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    hey guys, a friend of me just sent me à postal card, look here !
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    I'm gonna open the window and shout, I WANT TRANSFORMERS AND RAMBO NOW please.
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    I don't think you should have apologized. Nothing wrong with expressing your views.
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    Guys, please calm down. Let's look at it in simple terms from both sides. 1. Without TP a lot of these arcade classic games won't be playable at all so we need to appreciate the great work Teknogods have done. No doubt. 2. They are contributing towards the emulation scene and charging for access to some exclusive games. Is this right, in my opinion not really but they need to generate an income for developmental purposes - yes and to be fair only a handful of games are locked but is charging for any cracked games via emulation even necessary in the first place? 3. The TP team has said publically that the main reason the locked games are still not public is that they're not running 100% - are the other 15-20 running perfectly? Far from it, House of the Dead & Operation Ghost, for example, have not been improved at all and run like a tug boat with no paddles, but is anyone complaining? 4. Finally, is charging a fee right for emulation? I have to agree with most and say no, but we need to also be fair and remember that a lot of work is put into such projects so some support is not too much to ask but the way it's being demanded is, in my honest opinion, perhaps not the right way? The same can be said with Launchbox who charges fro the premium Big Box version but their standard software is 100% free and better in my view anyways so at least give me an option.
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    You absolute fucking child, it IS people like you that end up making those capable of emulating these machines for us to enjoy walk away from the scene! You are owed nothing, shut your mouth!
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    I gave a short, honest answer. And then ........ WTF !! Anyhow, I hope this a excellent example, how we NOT help each other out. I thought, this forum is a "helpdesk" for solutions for "problems". Should someone want to get something of their chest. Pretty please, PM each other ? Keep your "conversations" private ? It is just a suggestion .......
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    yeah but wait theres more.. 😂 you can get the whole set for 5 more dorrers
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    Good call "kiwi" !! Really infantile behavior, by a bunch of "intelligent" people. And using google translate makes a mess/ joke of this all !!! A few people getting their opinions of their chest, which they are entitled to....... Which became a tribal war !!! Anyway "kiwi" I hope you will lose that flu a.s.a.p. !!! Get on your bike , enjoy it !!!
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    You can play the blood activated and extra cool version with missing sound and textures for only 5 bucks more.
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    a very good point indeed. cheaper to play the bloody thing in the arcade for a $1dorrer 😅😄
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    Teknoparrot Tekken. Patron vs. Non-Patron. Would probably be a good game but it wouldn't last long because it's 5 bucks to continue.
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    lmfao 😂this forum has turned into 'angst gamers anonymous' . getting pissed off at the non updating teknoparrot . going nowhere
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    @LEGEND80 End of subject, case closed? Good comeback. Do you have any rationale to your stance? You do understand you can play 98% of the game on TP for free, right? No, I think you like to focus on the toy you can't have because you don't understand the concept of supporting a project. Maybe whining will help support TP, if so then you and the other 2 people on here are awesome contributors and really helping the community and loader projects with that fantastic negativity. it wasnt a comeback, you idiot!! im not in a argument with you!! my point isnt about whats free, my point is, emulation has always been free and should remain that way, and all this spill about supporting the tp team ha, what a joke.. its to make money, ok donations are fair but a on going monthly subscription is just a money spinner! and im not the only person saying it.. as for me whining lol you aint got the brain to work out im not whining, but im expressing my opinion which is allowed.. and my opinion is that the patreon fee is a joke!! you bang on about cemu and how they charge, well i use dolphine and thats free! so why would i pay for cemu? and cemu isnt a monthly subscription either!! you come across like a marketing tool!! mine and others comments on this forum are helpful to the community, as we point out that tp isnt worth paying for.. people can make their own minds up to support it via patreon or not.. but they get both sides of the story!! myself and others are not trying to turn people away!! stop twisting it!! stop trying to belittle people and act like a grown up! your very quick to point out peoples bad points when actually they have a right to air there opinions. if you want to contribute so much then maybe stop concentrating on us.. you paint yourself as such a rightous tool, its sad! if you 3 hate the emulator, just leave. Just go. The fact that you don't shows that you need this loader because it's the ONLY thing that really going on in the Arcade scene after all the pathetic whiners drove Mohkerz away. Maybe you'll get your way and piss off Reaver enough to quit the project and then you'll be left with nothing. Then you can sleep at night because you made sure no one had the right to support any kind of emulation project. lol now whos being pathetic!! did i say i hate emulators? NO!! what about you leave and go>> ???? i can honestly say im using game loader more than tp, it just works and does what it says for free!! and i use dolphin and mame.. that is perfect for my needs, but i am into emulation and to see people being pushed in to monthly subscription dont seem right to me.. i sleep just fine at night thank you! so grow up and shut up!!
