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    Might want to check your facts there as TP came out with support for like 15-20 games last year - more than any other loader, most are non-Patreon and some were that way out of the gate, like the RawThrills ones. My god, they support literally 80 games now and like 5 are Patreon. So 95% is free and you don't need to pay a cent or need to be online or anything. Jesus, every week, we have to have this same stupid argument with one side that has no facts or logic and is all furious for some reason...and the other side that has to correct that. Such a waste of time.... Speaking of, here's another one that's about to drop:
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    Couldnt agree more mate, 5 dollars would get you 5 turns in the arcade
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    Oui mais Ghost Squad n'est pas disponible contrairement à ce qui est annoncé comme ci-dessous: [PATREON] Ghost Squad Evo is now playable as soon as we have JVS profile in TeknoParrotUI.
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    I don't think it is and I fully support them. Where the hell else can you play Dirty Drivin, SW battle Pod, H2Overdrive, Luigis Mansion Arcade, Transformers, etc. other than arcades or places like Dave and Busters?? It's only 5 bucks a month and You would easily spend more than that in 1 trip playing these games elsewhere. So yeah...I have no problem at all with 5 measly dollars a month to support them.
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    Il s'agit des news concernant la sortie du pack IdMacX + Jconfig + JVSemu + Nesica Unlocker + R2 Unlocker + différents patchs servant aux jeux Nesica et bien d'autres, mais aussi de SpiceTools/BemaniTools (outils dédiés aux jeux Bemani/Andamiro/etc). ------------------ ------------------ IdMacX Tools: - iDmacX NESiCA System Emulator - JVSEmu TaitoX/X2 System Emulator - NESiCA System Trainer Unlocker - R2 System Trainer Unlocker - Individuals patches - Etc iDmacXv1.7_2019_12_20.rar ------------------ [Hidden Content] Individuals patches and JConfig: ------------------ SpiceTools: Spicetools est un loader pour certains jeux spécifiques comme: - Bishi Bashi Channel - PacDrive/PocketVoltex - Sound Vortex - BeatMania II DX - Jubeat - Jubeat Copious - Dance Evolution - BeatStream - Metal Gear - Reflec Beat - Pop'n'Music & cie - Steel Chronicles - Road Fighter 3D - Museca - DDR & cie - GitaDora - Nostalgia - Dancerush - Guitar motor - MiniMaid - Mahjong Fight Club - LovePlus - FutureTomTom - ... spicetools-latest.zip ([Hidden Content]) ------------------ Certains jeux nécessiterons des outils particuliers, vous aurez alors besoin de ce qui suit: Bemani Tools: Bemanitools 5 binary distribution package. It contains various sub-packages which can be applied to the targeted games and versions. Furthermore, the sub-package *sdk* contains header files of bemanitools API that allow you to write custom IO libraries and use them with bemanitools. The sub-package *tools* contains a collection various helper tools for development, debugging and testing. Checkout the dedicated readme files (extensions *.md*) in sub-package first which are also written using markdown syntax. They contain usage information on how to setup and run everything and answer a bunch of FAQs as well. bemanitools-v5.29.zip ([Hidden Content]) Bemani DLL Patching Tools: [Hidden Content] ------------------ Enfin, quelques outils ou variantes spécifiques sont aussi disponibles sur le lien suivant: Misc tools etc. : [Hidden Content] -Tout sujet sans rapport direct avec Jconfig/Bemani/.. sera supprimé sans sommation. Vous êtes prévenu ! - Any subject not directly related to Jconfig/Bemani/.. will be deleted without warning. You are warned!
