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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Madden NFL Football - Season 1 by [EASports & GlobalVR] ---= Cracked by MOHKERZ =--- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here is a new arcade game released, once again and again, in a playable state. Game lacks online (server were shut down more than 10 years ago) and CardReader features (saving and loading progress), so it may not be fully enjoyable, because CAREER, TOURNAMENT and LEADERBOARD are not available. Only TRAINING and EXHIBITION are playable, enough to have fun anyway. This game version only allows 2 players to play together, it's a dump from the 2 players cab version without 4 players support. Maybe someone could figure out a way to get CAREER mode unlocked and saving. Dump includes hacked exe and dlls, DxWnd settings (for some fixes), DGVoodoo (for some other fixes) and a launcher taking care of path, remapping controls and other commands and settings to make the game portable. So to run the game, just extract the archive anywhere and run the LAUNCHER exe "AS ADMIN" (if not some patches may fail). Game has been tested and working pretty good under Win7 x64, but with KEYBOARD ONLY. Some issues: game settings are not saved atm (FRONTEND ONLY), no sound in video cutscenes maybe due to missing codec here (FRONTEND ONLY)..... [DOWNLOAD LINK] DOWNLOAD HERE (as usual password is MOHKERZ) [CONTROLS] ESC = quit F8 = toggle window/FS with AR/FS without AR (FRONTEND ONLY) P1 START (WHITE) = 1 P2 START (WHITE) = 2 OPERATOR button = 4 (FRONTEND ONLY) P1 COIN = 5 (FRONTEND ONLY) P2 COIN = 6 (FRONTEND ONLY) P1 control = arrows P1 RED = Q P1 BLUE = S P1 GREEN = D P1 YELLOW = F P2 control = numpad P2 RED = H P2 BLUE = J P2 GREEN = K P2 YELLOW = L Frontend controls can be remapped, and main game controls too. Main game exe is compatible with X360 controllers. If you want to remap controls, please note that frontend has his control setting remapped in remap.ini. Main Game exe, on his side, has his control settings remapped in MADDEN folder in x360kb.ini. [CAB HARDWARE] CARD SCANNER: GlobalVR cabs embed card scanner to load and save progress and settings. Does not work atm. NETWORK: This might work if you intend to link computers, but i did not tried or fixed anything here. To get online or local network, cabinet need to be registered with an operator card and/or network. Obviously does not work too. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that files are modified and that will not properly work on a REAL cabinet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special thanks to: -DUCON for his brain. -Dege for DGVoodoo. -ghotik for DxWnd. -and some more that shared code and advices...
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    Note: Data dumped from Pandora Box USB From Pandora_Box_6_User_Manual PDF Download Here [Hidden Content] How to install in SD: Extract in SD or USB and then insert to Pandora Box6. Done -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pandora Box 5 Micro SD Card Dump Backup... Download: [Hidden Content] How to install in SD: Extract in SD or USB and then insert to Pandora Box5. Done Don't Forget to Say Thanks
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    Salut à tous!! Depuis quelques jours avec notre amis Ducon2016 (qu'on ne présente plus!) on travaille sur un shader modifiés pour jeux PC et ArcadePC. Enfin c'est surtout lui qui bosse, moi je ne fais que tester et donner des idées Partis pour corriger un léger bug du fabuleux shader CRT-Geom (Retroarch et porté pour ReShade), Ducon2016 a fini par faire des merveilles !! Le shader que l'on vous propose aujourd'hui est en effet capable d'offrir un magnifique rendu CRT (scanline, courbure, dot,...) à nos jeux et surtout aux jeux en résolution 480p en doublant leur résolution! Les fonctions ajoutées : - Amélioration du rendu du shader CRT-Geom (suppression du scintillement) - Option de doublage de la résolution native du jeu (fait pour les jeux 480p, peut être activée/désactivée dans ReShade.ini) - Option de doublage de la résolution de l'affichage dans le menu du shader accessible avec la touche "home"/"début" (pour les jeux qui en ont besoin, si vous ne doublez pas dans ReShade.ini il faudra désactiver l'option dans le shader également) - Option de rotation de l'affichage avec