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    you add nothing nokey stop trying to look important
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    @NoKey'Yep another non arcade game Poison Edition. Hell yeah.' pfft ugh what a fukn homo no life , more like
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    NoKey U are so idiot + moron.? that doesn't even make sense dickless btw your mum appreciated me last night . cheerio gov. 😉
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    No need for that, Window$ has its own bootmanager.
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    You must activate two Windows 10 (so you need two different activation codes). I suggest you to install the two operating systems on two separate hard disk drives, and with EasyBCD you will be able to choose the version to run after the pc booting screen.
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    Mr. Burns: Look at him strutting around like he's cock of the walk. Well, let me tell you, Homer Simpson is cock of nothing. 🤣🤣 lol yeah 'hooker battle arcade' rook rook people we musta come togever u a see Come gather 'round children, it's high time ye learns, 'Bout a hero named Homer and a devil named Burns. We'll march till we drop, the girls and the fellas. We'll fight to the death or else fold like umbrellas. So we'll march day and night by the big cooling tower. They have the plant, but we have the power.
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    Maybe the language you used was a little inappropriate but your views are valid in my opinion.
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    If I offended anyone with all my crazy texts, I apologize. I'm tired and hungry and just want to play a couple of games. I'll wait till hopefully one day non patron users get a chance. Truce.
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    Must be emulation dump of SFV Arcade Editon.
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    I feel like every two weeks the same people have to start complaining about the $5 early access for a couple of games. It's like they can't help themselves and are just waiting for an opportunity to bring up how terrible it is that anyone in the world asks for donations and encouraging sharing serials and circumventing Patreon, which is pretty ridiculous. It's the same, lame arguments over and over: "it's just wrong", "he responds with memes", "he has a pic of him holding a gun (as a joke)", "I'm an overly sensitive person and everything offends me and Reaver needs some workplace sensitivity training"... Fine that last one was never mentioned but implicitly insinuated effectively. There's like 2 games left that are Patreon only and you're still trying to make this out to be some kind of evil, nefarious plot to steal everyone's money. It's just a weird overreaction to a super common thing in game and emulator development. As a proud Patreon supporter (notice the word 'supporter' there?), I'm fine with exclusives, so my monthly donations to the project are netting me something special. Not everything in life can be free (where do you live?) and sometimes people need money to you know, buy things to continue project work. I think that concept is missed with a lot of people but someday they'll get it (maybe). And if you don't like it, go play the other ~60 games that are FREE on this FREE emulator and stop derailing this thread with your constant, self-righteous, toxic, misguided rants about how donating to a project is wrong. It's summer time, they're taking a break but have already started work on new games that will take the spot of the current Patreon titles I'm sure. In the meantime, go nag or play with other arcade loaders that have really been killing it with major game compatibility improvements over 2019..er, oh wait....
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    And the function of the Raspberry Pi is ? Any information, links, pictures ?
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    This is a problem of Windows 10 (the arcade-hating OS). Just change compatibility mode to Windows 7 and it will work.
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    stop stirring things!! thats enough attention for one day!!
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