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    [Hidden Content] SO: Windows 7 Processador: i5 Memória: 8 GB de RAM Placa de vídeo: GEFORCE GTX 750 TI DirectX: Versão 9.0c Armazenamento: 10 GB de espaço disponível
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Madden NFL Football - Season 1 by [EASports & GlobalVR] ---= Cracked by MOHKERZ =--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is a new arcade game released, once again and again, in a playable state. Game lacks online (server were shut down more than 10 years ago) and CardReader features (saving and loading progress), so it may not be fully enjoyable, because CAREER, TOURNAMENT and LEADERBOARD are not available. Only TRAINING and EXHIBITION are playable, enough to have fun anyway. This game version only allows 2 players to play together, it's a dump from the 2 players cab version without 4 players support. Maybe someone could figure out a way to get CAREER mode unlocked and saving. Dump includes hacked exe and dlls, DxWnd settings (for some fixes), DGVoodoo (for some other fixes) and a launcher taking care of path, remapping controls and other commands and settings to make the game portable. So to run the game, just extract the archive anywhere and run the LAUNCHER exe "AS ADMIN" (if not some patches may fail). Game has been tested and working pretty good under Win7 x64, but with KEYBOARD ONLY. Some issues: game settings are not saved atm (FRONTEND ONLY), no sound in video cutscenes maybe due to missing codec here (FRONTEND ONLY)..... [DOWNLOAD LINK] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] (as usual password is MOHKERZ) [CONTROLS] ESC = quit F8 = toggle window/FS with AR/FS without AR (FRONTEND ONLY) P1 START (WHITE) = 1 P2 START (WHITE) = 2 OPERATOR button = 4 (FRONTEND ONLY) P1 COIN = 5 (FRONTEND ONLY) P2 COIN = 6 (FRONTEND ONLY) P1 control = arrows P1 RED = Q P1 BLUE = S P1 GREEN = D P1 YELLOW = F P2 control = numpad P2 RED = H P2 BLUE = J P2 GREEN = K P2 YELLOW = L Frontend controls can be remapped, and main game controls too. Main game exe is compatible with X360 controllers. If you want to remap controls, please note that frontend has his control setting remapped in remap.ini. Main Game exe, on his side, has his control settings remapped in MADDEN folder in x360kb.ini. [CAB HARDWARE] CARD SCANNER: GlobalVR cabs embed card scanner to load and save progress and settings. Does not work atm. NETWORK: This might work if you intend to link computers, but i did not tried or fixed anything here. To get online or local network, cabinet need to be registered with an operator card and/or network. Obviously does not work too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that files are modified and that will not properly work on a REAL cabinet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to: -DUCON for his brain. -Dege for DGVoodoo. -ghotik for DxWnd. -and some more that shared code and advices... -- [Hidden Content]
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    Never had any problem and I spent a lot of time to test and setup them. It just doesn't like to lose focus (so no Alt+Tab nor Alt+Esc) Sinon petite correction des réglages pour ShikigamiNoShiro3 qui le rendent beaucoup plus beau Et j'ai mis à jour tous les fichiers, les ai renommés de manière claire et ajouté un petit readme pour chaque jeu avec la résolution à prérégler avant de se lancer. N'hésitez pas à tester
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    This post has been split up into the TUTO section. [Hidden Content]
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    - Works only on NVIDIA (due to shaders) iccard.bin, iccard.txt Both files in the root of c: ? I just figured out, that Shining Force Cross Elysion uses the same files, and overwrites them, corrupting the card for Shining force Cross Raid Once you created a card you can not create a second one, use the original iccard.bin, iccard.txt files to create a new card. So when you want to load a card from one or the other game, save the files found in the root of c: in a seperate folder, and place the needed files in the root of c: when needed for one or the other game. This game uses your mouse instead of a touchscreen. Configured the game for Directinput ? Configure it for keyboard use. [Hidden Content] Somehow, in the TeknoParrot settings up, down, left, right are 90 degrees rotated so when you press up you go right. Also in the beginning of the game the character runs to the left, use the mouse on the bar at the lower part of the screen. Press the buttons you configured for up, down, left, right. Use only digital inputs, as far as I know, both analogue and digital controls configured "bites". Quote: Touch screen works, just use mouse or if you have touch screen, use that. Multiplayer links but no modes are unlocked, feel free to hax! If you use Digital movement, please LEAVE ANALOG UNBINDED! Same thing other way around, or controls don't work. Applied the shader.farc file to patch black graphics ? Shining Force Cross Raid Patch & correct iccard.bin, iccard.txt files as requested. [Hidden Content] Shining Force Cross Elysion Patch [Hidden Content] On to the game....... At the Sega screen press F2 to insert a card ! [Hidden Content] Press IC Setup multiple times [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] At the SEGA screen press F2 !! [Hidden Content] Press IC Customize, multiple times [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] I hope this helps, let me know ....
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    Sega Arcade GRID: Hyperspin theme, video, wheel image: [Hidden Content]