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    METAL SLUG XX - 2Players (Steam) METAL SLUG XX features no fewer than 34 achievements. Players can also enjoy the co-op local play with their friends! DOWNLOAD LINKS [Hidden Content] Or [Hidden Content] Or [Hidden Content]
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    \ [Hidden Content] Pop'n Music 15 DOWNLOAD + CRACKED [Hidden Content] Note: Copy the contents of the crack where the readme tells you to. (mirror crack: Pop'n.Music.15.Adventure.Crack.v1.1.ahnada.zip) Source 1CC Arcade [Hidden Content]. ============================================================================ Pop'n Music 16 DOWNLOAD + CRACKED [Hidden Content] The link contains the HDD and crack. Copy the content of the crack rar file where the data folder is. You will merge another data folder with the existing one and get the the prog folder as well (where the .exe file is) Run the .exe as admin, otherwise, it will crash when checking the network (you have to do this even if you are not using E-Amusement) Source 1CC Arcade [Hidden Content] ============================================================================ Pop'n Music 17 The Movie DOWNLOAD + CRACKED [Hidden Content] The link contains the HDD and crack. There are 2 cracks available: the regular one and one that has Phase Max enabled. Phase Max makes all secret songs available from the start so that's the one that should be used. I also include the regular one in case someone wants the Phase set to the default. Unzip the "cracked" folder from either crack version into the prog folder. To start the game run popn17.exe or popn17_window.exe as admin. Source 1CC Arcade [Hidden Content] ============================================================================ Pop'n Music 18 DOWNLOAD + CRACKED [Hidden Content] The link contains the HDD and crack. Copy the contents of the crack rar file to the prog folder and run popn18.exe as admin. The game is set to the default phase as it is (this means there's no secret songs available in the song list). To unlock the other phases, enter the test menu and go to "Phase Options". Select "Phase" and enter the following passwords: Phase 1 (Secret Data Release): UCFJMCWWFH Phase Max (All Data Release): QDDHE7TZDZ Source 1CC Arcade [Hidden Content] ============================================================================ Pop'n Music 19 DOWNLOAD + CRACKED [Hidden Content] The link contains the HDD. The game already has all necessary files to run it. To start, run "Play HD.bat" or "Play SD.bat" as admin, located in "\popn19hdd". If this doesn't work (Windows throws the error: 'launcher' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file), you can also type the command "launcher popn19.dll" (without quotes) from Command Prompt with admin rights. A few notes: *When the game starts, the colors will look wrong. This is normal and the will be fixed once the gameplay starts. *Once the game starts, it will throw an error. It's an initialization message. You need to close the game and run it again. *After restarting, it will throw another error. You need to disable e-amusement by pressing the Test Button (you must configure it by running config.bat) and going to Network Options. After it's disabled, you need to restart the game. *If you need to erase your settings, you can delete the "conf" folder and copy it again from "popn19hdd\Tools\Tune Street v1.1" *If you have problems getting past the IC Unit check, you can try replacing the files "libacio.dll" and "libacio-real.dll" with the ones from "popn19hdd\Tools\TS Utils" The game is set to the default phase as it is (this means there's no secret songs available in the song list). To unlock all songs, copy the file "popn19.dll" from "popn19hdd\Tools\TS Utils" to "popn19hdd" There is a code to unlock Phase Max like in previous games but in this game, it won't unlock everything. The modded .dll file previously mentioned will unlock everything. I will list the Phase codes in case anyone wants them. To unlock the other phases, enter the test menu and go to "Phase Options". Select "Phase" and enter the following passwords: Phase 1 (Secret Data Release): MI5FF7K98N Phase Max (All Data Release): 1R6FR7HSLT Source 1CC Arcade [Hidden Content] Special Thanks goes to Cros ============================================================================
