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    Various SEGA Chihiro extracted games Information about the hardware - [Hidden Content] Game List Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 1 (Export Version) Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (Export Version) Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (JP Version) Crazy Taxi High Roller Ghost Squad Ollie King Outrun 2 Outrun 2 (Beta) Outrun 2 (Special Tours) Sega Golf 2006 The House of The Dead 3 Virtua Cop 3 Download - [Hidden Content] Information Outrun 2 and HoTD 3 have PC ports Outrun 2 Beta, Virtua Cop 3, Ghost Squad and Crazy Taxi are playable on a modified Xbox (Virtua Cop 3 and Ghost Squad requires an Xbox dev unit or a 128mb ram modified retail xbox) Outrun 2 Special Tours is playable on TeknoParrot (lindberg version, see the TP thread for more info)
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    Pour info je viens de fixer les arts de DeathSmiles2 qui avaient un problème et de compléter la collection avec les images de : - DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou (x360) - Guwange (x360) - Ketsui (PS3) - Ibara (PS2) - Espgaluda (PS2) Ca me semble assez complet !!
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    so i uploaded my Tri-Force games here is the link bdu bdu rery good. [Hidden Content]
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    Salut Voici une collection très complète des backgrounds des derniers jeux Cave (bmp 1280x720) . Il y a en général plusieurs dizaines d'images par jeu (entre 2 et 101 images par jeu et une moyenne à environ 20). Pour ne pas surcharger je ne mets en illustration sur le site que quelques exemples. Normalement les wallpaper ou backgrounds de ces jeux y sont tous, quelques arts ont même parfois été ajoutés... Ils sont tous tirés directement des jeux PC ou Xbox360 (et PS3 pour Ketsui) et n'ont pas été retouchés ni redimensionnés : ce sont donc des originaux. Aucune image dans cette collection n'a été prise sur le net, elles ne sont pas en très haute résolution (720p généralement) mais elles sont toutes issues des jeux. Il n'y a aucun scan non plus d'ailleurs Edit : J'ai quand même ajouté 2 petites exceptions : Ibara et Espgaluda qui sont des RIP PS2 (SD) Akai Katana (x360) : [Hidden Content] DeathSmiles (PC) : [Hidden Content] DeathSmiles II (x360) : [Hidden Content] DoDonPachi (x360) : [Hidden Content] DoDonPachi DaiOuJou (x360) : [Hidden Content] DoDonPachi Resurrection/DaiFukkatsu (PC) : [Hidden Content] DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (x360) : [Hidden Content] Espgaluda (PS2) : [Hidden Content] Espgaluda II (x360) : [Hidden Content] Guwange (x360) : [Hidden Content] Ibara (PS2) : [Hidden Content] Ketsui (PS3) : [Hidden Content] Mushi Mushi Pork (x360) : [Hidden Content] Mushihime Sama (PC) : [Hidden Content] Mushihime Sama Futari (x360) : [Hidden Content] Pink Sweets (x360) : [Hidden Content] Voilà !!
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    pour moi sa fonctionne au top "WR" sur la 128 .... je te passe mes fichier de base puis essaye si sa fonctionne.... 1er: a mettre dans le fichier data puis tu selectionne launcher.exe (et calibration + test menu ces ok) [Hidden Content] 2eme: a mettre a la racine du jeux: (+ code de déblocage ) [Hidden Content]
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    Last week or 2 weeks ago I shared some files for the cursor.
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    Hopefully someone can use these hotd4 cursors, they are taken from the ps3 version of house of the dead 4, they need cleaning up and resizing but if anyone can help with this it would be very much appreciated. The ps3 screenshot is also there to aid with correct resizing [Hidden Content]
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    @ soso92 You are right, some strange problems with ID series and TP 1.0.0.xxx My game saves do not load / save ? I use IDASL with TP 1.92 all ID games run fine, choosing different save cards and all. [Hidden Content] Most .crd files are saved in the ID game root folder. BACKUP YOUR .crd GAMESAVES !!!
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    does anyone have the Re-Encoded version of BADLANDS for Daphne Emu? that they can upload? badlands-r.m2v (936mb) badlands-r.ogg (20.2mb) badlands-r.dat badlands-r.txt many thanks Stuart.
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    Version bêta 1.b du 22/04/2019 Voici la version 1.b Ce patch fonctionne que sur la version 1.10.22 de MarioKart GP DX [Hidden Content] bon jeu a tous et toutes Un retour pour faire évoluer la traduction est la bienvenue. Merci a tous et toutes.
