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    my scanline effect if anyone is interested its subtle i found that using the new mame versions was fuking hopeless [Hidden Content]
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    Update contents of 316 · Fixed a problem that Aliens was activated in full screen when window mode was active. - Fixed a bug that the state of Numlock and ScrollLock might not return to original after Aliens was ended. - In order to support Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe, the execution file name "aliens dehasped.exe" is now read. * When Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe is in the game folder, Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe is automatically started. * If both executable files "abhRelease.exe" and "aliens dehasped.exe" exist, "aliens dehasped.exe" is preferentially started. * Move the mouse cursor so that it disappears after the loader start process is completed. * With this update, the automatic fireproof function was added. * When using, please enable "Loader setting 1" tab "Enable fireworks". * This function is effective only when "aliens dehasped.exe" and "Aliens_MouseEnabler.exe" are in the game folder. * You can fight the speed of fire faster than the assault rifle of the initial equipment, so you can fight favorably with only the hand gun. * The delay time to the start of the firing can be set in the range from 0 to 999 ms. * The interval of fire can be set within the range from 20 to 200 ms (Please increase the set value if the fire is interrupted. * You can switch between invalid / valid with "Space key" or "Mouse wheel button long press" when the flash is enabled. * Added unique hotkey "Mouse back button = start" "Mouse forward button = coin" "Mouse wheel button long push = Enable / disable flash firing" "Space = Enable / disable flash". · Pop'n Music 24 is supported. * The executable file name is "launcher.exe". * To change the resolution, please set "Loader setting 2" tab "Change internal resolution" (Old). * When using eaLocalServer, please select "Other 1" tab "eaLocalServer". · Supports bezel image display when full screen mode is set. * Since it is in full-screen mode, the image file that can be used is "transparent PNG" only. * BMP and JPG can not be used. * There are games that are not displayed correctly, but let's give up as it is an incomplete function. * We recommend you to use "4" or "6" as LoaderMode to use, but please like it. · Corrected reading timing when Operation G.H.O.S.T mission select is effective. - Fixed a bug that the Nesica version of Kof98UMFE and Kof2002 might become full screen when setting the window mode in the Intel HD environment. · Other bug fixes fixed. · Please make Language.ini the default. · If you do not operate properly, discard this Loader in the trash box and finish.