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  2. [Trad French] Initial D ZERO 1.31 & 2.11

    allais j'ose bon annif le 1 er poste est a jour
  3. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    allez cadeau pour mon anniversaire
  4. [Emu] Citra Emulateur Nintendo 3DS

    by changing Configue to be in DDR4?
  5. [Trad French] Initial D ZERO 1.31 & 2.11

    Bon allez comme aujourd'hui c'est mon anniversaire , je vais vous faire un petit cadeau en avance et vous donner la beta 2 avec une journée d'avance. Mod fr Vers B2 : [Hidden Content] Dans cette version , les textes sont avancé à 80% déjà mais voila comme je n'ai pas beaucoup de temps pour moi jouer , la je vais avoir besoin de vous , vous allez être en quelque sortent les beta testeur de la traduction FR. C'était ce que je devais faire au tout début lol , mais n'ayez pas peur ce que je vais vous demandé ce n'est pas compliquer du tout. Je m'explique , je traduit mais comme je ne joue pas je ne vois pas si mes textes sont bien placer ou s'ils n'ont pas de caractères bizarre donc si jamais vous trouvez ce genre du bug il vous faudra tout simplement faire un grabe écran et le poster sur ce topic comme cela moi ou nucleaireland corrigeront de suite ce bug pour la prochaine version. regardez deux beug différent que nous cherchons a fixer: pour que la traduction soit parfaite aider nous.. ps: j'ai passer 6 à 8h par jours pendant environ 2 semaines pour faire le maxi de traduction , et j'espère que vous serez content de cette traduction , et je ne vous dit même pas le travail effectuer par nucleaireland sur les graphisme. pensez au petit merci ^^
  6. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    Tested version C. Still same problem with my DFGT. I made a test with Ourun (with which I never noticed any issue). I just realized there is no effect for walls. Opponents and rough ground are OK so that I never noticed before the issue with the walls. This could explain also why I found effects for Battle Gear 4 to be disappointing. Will make a test with my old Sidewinder FFB.
  7. [Emu] Citra Emulateur Nintendo 3DS

    Just remember I said better, not perfect. I don't think that game can run perfectly on PC.
  8. [Emu] Citra Emulateur Nintendo 3DS

    Ok thank you for this info I will look for an older version ^^
  9. [Arcade PC] Elevator Action Death Parade (Taito Type X2)

    Well it's supposed to be that way because it's a dual screen game. I used an app called WindowedBorderlessGaming however, it doesn't look right it's looks really stretched, and I can't see the cutscenes they're just black screen. So it's not really worth it.
  10. How did you get it to fit the screen? Mines very small on the TV?
  11. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    I have that too I was hoping they would work with my lightgun, but doesn't appear to work well. I could easily make a profile in joytokey to get my controller working in Counter Strike though, might do that later.
  12. Yeah i remember it now. Too bad. There is certainly something to do by emulating 2 discs or something. But it might be complicated.
  13. @Kleyon & @EmuAl I'll work on it this weekend and give you an update. Does anyone have a list of some of the fade titles?
  14. Today
  15. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    yeah that was a fun game i personal prefer left for dead 4 arcade
  16. [Emu] Citra Emulateur Nintendo 3DS

    AFAIK, almost every game EXCEPT Luigi's Mansion 2 works fine. Or I should say I don't know of any others that don't work fine but I have not tested every game or even close, but all of the games I wanted to work worked. I think there's an older build that works better with Luigi's Mansion 2, but I don't remember the details.
  17. [Arcade PC] Elevator Action Death Parade (Taito Type X2)

    People have been saying they're having problems with this game after updating Windows. I updated to latest Windows 20H2 last night and one of the first games I tested was this, beat the first stage without any issues.
  18. Willing to pay $50USD for the decrypted crystal plus exe files. DM me if you have them.
  19. [Emu] Citra Emulateur Nintendo 3DS

    Bon pour Citra 3DS Les jeux que j'ai testé sont est qui marche bien : 1. New Super Mario Bros 2 2. Mario Kart 7 3. Super Mario 3D Land 4. Super Mario Maker [ avec 1 Mii Spécial à préparé ] 5. Dead or Alive Dimensions 6. The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Les Jeux qui Fonctionne pas bien 1. Luigi's Mansion 2 Dark Moon [ Au Ralentis ] Perso : J'ai Utilisé comme Configue / Un i7-4770k 3.50Ghz Turbo 3.9GHz 16 GB DDR3 1866mhz 570 Amd RX 8 GB PS : Bientôt je change de Configue ^^
  20. [Emu] Xemu (XBox Emulator)

    Hello les amis et amie Je passe pour vous dire que d'une Vôtre méthode avec le Logiciel Eeproom editor marche bien ^^ ce pendant j'ai que le texte en Français Et les dialogues son en USA je viens de testé Superman Returns je les pris en Multis ceci dit le jeux reste en USA que se soit le texte ou les dialogues Est-ce du au jeux ?
  21. #define MAX_LDP_FRAMES 65535 // rdg2010: increase frames cap limit to 16-bit max Knew I had seen this somewhere......
  22. I did have a quick play with increasing 65536 but it was a little catastrophic when I ran anything - lol I may go back to, but RDG does have some comments in the code saying bad things happen. I assumed 65536 was there as it's the 16-bit limit (considering the age of the games and laserdisc players Daphne is emulating that made sense). If it's not then maybe I can do something.....
  23. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Still confused about Counter Strike Neo. I load the game and there's no settings and no options to set controls. I added the update to the game too and it adds a Windowed option, but still no controls. I thought maybe it would work with mouse but nope. How do you get controls to work? I watched a tutorial and someone said it should work with keyboard and mouse, but not working for me. I pressed every key can't enter coins, unless there's some combination of keys I'm not aware of. I tried searching too but can't find the answer. Edit: Finally found the instructions on a post from 2019.
  24. Yeah i see the idea. Unfortunately you'll lose the nice overlay. And there was an overlay bug in higher resolution if i recall it well (horizontal resolution ok, vertical resolution divided by 2)
  25. This 65536 frame limit is stupid. I recall it's just a simple value limitation in Singe 1 (passed from 65000 to 65536 by RDG just for logic). IMHO it could be set higher without any problem (or minor work).
  26. Worked perfectly, you are a star @Karis mediainfo --Inform='Video;%FrameCount%' titanae.m2v 65455 Need to test playing through game, but level5 removed easily enough in .singe. Think I may have had a bugged version from Kangaroo Punch (earliest and nearest to Singe 1 version I guess) as some of the later level definitions seem to have been wrong... TotalScenesLevel06 = 2 Lvl06mirror = 0 Death06mirror = 0 function setupLevel06(thisSegment) if thisSegment == SEGMENT01 then segmentStart = offsetLevel06Clipend + 1 segmentEnd = offsetLevel06 + 2936 totalMoves = 11 .... end end TotalScenesLevel07 = 5 Lvl07mirror = 0 Death07mirror = 0 function setupLevel06(thisSegment) <---- Here level number is wrong or am I missing something ? if thisSegment == SEGMENT01 then segmentStart = offsetLevel07Clipend + 1 segmentEnd = offsetLevel07 + 2274 totalMoves = 10 move = nil; move = {} move[1] = {}; move[1] = {1105, 1120, LEFT, 2, 0, 0} Subsequent setupLevel8, was also the same (set as 7) - an old bug ? IGNORE: I just downloaded the latest singe file from your mega link and it's corrected, so a bug
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