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    Posted by @jaydee1977 Thanks to him. Hi all, I found these links on another forum. Maybe they are usefull to someone Arcade Games - Taito Type X [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X+ [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X2 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X2 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito Type X3 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Taito NESiCAxLive System [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - EXAMU eX-BOARD [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - SEGA Ringwide [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - SEGA Lindbergh YELLOW [Hidden Content] (password: Adei) Arcade Games - SEGA Europa-R [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - KONAMI BEMANI PC HARDWARE (Type3 Variant1) [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - NAMCO SYSTEM 357 - SYSTEM 359 [Hidden Content] Arcade Games - Various Systems [Hidden Content] Real Arcade 4 PC [UNEMULATED] [Hidden Content] Real Arcade [Hidden Content]
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    update > update > update..... again and again update but nothing release for non-patreon
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    Yea I tested it on 191 newest update it Boots up fine but haven't played It yet
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    Yes, with newest update started working fine again, thanks
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    dead or alive? works fine according to people on here and yet remains patreon... rambo is not for me but is anticipated by many and as for sb2 and the f&f games.. not for me either
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    They just made SB2 non-patreon. There's only like 2 games that are patreon only remaining (rambo and VF?). So ~2 out of like 50 games does not equal a patreon only project. It's 96% non-patreon emulator. People need to chill with all this. Play the tens of games this free emulator grants you until a couple games are made non-patreon in a short while.
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    Man I love you!!!! That was gold.... I installed xinput configured pad and hell yeah I can drift and it was just the same issue on Sega all start racing. Great!!!!! Thank you!!!
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    All my FnF Games are installed in I:\Games\Teknoparrot\Game_Name and work fine. For Super Bike use a symbolic link
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    Yes Having Trouble I think all of the Raw Thrills Games Must Be In The C:Drive With File Name rawart Because I Have Checked Each Game Out And Can Only Play 1 At A time On Tecknoparrot They Will Not Boot At Least On My End I Still Cant Get FNF Superbikes 1 Controls Working On TP People Are Saying That All Of The FNF Arcade Dumps Will Work In Any Directory I THink Only C:/Drive
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    Hi @ark216 Here you go... I edited the post several times (Page 449) but you did not notice, I think... Sorry... I thought you received a notification every time I edited the post... My bad... Click the google document link You'll find everything you need... @ark216 I have not yet installed ID5 but I can try to help you! Meanwhile you can use the tutorial here in emuline by: linglang... [Tuto] Initial D5: How to Install Update: I have just tried the game and it works but with problems in the sound... If someone know how to fix the audio please help... VERY IMPORTANT: You need to extract both files, but the larger bin file (id5_data.bin) need to be extracted to: InnitialD5\disk0\data\ folder structure of the smaller one. Folder structure I use on my computer as an example: d:\GAMES\Sega_Lindbergh\initiald5\disk0\data\ Then extract the 1080 file Patch to: "disk0" directory and replace the elf file "id5.elf". Example of my folder structure: d:\GAMES\Sega_Lindbergh\initiald5\disk0\ I also found this sort of manual on the following link: How To Play Initial D Arcade Stage On PC w/ TeknoParrot [Hidden Content]# (This google document contains download links for the: ID Games, Patches, Trainers, Updates, Language Translations etc... etc...) Link>
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    Hello. Did anyone try or can test the game "Mach Storm" with the latest updates, and ?? It does not work for me. The game shows a black screen and no graphics. It worked fine up to update - Fortunately, I kept a backup of release and use it to play the game, but it is not working, as said, it in two latest releases. I will be grateful if someone verifies the issue, in order to know if it is only on my end or not.
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    Well than I have to play the early version :( which saves offline on the folder... Äh and one more Q... How the hell does drifting work I tried everything... IA can't do it. I also checked with steering wheel and pad... Ty guys
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    I haven't tested Super Bikes 2. But rest of the Fast and the Furious games minus the very first one don't work on my end.
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    Hi I am just wondering why the first old version of MK dx do save all progress offline :/
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    This looks awesome, but they have a bunch of dumps listed that it seems they don't actually have. Got really excited for a second.