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  2. right click and edit using notepad, can you tell me where you downloaded the files?
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  4. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Would anyone have a way to change resolutions in Sega Race TV ? Thanks
  5. The link is down Please upload again.
  6. oh whoops i didn't see this reply till now ... well i don't speak fluent french but did study it at a point in my life plus i watched a lot of french movies ... so of course i know some main words and sometimes i can understand some of whats written here without google translate .. but usually i use google translate which is not perfect of course but better than nothing.
  7. [Arcade PC] FFB Arcade Plugin

    [Hidden Content] These are the updates since 1.6 and you can see there is nothing changed which would cause m2 emulator to have different strength.
  8. Game Loader All Rh

    Are you able to implement an option to stop mouse cursor from from re-appearing when exit from game? just trying to hide the mouse cursor on exit of Game Loader in frontend as the mouse cursor re-displays even if 'Update rate Mouse Cursor Hide' is set to 0.
  9. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    download from my google drive [Hidden Content] enjoy
  10. I got same error buy i try to do like this clip but didn't work, Can you guy help me please. (sorry for my bad at english :<)
  11. create a hot key script, compile it and set the exe to launch prior to opening your game it exe. (You do this within Launchbox in the edit game screen) The hot key script would be something like: esc:: Process, Close, Game.exe ExitApp
  12. The link for KFC-2020011500 is down, can someone please re-upload?
  13. I think there are some files missing in KFC-2020011500 The game froze in tutorial and other song (using the latest bemanitools and spicetools) Here are some logs (Maybe /data/others/vox_ifs ?)
  14. [Arcade PC] Maimai FiNALE (Sega RingEdge)

    Does touchscreen work? Planning to get a touchscreen for this.+
  15. hi, can you please upload your bat file for all of this?...i will edit it for my needs, cause i dont use hyperspin and etc, just tekno. thanks😎
  16. Irem Arcade Hits

    Thank You
  17. Yesterday
  18. i got part.4, but...it is gone. why i didn't get link before 2 days!! that was close dude
  19. bug with superbikes 2

    itt wont load up i tried running as admin
  20. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Good evening, I would like to set up a .bat or / and powershell script to avoid not being bridled when launching games and to avoid manipulation I am mounting a Launchbox system and I do not want to use a keyboard, mouse and therefore I must automate Best regards. Flo
  21. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    @flof477 That sounds like a brilliant project for Sega Rally just a question are you creating a bat file or an exe that will accomplish this which will also launch the game as well as revert the settings when one exits the game? as using the fix also breaks other games. I hope that you accomplish your goal as it is very worthwhile thanking you in advance.
  22. Sisi. Justementc'est avec TP que j'ai cette erreur. D'oĂč ma capture d'Ă©cran de ma config. Il boote bien mais aprĂšs l'Ă©cran avec le logo de boot j'ai un Ă©cran noir avec l'erreur 8114. Je ne comprend pas ce qui bloque.
  23. [Arcade PC] Initial D Arcade Stage Zero (Sega Nu 2)

    Bonsoir ton jeux démarre sans TP?? Il faut que ton jeu ce lance seul sans TP pour pouvoir utiliser Tp Tp fais super bien tourner le jeu et la configuration des touches sont plus facile avec Tp
  24. Co LightGuns Games

    tu as bien pris ça pour directx ? [Hidden Content] Bizarre ce problÚme, désolé je ne saurai pas le résoudre...j n avais rien fais de plus pour le faire fonctionner pourtant. bref... sous win10 x64 pour moi ça fonctionne. Sinon effectivement tu peux te rabattre sur une autre version. Tu devras télécharger la rom, l émulateur (sega model 2) est déjà inclus dans CO LightGuns et (normalement...) paramétré pour les guns, y aura plus qu à calibrer.
  25. Ok I solved this too by deleting this folder %userprofile%\Documents\Aspyr\Guitar Hero III\Save but I still cannot start the game :(
  26. hello, est-ce que qq pourrais me dire comment lancer le jeux avec TP. J'ai essaye un peu tout et je bloque sur une erreur 8114. J'ai récupéré ce dump mega://enc2?YisMSiILVUe-liHyMWoFFEscVH87_F3JTlVMAwC0ti2AiwiwmeUDYwQ3zNEHlijt-mpu4Gb05tENy9GXhsm1Ng je l'ai juste extrait et j'ai point sur l'exe (voir photo) Could anyone help me to launch the game with TP. I'm stuck on a black screen with a 8114 error. I dowload the game from the mega ling, extract it and config it in TP. I put my IP in the TP config. this is what I have merci / thank you !
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