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  2. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    what bat file?? do you mean you created your own bat file or the bat file from the original file? you don't need to use the bat file from the original file.. just use the mu3.exe for playing the game,, read my post above to rinascita about creating a shortcut to set the resolution..
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  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I saw that there was a way to import the game save for Mario Kart Arcade DX, the file name is profile.sav, I was wondering, where within the folder should this file be located? Thanks again.
  5. hey all. got sdvx working but was curious to know if theres a way to run it in landscape without it being stretched/cut-off. 720p mode in spice tools makes it playable but the bottom area still gets cut off.
  6. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hi guys, I have a dump from Virtual fighter V FS that have two files vf5fs.bin and vf5fs_ext . After decompression I moved the content of vf5fs_ext to disk 0 inside vf5fs.bin then I try to use teknoparrot and it chow the cmd screen doing something and after that it closes. Any idea ?
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  8. LightGuns Crisis

    j'ai une question. est ce que sous PCSX2 les deux wii marche? ou juste 1? merci pour ton retour
  9. LightGuns Crisis

    j'ai du merder qq part...ca marche bien nickel dsl
  10. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    Thanks for that! I had tried implementing that before on my own with a full download. But it made no sense to me because my dump didn't have any DLL's in which to rename the required file to. The main instructions also don't mention putting the included folder INTO the sv folder which I just discovered because the source link (below) leads you to a list of preconfigred games. There was a DSII download that got me working 100%! Dante82 & fire10, this worked for me: CRT-Geom MOD Just go into game configs and grab the DSII one. Slap it into your dump. I had to run the game 3 times before it started loading. The first time it just quit on it's own right away. The second time it did a bunch of work with files in my system folder then quit (based on created log files). Now the game runs perfectly fine.
  11. On arrive pas à voir tes capture écran en bonne qualité ça reste petit. De mon côté pas mal de jeux plantent au bout de 5 min de jeu comme GOW3 ou Ascension, GT6, Motorstorm pacific rift (il fonctionnait bien avant comme GOW3). J'ai lâché l'affaire depuis un moment et je t'avoue qu'avec tous les patchs qui ont été mis en place je n'y comprends plus rien. Apparemment il y a aussi eu un patch pour plusieurs jeux qui permettait d'améliorer les perfo j'avais vu. Bref il y a plein de choses à prendre à côté du coup c'est le gros bordel cet émulateur. Seuls les petits jeux fonctionnent comme Tekken 6 ou After Burner Climax. Pour moi c'est une grosse merde cet émulateur surtout quand on voit les autres qui sont loin d'être de telles usines à gaz!! Pourtant mon PC n'est pas non plus à la ramasse: i7 7740X, Nvidia GeForce 1070 et 16Go de RAM. Avec ça tous les émulateurs tournent très bien, même Yuzu!
  12. est-ce que t'as fait quelque chose pour wipeout hd? j'ai la meme config que toi, mais durant la course c'est très lent.
  13. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Yea i don't understand. I haven't even touched VR so i don't see how that could stop working and the other 2 games work fine for me across different builds of mame *EDIT* just tried VR and works fine, obviously same as always you need to set cabinet to upright problems are at your end
  14. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Same problem
  15. Hopefully someone can fix the brake and turn the vehicle 180 degrees function
  16. Hello les cocos ! Je viens d'émuler sans trop de probléme The last of us grace au tuto du sir Bsod (et du patch !) C'était peut être le seul qui me tenais tête encore... Pour moi l'émulateur va rentrer dans ça phase d'optimisations maintenant , quasi tout est presque jouable à des dégrès différent ( dans les jeux qui m'intéressé en tous cas !) Par contre truc de ouf , je n'arrive pas à mettre la main sur une version FR , si une bonne âme passe par là ! Je suis preneur ! THX @bojo5150 try this
  17. @petje Thanks for your help but even if I activate the V-Sync in my NVidia settings the speed remains the same.
  18. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Lukudo - by any chance do you have a specific game .ini file? For instance, raveracw.ini, superchs.ini in your MAME folder? If so, you need to change the OSD Output from 'Auto' to 'Windows' there as well.
  19. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I have Pokken Tournament running but I can't get passed the Opening logo. I see an error ont he top right that says: 7-1 Card r/w disconnect 4-2 LAN Error 2 I can only press a button which brings me to a screen with 3 icons. none of the 3 icons does anything: the first brings me back to the logo screen the second pops up a grey rectangle with no text in it the third appears to be for the Banapass. How to I get to the acutal game?
  20. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    is there any news for WMMT6
  21. press home on keyboard
  22. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Download Borderless Gaming application for Windows.
  23. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Hello everyone I followed the instructions of how to install and run Ongeki Plus, but all I'm getting is audio + white screen. I've installed UnityParrot + UnityParrot 1.6 Source code as said, and ran the .exe for files creation, then running the bat for playing the game. Any ideas of what's going on? Thank you!
  24. HyperSpin

    Thanks for sharing buddy
  25. [Arcade PC] Deathsmiles 2

    Yep my ATI setup is perfect but nvidia glitches on fence panels and a strange one on the bull bosses horns on the first level, maybe one day this will be fixed
  26. Sorry, i used a version of Daphne without DaphneLoader included... You can download the last official Daphne version from [Hidden Content] and the DaphneLoader is included. You only have to copy the mpeg2 folder and the .bat archives to the new Daphne folder to play my versions there.
  27. What you are reffering to is the "Event Mode" which deactivates Map progress, so I wouldn't recommend that. It will disable all manually timed events like collaborations and the default maps, so you cant unlock new characters
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