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    Salut les Arcadiens, Petite news qui peut en intéresser certains : Je ne pas encore eu le temps de tester. Source : [Hidden Content] Bye
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    Pour MAME pas besoin de Reshade, voilà ce qu'on peut avoir avec le MAME de base :
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    Hi, I am programming some utilities for speeding up the recostruction of time events and targets in LD that use light gun, like freedom fighter. In the meanwhile, I am searching some LD video recordings: Marbella vice Zortan brothers fast Draw Showdown Someone can help me?
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    For those who have a weak PC and want to downgrade graphs, processing and rendering quality to make playable, follow this, and play with options until you have best result: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Edit Games\UnrealEngine3\SWArcGame\Config\SWArcSystemSettings.ini and make the file read-only after change, test for your best options. Thanks to all.
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    Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz is not on the game list for TP, but is playable on its own. You can download it on the front page of this thread
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    One more gem to put together the best Guns collection with ALG. THANK YOU!
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    Amazing famawizard! I never thought this would ever be possible ! Thankyou so much for this! Your a hero, a gentleman and a legend for doing this! Do you have anymore previously unleased ALG/Daphne/singe/laserdisc/ games coming soon in the future?
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    Hopefully by Christmas we will 😁🎅🎄
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    sorry,i don't have permission to share the attract mode p-ras theme,but i can share the artwork and videos,that i did for it.hopefully you guys can find the theme somewhere on the net... [Hidden Content]
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    congratulations for the commitment But if you don't implement a light gun, it doesn't make much sense
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    Thanks for making Platoon famawizard. I added it to the master list.
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    Great theme! Are videos of games available somewhere online? Thnks.
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    Yes, it was, but it tells a story and it's complete in the LD, so it was fairly easy to reconstruct the full game. Indeed, there were six planned levels, but in the LD there are nine, completed ones, so I put them in the game. :-)
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    I think he's probably referring to Jconfig
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    arcade games costumes unlocked source : 1cc
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    Dome fix V2: [Hidden Content] No Dome fix Dome fix V1 Dome fix V2 Known issues: The Credits/Freeplay at the bottom right and Score at the top left are still warped. Not sure if I can fix it, but will look into it.
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    Build your own Chunithm Amazon (plus) controller [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] You do not have a 3D printer ? [Hidden Content] Some of the marketplaces also offer additional services such as 3D printing on demand so somebody else in the region can print it for you and send it to you or you pick it up when your print is done [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Other controllers for other music / rhythm games [Hidden Content]
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    Only error is see. WARNING: Not setting tab completion: Profile file does not exist at 'C:\Users\<username>\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1'. Done all other suggestions. Still same errors
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    Tekken 7 Arcade dump alternative link Tekken 7 Arcade Dump Mediafire link - 9.89GB Download ready soon… [Hidden Content] and much more...:
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    Hahaha :D Im sorry about this. :D Mediafire link: [Hidden Content] (Uploading)
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    After such a long while it's finally here! You don't even need any extra software/modification to run it! The car/track selection screen is fully functional! v1.0: ISO's mega://enc2?bP0GeWFvckFoqR5UYlsDv9GokJGMlIsrYPfISZgn-97HX4b3D90XqAw-_1fX_wD0iknI-cPGeKoi6lfacY8UWQ v1.1: ISO's mega://enc2?cNOLV0Rhi5fx_4zqnxUgcCW87ouU1WXewEWBAhfLtM-rwNJjHgxdv4Bc_YMlB4wWM_fhBQI667570pG1-2o5UA Standalone (recommended) ================================================================================================ Installation (for both versions): 64-bit copy the files from the "System Files" folder to C:\Windows\SysWow64\ copy Gvr and GvrRoot to the root of your C drive (C:\) install the registry keys in the "_Registry" folder Navigate to C:\GvrRoot\NFS\ and start UniverShell2.exe Enjoy! ================================================================================================ Installation (for both versions): 32-bit copy the files from the "System Files" folder to C:\Windows\system32\ copy Gvr and GvrRoot to the root of your C drive (C:\) install the registry keys in the "_Registry" folder Navigate to C:\GvrRoot\NFS\ and start UniverShell2.exe Enjoy! ================================================================================================ NOTE: The content of "_Codec" and "_DotNet" are optional for a regular, recommended for Virtual Machine users! For the best experience, set screen resolution to 800x600 before starting UniverShell2.exe! ================================================================================================