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telecharger download free Télécharger / Download    MAME4droid (0.139u1) arcade (apk) v1.6.1

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MAME4droid (0.139u1) est un émulateur arcade pour les appareils sous Android, ( derniere version)


M.A.M.E. = Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator





MAME4droid (0.139u1) is developed by David Valdeita (Seleuco), port of MAME 0.139u1 emulator by Nicola Salmoria and TEAM. MAME4droid (0.139u1) emulates arcade games supported by original MAME 0.139u1.


This MAME4droid version is targeted to Dual-Core devices, because it is based on a high specs 2010 PC MAME build. Anyway don't expect arcade games of the 90 to work at full speed. With some games that are really bad optimized (like outrun or mk series) you will need at least a 1.5 ghz dual-core device (Cortex A15). This is related to MAME build used, since it is targeted to high specs PC's as i said before.

This version doesn't have an UML back-end ARM dynamic recompiler, which means drivers based on high specs arcade CPUs won't be playable (it has not sense since this games will be slow in any case).

This version emulates over 8000 different romsets.

Please, try to understand that that with that amount of games, some will run better than others and some might not even run with MAME4droid.

Please, don't email me asking for a specific game to run.

After installing, place your MAME-titled zipped roms in /sdcard/ROMs/MAME4droid/roms folder.

This MAME4droid version uses only '0.139' romset.

Official web page for news, source code & additional information:

To see MAME license, go to the end of this document.


Support for 2.1 and upper Android devices.
Native support for Android Honeycomb tablets.
HW Keys remapping.
Touch Controller can be shown/hidden.
Smooth image.
Overlay Filters, scalines, CRT..
Digital or Analog touch selectable.
Animated touch stick or DPAD.
In-App button Layout customizable control.
iON's iCade and iCP (as iCade mode) external controllers supported.
Plug and play detection of many USB / Bluetooth gamepads.
Tilt Sensor as left/right/up/down.
Touch lightgun.
1 to 6 buttons optionally shown.
Options for video aspect ratio, scaling, rotate.
NVidia Shield support.
Peer to peer Netplay.

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