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    Update contents of 334 ・ Fixed the bug that the BG color window was not maximized when the dual monitor mode of DBAC and Gundam was enabled. ・ Fixed a bug related to bezel image display when dual monitor mode of DBAC and Gundam is enabled. ・ Fixed the problem that the window size change etc. did not function correctly when dual monitor mode of DBAC and Gundam was enabled. ・ Fixed a bug that Nesica-based vertical game was not rotating when desktop rotation was enabled, and rotation was not restored. ・ Fixed a bug that timeout error occurs when setting full screen in Lindbergh games. ・ Fixed the bug that the window size is not maximized when Gundam SOZ is set to "Loader Mode = dg" "Window mode". ・ Fixed a bug where Nesica's Capcom fighting system crashes when "Loader Mode = dg" "Window mode" is set. ・ Fixed the problem that Mission Select did not operate normally when Operation GHOST was set to "LoaderMode = dg". ・ Fixed the problem that the resolution was not enhanced when the Operation GHOST was set to "LoaderMode = dg" "Window mode" (make sure to create a custom resolution 1024x600). ・ Fixed the problem that the movement limitation of mouse cursor was not working properly at LoaderMode = dg, full screen setting. ・ Fixed a bug that sometimes failed to change the mouse cursor of the rail shooter. ・ Changed the movement limit of the mouse cursor of the rail shooter to work in full screen. ・ Updated dgVoodoo used for LoaderMode = dg. * With this update, it is possible to increase the resolution of Golden Gun and Under Defeat. * Several other known bugs have been fixed. ・ Added FXAA to LoaderMode = dg. * Please enable "Loader setting 3" tab "FXAA (LoaderMode = dg)" when using it. * You can expect effects in 2D DirectDraw games such as ex-board version and Nesica version AH2.1 and AH2.6. ・ Added stage select to Gundam SOZ. * Please enable "Loader setting 1" tab "Stage select" at the time of use. * In this game, setting "LoaderMode = dg" reduces the probability of freezing. ・ Added auto burst to Sega Golden Gun. * The left button of the mouse is a blaze, and the mouse wheel button is a switch of the blaze disable / enable. * Please use from "Loader setting 1" tab "Sega Golden Gun" when using it. ・ Changed the refresh rate to 60hz only while the Loader is running when the desktop refresh rate is not 60hz when the window mode is set. ・ Suppressed Silent Hill's local mode message. ・ Updated exe list.txt, as PDA could not be launched after TP ・ Added an item for Super Bikes 2 to exe list.txt. ・ Other bug fixes that I noticed. ・ Set Language.ini as default. ・ Please execute Game Loader Installer.exe first. ・ If not working properly, discard this Loader to the trash can and end. 334 - 2019060100000 (RAR5)
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    Pop'n Music 16 DOWNLOAD + CRACKED [Hidden Content] The link contains the HDD and crack. Copy the content of the crack rar file where the data folder is. You will merge another data folder with the existing one and get the the prog folder as well (where the .exe file is) Run the .exe as admin, otherwise, it will crash when checking the network (you have to do this even if you are not using E-Amusement) Source 1CC Arcade [Hidden Content] Special Thanks goes to Cros
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    News patchs HD: + [Hidden Content] + [Hidden Content] + [Hidden Content]
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    I have Steam version but i downloading warez version.
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    Thanks so much GamingRob!!! That´s work with the keyboard!!! Thanks Adicionally I found other solution, there a new release of JCONFIG for RAWTHILLS games... [Hidden Content] Check it, Drift, supercars and superbikes 1 and 2!
