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  2. Nes Nintendo Full set roms

    Thank you very much!
  3. Ha ben content de voir que je ne suis pas le seul a avoir une perceuse dans Hyrule avec Yuzu ^^
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  5. Thanks again for your interest. Prices in my country are steep for consoles, not so much for PCs and related hardware, if you compare with USA. Argentina and Brazil, for example, have high taxes for imported hardware, so it is far more expensive than in Uruguay. Regarding Q8300 CPU, it is about 40% faster than my CPU, according to the web page [Hidden Content], but it would be not enough for RPCS3. And if I have to spend money I prefer a CPU that can run Ridge Racer 7 at least at 30 fps. I think with background music off, it is quite playable. I will have to decide between risking to buy a 2nd hand PS3 console and a PC HD monitor or HD TV, or just buy a high end PC. As Ryzen CPUs are going lower in price, and that also lower Intel CPUs prices, I will have to be careful about what PC to buy, in order to get the best value for money. For the moment, if I could afford it, I would prefer a Ryzen 7 2700 or an Intel Core i7 8700, they are both around the same price ( including a GTX 1050 GPU ).
  6. @trouby Password is MOHKERZ @tommiegunz You are talking about King of Fighters XIII Climax ? I have better experience running Taito / Nesica games with GameLoader, you could try that.
  7. fix to play to Silent Hill whats the password ? for the rar file.
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  9. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    is anyone having trouble running fighting climax mines keeps crashing upon loading
  10. Thank you, that was exactly what I needed :)!!!
  11. @Alicee3 Running WMMT5 with a AMD GPU should be supported by TP Did you try this in WMMT 5 game settings ? General - WhiteScreenFix As far as I know, there is no AMD fix for WMMT5. [Hidden Content] These are the only AMD GPU fixes I know of. And this one for Justice League, for AMD CPU's ? [Hidden Content]
  12. Hi! Anyone know how to fix Maximum Tune 5 for AMD card? Im using a laptop (so it have a switchable graphic card) my Gpu is 7970M Whenever i use 7970M the game just gonna show white screen and close itself in seconds. I can use intel HD 4400 but its so slow Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Steep prizes for computer hardware in Uruguay. Are taxes that high ? Sorry to hear that you will need a new PC to emulate a PS3, and the emulation is not even bit perfect. Sending a Q8300 CPU to you from Europe would cost about US$ 20, I do not think it is worth the money. It would be cheaper to order one form China including free shipping ! So that is a no go, sending a CPU which is also to slow to run RCPS3. Prices of the previous generation Ryzen has lowered a lot !! And even if you have a fast PC, CPU / GPU, check the RCPS3 compatibilty list [Hidden Content] As you can see it is still problematic.
  14. Just to show examples about how powerful the PC should be to run Ridge Racer 7 with RPCS3. This video shows the game emulated on an Intel Core i5 3770k with GTX 1050 Ti. As you can see, it runs ingame at average 30 fps with stuttering sound. And with Ryzen 7 2700 and RTX 2060 GPU, seems better, but doesn´t show the fps in the video:
  15. Mame32 All Bios (0.206) Tested On Arcade64

    Merci beaucoup!!
  16. My motherboard only supports the following CPUs: Intel Core 2 Extreme - Core 2 Quad - Core 2 Duo - Pentium Dual Core - Celeron Dual Core - Celeron, Penryn Quad Core Yorkfield - Dual Core Wolfdale - These CPUs have a poor perfomance not enough for RPCS3. So if I have to change the motherboard, it´s better to buy a new PC, I don´t have skills to build one myself.
  17. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Anyone have Groove Coaster Running with TP? I get an error when booting up?
  18. Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately this PC you mention costs around US$ 1500 where I live, there are better options for around US$ 1000, like Ryzen 5 2600, Core i5 8400, even Core i7 8700 ( core i7 8700 with GTX 1050 and 8 GB ram costs US$ 1100.) These are generic PCS that are built upon request.
  19. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    IF I have it activated and that seems strange to me that it is the only game that ignores the buttons and keyboard. I'll take it down again just in case. Thank you
  20. Hi, thanks for reply ! Unfortunately in my country you cannot buy a PS3 for less than US$ 200. This is for a PS3 SLIM and used in good condition if your lucky. There are many online sellers who sell refurbished PS3 consoles in the range of US$ 250-300, but the consoles come without the original box, just wrapped and with used gamepads. They say they have a limit guarantee but if you find they are not in working condition, sometimes they don´t assume responsability. Some people ( not all of them ) leave negative feedback comments saying that the product came faulty or have small issues, or used and faulty gamepads. So they are not very trustworthy. I can instead buy an used one that I can try before I buy, but there is no guarantee it will continue working for a long time, and the used ones are sold for not less than US$ 200. This is in my country. I live in Uruguay, South America. About the used HD TV, they cost minimum US$ 200 and you don´t know how long will it last after you buy it, even if you buy it in good working condition. Someone said in a forum where I asked, that a HD PC monitor with HDMI was better for playing PS3 with good HD graphics than a HD TV, but on the other hand, I have read that sometimes the PC monitor shows only a black screen and cannot receive the video signal from the console. I trust more in a PC than an HD LCD TV set.
  21. Why did you use regular reshade setup? We shared here Reshade dlls modded by ducon removing the advert and allowing you to change the internal resolution => so use it
  22. I get an I/O error? How do I fix it?
  23. I got it working used the demul files & regular reshade setup thanks anyway Only how can i remove the top left reshade info when starting ?
  24. Hello everyone have a question, about a game, R Tuned Ultimate Street Racing is from Sega Lindbergh can be played in Teknoparrot, or not yet? anyone know?
  25. Xenia D3D12 full Fr: [Hidden Content] Xenia D3D12 Eng: [Hidden Content]
  26. @susoarkangel Did you set freeplay setting in TP ? [Hidden Content]
  27. Teknoparrot Loader (v1.0.0.201) | Arcade PC

    Thanks, I got it. Now I need help if it is not too much to ask with Let's Go Jungle I downloaded the image of this page but I can not get any button or mouse or GUN, you need some version that is not I just realized and I can not start playing or anything because it puts me insert coin and ignores the assigned buttons I have already tried other buttons and even keyboard and not even case, entered service mode but I do not see the way to start free
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