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  2. Cant wait for release of Round 2 dump, hope its soon
  3. Oh wait it's a narco es3 machine, would love one of these.
  4. Fix Freeplay [Hidden Content]
  5. on keyboard, 3 = coins, freeplay I am unsure it would be settings set within the initiald.ini file somewhere maybe. But for now use 3 on your keyboard to insert coins.
  6. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    I do the test and it not working same like when i test with 1.1 and with TP 237 when i push start game my steering wheel makes a small shift a quarter to the left and it stays on this position it does not position on the center I have this only for this game
  7. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.236/20) | Arcade PC

    I'd like to know the full screen trick as well.
  8. you can change to freeplay in the xml <menu type = "selector" name = "MenuFreePlay" title = "FREE PLAY" selectable = "true" outVarName = "varFreePlay" vartype = "BOOL" visible = "varBoolIsOffline"> <selectoritem title = "ON" value = "true" /> <selectoritem title = "OFF" value = "true" default = "true" /> </ Menu> set both value items to true and save, make sure its not read only for fullscreen set taskbar to autohide and desktop to 1920x1080
  9. any jconfig fir this game, or for now its only tp.?
  10. La version dôme de Mach Storm a été modifiée pour être jouable façon écran plat donc il y a au moins cette alternative
  11. My avast says this file is a trojan.
  12. Now it needs coins. Is there a way to get into freeplay mode?
  13. How did you manage to get it running in full screen ?
  14. J'ai joué sur 2 versions du jeu, le dôme et une autre plus basique avec écran plat lcd d'environ 35 pouces. Croisons les doigts que cette version sorte un jour. Perso, sur le dôme avec un ami, on avait fait chacun une mission, et on a eu vite la gerbe.
  15. How did you run the game fullscreen? Unchecking windowed on TP and using borderless gamesing dosen't work.
  16. anyone knows how to lower the graphical setting of the game? now the game starts in full screen
  17. I just disabled it in the device manager. It is now ok. Thanks!
  18. As stated above, yes remove the drive or virtual drive. for the Windows version, unsure if that could be the case but will try more a little later. I will write a document on this as soon as I do a full install on my laptop. Hopefully I can write up a comprehensive document, or if someone else has made a video or something, could assist others. I will do what I can to figure things out. Glad the segatools i had worked, maybe others can try it and see if it loads up. @sky2310 Maybe try the segatools I posted recently and see if that might fix your issue. Seems to have fixed it for some users getting the inject error. Maybe it is a bad inject.exe? or old one unsure. Still don't understand that error you are getting @petje for some reason it all leads to that DNS part in someway or form. I will try and disconnect my network to see if I can generate same results or not, as well as just assigning my local IP as well to see if I can get it to work the same way. But will keep at it until I figure out more things on this.
  19. Today
  20. if you have a virtual drive remove that also
  21. One day, It will become free without patrion.
  22. Everyone Have Fun Say Thanks to PPL Who worked hard to to get this running on our machines all the
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