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    Quelques petits patchs A quoi cela sert-il ? Juste à activer la possibilité d'utiliser les monnayeurs dans vos bornes d'arcade tout comme le fait Mame Je pense que ce doit être un "oubli" de certain développeur... En attendant que cela soit "réparer" cela peut aider Pourquoi ? Parce qu'un jeu d'arcade n'est pas un jeu console et transformer un jeu de la sorte en otant une fonctionnalité essentielle est une pure hérésie. Ca fait le job comme on dit, même si ce n'est absolument pas parfait Aucun support ne sera donné Pas la peine de demander tels ou tels jeux, tout ce que j'ai reussi à faire est là --------------------- infos importantes -si le loader est lancé en mode admin, lancez les patchs en mode admin -ne changez pas les noms de vos fichiers exe de vos dump, sinon les process ne seront pas trouvés et le patch ne fonctionnera pas -laissez le mode freeplay dans les options des loaders -patch à lancer à chaque fois que vous voulez les crédits --------------------- lisez les readme! jeux supportés: After burner climax Arcade love Chaos code Daytona 3 Ford racing Golden gun Guilty gear xx accent core plus House of the dead 4 Initial D4 export Initial D4 Japan Initial D5 Initial D6 Initial D7 Initial D8 Let's go island Let's go island 3D Let's go jungle Mario Kart dx Melty blood actress again 107 Operation ghost Outrun 2 sp dx Project diva arcade Sega dream raider Sega racing classic Sega rally 3 Shining force cross raid 105 Sonic all star racing Supercar rawthrill tokyo drift rawthrill Under defeat HD plus Virtua fighter 5b Virtua fighter 5c Virtua tennis 3 Virtua tennis 4 [Hidden Content] archive password: Spin_coin_for_emln ++
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    Nota: Il existe 3 loader pour charger ces jeux: TTX Launcher de Romhack (ligne de commande uniquement, proposé avec la plupart des dumps), celui de APC dit "All RH" (à privilégier) et Teknoparrot (qui reste principalement dédié aux jeux Sega Ring etc avant tout). -- Post original -- Ce dossier va traiter de tous ce qui est sortie et dumpé en HDD sur les support Taito Type X,X2,X3... e-Amusement et Ex-Board: Voici ce que vous trouverez dans ce post: - Pack d'icones (miroir: ici): ICO.rar - Tous les DUMPS (testés avant d'être uploadé et je vous expliquerai pour chacun d'eux comment les lancer). - Le loader original de Romhack: ttx_monitor_1.0-rc3_by_Romhack.rar (source) CARACTERISTIQUES : TAITO Type X/X+: OS : Windows XP Embedded Processeur : Intel Celeron 2,5 GHz, 400 MHz FSB (upgradable avec Pentium 4 2,8 GHz, 800 MHz FSB) Chipset : Intel 865G RAM : DDR 266 DIMM 256 Mo (upgradable en DDR400 2 Go) GPU : ATI Radeon 9200SE (128 Mo) à X800XT (256 Mo) Son : AC97 intégrée 6 canaux audio CODEC LAN : 10/100BASE-TX intégrée Stockage : 2x Parallel ATA, 2x Serial ATA Autre : 4x ports USB (compatible 1.1 & 2.0), 1x port parallèle, 2x PS/2 Entrée audio : Microphone (prise jack stéréo), line-in (prise jack stéréo) Sortie audio : line-out (prise jack stéréo), SPDI/F Média : Disque dur PATA TAITO Type X7: OS : Windows XP Embedded Processeur : Intel Celeron M 600 MHz Chipset : Intel 855GME + ICH4 RAM : 512 Mo GPU : ATI Mobility RADEON 9550 (128 Mo) Audio : AC97 onboard 6 canaux audio CODEC Média : Disque dur 512 Mo-2 Go flash ROM Sortie audio : 4 canaux TAITO Type X2: OS : Microsoft Windows XP Embedded SP2 Processeur : Intel Socket T. Processeur supportés : Celeron D 352, Pentium 4 651, Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Chipset : Intel Q965 + ICH8 Sortie vidéo: 640x480 VGA, ou 1280x720, HDTV 720p RAM : 166/200 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. Quantité supporté : 512 Mo, 1 Go, 4 Go GPU : PCI Express x16 based graphics Carte graphique supportée : ATI RADEON (x1600Pro, x1300LE) ou NVIDIA GeForce (7900GS, 7600GS, 7300GS) Son : Onboard Realtek HD 7.1 (carte son supplémentaire supportée) LAN : 1000BASE-T 10/100BASE-TX Ports I/O : 1x JVS, 4x USB 2.0, 1x sérial (max 2), 1x port parallèle, 2x PS/2, 2x SATA Entrée audio : Microphone AKG C535EB Stage, line-in (Surround 7.1) Sortie audio : 7.1, SPDI/FX Slots : 1x PCI Express, x16 (Utilisé pour la carte vidéo), 1x PCI Express x4, 2x PCI Média : Disque dur SATA, 3 Go/s TAITO Type X2 Satellite terminal: OS : Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Processeur : Intel Core 2 Duo E6400/Pentium 4 651/Celeron D 352 (peut accueillir des Core 2 plus récent supportés par le chipset) Chipset : Intel Q965 + ICH8 Moniteur : Écran LCD HD de 720p/1080p/1440p RAM : DDR2 667/800 MHz (512 Mo/1 Go, jusqu'à 4 Go) GPU : PCI Express x16 based graphics Carte graphique supportée : ATI RADEON X1600Pro/X1300LE ou nVIDIA GeForce 7900GS/7600GS/7300GS, ou plus récentes (Radeon HD 3800 or Geforce 9800 série) Audio : Onboard Realtek HD 7.1 LAN : 10/100/1000BASE-T Ports I/O : 1x JVS, 4x USB 2.0 (jusqu'à 8), 1x serial (max 2), 1x port parallèle, 2x PS/2, 2x SATA Entrée audio : AKG C535EB Stage Microphone, line-in (Surround 7.1) Sortie audio : 7.1, SPDI/FX Slots: 1x PCI Express x16 (pour la carte vidéo), 1x PCI Express x4, 2x PCI Stockage : 2x 80 Go 10 000 tr/min SATA Média : Disque 80 Go 10 000 tr/min TAITO Type X Zero: OS : Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 Processeur : Intel Atom 230 cadencé à 1,6 GHz Chipset : nVIDIA MCP7A-ION RAM : 1 Go DDR2 (cadencé à 533 MHz) par défaut, jusqu'à 4 Go en option Vidéo : nVIDIA GeForce 9400M Sorties audio : 5.1 Ports I/O : 1x JVS, 6x USB Sorties vidéo : RGB+DVI HDMI LAN : 10/100/1000 BASE-T Stockage : Disque dur de 250 Go à 1 To Disque SSD de 16 Go Dimensions : 274×197×67 mm Alimentation : 100 V~240 V AC TAITO Type X3: Processeur : Intel Core i5 2400 (3.1Ghz) Chipset : Intel Q67 Express Graphique : AMD Radeon HD 6770 RAM : 2GB DDR3 Disque dur : 160GB SATA 3.0 (2.5") Son : 7.1 HD Audio Alimentation : 600 W Système d'exploitation : Windows Standard 7 Embedded 64bit / Windows XP Embedded SP3 32bit Ports : USB: 4 (2x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0) Vidéo : 2 (RGB, DVI) LAN: 2 (10/100/1000Mbps) Serial : 1 Taille : W360mm x D315mm x H160mm TAITO Type X4: OS: Windows Embedded 8 Standard / Windows Embedded Standard 7 64bit CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 (GeForce GTX 1080 for Densha de GO!!) Memory: DDR3 4GB Storage: HDD 3TB EXAMU eX-BOARD: CPU: Fanless Via C7 NanoBGA2 (X86 architecture) Chipset: Via CN700, VT8237R Plus Memory: 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM (with VRAM sharing) Video: Integrated S3 UniChrome Pro AGP graphics with MPEG-2 decoding acceleration Audio: VIA VT1618Cidec 192 kHz/32-bit 8 channel AC’97 Network: RJ-45 10/100Mbit/s ethernet Video I/O: JAMMA output; D-Sub 15-pin X 2/composite terminal/terminal S-Video: (able to connect simultaneously) Sound I/O: JAMMA output/ left/right voice output terminal X 2 Input: Operators are able to add buttons with JAMMA input USB: Two USB 2.0 ports Power: JAMMA supply 12 V 5 A; or special power supply adaptor with 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz 1.7 A Size: W 317.8 mm × D 250 mm × H 104.2 mm Weight: 4 kg Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Flash Disk: 512 MB / 1 GB / 2 GB e-AMUSEMENT: [Hidden Content] Listes des jeux: ici et là. TIPS : - Afin d'éviter des bugs graphiques sur cetains jeux comme Blazblue Calamity Trigger et Samourai Shodown Edge of Destiny il faut privilégier une carte graphique Nvidia et non pas ATI. Pensez aussi à installer direct X et autre dll Pack Game Toolz 1.0 (indispensable pour un bon fonctionnement) - A savoir aussi, chacun des jeux dans ce post ne nécessite pas de loader car pour chacun d'eux un exécutable est créé afin de faciliter le lancement des dumps. - Pour la configuration des touches des dumps Taito Type X vous trouverez à l'intérieur de chaque dossier de jeu "TypeX Config.exe" - Pour la configuration des touches des dumps EX-Board vous trouverez à l'intérieur de chaque dossier de jeu "GAME config.exe" (ex Arcana Heart 2.1 "AH2 config.exe") - Pour la configuration des touches des dumps e-Amusement (Beatmania et Pop'n Music 19 Tune Street) vous trouverez à l'intérieur de chaque dossier de jeu "change key.exe" - Pour la sauvegarde des DUMPS vous devez créer une partition D (pour ma part j'ai créé 3 partitions D,E et F. Pour simplifier le tout) ou télécharger les Fix pour les sauvegardes dans le même dossier de jeu Game.exe et launcher.exe modifiés - Pour la configuration des touches pour les jeux Taito Type X (pour la gestions des diagonales) il faut Joytokey ou Xpadder => Tuto vidéo xpadder: [Hidden Content] => Tuto vidéo JoytoKey: [Hidden Content] DUMPS : Liens du type mega://enc2 & mega://fenc2 sont téléchargeable avec jdownloader/megadownloader 1.7 ou similaire. ex-board: Arcana Heart 2 (2.1): mega://enc2?TZySInwE7qq7eLs1N-dm4sU5FTyrOWeKhiwOcOZ_6NHDQJS3RmQGifnSxj_jamFMhvo7fKq-2uckxOadqQhRag Arcana Heart 3 (3.01): mega://enc2?RAbqCDpxB1kpMLxZZeemaKxcaQI4ENyaHJnT6IRxPQWPehBW7kZadM5dCn78gT5Da2IHXq-wky6pTOaIeOdoUw Daemon Bride: mega://enc2?5tuBZZjUsYa-ivikZ6PajsUwHvZUe3UBbRp9hYGOKrmPN3Lbb8-TyiRgTznP2WnCzULc7i-r30zfAc0Ah62Pnw Deathsmiles II: mega://enc2?XVEefuno3aKqhwVhlxv23hCUuX2XHIenFwETxV0N5XfNcH201_55WRbRD_WcDz55x-ls0nYtQKG7nVCV_UzSbg TTX: Won!Tertainment Music Channel (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?2dsaJH2OwVFW5riK-lL4R9Rl4D3tWQ5zvjNW4LsmvjEPaQ4IqlN1mouX4CwU7zTqQvtDzM0mHnStn64Be3UScw Usagi Online: mega://enc2?6Lgea5MWRd8f_LsGpxDa-G89dW9eeUYEWAOAS47UQRj-33Eg0AzyUa7JAUdhQxWbPBY25pAhN6ax2atdB1VCGw SF4 (lien présent plus bas): Miroir: mega://enc2?nY2GnrFHpyqrwfzw1iOzYf0bqqNjUf5M4nLZqoBBevnlvat8f4gqNGIkSOeLCJr4BQbBwoG9gIEkc4370yh-_A Wacky races: mega://enc2?U6U-W228aDefqmubmqLlwST2rTTA02VExa7zAWGVTYgqfBLFEuG9mIFfz8jZNFgKdF37li7qxLKEuPALz3fk-A Music GunGun2: mega://enc2?RVaIKEQ2gwMBSNbugqSlHmvAodt3AiwVLrb8k2MzryfpC7CpO2T1sjhPx-BrjIYff2_dXTY1jeLDZed2q2Trzg Battle Fantasia (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?Ary4PRye7I9Dbw4Ss79elUWEQUT3HrprMqlg_oCYdSd48m5jjaOSFDEQ9nExHA-5ZHBe3fJkZVMJnxcvH4ed7Q BlazeBlue CT (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?kd6vv6SKu7BPAuZB5RafZj9RVHgzWOTJTTfGCMlWOHhWueAIwYdOojT3NGo4EqeOeU2FNrBQ4byYjLpWfdXBJw BlazeBlue CS (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?tK2LvZOriU77ia71kZ1nXeUE03Vc8V9tUI2eDfY9ZWyh5uLIb9C2d_6-ATfYDlvoBWg2FJq7B1I5yiFSda06SQ KOF MI Reg A. (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?AXWuhXrY0rcf2z6r1PbPuJF4Ycd_if04XDvcjAqvUlKHFERf12yJM9DK6kI-ZA9hrTsd-c6TEYgJw7uv1l6SSw Super SF4 v1.0 Export: mega://enc2?NtNIt9PjoK6BsYHZE8eWbjhAV0XkbO7Te4IPa83ZQa5uk76DXAkRc3tz4FfBN8mcBeJhvXQSrNmgSIjZvCub5Q Super SF4 AE v1.0 (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?RVqAJB_C-D5yepekOuhM4pwZvfD6mcU9M3QvD82lrdRwf1jcjsPMCkvwu-4XGhZYr8PIrFPj6NZ4Ps1X12tRQA Super SF4 AE ver. 2012 v1.3 (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?Y9PjPRh-hKkdy_h0ssm3_FpbhQplIdYZt2LZFn1UcRQSinpi0BdnU646SoIpcmdht2vtzVOywcLBEuyCBjQWHw mega://enc2?MP0g8F8v7ZFKg2eA2CGUGN9ld2NBNv79IH7uGlctxVRoxZt6Ie8BHgiNslcHX3GvC62XS24U2Qp7cmsgOdHt1A Kof XII (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?jlyFj0dabymVU1u5zQ2xmxbuw0LIMGsBw2ddT1hXVJIU1S2IKlOQ4Rf0rgPA0bc1U_UMKi2bxKbynI5QjUWVQQ KOFXIII (lien présent plus bas): mega://fenc2?paHvA8gM-AouUz2xyENndE9UAc_ubBHe4z6rGqf1jM4usgquvFuoo57Gnsw34EwS KOF XIII Climax (lien présent plus bas): mega://enc2?T_tbrvDmP_qUJJCj_osQFEct5twwEB-Hz7_kOwrRyieD_2hSFLZq5nXRSuRfgXj_s84Luqur763pTJdJQ5TFCA BlazeBlue CS II: mega://enc2?