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    PAC-MAN CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION + GAPLUS, ©BNEI 2020, both are demakes made this year by Bandai/Namco and extracted from the game NAMCOT Collection Vol.1&2, enjoy for the first time ever two classics directly on your mini FC/NES or on your preferred emulator! (FC JPN hi-res covers included in the game folders) PS. Both games have hi-score feature! [Hidden Content] By the way... Leave a like if you appreciate this post!
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    I am happy to announce that the Chicago Gaming Company's Nicktoons Racing Arcade game is cracked and ready to play but i do need someone smart enough to get ppjoy, GlovePie and other xbox controller Inputs working in order to launch the game or otherwise it will give you an error about dinput.cpp for two error codes. One will say No Controllers IN START -> SETTINGS -> CONTROL PANEL -> GAMING OPTIONS or Cannot Find 4 axes and 4 buttons Joystick for the game but for now here is all the files! mega://enc2?TZSTQTNcEWr6I6ZAtQtE_GzDKf49H8FU7WW5OZGq62bzsD7AyaaDDRHTQDuKr_YADnkCdux6kycKRzC1KioG_w use megadownloader 1.7. or [Hidden Content] I can't confirm that its fully working yet because I'm stuck on controller input errors It seems complicated but someday somebody can get it to work! The RAR Password is: NICKTOONS - Copy the Files to Program Files x86 folder - Then launch toonsDX7_nocoin_nodongle.exe - If you want to change resolution settings and other options run launch.mfc THIS IS NOT THE RAW THRILLS VERSION! IT'S THE CHICAGO GAMING COMPANY's v1.07
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    If you want all the characters and updated costumes and patches and the option to play two players yes pc version would be better
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    Can't wait to watch this game working. Hard to find...Thanks
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    The rtuned.bin file isn't the executable. It's the disk image. You must open it with a tool like poweriso and then extract the folder. In the disk0 folder there's the executable file (if I remember right it's "dsr")
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