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    --FFB Arcade Plugin-- Created by Boomslangnz, Ducon2016 & Spazzy. This is a plugin to provide Force Feedback and Rumble to various arcade games. Initially this was a small project to add FFB to Daytona Championship USA and it grew from there to support several more games and rumble was added. While best efforts were made to try to resemble the real arcade force feedback, It will never be 100% accurate & in some cases eg Mario Kart GP DX, Pokken Tournament and Battle Gear 4. Effects were created entirely from scratch so are not using any real force feedback values --Credits-- - Reaver from Teknoparrot . Huge thanks to Reaver for supplying code necessary for some games & general force feedback, extremely generous. - Jackchen for his Daytona Championship USA FFB work at beginning of year. - Howard Castro for help on game FFB code. Always helpful and a big reason this plugin was ever made - Mame team - SailorSat for finding the offsets etc required for Daytona USA Multiplayer AI hack - Nuexzz for finding offset required for Daytona Panoramic Force Hack - POOTERMAN for making logo on GUI - Everyone who helps and gives back to this awesome scene. Thanks for everything! --Supported Games-- - Many arcade games - Demul - M2Emulator - MAME (old and news) - SuperModel - Etc. --How to use-- Place the main dll file, SDL2.dll & FFBPlugin.ini into game folder for most games. For Teknoparrot Lindbergh games place opengl32.dll, SDL22.dll into Teknoparrot folder inside Main Teknoparrot folder & FFBPlugin.ini into same folder as elf file for each game. Elf file is like the lindbergh version of an exe eg the file you choose to load via teknoparrot If using GUI, put FFBPluginGUI.exe & Metroframework.dll into same folder as FFBPlugin.ini If you are using FFB Plugin on Teknoparrot instead of using Teknoparrot built in FFB, Please turn off Force Feedback in TeknoparrotUI. (Not necessary on latest TP Versions) ini file contains settings to adjust for each game GameId= **GameId for code to identify game, also has a test FFB mode,-1 for Constant test ,-2 for Sine test, -3 for Friction test, -4 for Spring test, -5 for Heavy test or -6 for loose test** MinForce= **Minimum FFB force with 0 being lowest value available** MaxForce= **Maximum FFB force with 100 being highest value available** DeviceGUID= **Set Device GUID to connect to specific wheel or controller** EnableRumble= **Turn Off (0) if your wheel supports rumble effect. For controllers, turn on (1)** Logging= **Turn On (1) to allow log.txt to be made to log plugin. Device GUID is given in here** ResetFeedback= **When a command is set that contradicts a prior command, clear the prior command. Should stay as 1** FeedbackLength= **Length of a feedback command** DefaultCentering= **If a game does not specify its own Centering force then a default centering can be applied here. If a game has any of its own such forces,these values will be overwritten immediately in-game. Use -1 to disable** DefaultFriction= **If a game does not specify its own Friction force then a default friction can be applied here. If a game has any of its own such forces,these values will be overwritten immediately in-game. Use -1 to disable** BeepWhenHook= **Beep should occur if dll is hooked by executable when turned on (1)** FFBMode= **This will raise strength of lower forces, potentially could cause oscillation to occur on certain games. Set 1 to turn on** AlternativeFFB= **This is for certain wheels where roll effect does not work correctly normally (such as PWM2M2 or Thrustmaster 300rs etc). Set 1 to turn on ** Device2GUID= **Set Device 2 GUID to connect to secondary specific wheel or controller (buttons only)** --Downloads-- 0.1: [Hidden Content] 0.1a: [Hidden Content] (from discord) 0.1a+fix: [Hidden Content] (from discord) 0.2: [Hidden Content] 0.3: [Hidden Content] 0.4: [Hidden Content] 0.5: [Hidden Content] 0.6 (includes GUI): [Hidden Content] 0.6a (includes GUI): [Hidden Content] 0.7 (includes GUI): *removed link as 0.7 is broken* 0.8 (includes GUI): [Hidden Content] 0.9 (includes GUI): [Hidden Content] 0.9a (includes GUI): [Hidden Content] 0.9b (includes GUI): [Hidden Content] 0.9c (includes GUI): [Hidden Content] v1.x and + : [Hidden Content]
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    Regarding Patreon users , there are around 450, total 2200USD monthly...if somebody thinks TP people are making lot of money, are really stupid. TP people are helping US to enjoy with many arcade games where would be impossible yo play at home. Last one, anybody knows how many bucks a simple arcade worth It?? 20k? 30k?...once per year TP people could buy one to dump... I Hope when anybody ask It has some doubts make or non make Patreon...think about. Alea jacta est. @arcade_power try this: [Hidden Content]
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    Hi all, is there a direct link to download all Raw Thrills games dumped at the moment? Thanks!
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    U have to be online all the time to use TP (The Paywall) Patreon (Why do I want my cab to be online!!! I dont.) TP don't even release games but like once a year now too! It's not about the 5 measly dollars. Funny too, How I just got banned from teknogods after this comment Oh well Jconfig kicks the lhamas ass! Your 5 dollars a month goes for his STUPID ass Diamond on his front buck teeth! Oh did not see you there! LMFAO
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    [Hidden Content] ERm a big boost now: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Here the dome fixed files ! Done with the latest fix V5 [Hidden Content] before after