-F-dQeyrkmK_isYXKeWfxzsQ8H6rWGHYV5pGVA9rpdanPXanrQOnoUuyLIK-pEsGhvq0yQaU2IH8by07jIM3fg Battle Gear 4 v2.03: mega://enc2?DdhXmhWoZr3Syt_VnPs2Y41Nk3rPGr5369upi9czSmuUttmY5nQHXVIcL6654PvK_CK19QhwaqXEBb3S1zhY6w jvsconfig: mega://enc2?lSapR8OqJCVHJCS3tr3QoZ6EffonBX38lR7NfZsJzw4rmtiNwP3CSahmsRxikOs_ohtsdR0GoMqKYYGViR0-qA GigaWing: mega://enc2?YyM_2GcJZpHtxDXBJs0msjF4I8WVjPK1t-_9pqMwrKDZv67XQBtisomhfsA9_zsYxmawVq9j2Ie_a506hfYMUQ Power Instinct 5: mega://enc2?1XtHkEGtnQOyqgevgrZJkYzAqE3VGX3E_6qO0y6cDEdo2aKoB7D7G0jK_e8zbbZkf-UZ_e1oUq2vvlsqEDht1w Raiden 3: mega://fenc2?jt_KMxkkiCbb-qJgZWIxwYvTKUO9-Wtxyfr-Sg-s9fOaUaZu5CFum_ng_YYhp3xu Taisen Hot Gimmick 5: mega://enc2?6OE-ekERk4EQuJVri6_4v0zVX4dx_38NkDelaqSOQEtEIcv-wAfTbDMPcmJohy-bBiDkex5b_cB-9TiQe4rkQw Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror Instinct: mega://enc2?EwDZt_27rLJC1YMR159x8jdJthC5rLVQ7qPiZpTbfZ-bmlwKlqqFsgJGwUfLVQ3nQ3HbDFh2hbZH6EDuU31Uig Valve Limit R: mega://enc2?YkQWE1rb--nyBbLJxJN9-CgEMbP1PzAuAlU5bDtadG04GQdPj7xemaQqnWbjgJZQT0v-1HOSmoKvyY2o8tO7Xw Gundam Spirits of Zeon Memory of Soldier: mega://enc2?xbNyo2wVB2Lj87fKWZQpySvOdTXfhx7VdN6huvB8mNEpFNHyuoqN0H442ZrgLnOhIWs4oOHgTpP10_wfVmudLA Senko no Ronde Duo: mega://enc2?9JTC2tnfj3aKJOGsjsP6POqddL6q0W07gpyyg0diVbZWSUsNZuecKOfV3HLWnphufF5ZlZYDRBUmpuQJ1SnTGg _HL2 Survivor: mega://enc2?EzqR2Xru45w6K-6IpAvzPpopB8WbgtBAX95i7PUagCNPavAzHt0Spo_6vr2ZhCOgkRrELnOC-dFyMWq_bkdZLA _Chase HQ2: mega://enc2?NcoEYXL3BGZ5ubLEuVLPEOXvCBjj8c1FeAx-ze9DNgq_izwoaRnq91Q3lQMenjrfZlYYIRpwQjPvVm3MaWTWDw _Cyberdiver 1.50: mega://enc2?GtjCcfKlFuryxT7IKWLcwlyVTqrxHKUZVnGl94RyjD0mobVhYW6TzXT8wmOIWihIST3mxfUQZfUxtd-bOG8wOA _GAIA ATTACK 4: mega://enc2?uPAK2hux-mCyPhZBHuwB0R-VRY4Ei0emskbX-UQntBPfLBIng17Bs6grKkIld3tJUco8laVPoT-ukUbTMCEOkQ Miroir: mega://enc2?rLKqQnPrDD1G0_k9prnhQQgFfyMmY4lpYvwjMK8K9jvxYnHmWP4pwKSbNQ4ngk1T3fmUDJiP9s4qfxFZyPhlOA Jconfig: mega://enc2?ZS76Bx_8t5Mo6iCcNoU6jWB6cA16Jty5CrbGeFfkm09vBWxiJBcYlwRH4994tvH-9kNW83MVx5rNINRyimhubQ _Bishi Bashi: mega://enc2?NxjzLNcbv1ECRdKSvmrSSisoJP6g1CTNCxIMHGWtuFxYrULR8vVtEHVrBN1npQvtMMJ4qqN8XlaWQelgEjwecA _USFIV: mega://enc2?JG49zzf0k1jxOU9P1db9sVkV1wuWsBM-pPTCf9br3hMmj_C8YclPKEAEGi2-If_1OyVhovH9mU045FIKPHlPxg aussi: ici _School of ragnarok: ici _Groove Coaster 2: ici _Puzzle Dragon: ici _L4D Survivor: ici _ Dariusburst Another Chronicle: ici - Autres liens sur ce post. - Anciens Liens (en principe obsolètes, en cours de remplacement): - D'autres liens sont disponibles ci-dessous en 'spoiler' ou sur ce post. - Les liens ci-dessous sont à risques, vous pouvez les tester mais assurez vous d'avoir un bon antivirus, certains liens sont valident et d'autres non. - Pay attention. Some links are potentially dangerous, it is not recommended to download them. ---------- Anciennes informations: ---------- Autres miroirs: Miroir: [Hidden Content] Miroir: [Hidden Content] NB: Des patchs et loaders sont aussi disponibles ici ( IdMacX + Jconfig + JVSemu + Nesica Unlocker + SpiceTools). BONUS : Pour ceux qui souhaite une seule interface pour lancer les DUMPS, vous trouverez le Front End ArcadePC Loader 1.4+ mis à jour par CLARK.H ArcadePC Loader 1.4+ Site officiel de Clark.H. Lien pour lancer les jeux TTX via Hyperspin : ici Divers: AUTRES LIENS UTILES DU SITE : [Arcade PC] Daemon Bride (2D Fight) [Arcade - PC] [Arcade PC] Matrimelee Matsuri + Secrets Characters (Fight 2D) [Taito Type X] [Arcade PC] Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition Ver 2012 [Help] cherche fix street fighter 4 TTX2 [Arcade PC] Silent Hill The Arcade [Arcade Pc] Contra Evolution Revolution [Arcade Pc] Hl2 : Survivor Ttx ENJOY!!! 