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    For who interested to running Outrun 2 SP @ 4K resolution (3840x2160) with fixed car shadow I've patched the executable from 1080p shadow fix to size internal res to 2160p, shadow patch now working also at full 4K resolution OUTRUN2SPDX_2160p_shadowfix.rar
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    Je viens de me faire une nouvelle carte pour WMMT5 depuis la version 1.53 (différent de la 1.42) Enfin j'ai pu activer les led sur la plaque d'immatriculation:(sa fonctionnais pas sur la 1.42) grâce a : [Hidden Content] sinon pour ceux qui voudrais essayer ma sauvegarde: (a mettre a la racine du jeux) TeknoParrot_Cars RUF CTR 830ch Sinon j'ai trouver pour changer les grades avec un "HEX": ces cette ligne: 000000A0 / 04 = 07 J'ai pas tout trouver (trop galère,si il y a une personne qui connait,sa serais cool de partager) 01=N 07=C4 38=SSSS Changer le rectangle bleu par (01/07/38 etc...) et pour ceux qui se sent courageux (voila comment changer le compte tour) "la led a l'aire de fonctionner"
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    What do I do with this files?
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    Yes mate to get into test mode on LGI3d uncheck use mouse to control gun games in teknoparrot, you can then use the button you configured to enter test mode. Once you have made all your changes exit and re enable mouse for gun games
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    Great share Spindizzi thankyou very much
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    305 - It corresponds to Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R. * The execution file name is "GGXXACP_RE2.exe". * Recommended is "Loader Mode = 6". * Disable the window mode on TeknoParrot side. - It corresponds to Let's Go Island 3D. * The executable file name is "LGI.exe". * Recommended is "Loader Mode = 6". * When FXAA is enabled, the test mode will be black screen during game startup, but there is no problem during game. * Please enter arbitrary numerical value in the edit box on the "Loader setting 1" tab to change the resolution * To enable cheat mode, please enable "cheat mode" tab "Loader setting 1" tab * When restricting the movement amount of the mouse cursor, please enable the "Loader setting 1" tab "Restrict mouse movement amount" * For full HD monitor, the set value is "L180, U130, R450, D350". * Loader Hides the mouse cursor after the activation process is completed. post 1
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    You clearly havent, beacuse no where in the readme of fucking idmac 1.5 dose it say to use rfidgod inject, that alone proves you didnt read shit. To run the games, they depend on 3 external programs. Run the programs below separately OR select the options in JConfig. NOTE: Don't use both at the same time! - RFiDGod.dll - Copy the dll file to the C:\RFiD - Run the RFIDGod_inject.exe inside the game folder. or - Select the RFiD Emulation option. - Nesysservice.exe - Run the Nesysservice.exe -app command or - Select the Nesys Emulation option. - Cryptserver.exe - Run the command Cryptserver.exe <path of key.key> or - Select the Crypserver Emulation option and leave the key in the game directory. NOTE2: Not all programs are required, see table below. Games that have no instruction, run directly from the executable. Wait i select the options in jconfig and run the game directly form the game.exe no fuckin way
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    Título : STRIP FIGHTER 5 Títulos Alternativos : ストリップファイター5 Ano : 2016 Desenvolvedor : StudioS Gêneros : Estupro, Loli, Nakadashi, Peitões, Ryona Censura : Sim Idioma : Japonês Plataforma : PC Formato : RAR\EXE Tamanho : 191 MB Sistema : Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 HD : 500 MB [Hidden Content]
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    If Only Outrun 2 would work on AMD GPU :( Don't know if I can justify spending hundreds on an Nvidia video card just to play a few emulated games like Outrun 2 and Initial D tho :( OK so i caved in and bought an NVidia GTX 1080