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  2. update your aqua server if you havent
  3. [Arcade PC] GITADORA (Konami)

    See the guide I just wrote to figure out sound issues, best of luck to you
  4. [Arcade PC] GITADORA (Konami)

    Finally, I got Exchain up and running, and what an adventure it was. Many thanks to Omar2 for a somewhat lacking guide that led me on a journey across the rhythm game community for solutions. Updated GITADORA Exchain setup guide (as of 9-23-21) Download Exchain. Get it from the nyaa.si torrent or from the mirror. The normal download link is dead. The mirror is a pain in the ass to download from. Lucky for you, I will usually be seeding Exchain. Download Asphyxia Core and THE RIGHT VERSION OF SPICETOOLS . If there is a newer version of spicetools, make sure it is an OFFICIAL build and not a community open source build. Spicetools 21-5-29 DOES NOT WORK. Refer to my previous post above for why. Go to Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Manage audio devices -> choose your audio device -> Properties Make sure the sample rate is 480000 Check both boxes that mention exclusive mode and apply your changes. Open spicetoolscfg. First thing to do is to bind your buttons. Here's what inputs I bound: For GuitarFreaks: Guitar P1 Start, U, D, L, R, Help and controller inputs Guitar P2 Start, U, D, L, R, Help (may be needed for test mode) For DrumMania: Drum Start, U, D, L, R, Help and controller inputs If you have a numpad, the keypad should be already bound. If not, bind the keypad numbers. In both cases, bind 00 and decimal. Bind card insert key. Bind insert coin if it isnt already. In the cards tab, click generate. It should create a card0.txt in your game directory. Set the path of the card to that txt. Options tab. This is the important part. Everything here is required unless stated otherwise. Drummania players, you might want to refer to [Hidden Content] for a better list of options. Path to avs-config.xml: prop\avs-config-ja.xml Path to ea3-config.xml: prop\eamuse-config2.xml if guitarfreaks, prop\eamuse-config.xml if drummania. Alternatively you can skip this step and follow Omar2's instructions for creating the .bat files. GitaDora two channel audio: check Display adapter: if you are not using windowed mode, put the number of your preferred monitor here. You can see which monitor is first in Windows Settings. The first monitor is numbered 0. Show cursor: optional. Recommended. Windowed mode: optional. Recommended for multiple monitors. Service url: [Hidden Content] (only if you are using asphyxia as per this guide) E-amusement emulation: optional if you are not using asphyxia. if you are following this guide step by step, don't check this. Run asphyxia-core-win-x64.exe and go to Core > Dashboard and Apply CORE Settings.THEN GO to Plugins > GITADORA > OVERVIEW and Apply Plugin Settings. Run spice64.exe. If something happens, check your logs You should see a black screen with an error. Press the test key. Go to Game Options > Shop Settings. Set the name to anything, keep pressing up until you see the English alphabet. Set the Prefecture to anything. Save and exit. Go to Clock.. Save and exit. Go down to Game Mode. Your game should run now! Refer to the FAQ down below if it doesn’t. If you get any black box errors talking about Paseli or something, ignore it and press enter. Common Questions - Why am I getting an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error? o You are likely using a version of spicetools that does not support GITADORA Exchain. See the link in my guide for a working version. - Why can’t I hear anything? o Make sure you followed step 3. Also, go to spicetoolscfg > options > audio backend and clear the option. - Why can’t I hear anything other than the game? o This isn’t really that much of a problem, but rather just how the game is built. The game is based on WASAPI, which requires that it runs on exclusive mode. There is a way to get around this. 1. Install FlexASIO ([Hidden Content]) 2. Create a FlexASIO.toml configuration file in your user folder (C:\Users\Your Name) 3. Insert these lines inside your configuration file: backend = "Windows WASAPI" bufferSizeSamples = 386 channels = 2 wasapiExclusiveMode = false [output] suggestedLatencySeconds = 0.0 5. Now go to your spicecfg, set Audio Backend to ASIO and enable WASAPI Dummy Context. Set the ASIO Driver ID to 1. You should be good to go! If your question isn’t on here, try checking out [Hidden Content] Have fun!
  5. Excuse me My english is not very good Can you give me detailed information? Feel sorry...
  6. I think you can use touch mote ,and use wii as x360 joystick or mouse . You can play lamost all the games. If the mouse curse has problem ,you sould find some fix let the mouse curse go together with gun.
  7. thnks so muchh !!! , working fine! , but only 1 player? , or is posible use 2 players ? thaaaanks !
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  9. I've upgraded it. However, both 1.1 and 2.0 versions did not work led.
  10. Manually. Plug your keyboard in, run the neogeo game you want to change, press tab, goto inputs for that game only, select the button you want to change and press the button you want to use on your cab control panel. I did this exact thing for vanilla KOF2k2 as i play that game a littele and since the UM kof games i'm just so used to their layout like you posted.
  11. can you upload this file to other sharing site ? thanks
  12. [Arcade PC] GITADORA (Konami)