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    use jconfig for inserting coin + Controller
  11. 1 point
    Hello, i´m computer engineer, and I interested to colaborate with open teknoparrot, is possible I help? Is a open source project?
  12. 1 point
    What about Mario Kart Arcade GP DX US version dump?
  13. 1 point
    Nvidia fullscreen problem should be fixed with the last update I tested again some games with the most recent build : - Deadstorm Pirates BGM works now fine with the setting given above (didn't test again other ones lol) and has less slowdowns - SoulCaliburIV now runs fullspeed on my setup on all stages (even the Starwars ones) Also with actual MSAA PL : [Hidden Content] most games works fine and are even more beautiful The only issues found with MSAA on my games are : SoulCaliburV character colors are broken and the last stage of TTT2 crashes. It will probably be fixed soon as someone already reported these isues
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    Update TP 183 and Super Bikes 2 travaille maintenant pour non patreon [Hidden Content]
  15. 1 point
    Hello everybody! I have problems with supercars, 2 versions don´t work the gear up/down. The mohkerz version and launched with Teknoparrot, any idea? Thanks so much
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    le taf continue il reste du taf à Suivvvreeeee................
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  18. 1 point
    if anybody is interested there's a new jconfig on 1cc that makes superbikes 2 very playable on the controller [Hidden Content]
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    Patreon games are opened with control over the net. Its been a long time. No non-patreon. The man who draws a gun Reaver, is the persons holding the cup in the head: TP users. :D When the games become non-patreon, we will take a sigh of relief. :D
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    Re-Upload, mirror link [KONAMI] Bishi-Bashi Champ Online [READY2PLAY].7z [Hidden Content]
  21. 1 point
    Re-Upload, mirror link [KONAMI] The Bishi Bashi 2010 (READY2PLAY).7z [Hidden Content]
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    But, they are charging to basically be a tester. Make this thing donations accepted and stop disabling games because of money and everyone could experience and help the project. I was a QA tester for Acclaim Entertainment years ago. I know what is involved with finding a bug. Let us all be a tester not based on pay.