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  2. You are right i played tekken tag 2 in windowed mode and it seemed to run fine. Also later on when I switched to fullscreen surprisingly it didn't crash. Which means for some time you need to play in windowed mode and then can switch to fullscreen later on.
  3. Yes enabeling TSX instructions can be a huge help it seems. I can't with my CPU unfortunately. And yes to reach 40/50fps ingame I have also to use SPU LLVM recompiler (safe block size) and prefered SPU threads to 2 or 3. It's not very "stable" but it moves from 35 to 50fps with this setting and the sound is not so bad. BTW it's not enought to enjoy the game but I didn't find any other problem than the "speed". You should try TSX and keep us informed!!
  4. i have the same amount of ram and speed ... and i clocked my 4790k up to 4.6 but i really saw no big difference at all ... the only thing that i havn't tried is downgrading the bios to get tsx instructions enabled ... from what i read it makes a big difference. and do u get stable 45fps with ur setup ... its not stable here and i got to use llvm and 2 threads to reach that performance other than that i get like 25-30fps
  5. Problem resolution! I use resolution 16:9 but the windows of Teknoparrot is cut up and down. I can't view the menu. How can I change?
  6. Alright, here is EXACTLY how you get this game working, with no fucking about. Get the 2.08 JP version of Battle Gear 4. Get JConfig for BG4 Open JConfigBG.exe UNTICK High Resolution, Direct3D9 Wrapper, DX Window Mode Keep DirectSound Wrapper ticked On Joystick Type, select XInput, and turn the deadzone slider to about halfway, even if you won't be using deadzone, just follow along. Jconfig is a terrible program SAVE Reopen JConfig, set your inputs. If you didn't set the deadzone earlier, Jconfig will shit the bed and think you're pushing sticks all the way when you're not. If you want to have gas and brake on your triggers, you NEED to be using a DualShock 4 with DS4Windows, emulating a 360 pad. There's no other way to do this. In DS4Windows, set your right trigger to push the right stick up or down, and the left trigger to push the right stick to the left or right. Save this as a profile In Jconfig you can now bind your brake and accel to their own axes. In Jconfig's extra settings menu, turn off "Fake Analog pedals" Now put the deadzone back to 0, and save. If there's a config.bin in your folder, delete it. Start game.exe You will calibrate your gas and brake, this should work fine. In game, you press the service button to put a coin in, and start menu to start. In the test menu you can switch to freeplay, where you only need to push start When you're playing, you'll find your steering is really sensitive. Get Xinput Plus. Direct it to your BG4 folder, where game.exe is In the settings for left stick, set the linearity as far left as you prefer. I have it at -0.9 which also works well for other arcade games Now you can play the fucking game.
  7. Wow! I don't know how I missed that one, thanks! One last question about saving scores, is it possible? I completed 1 round, entered my name and turned the game back on but the scores were reset.
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  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.165) | Arcade PC

    3. you need nvidia fix first page
  10. OutRun 2 SPDX Question! I have the 1440p car shadow fix, but yet I still have black textures on signs, roads, birds, clothes. There's gotta be a way to fix that entirely without just switching the view back and forth on the car right?
  11. my i7-3770K is clocked at 4.4GHz and I have 16Go DDR3 2400MHz C10 So in fact our configurations are similar. So if we have the same performance this is "normal" To reach a stable 60fps ingame with SCV we should need something like an i7-7700K or i7-8700K
  12. i have a 4790k and still get really poor performance ...and in order to get any decent fps i need to set spu decoder to the new llvm and spu threads to 2.. and yea i think 45 fps is the max i get in game ... and there is a lot of sound issues too ...
  13. SCV works perfectly, it just need a powerfull CPU. With my i7-3770K I get only approx 45fps ingame. but with something a little more recent you should get perfect gameplay
  14. just try windowed mode when playing the games ... as i said i have dual boot and on the 1908 build i got the latest drivers installed for modern gaming .. and on that setup i run rpcs3 in windowed mode and everything seems to be working fine.. i know its not the best look but its a temporary solution and hopefully nvidia fixes that issue soon.
  15. oh yes bro ...a lot of the big fighting games r running really well ...soulcalibur v is probably one of the few big fighting titles that still have many problems ... but its sort of playable ..hopefully it gets fixed. and i think when the emulator reaches a more advanced level .. we might have a nice modding community and be able to do all kinds of cool stuff with the games.
  16. Actually I didn't want to go through the hassle of Uninstalling the current one. Maybe that might be the key to getting it installed. Will try and let you know
  17. hmm weird .... did u uninstall the current one first and than install this older driver ... and before doing that u can try playing in windowed mode instead of full screen see if u r getting any freezing..
  18. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.165) | Arcade PC

    1. not shure Try to calibrate over the windows gamepad utility 2. The bloom is broken in the HD alterations (jennifer_lores works perfect) 3. U need the nvidia shader fix (you find it on the first page)
  19. Yep I was also quite happy to get them both working good on PC (even if I own them on x360). MKvsDCU works very well, I finished both story mode on RPCS3 and unlocked the 2 hidden characters. TTT2 is one of the best of the serie. I just hope somewone will share a patch or cheat to block the CPU character customisation wich is ruinning every tekken games from the 6th.
  20. I downloaded the driver and ran but it gave me an error stating that it is not compatible with this version of Windows which is quite strange since I am using Windows 10 64 bit.
  21. Can somebody help me with en eins perfectwerlt. When I launch the game with typextra I keep getting the screen to not center in correctly. Sorry for I do not speak french very well.
  22. Thanks mate one of the things probably the DSR or DPI settings did help solve the problem. However there are a few things I would like to know if there is a fit for them to. 1) The car is slightly pulling to the right. Is there a way to set that? I use an Xbox one controller. 2) The bloom with the nactive value is a complete overkill. How ever setting the sun height value to "1" completely diminished it. What is proper value? 3) Certain portion of the track do not renderer properly like the road and some sides. Once again thank you for your assistance. Regards.
  23. oh hey bro ... nice for mortal komat vs dc i didn't notice that one on perfectly playable with no specific settings as it needed strict rendering ... it was a nice surprise ..game now looks pretty good.. and for Tekken TT2 just making sure that ppl know that the 2 stages that needed strict mode r now working fine ... finally all tekken games r fully playable on pc
  24. if u r getting freezing and rpcs3 gets stuck in the task manager even after u force shut it down .... its probably a driver issue and this is the old driver that works try it out and see if things work better.. [Hidden Content]
  25. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.165) | Arcade PC

    normal windows display settings you should see the dpi settings set it to 100 %
  26. Ok i will check that however i am not using the Nvidia DSR feature as far as i recall. HOw to run the game at default dpi settings?
  27. The previously posted HD sdaemon.exes doesn't have working input with TP unfortunately. There's really only one exe that's compatible. Not sure if the issue is with TP or some weird hard coded thing they put into some of those sdaemon.exes.
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