    Thank you so much!! I'm playing Matixx but it seems I was experiencing the same issue. The game runs now but there's no sound and it seems to freeze when I start a song. I'll keep trying; appreciate your help! I wouldn't mind an exchain torrent since the regular download is so annoying. Edit: following the directions in this guide got the game running perfectly for me! [Hidden Content]
  13. Any mame wiz got any idea how to set up input overrides for NeoGeo? Or optimally, for e.g. KoF, Garou and the like. I've tried applying suggestions online and adjusting the ctrlr files, but that has no effect. So not sure if it's configured differently/per game, or if I went about it wrong. Now it's set to use 1 2 3 4 which works fine for e.g. SamSho, but for KoF and similar you want 1 2 3 4 Any idea which config file I can adjust for this?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hi, can you explain me how to use your Cruisin Blast save with all unlocked ? I run the game in Yuzu but when I use your save instead of mine, nothing happens. Is it a matter of region of the game ? I am missing something and have to make any change in Yuzu settings ?
  16. i also has this problem. make sure you run all demulshooter exe files as admin and the latest demulshooter version + save after choosing your gun in demulshooter software.
  17. the best you can do is to wait a good version of yuzu or ryujinx for playin this game without any bug. When this version will come, I will call you
  18. Problem would be it would only be possible on specific version of emulator so wouldnt work on any updated versions etc
  19. Can anyone please teach me how to the updates? I've managed to make RED+ work, but the incremental updates are not detected. Thank you.
  20. Option files. Go on page one of this thread for the download links.
  21. Is there a website that can download songs If I download it, how do I add the file? thanks
  22. Well it seems that you didnt upgrade the firmware.
  23. I solved this problem, don't use administrator to run chuniApp.exe and inject.exe it will cause the aimehost work abnormal
  24. but the problem on ryujinx is the scaling resolution, when you play with a higher resolution than 720/1080p the game shows some red bad textures... you have to stay with a native resolution and reshade on Ryujinx is buggy. The other problem is this save game does work only on yuzu or Ryujinx LDN... The good thing with Yuzu is you can play with reshade with no problem but you can't play with a ultra HD resolution and the game crash like HELLLLLLL in single player mode when you want to go to the next race or quit a game.... I hope fixes veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy soon especially on both emulators. This game is for me à fucking good damn arcade racing game !
  25. no supporting at the moment. Ask to @Boomslangnz to add this game with FFB Plugin !!!!!!!!! it would be so niiice to have this features on Yuzu and Ryujinx with my G27
  26. [Arcade PC] GITADORA (Konami)

    I was finally able to get the SpiceTools developers to take a look. Apparently, this specific error for GITADORA Exchain specifically is because the May 29th 2021 SpiceTools build is an unofficial build. Because Konami left a few funky bugs in GITADORA, the community open source build of SpiceTools (5-29-21) unfortunately won't run. For whatever reason, the link to spicetools in this thread is dead, so a lot of people now are just googling 'spicetools' which pulls up that emuline thread which only has the 5-29-21 build. Therefore, everyone should be using THIS spicetools: [Hidden Content] which is the newest spicetools supported by its developers as of 9-23-21. I was able to get the game running and playing, but I am still getting a few sound issues and will continue ironing those out. I will write a BETTER guide once I finish, as this one leaves out quite a few errors. I got the game working 99%, refer to the guide below for everything I did to get it going. If you are still trying to download this, I am seeding it, as the main download link is dead and the mirror is a pain in the ballsack to download.
  27. Teknoparrot Loader | Arcade PC

    Another old issue u probably aware of is batman u turn on tp game settings there’s a force load dev option to mark and on the inputs settings to set u turn as a button I tried both options together and separated but it doesn’t work did i miss something? btw on the arcades as I wrote before it works by moving the wheel left or right and pressing the break it is used to chase enemies that goes in other direction thanks in advance for any help
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