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    Xenia D3D12 -> Nouvelle MAJ (Full Fr): [Hidden Content] Version avec le support de la resolution x2, non testé car je suis en deplacements. -------------------------- Xenia D3D12 -> New Update (ENG): [Hidden Content]
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    Aller un peu d'info sur Xenia The Direct3D 12 renderer now experimentally supports 2x rendering resolution scale! This means that games now may be rendered in resolutions up to 2560x1440! To use it: append --d3d12_resolution_scale=2 to the executable path in your shortcut to the latest version of Xenia. Your GPU must support tiled resources and rasterizer-ordered views (see #faq for more info). Currently this is highly experimental, so expect various rendering issues (such as one-pixel gaps and pixelation of certain effects), but as always, stay tuned for updates!