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    Hello again! Today I present to you Dance Evolution with english translation and crack, a kinect is required!! Download here: [Hidden Content] Also make sure to read the PDF, very difficult set up but it does work!
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    Thanks Ginzu for you great tutorial. I really very knew in word of loaders and arcade shooters. Have you tried dual wiimotes with Let´s go Island? I have a problem setting 2 player for it. First i set my 2 dophin bars to mode 2(wiimotes work like a 2 light guns), but in game one crosshairs works very precisely and another jumps from edge to edge. I tried mode 4 with touchmote setting up my two wiimotes like 2 xbox 360 joysticks (crosshairs set to left stick) and resuted in same problem with one crosshair. There are any solution for this strange behavior of one crosshair in Let´s go Island 3D with 2 players? I dont have teknoparrot 122 versions, but only 112 and 118 versions and tried demulshooter 8.5.4 and 8.5.5, have same problem. About you vídeo I dont know where came from theses button1, button2, buttonx etc. Can you explain how to setup this buttons and give a link to teknoparrot 122?
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    Bonjour a tous Hello everyone la traduction avance the translation advance Voici une ébauche de la voix modifiée en anglais du générique Here is a draft of the modified English voice of the credits a suivreeeeee to be continued
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    yip, i haven't wanted to bite the bullet on that thing. dual boot scenario. But im unsure the fact i can play it on my version at the moment
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    It is better to never meet your heroes !!! [Hidden Content] By the way ... What happened to this thread ? Maybe this is a option to continue non TeknoParrot related conversations? [Hidden Content]
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