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    Yes, I will use my magical powers to spawn a Namco System ES3 with Time Crisis 5, I will tell my mystical elf to magically copy the hard drive to my PC and use my magic dildo to enable link mode
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    Mod fr a venir lol je le fini et le diffuse avec times crisis5 mod fr
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    Yes, it will come as soon as the designer of Singe give us green light. We're close
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    Ci40 G4M3-MANiACs™, I decided to share my whole setup of Supermodel I'm using because I noticed some user here has problem with it. In the archive I uploaded you will find Supermodel r8.02 ( the version I'm using ) and 15 games I'm playing with it + offiicial pink UI already set + NVRAM in English ( EXPORT ) + my gamepad configuration ( xbox controller, if you don't like it you can change it modifying the Supermodel.ini in the Config folder ) + Save State for Magical Truck Adventure ( click F7 to load it during the game startup ) . Everything is working good here ( my PC HW specs are on my profile page ) but keep in mind I'm launching them through LaunchBox and thanks to this I can set XInput or DInput via Command Line parameters so I don't need to change options every time I choose to play a game that needs DInput or XInput ( e.g. Ocean Hunter needs DInput here for second player ). Another thing, Star Wars Trilogy has a bug that can be fixed deleting the NVRAM at each start ( I solved this with a .bat file via LaunchBox ). Games added are : - Daytona USA 2 Power Edition - Dirt Devils - Emergency Call Ambulance - Get Bass: Sega Bass Fishing - Harley-Davidson and L.A. Riders - L.A. Machineguns - Le Mans 24 - Magical Truck Adventure - The Ocean Hunter - Scud Race Plus - Sega Rally 2 - Ski Champ - Star Wars Trilogy Arcade - Virtua Fighter 3 - Virtua Striker 2 ver. '99 Link for download : [Hidden Content] Password = nohero Hope you enjoy CHEERs
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    Availables links: -------- Misc availables...or not: -------- Misc: -------- OLD RUSSIAN servers (for reference only): New RUSSIAN servers: - D'autres jeux peuvent êtres disponibles sur le sujet de Teknoparrot (voir en bas de page). - Other games may be available on the subject of Teknoparrot (at the bottom of the page).
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    Million Arthur Arcana Blood (source) download [Hidden Content] NOTE: - NO REQUEST LINKS OR OTHERS VERSIONS - NO SPANISH LANGUAGE (FR/EN only) - NO INFO FOR DOWNLOAD (you're on your own) - NO THANKS (use button for this) If not = permanent ban, so think carefully before doing USE EXCEPTION IN ANTIVIRUS: NO MESSAGE REGARDING THIS TOPIC.
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    Amazing arcade style gameplay woooow. Back to the 90s. High recommend for arcade lovers ^-^ First Goal: 10:27 Second Goal: 13:41 / Nice shot lol
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    Nice video👍 By the way tomorrow is exactly 2 years since hodsd came out in japan so maybe what we saw yesterday was a preview to the real thing? Who knows anyway the best thing always is to expect nothing
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    yes it does, but i had to remove some ms visual c++ redistributable installs (2012 editon in particular) and be sure DirectX Software Development Kit is installed correctly.
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    my first you tube videos may be bugs lack of equipment
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    Is Johnny Nero: Action Hero a spiritual successor to CarnEvil?
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    Ok I don't know if there's a lower one than 100%, but I'll just explain the script anyway. First you will need to hit windows key + R and type regedit, and go to the location pictured. You are trying to locate your display number Mine is VIZ10390_01_07E4_30^30BB376176AE7BF6A3A1FE1F935346BE , that is my display. You will need to replace both locations that have that with your display name in the script. See my recommended display is 150%, so for Time Crisis 5 I wanted to make it 100% for the game only. So I have mine set to -2 as you see below. Since yours recommended is 100% you will want a negative number. You can try -1 or -2. Notice there's another SetDpi under escape, this is where you want to it to go back to the original Dpi so it should be 0 for you. You also need to change your monitors display resolution where mine says 1920 x 1080. Also of course you will want to change the .exes under escape to your game's .exes names. #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. #SingleInstance, force SetDpi(-2) sleep, 100 run your game.exe here Escape:: Process,Close,Put correct game name here.exe Run,taskkill /im "Put correct game name here.exe" /F SetDpi(0) sleep 100 ExitApp return SetDpi(dpi) { RegWrite, REG_DWORD, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\PerMonitorSettings\VIZ10390_01_07E4_30^30BB376176AE7BF6A3A1FE1F935346BE, DpiValue, % dpi RegWrite, REG_DWORD, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\GraphicsDrivers\ScaleFactors\VIZ10390_01_07E4_30^30BB376176AE7BF6A3A1FE1F935346BE, DpiValue, % dpi ChangeResolution() } return ChangeResolution(Screen_Width := 1920, Screen_Height := 1080, Color_Depth := 32) ; change these values for your screen resolution { VarSetCapacity(Device_Mode,156,0) NumPut(156,Device_Mode,36) DllCall( "EnumDisplaySettingsA", UInt,0, UInt,-1, UInt,&Device_Mode ) NumPut(0x5c0000,Device_Mode,40) NumPut(Color_Depth,Device_Mode,104) NumPut(Screen_Width,Device_Mode,108) NumPut(Screen_Height,Device_Mode,112) Return DllCall( "ChangeDisplaySettingsA", UInt,&Device_Mode, UInt,0 ) } return
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    He said it will be released back in March, but it hasen't
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    @all users that have problems to run NESICA version, download the archive I uploaded and put all files in the USFIV directory overwriting when asking. Here it needs not only the old .exe but even something else Link : [Hidden Content] Password = nohero CHEERs
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    Million Arthur Arcana Blood 1080p + Jconfig ready to use [Hidden Content]
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    What to expect : - 1080p versions of all my games (no more bug for this resolution) - 1080p overlay (no more resolution bug for the overlay) - 2 more levels for Cliffhanger (a kind of "missing link") - Timegal upscaled in HD - A new ROM for DL2 (?) - Better controls (all buttons of the pad usable) - And even more...
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    Say goodbye to one of our favourite songs.
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    For everyone who’s struggling with the controls of this game kerro method does work also here(and thanks again keroro!)you can see how to use it on samurai 2019 thread page 3 now for the game itself 2 buttons works as follows:to throw something at the opponent with the direction stick and to preform a dream finish they both work but only at certain times during the game i have finished the game and its awesome