recadrage au centre (permet de retourner à l'horizontal les jeux verticaux préconfigurés en TATE, l'option s'active dans le menu du shader) - Option pour déverrouiller et régler le ratio de l'affichage (permet de régler dans le menu du shader la largeur de la zone d'écran affichée "auto ou "valeur personnalisée" ) - Amélioration de la compatibilité du support des jeux de ReShade (ajout de d3d8, ddraw,..) - Ajout d'une option pour émulation software TnL (s'active dans ReShade.ini et permet de fixer DeathSmiles2 sur cartes Nvidia) .... Nous avons déjà testé avec succès de nombreux jeux dont vous trouverez ci-dessous les premiers packs prêt à l'emploi. [Hidden Content] Ces premiers packs vous permettent d'obtenir cet effet pour les jeux suivants : JEUX ARCADE PC : JEUX PC : Pour les utiliser, il suffit d'extraire le contenu de chaque archive dans le répertoire du jeu correspondant et de lancer le jeu. (Évidemment, rien ne vous empêche de tester le résultat sur d'autres jeux!) Ces configs sont généralement faites pour afficher ces jeux résolution doublée (1280x960) et les jeux doivent donc être généralement préconfigurés en mode SD 480p. (Il y a toutefois des exceptions, il est préférable de lire le fichier readme pour configurer le jeu avant de le lancer avec le shader) Pour les jeux d'arcade vous pouvez utiliser n'importe quel loader mais attention aux options d'affichage incompatibles (résolutions, effets, textures,...) Les dll ont été mises en "lecture seule" ce qui devrait vous permettre de pouvoir quand même utiliser LoaderAllRH si vous le souhaitez. Attention dans ce cas les options graphiques et les modes 3&6 de LoaderAllRH sont déconseillés et risquent fortement d'échouer et de faire planter le jeu ou le loader Voilà bon jeu, on en ajoute très bientôt !! Et encore merci Ducon2016 pour ce super taf !! Crédits : d3d8.dll - Latest 1.9.1 from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Crosire d3d9.dl, d3d11.dll and reshade.fxh - Custom build of latest reshade from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Crosire Geom.fx - Custom version of shaders from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Matsilagi ddraw.dll, d3dim.dll - Latest dgVoodoo 2.55.4 from [Hidden Content] - Thanks to Dege
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    Hello again folks, as I promised here we are with the Dragon’s Lair II Time Warp Bluray (4:3 ratio) Arcade Remaster which from my knowledge it’s probably the only existing version, I did it 8/9 years ago and it was a frame by frame work (pretty much a pain in the ass) and finally here it is for the whole community… as I usually say, please enjoy and have a blast with it! LINK: [Hidden Content] KEY: !FFUoY_aE4S33T0IDpH3emGkhffloXrlNfic8URWlH3g Keep always in mind that this remaster was done to be played on a real cabinet at that time so please don’t ask for 1080p formats cause this is the only version I did. The game comes without Daphne emulator so just copy/paste the folder wherever you wish, edit the path in the Framefile.txt and that’s it, ready to go! For any question about Daphne emu please refer to the official website since I have really no time to answer, thanx for understanding… There's included also the usual CD layout in HQ you can print. …almost forgot… in case you are missing the rom files you can find it in the game folder! Next upload will be Space Ace BRD Arcade Remaster and a neat restoration of the Japanese version of Mad Dog McCree released by Capcom in Asia, so far so good!! PS. Trivia: If you take a close look at the title screen you will see an odd particular, the Japanese version of the bluray seems to be licensed exclusively to Nintendo… ??? Here a comparison between my remaster and the original LD capture.
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    GamingRob for the Sega Sonic All Star Racing game you need the calibration patch: [Hidden Content] run it then run ya game
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    Nostalgia FORTE 2018 (PAN:J:A:X:2018062002) Use Spicetools and spice64-ea.bat to run [Hidden Content]
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    Sega Ringedge 2 Arcade Love with Pengo Hyperspin theme vid, wheel image png [Hidden Content]
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    Sega Arcade GRID: Hyperspin theme, video, wheel image: [Hidden Content]