. jconfig support TK7 R2. here is pic
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    [ARCADE PC] CLIFF HANGER AC - BLU-RAY DISC REMASTERED (Laserdisc) Hello folks, I’m back with a story that is quite nuts… after the upload of Timegal last time, I promised to resume from the dead also a restored edition of Cliff Hanger made by a cool guy in 2009… Well… While digging into my archives it turns out I have found something even better… A true remaster (not restoration) that I did personally in 2010 after I have bought in Tokyo the Japanese blu-ray of Cagliostro and Mamo… I guess being very busy for all these years has erased from my memories such event cause I have to admit the surprise has been definitely jaw dropping since I had no recollection of it whatsoever until I found the lost folder (probably the weed was very good, LOL)… Anyway… now that this little crappy masterpiece has been brought back to light and being so pleased by the fact that I got back so many good memories of that specific time I’m ready to share it with all of you… I did it with such meticulous love and a killer frame by frame precision that I’m sure you’ll be able to notice the incomparable difference with the original blurry Laserdisc capture, so here it is truly hoping that all the purists around here are gonna have a blast with it, Enjoy and Peace!! I added also an HD CD layout ready to be printed if you wish to archive it on a physical support. The remaster it comes in three different versions: - 640x480_30i - The exact replica of the laserdisc 30 frames (60 fields) per second interlaced. Use this one if you want to play Cliff Hanger on an arcade monitor or a (CRT) TV. - 640x480_24p - 24 frames per second progressive scan. This is the way the animation was drawn in the first place, and perfect for Desktop PC. - 640x480_24p_letterbox - 24 FPS progressive letterboxed. (Don’t ask me why I did this cause I have no clue, LOL) Frame files, cliff24P.txt, Cliff24P_Letterbox.txt and Cliff30i.txt, are included “BUT” You will need to edit it according on which mpeg you wanna use and where you have Daphne installed. This release comes with an updated version of Daphne, the whole CH archive is stored in the Roms folder as well as the framefiles. IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR WITH DAPHNE EMU I HIGHLY SUGGEST TO READ THE “BRD REMASTERED_INFO.txt” file included in the main folder or taking a look at the official Daphne forum! Link: [Hidden Content] Key: !RxySDyPJx8DOftkbS2tpdgZC7ClDVea1QQ9t6LOUtx0 Here's a comparison between the LD, the restored and the remastered version. PS. The picture quality it's so good that there's no need of scanlines, if you want to enable it anyway i suggest an 800x600 res setting on Daphne video options to display it properly! That’s it!