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    he doesnt know how to fix them, so it doesnt matter if he add more games. he is waiting for someone else to try fixing it.
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    I just wish Reaver worked on Sega Race TV to make it playable, and fixing the sound issues in Rambo before adding more games to the list.
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    I think the point being made which is valid is that there appears to be zero QA of the builds, a normal user of software would assume that if Game X worked in a previous build then it would continue to work in the newer builds, the newer builds would add more games, increase the functionality and add features, however it every new build of TP seems to randomly break games that were working. A great example is VT4 which has been working for ages at 60fps, yet the newer builds cap the game at 45fps, its been reported but no one is doing anything about it, the developers seem more driven by adding more and more games (whether they work properly or not), to be honest I have no idea why they added Type-X games as GameLoaderALLRH had them all playable, with graphical tweaks and key re-assignment via jconfig. Just my 2c
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    You are correct. They use to say public releases are around 1-2 months after Patreon but now it's take closer to 2-3 months. Plus, all these constant updates with very little improvement.
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    Every day, someone makes this ridiculous claim based on zero data. State the specific issues, log them in tracker and help the devs resolve. But you won't. There's no amount of facts that will prevent you from thinking the way you choose, so not going to waste my time. I just feel bad for people that can't appreciate what they have and feel entitled to instant emulation perfection. EDIT: Real Inari talking, got hacked again. Important tip, PLEASE be sure to check who you're logged in as before posting any messages in the forums before you make someone look bad possibly.
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    Outrun 2 SP SDX (Lingbergh) Works "fine" on Window$ 10 (1803) and TeknoParrot, with resolution fix applied. Works fine out the box. Executable file is disk0/Jennifer/Jennifer Use this file to edit the Jennifer file to the appropriate resolution for your monitor. [Hidden Content] From the front page. Outrun 2 SP DX does NOT run AMD GPU based graphics cards, as far as I know there is no shaderfix. Other fixes can be found on the TeknoParrot front page, just below the OutRun 2 SP SDX game icon. This one is from the emuline discord channel, thanks @jets [Hidden Content] Some extra information, thanks to @jonathanhooper Quote: "You do realize the Outrun 2 tracks can be played on the TeknoParrot Outrun 2 SP DX ? All you need to do is press view change on course select it shows it down the bottom when selecting track." Enjoy I hope that this tutorial helps other people out. It takes you a few moments to read, but it took me all night to figure it out. When you get the game working, thanks to this "manual", please give a thanks at this post. And a BIG thanks for the people who originally uploaded the games, we all can enjoy (if you do it right) !!! And of course all the people involved in, the game loaders and JVS I/O emulation applications we use, and all the people I "forgot". Also look at the posts below, some members / people add helpful information, thank them also .....
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    Hey guys, like many of you I love arcade light gun games and they hold a special place in my heart growing up and going to the arcades and playing games like Time Crisis, Virtua Cop and The House of the Dead just to name a few. It's probably my favourite game genre right next to fighting and platform games but unfortunately it's rather old technology and no longer works with modern LCD TVs. There has been many infrared sensor bar-reincarnations including the EMS Top Gun, AimTrak Lightgun and the invention of the Wiimote motion plus which can be paired with the Mayflash Dolphin Bar and various software to work but nothing truly like the aim and shoot true lightguns of the late 90s. Now there is news that there is a new invention called the Sinden Lightgun designed by Andy Sinden who claims he is bringing back the technology to modern day TVs, but is it truly a lightgun to rival the designs by Namco and Mad Katz? I'd like to share my unbiais views in hopes it will provide more clarity for those who are wishing this project will bring back old memories. More info on the Sinden lightgun here: The Pros: - it allows classic lightgun games via emulation (doesn't fully support consoles at this stage) to be played on modern TVs - The asking price of approx $120 USD seems to be fair if the tech truly works - It looks and feels like a classic lightgun (wired) - Emulates a mouse and keyboard so in theory should work with most emulators and fairly easy to set up - Does it beat the notion of playing classic games on a CRT/original hardware as better option? The Cons: - It requires a coloured border to be placed around the entirety of a TV's border which is quite thick and requires software to run - Compatibility is via emulation only at this stage with various separate hardware modifications required on consoles to work (not plug 'n play and requires hacking console hardware) - Is about the same price as an authentic Guncon, Mad Katz or other modern sensor guns so not affordable to must despite only working with emulators - Is not wireless so isn't improving on old technology but then again so are the older guns - The current build quality doesn't look very "high quality" but then again maybe it doesn't have to be Although the motion sensor guns like the Wiimote Motion Plus set up isn't the best, I have to say I don't mind it as it gives me wireless functionality, is relatively cheap to acquire (less than $60 USD for the whole set up) and is also wireless plus it doesn't have that annoying white border and requires separate software and hardware modifications to work. I am "on the fence" with this new invention as I am undecided on whether it will truly bring back what the older guns provided and begs the question would simply obtaining an older CRT and playing the classic lightgun games on original hardware and peripherals be the better and cheaper route? Again, this is just a thread for discussion and an update on the status of new/old technology so let's see what others think.
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    sure thing. here [Hidden Content]
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    I tried windowed mode and full screen mode for 2spicy, but still no sound. TP @punkdark2000
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    Not fair man. All this pay to play crap. I already said the number one rule with emulation was to never make a profit off it and share. Open a GoFundMe account if you need funds for cracking games. MAME has done it since 96 and never asked a dime of anyone.
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    merci très très bon travail
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    Yep, no sound emulation. Yes Yahel. lol Test video: Hentai girl is dead. :( How did i let that happen ? Im still in shock. @punkdark2000
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    True that. I think TP has more or less become a Patreon only emulator, at least if you want newer games. And I think non-patreons will have to wait about 4 months or even half a year before they can play them. Just a thought.
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    Star wars has been working on to for some time now. It's just that the dump isn't public.
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    Btw, i wake up now. Blaz Blue Central Fiction Arcade Dump (re-upload) [Hidden Content] Rar size: 11GB / Unpack size: 22GB @arcade_power Also; Uploading HL2AC @Baka9
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    I can confirm that multiplayer over LAN works. Enable in test menu by pressing "0". All FnF games are working with LAN except Drift.
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    Hi, Here is a little video footage of the game. I play with 2 wiimotes. Thanks you argonlefou. the main error I made was I didn't saw that there is a special setting for Silent Hill in demulshooter...
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    Is TP patreon/pay only nowadays as i havn't seen a public release for a while and am starting to think public versions are taking longer if not months longer than it used to be? We used to celebrate with a new public release at the end of the month and this thread would come alive with old and new viewers of this thread. Ah the good old days!