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    According to what i saw yesterday on discord and for your joy, Transformers seems to be on the way, probably next update (most likely will be patreon only for a couple of weeks first), so be happy, christmas it's close! lol
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    lol... still here trolling? ...you must be the smart one of your troll legion... lol
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    I guess, you are the virgin here, having nothing else to do rather than wanting to be a troll which fails
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    J'ai juste suivi a la lettre cette procédure: Step-by-step disc dumping procedure In case the easy way didn't work for you, here's a compiled list of the step-by-step instructions we used for dumping disc-based PlayStation 3 format titles before. Download PS3 ISO Patcher by BlackDaemon. Download 3k3y IsoTools by the 3k3y team. Download any form of .iso dumping software such as ImgBurn or similar. 1 Insert a PlayStation 3 format disc title of your choice into your compatible Blu-ray drive. 2 Create the .iso image using an .iso dumping program of your choosing, e.g. ImgBurn or IsoBuster. 3 Use jonnysp.bplaced.net to download the appropriate .ird file that matches your title ID. If there isn't an .ird file that matches your title ID, you cannot use this method to dump your selected PlayStation 3 disc at this time. 4 Be sure to check the title ID in case there is a different edition of that title. e.g. Uncharted 2 Game of the Year Edition. You must use the correct .ird with the same title ID, otherwise it won't work. (Example: .ird file for Demon's Souls US disc doesn't work with Demon's Souls EU disc). 5 Using PS3 ISO Patcher, select the matching .iso and .ird files, then press Patch to apply the decryption keys to the .iso file. 6 Using 3k3y IsoTools press Decrypt button and select the .iso with patched-in decryption keys. This will produce decrypted .dec.iso file. If IsoTools complains about "Not valid PS3 ISO file" or missing decryption keys, please repeat from step 2 using another tool to dump original .iso image. 7 Optionally, validate that you have successfully obtained the correct copy of your game. You will need to install PS3 ISO Rebuilder tool from jonnysp.bplaced.net Load your .dec.iso file and your .ird file in the program and let it verify the dump. All of your files must be either Valid or Not required. 8 In 3k3y ISO Tools, use the Tools drop-down menu to select ISO > Extract ISO and then select the decrypted .iso file to extract its files. Another option is to use 7-zip or any other software that is capable of extracting .iso images. 9 You are now able to use the extracted .iso files with RPCS3. File > Boot Game ---------------------------- Il est a noter que je possède 2 Lecteurs/Graveurs de Bluray sur l'ordi (un LG et un Asus).
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    Pas mal enfin transformer jouable (bravo ) et sa aussi pas mal
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    salut oui tu peux repatcher a l'infini le patch est toujours full si vous voulez je peux mettre a disposition le patch pour remise en jap comme cela pas besoin de sauvegarder le jeux complet pour road fighter j'attend la possibilité de sauvegarder pour le finir
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    Konami Arcade Classics Anniversary Collection [Hidden Content]
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    First.. many thanks for this package I tested with the following OS : Windows XP : no problems working fine... Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit : mouse is not working in game... (tried already with "start as ADMIN") Any suggestions?
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    a pleasure for me to share it and that you enjoy
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    UPDATE GUI Sega Model 3 UI 12/04/19 -Has been added to the frontend the possibility that the same check the file games.xml.De this way whenever they add, modify or remove roms to the file, the frontend automatically to be able to read the file will update the list of roms to use . -If the UI does not find the nvram folder, it will create the folder itself so that certain configurations of the ROMs that we use are saved correctly. -If the UI does not find the saves folder, it will also create the above automatically. -Fixed a bug with the snapshots since if any of them were missing then the images did not come out correctly. -The custom resolution option has been added allowing us to choose the output resolution without being prefixed in the UI. -Added a new icon thanks to Hipnosis (collaborator of insertmorecoins.es) that has lent its help so that the UI has a new modernized icon. -Added dialogue box has been added informing us of the loading of the games. -Added the option to hide the window by command line when loading games leaving a cleaner load in the eyes of users. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    J'avais certains jeux non reconnus dans Yuzu (histoire de firmware 7.0 il semblerai). Je me suis donc trouvé les clés de décryptages qui manquaient... Pour ceux intéressés les voila [Hidden Content]
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    well I had a messy day and had issues with the network working, finally figured out the issue however ****YOU NEED A WEBCAM CONNECTED FOR NETWORK MULTIPLAYER**** It does not work if you turn the webcam off in settings So make sure you have some kind of camera connected (I used PS3 Camera's as i had a bunch lying around) Now under ShellData.ini in ShellData [Network] Enabled=1 CabinetID=2 NumCabinets=2 set cabinet ID depending on which pc you are using Set Cabinet 1 for Master/Server and Cabinet 2 onwards for other pcs and finally set the NumCabinets to how many cabinets you want. So for 2 player obviously just 2......for 8 player=8 Goto GameSettings.ini in ShellData ENSURE YOU HAVE CAMERA ENABLED=ON if you have this off then you are wasting your time and network will not boot up once you get to the power boot sequence same with having webcam disabled etc Goto config.ini in GameData [Network] FORCE_NET_VALID = 0 NETWORK_TYPE = 0 # 0: Slave # 1: Master # 2: SinglePlay set Master as NETWORK_Type=1 and every other cabinet as slave =0 *****ONLY WORKS IN 192.168.1.X RANGE****** now they would only work in that range and I believe X has to be pretty low numbers too eg 2-9 but someone can test this more and see. Unfortunately my network is in the 10.0.0.X range so I will use a program to automatically change my ip when I load the game and change back when I exit out Goto game.ini in shell [Network] Active=1 Domain=127.0.0 BaseAddr=1 Port=23232 CabinetDomain=192.168.1 CabinetBaseAddr=8 CabinetPort=27000 CabinetActive=1 MasterTimeout=15000 ClientTimeout=15000 [ShellNetwork] MasterTimeout=70000 ClientTimeout=70000 modify yours to have these numbers except change the CabinetBaseAddr and I matched it with whatever my last number of IP was so for above my ip was Now launch the game across all your pcs and they will go past the network discovery screen once they connect. Press F1 to launch the debug screen on all the pcs (Im actually not sure if Master needs this too but it doesnt hurt to launch on that too, ensure the webpage loads, if it doesn't open then goto now finally alt tab back to fullscreen on all your pcs and you will have the Network Power boot or something like that. Should say Good on all your pcs and boot into game on all of them You can check the logs if you have any issues and it might help with finding the solution but if you are having issues at the power boot screen where it says Good and then changes then its almost certainly the Webcam That's it! Enjoy
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    Id6 j'ai abandonné.... Id7 oui j'ai des erreurs de cartes Id8 pas d'erreurs de cartes c'est le seul qui est faible de ce coté là