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    Moi ces un autre petit problème que j'ai eu dans la 1.65 (Ces sur le jeux ID7 j'ai une erreur 5108 au deuxième lancer) ces marrant car ID6 et ID8 aucun problème.(A part ça aucun problème pour les jeux que j'ai tester). Mais sur la 1.64 (Ces ID7 et ID8 aucun problème) et ID6 erreur 5108. PS: Et sinon ces normal que sur Pokken T les vidéo ne fonctionne pas? Et ces bizarre j'ai plus de problème de son qui grésille quand j'active les insert coin dans le test mode depuis la 1.65 Patch fr pokken T (Mettre le fichier Win32 a la racine du jeux): patch fr pokken t.zip
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    GTI CLUB Supermini fiesta! Arcade 16:9 HD Hyperspin Theme, Video, Wheel Image: [Hidden Content]
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    thanks for the theme arcade
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    tekken TG2 and tekken 6 stopped working in the latest rpc3 builds there is a regression and its not fixed yet... use build 7254 [Hidden Content] and don't forget to uses strict rendering and write color buffers for tekken TG2 to fix most graphical errors.
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    excellent that u found it .. and this is the same method u should for other psn games i recommend using psnstuff to download psn games and rap files... and i didn't play that much in the game so i don't know it bugs out at level 6
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    Je disait juste que qd je lance.mon écran est configurer en 1920*1080 😁
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    Injustice 2 Legendary Edition 16:9 HD Animated Hyperspin Theme, Video, Wheel image: [Hidden Content]
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    Amazing post by ValdikSS: [Hidden Content] A good reminder how the true unsung heroes of the scene are actually the dumpers and crackers: Dump > Crack > Loader/Controls. People only see the Loaders and Controls but might not often appreciate the investment needed in both time and money that dumpers put. Cracking those systems require real skills. Making a loader and controls is really nothing in comparison. Thanks again to the unsung dumpers and crackers of the scene. Some amazingly talented people like Valdik and many anonymous others.
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    Very complicated for me and for many to try to understand all the work that is done without our knowledge, from anonymous people or not, but that allow others to have a great pleasure in enjoying these great little games part of the memory of our lives. The following can only be kept simple: Thank you very much to the whole community.
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