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    this guy knows his shit, everyone should listen to this guy Thanks petje mate
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    Please use this link to request icons, they take time to make so you're help and support would be appreciated: [Hidden Content] Thanks
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    Sure, here they are : "WMV1", "WMV2", "WMV3" "WMVA" The sega rally 3 fix required these to be set to LAV, however when doing so it breaks some games like KOF XIII. Had to revert them to MS to get the games to work again.
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    I guess these steps to make Sega Rally 3 work on windows 10 1903 But in reverse ? Windows 10 1809 (and newer) crashfix 1. Download and install LAVFilters 2. Open up "LAV Video Configuration" 3. Go to "Formats" and untick "Use Microsoft WMV9 MFT decoder for WMV3 and VC-1" 4. Download and run Codec Tweak Tool 5. Select "Preferred decoders" under "Win7DSFilterTweaker" 6. Scroll down under "## 32-bit decoders ##" to WMV1 7. Select LAV Video for "WMV1", "WMV2", "WMV3" (and optionally "WMVA") 8. Click Apply and then close it.
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    Check the .xml files and edit ? Settings.xml <struct name="m_Sound" type="Sound"> <int name="m_nMasterVolumeSlider" value="20" /> <int name="m_nGameVolumeSlider" value="16" /> <int name="m_nAttractVolumeSlider" value="20" /> <int name="m_nSeatRumbleSlider" value="20" /> <int name="m_bMuteGameVolume" value="0" /> <int name="m_bMuteAttractVolume" value="0" />
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    Bonsoir a tous Alors pour ceux qui sont window 10 sp1909, il fait mettre ce paramètre en cochant la case "enable" et mettre le paramétre a "0" Je l ai testé sur transformers , operation Ghost, ca marche nikel Bien cordialement. Flo
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    Network play on H2Overdrive can be activated by changing 4th line of Settings2.xml, change last number to 1, 2, 3, for machine 1,2,3 etc. <int name="m_uPosition" value="0" /> Game Starts with Network Play Enabled: Player X, but appears to be something else needed.
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    ajuda com este erro de fundo do SNOWCROOS
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    I have found MONKEY BALL for PC, thank you trouby !
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    Good old days... Arcade Gaming forever
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    Thank you sir :)!! Much appreciated! Will give them a try as soon as I get home. Thanks again!!! :))))))
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    vt3 working [Hidden Content] from @NoKey VT4.rar [Hidden Content] Coin patch for Virtua Tennis 4 [Hidden Content]
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    yes this is what i do normally ... but with dirty drivin and h2overdrive selecting xinput is bugged and controls don't work right ... so i tried just selecting dinput and assigning my controller buttons and it worked and now the controls work fine.
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    [Hidden Content] Download the respective thing you're trying to update and just unzip it in the respective folder. Example to update the UI [Hidden Content]/TeknoParrotUI/releases Download that unzip it to D:\TeknoParrot and same for the other [Hidden Content]/OpenParrot/releases dl the 32 bit open parrot and 64 and extract them in d:\Teknoparrot\openparrot32 etc. I would highly suggest backing up your original folder. don't blame if if you fuck your shit up :D
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    Well, I uploaded "Fast & Furious - Drift" for those who need it here: [Hidden Content]
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    I have a link for many Raw Thrills games. FnF Drift is included. Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
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    Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate (Sega RingEdge 2) [Hidden Content] DOA5_UPDATE1 [Hidden Content] DOA5_UPDATE2 [Hidden Content]
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    i said something is fishy fishy because that is so doubtful... POOTERMAN make icon and you make hs-frontend well thanks for icon and frontend work... But... i confirmed about 2 arcade games... hope it will be out soon House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn Click Here NasCar GVR Click Here Click Here
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    FlyBitToday at 3:25 PM H2Overdrive Updated Current Version (v1.2) - Added Accel / Jump Far option (second jump mode): 1 - Default Above 1, on the ramps, the boat jumps constantly until it releases acceleration Note: To jump, release acceleration and press brake + nitro Download: [Hidden Content] Other Notes: Hit enter on your keyboard and use the number keys to set a passcode the directions on your controller to select a profile name you use nitro to enter in your name but the button seems like its stuck on a turbo mode so its hard to select one letter at a time. Once you do this and save your profile you can see the boats during selection.
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    I got it working. I will likely be making a tutorial later this week. Since the information that is both on SOWS and here, have missing/incorrect directions. I myself have been having issues with the card data stuff. But in regards to getting the Minime server and SEGATOOLS running. I will help everyone out via a video tutorial. Give me some time but I will try to pump out a video by the end of this week.
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    I leave here this tip to anyone who needs to use arcade cabinet buttons to control the sound, without a mouse or keyboard on Windows cabinet. This is a AutoHotKey script. In the end of this post you have download link of compiled script to exe to use button 4 and button 8 of first joystick set to decrease and increase sound. I use it in Win7. How it work? Pressing button 8 for more than 1,5 seconds increase sound by 2 Pressing button 4 for more than 1,5 seconds decrease sound by 2 How change for your need? Install AutoHotKey ([Hidden Content]) Click on Desktop with Right Mouse Button and creat a AHK Script, copy the code above and save with ahk extension. Simple change Joy8 or Joy4 for the key/button you want. For example: second joystick set button 3 -> 2Joy3 You can give any letter of keyboard too, or Control, Alt (see [Hidden Content]/docs/commands/KeyWait.htm) Compile ahk to exe file from AutoHotKey. How to use? Make it autorun with startup. Create a Shortcut, and put it on Windows Startup Folder, or open the Run dialog from start menu and type shell:startup $Joy8:: KeyWait, Joy8, T1.5 If ErrorLevel { Send {Volume_Up 2} } Else Send {Joy8} Return $Joy4:: KeyWait, Joy4, T1.5 If ErrorLevel { Send {Volume_Down 2} } Else Send {Joy4} Return ControlVolume.exe
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    Could someone upload the extracted game folder please?